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They and their more privileged classmates are followed from first grade into young adulthood. Numerous policy- relevant observations emerge, including the persistence of first grade inequalities and the recurrence of summer setbacks in learning.

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What a wonderful gift to all of us. Thank you from my heart. It should be mandatory viewing in every AP US History classroom and on the syllabus for every introductory history course. The film is especially perfect for student viewers: it uses individual stories to personalize history, enlists engaging experts, and utilizes stirring visuals to animate the past.

She passionately seeks the hidden truth and the untold stories. Watch The Trailer. Order and Stream. Host a Screening.

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Host a Screening! Nine of the men were employed full-time: one as a barber, one as a corrections officer, and the rest in construction. Not so good, but from their own point of view, not so bad. To not become a statistic. Nor did they do much worse than the disadvantaged whites included in the study.

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During the same period, the authors interviewed 14 of 17 white men who had also been 1st graders in the original sample and came from similar neighborhood and family backgrounds as the black men. Eight had arrest records, again mostly drug-related, and 11 acknowledged drug use. Six of the men had failed to complete high school, although three of them had completed GEDs. For the whites, construction was again the most common occupation, and 13 of the men were working full-time.

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Outcomes for the whites in the sample are not so radically different overall from those of the black youth, but note the differences in earnings between whites and blacks who began life in similar distressed conditions and had similar brushes with drugs and with the law. With this comparison, the authors establish that white disadvantage and black disadvantage are not so different, following the work of political scientist Charles Murray, who has gone furthest in demonstrating that conditions depicted in Daniel P. But 50 percent of the whites work in the higher-paying trades—as electricians, plumbers, and so forth while only 15 percent of the blacks do, and thus whites can earn roughly double what blacks can earn.

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This disparity goes back a very long way. Discrimination against blacks in the crafts and their unions was already an issue 70 years ago, and affirmative action was initially instituted to attack this discrimination in entities that contracted with the government.

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Alas, the situation persists, deeply embedded in society.