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During their flight, Henry reveals that the diary has information about three booby traps in the temple that the Grail is kept in, and he and Indy slowly begin to reconcile their differences. However, the zeppelin turns back toward Germany, and the pair escape in a biplane moored to the airship. A pair of Nazi fighters chase their slower biplane.

Henry tries to shoot them down, but shoots up their own plane instead, forcing them to crash-land. Stealing a car , the Joneses managed to destroy the pursuing planes, and travel to re-unite with Sallah. Arriving in Iskenderun , Hatay , the Nazi party attempt to negotiate a treaty with the Sultan by offering him a treasure chest in exchange for safe unopposed passage through his territory.

The Sultan declines the treasure chest incentive in favor of one of the Nazi party's escort vehicles, a Rolls-Royce Phantom II which ironically and comically has less commercial value than the treasure chest , of which he is technically familiar with and very fond of. The Nazi party agrees to the trade and they are granted passage as well as additional camels, horses, armed escorts, provisions, desert terrain vehicles, and tanks.

Then using the captured map, the Nazi team, led by Donovan, Schneider, and Vogel, with a captive Brody, begin the Grail quest in Hatay. Using the battle as a distraction, Indiana Jones and Sallah try to steal some horses from the Nazi caravan, while Henry attempts to rescue Brody, who has been imprisoned in a tank. Henry ends up getting captured by the Nazis, who successfully defeat the Brotherhood's men, with a dying Kazim delivering a fateful warning to Donovan and Schneider.

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Indiana attempts to rescue his father and Brody from the tank, managing to leap from his horse onto the side of the tank. Brody and the elder Jones cause disruptions inside the tank, and eventually Indy ends up in a duel with Vogel on top of the tank. Henry Jones and Brody manage to get off the tank, which then falls off of a cliff with Jones and Vogel aboard. With his father, Brody, and Sallah peering over the cliff, believing that Indiana had perished alongside Vogel, Indiana climbs onto the cliff edge, having jumped from the tank before it fell.

The four reach the Canyon of the Crescent Moon where the secret temple that houses the Grail is located. Inside the temple, they spy on Donovan's party attempting to enter the Grail chamber, but being stopped by its defensive traps. The four are captured and Donovan shoots Henry, forcing Indiana to face a set of challenges and retrieve the Grail to save his father's life with its healing powers. Indy, guided by his recollection of his father's diary, surpasses the three challenges, and enters a room with Holy Grail hidden amongst many false grails and an ancient knight guarding the Grail.

With the traps disabled, Donovan and Schneider follow Jones into the Grail chamber. Donovan allows Schneider to choose out the Grail for him, and she selects a golden, bejeweled grail which Donovan drinks from. The grail turned out to be a false one and Donovan ages rapidly, and dies trying to grab Schneider. With death on the line, Indiana Jones picks the true Grail, a plain carpenter's cup, and takes a sip. The knight affirms Jones' selection but warns him not to let the Grail go "past the Great Seal " in the temple entrance, as it is the boundary of immortality.

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Jones takes the Grail with the holy water and heals his mortally-wounded father. This action frightens the Hatay soldiers and Sallah is able to disarm them and the remaining Nazis. Schneider picks up the unattended Grail and tries to leave with it, crossing the Great Seal. The temple begins to quake, and the ground opens up. The Grail falls into a crevasse and Schneider dives after it.

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Jones grabs her and tries to pull her up, but as she tries to reach for the grail, she falls into the abyss. After another large tremor, Jones falls into the crack, within reach of the Grail, unaware he is about to fall in, but his father, now holding onto him, simply says " Indiana, Indiana Realizing that his father does care more about him than the Grail, Jones turns and lets his father pull him to safety and the four archaeologists escape from the crumbling temple, leaving behind the Grail knight. The adventure ends with Henry revealing that "Indiana" was the family dog 's name; Indy, his father, Sallah, and Marcus ride out of the canyon and off into the sunset.

This installment in the Indiana Jones series has more humor than the previous two films. The humor is mainly shown through the relationship between Indiana and his father.

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Also Marcus Brody is a less serious character than his previous appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark , being described as a museum curator who "once got lost in his own museum". The light-heartedness of the movie especially contrasts to its predecessor Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , which is usually cited as the "darkest" in the trilogy.

Despite being regarded as some to be derivative of the original film, it is often regarded as the second best of the trilogy. These sales figures put the film second to Batman in the United States and first globally for Indiana Jones artist Drew Struzan created the film's distinctive artwork. Also like the previous films in the series, the soundtrack was composed by John Williams. The opening sequence, with River Phoenix as the young Indiana Jones, was shot at the end of production. The rock formations during the opening credits belong to Arches National Park, outside of Moab, Utah.

As with the previous two films, studio filming took place at Borehamwood Studios in Hertfordshire, England. A second release of the DVD in allowed the film to be purchased individually, as well as in a four-movie box set.

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There was no toy line originally released for Last Crusade when it hit theaters in There are also two completely different games for the NES called "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", with no subtitle to differentiate the two versions. The newer game of that title is a port of the action game, while the older game was a different action game. A port of the action game was later released for the Sega Genesis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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For other uses, see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade disambiguation. And this time he's bringing his dad. Contents [ show ]. Indiana Jones Harrison Ford Professor Henry Jones Sean Connery Marcus Brody Denholm Elliott Elsa Alison Doody Sallah John Rhys-Davies Walter Donovan Julian Glover Young Indy River Phoenix Vogel Michael Byrne Kazim Kevork Malikyan Grail Knight Robert Eddison Fedora Sexy Beast star Amanda Redman had to turn down the role of Elsa. I really can't bear rats so that was that.

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My first reaction was to say, ''Everybody run away! Run away!

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Ford and Connery acted much of the Zeppelin table conversation without trousers on because of the overheated set. Despite being set in winter, the scene was shot in summer. Further proof, if it were needed, that seagulls are the boss of humans. The lighter tank had polyurethane tracks that never touched the ground, allowing Harrison Ford to put his face on the moving tracks without any fear of having it ripped off in this moment.

The whole chase took about 10 days to film, instead of the projected two days. It was George Lucas who wanted to have an old tank somewhere in the movie, so Steven Spielberg set about writing a short storyboard. They fight like girls!