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In this case, the recipe is for Cod Loins in White Wine Dill Sauce , although you could substitute for a different type of fish if you want to. The sauce itself is actually made on the stovetop but the sous vide process is still critical for infusing the fish with flavors of dill and for making sure you get the perfect texture. Bacon and cheese are amazing ingredients if you want to make vegetables more interesting — which was the inspiration behind this Sous Vide Broccoli with Bacon and Blue Cheese Mornay.

However, I was particularly impressed with how sous vide broccoli turns out. The broccoli itself was vibrant and tender, while still having decent structure.

These Green Beans in Black Olive Tapenade are another vegetable idea and would make a great side for almost any meal. Once again, the sous vide component of the recipe is simply the green beans but these do end up amazing. Of note, the beans end up crispier and juicier than conventional methods offer.

They do lose a little of their color in the process but the trade-off is well worth it. You could just choose to make the beans on their own and pair them with whatever sauce you typically use.


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However, I recommend trying the tapenade at least once. The flavors here complement the beans extremely well and make a stunning presentation on the plate. This Turmeric and Dill Pickled Cauliflower is simplicity itself and a very flexible dish. But, you can really use any flavors that you can imagine. Either way, you end up with an easy-to-use vegetable that is a little bit different. There are many things that I love about this Mahi-Mahi with Squid Ink Bean Puree recipe but the visual appearance has to be the most significant. The different ingredients just look so good together on the plate, especially with the contrast between the fish and bean puree.

The flavors of each of these elements perfectly complement one another, making a dish that simply works well overall.

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The dessert itself is visually stunning, especially if you enjoy minimalist meals. Poaching pears in sous vide is also a very effective process and you end up infusing flavors into the pears, without turning them to mush in the process. Denise as an alternative to eggs Benedict and this sous vide version is the best way to prepare them. With this recipe, the power of the sous vide is associated with the eggs. At first, the process can sound like too much work.

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