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Sofas, confidante, duchesse , pp. Side boards , pp. Pedestals and vases , pp. Cellerets , pp. Knife cases , pp. Desk and bookcases , pp. Secretary and bookcases , pp.

Library cases [bookcases] , pp. Library tables, reading desks , pp. Chests of drawers , pp. Urn stands , pp. Tea caddies, tea chests, tea trays , pp. Card tables, Pembroke tables, pier tables , pp. Tambour tables , pp. Dressing glasses [mirrors] , pp. There followed a slightly revised edition in Hepplewhite's Guide was the first major pattern book of furniture to be published since the third edition of Chippendale's Gentleman and Cabinetmaker's Director Hepplewhite's designs most closely compare with [Robert and James] Adam's drawings of the late s, sharing their fashionably attenuated quality of design.

The furniture is slender, and most of the decoration inlaid or painted rather than carved" Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts. Thefe two defigns are peculiarly adapted for an. The fize of window ftools mufl be regulated by the flze of the place. PLATES 21, 22, 23, 24, prefent four defigns for fofas ; the wood- work of which fhould be either or mahogany japanned, in accordance to the chairs ; the covering alfo muft be of the fame.

The dimenfions of fofas vary according to the fize of the room and. Plate 2 5 fliews a defign for a fofa of the newefl famion ; the frame. Plate 26 is a defign for a bar-back fofa : this kind of fofa is of ma dern invention ; and the lightnefs of its appearance has procured it a. The pattern of the back muft match the chairs ; thefe alfo will regulate the fort of. THIS piece of furniture is of French origin, and is in pretty ge- neral requefl for large and fpacious fuits of apartments.

An elegant. This piece of furniture is fometimes fo. This piece of furniture alfo is derived from the French. Two Bar-. Confidantes, Sofas, and Chairs may be fluffed in the. THE great utility of this piece of furniture has procured it a very. Of thofe with drawers, we have given two defigns ; the firft, on plate 29, hews the internal con-.

The drawer on the left hand has two divifions, the hinder one lined. Plate 30 friews a different defign on the fame conftrudion. They are often made to fit into a recefs ; but the general cuftom is. Thefe are of general ufe where fideboards are without drawers ; the. THE univerfal utility of this piece of furniture renders a particular. Thofe on plate 38 may be made of ma-.

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Four defigns for Vafe knife-cafes are given on plate 39 : they are. THIS article of furniture affords a great variety of patterns. The three defigns here given will fhew their general appearance. Deflcs and book -cafes are made of good mahogany the ufually ;. The hew three different defigns ways of making them : the patterns of the book-cafe doors alfo be very much On may varied.

On the when ornamented, top, is placed be- tween a fcroll of foliage, a vafe, buft, or other ornament, which may. The dimenfions of this article, will in general, be regulated by the.


The following are the general propor-. The accommodations therefore for writing are. The ornamental fafh bars are intended to. To each of thefe defigns, the drawer in the middle is intended for. Plate 49 fhews a front with cupboards for. PLATE 51 fhews two different kinds of Reading Deiks ; the me- chanifm and ufe of which are clearly fhewn in the drawings. The defk may be raifed by means of the ftaff which flides in the flem,. Chefs of Drawers. Two defigns are here fhewn for this article,. Two defigns for thefe are here hewn ;. SIX defigns for this article arc here fhewn, with their plans and.

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FOR Tea Trays a very great variety of patterns may be invented ;. Several very good may and proper defigns may be chofen from the various kind of inlaid. This is an article. Plate 61 fhews four defigns proper for inlaid tops.

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Pembroke Tables are the moft ufeful of this fpecies of furniture : they. Thefe articles admit of considerable elegance in the work-. The defigns on Plate 63 are proper for. Pier Tables are become an article of much famion , and not being. Four defigns for Pier Ta-.

Tambour Writing Table a very convenient piece of furniture, an- is. Plate 67 mews a defign with two drawers, and the reids thrown back, Plate 68 is another defign, with four long drawers, with a flide to write on the which flap in up, and : lifts may be adjufted to any height by means of the foot or ftop behind. Plate 69 fliews a defign for one with a on it the doors book-cafe ;. Four defigns are here hewn of different plans ;. Ladief Dreffing 'Tables. Four defigns, of various conftrucHonS. The glafles rife on hinges in the front,. Dr'effing Drawers. Plate 74 fnews a defign for this article ; the.

Plate 75 is a defign for one with a Hide. Plate 76 fhews two. Plate 77 is a defign for one with a ferpentine front ; the drawers. Defign for a Commode, enriched with painted or in- laid work. This piece of furniture is adapted for a drawing-room ;. The pannels may be of fatin wood, plain, or. The tops to thefe two laft articles are frequently inriched with. This is the moft com-. It derives its name from a once popular character, for whom it is reported it was firft invented. The middle drawer of this table flides by itfelf the two end drawers.

The glafTes turn. They alfo fwing on the pins D D. E is a flide co-. Shaving Tables. Two different kinds are here hewn ; the tops of. The glafs to this or other fimilar piece of furniture maybe made with the face to turn inwards by means of a groove on each fide, in which. A foot may be fixed in. Two more defigns are given on Plate 82 of different conftrudtions.

Bidet Plate 83 fhews the form of a common Bidet. Bafon Stands. A defign for a new one, Plate 83, on a triangular.

This is a very ufeful fhape, as it ftands in a corner out of the plan. THIS is an article of confiderable confequence, as the conveni-. Plates 87, 88, fliew a variation in. The dimenfions may be 4 feet long, 22 inches.

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THREE defigns are here fhewn for pot-cupboards ; an article of. FOR Brackets here are fix defigns on Plates 90, The open form of the three firft, marked A, is particularly applicable to place. Some of very feet high have been lights on. Thefe may be of mahogany or gilt. TWO dcfigns, with different patterns for fret-work, are given. Thefe are often wanted as Book-Jhefoes in clofets or Ladies' rooms : they alfo arc adapted to place China on ; fhould be made of mahogany.

Pole Fire Screens are here on Plate The Screens may be ornamented varioufly, with maps, Chinefe. The fcreen is fufpended on the pole by means of a fpring in the eye, through which the pole goes j the. Horfe Fire Screens.

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The frame-work to thefe rtiould be of maho-. The fcreen to the fecond defign is fufpended by a weight at the. ARE much well on account of the an article of importance, as. White dimity, plain or corded, is peculiarly applicable for. Printed cottons and linens are alfo very fuitable ; the. In general, the lining to thefe kinds of furniture is a plain white cot-. To furniture of a dark pattern, a green filk lining may be ufed with a good effect From the defigns, Plate 98, we have been. In ftate-rooms, where a high degree of elegance and grandeur arc. The Vallance to elegant beds fhould always be gathered full, which is called a Petticoat Vallance.

The Cornices may be either of maho-. The Orna- ments over the cornices may be in the fame manner j carved and gilt,. Arms, or other ornaments to Stuffed Head Boards, fhould be carved in fmall relief, and buraifhed. The Pillars gilt fhould be of of maho-. The Cornice of mahogany, may come fo low as to hide. To this bed is added a fluffed head-. The drapery may be the. The addi-. The curtains here are drawn up in double dra-. This defign has a Venetian or waggon top ; the orna-. The cornice and ornaments to this defign mould be gilt.

The arms to the head-board, if cut in low relief by a fkilful work-. Plate zoo. The curtains to this bed are feftooned by gold burnifhed in parts.