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His work has appeared in a range of publications in print and online — he was second prize-winner in the National Poetry Competition , shortlisted in The Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition , and commended in the Ware Open Poetry Competition I teach at two very different schools, but the students in each respond in much the same way to our workshops. The first time they read out their work to the group, they discover what it means to have a voice. Then, when their work is published at the end of the year, that excitement becomes permanent.

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Usually this was in the form of poetry or journaling. I am married with two, wonderful, grown-up children and live near Bridport in Dorset. I get passionate about the environment, words, forests, wildlife, starry skies, notebooks, coloured pens, dark chocolate and a decent cup of tea.

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To have a child work on a math assignment for two hours that took their peers 15 minutes to complete is punishing that child for having a disability. The rule of thumb for the maximum daily time spent on homework is supposed to be 10 minutes for every year of grade. I was fascinated by different religions from an early age and have explored a few along the way.

I am co-founder of The Quest for Gay Men, a UK-based social enterprise that delivers personal development programs aimed at transforming the relationships that gay men have with themselves, others and the world. The Creative Grief Studio program includes a recorded lecture with me on understanding how social justice issues might influence grief, shame resilience, and meaning making after loss for marginalized groups. You can learn more about me at: Heather is an international speaker, facilitator, and writer who specializes in the art of holding space.

Her writing on the subject of holding space has appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review and Grist magazine and has been quoted in multiple books as well as curriculum for nurses, hospice care workers, yoga teachers, facilitators, and military chaplains. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her three daughters. Find out more at Breaking down the difference between shame and guilt in grief has been most useful for me. This was a new perspective for me and I now recognize how it can complicate the grief experience.

I have a new appreciation for the heavy grief rules we may carry so to shine the light on shame makes the process much lighter. The experience is giving me more space to be with my clients and I now find myself dropping more into a place of curiosity with my clients and being a guide for them versus an expert I considered myself to know a lot about grief coming into this course, but I leave with so much more to offer myself, my clients and anyone in my life.

It is such a shift in how I think and I feel like it gives me freedom in my work and in my own life. I find that the information provided so much in the way of theory and application, as well as new ways to look at grief and how it can look in our future. Like all things in life, the more I put in, the more I get out, but in this instance I feel that it is a compound investment in the sense that I am also able to benefit from the hours that others are putting in too. I feel like the framework, content, toolkit and forums are true gold mines — them is so much wealth and wisdom to be gleaned.

Death and grief can be deeply spiritual experiences, so conversations about spirituality are welcomed in this course. However, we do not teach any particular religious doctrine and we expect that all participants are willing to respect a diverse range of spiritual and religious perspectives shared within and beyond our classroom.

Our course is most suitable for those who are working with adolescents and adults. Remember that supporting grieving children most often also involves supporting the adults who care for them and often are also grieving. This course is for professionals who are assisting people who have experienced tragedy, loss, and grief.

We select participants who already have foundational helping skills, such as listening, empathy, and rapport-building, so that we can focus on advanced grief-specific theory and creative he ART-making. Business development is a whole other world of learning that encompasses marketing, planning and much more! Through this course my eyes have been opened to a much more human approach to dealing with death, not only for myself, but my clients. Cath and Kara have been very conscientious in offering a lot of relevant material that can work with the wide variety of backgrounds of the participants.

I really appreciated the thoroughness of the foundations of what is being taught. The manuals, readings, exercises and supplemental materials are extensive and support the teachings and my learning. I loved the safe space created and I felt supported in spite of the newness and strangeness of doing the class online! I have always considered becoming a coach, and the fact that this was specifically about issues surrounding grief and loss really resonated with me and the work that I do. I think that with the expertise of the teachers, the weekly coaching calls, materials, assigned reading, interviews, and the on going learning available after the course that this has been completely worth the cost!

I felt safe, comfortable, and supported in this course. My coaching buddy was also a tremendous source of support and encouragement. I learned, experienced, imagined, and created something new with each module. I can imagine taking the course again in the future, just to experience the evolution of the material. For certification assessment, we ask you to submit a small portfolio demonstrating your skills. We charge a certification assessment fee of 5 USD, and there are no requirements to renew your certification annually.

In addition to it just jiving with me so greatly, I loved having the practical insights into tools, and conversation and presence building. I also appreciated the extra resources and tools that are shared.

I know the material is touching my soul and slowly working its way into my day-to-day beliefs, vocabulary, and philosophy. It has also confirmed this pad of my business plans. And lastly, it has helped me to look at various aspects of my own grief, my own transformation, my own beliefs, and is shaping my journey in the most beautiful way. My work with women and children survivors of domestic violence was enhanced by the Creative Grief Studio course work. I was able to apply so many practices and learnings when working with the loss and grief experienced by residents at Harbour House. Staff also benefited, as I shared some of those tools that they could also use in their work.

I will be reconnecting as a volunteer with palliative care, and know that the work I did with Creative Grief Studio will be invaluable in that role. The resources offered are rich, and I know that I will be dipping into them for inspiration and further learning. This is an online course, so you can call in and join us from anywhere in the world. Much of the course is set up so that you can engage with the material at any time of day that suits you, except for our calls that take place once a week throughout the course.

Please check your timezone, as you are expected to attend the calls! Dates: 27 Aug no live call 3, 10, 17, 24 September 1, 8 no live call , 15, 22, 29 no live call October 5, 12, 19, 26 November 3, 10, 12 December Course starts 25 February Dates: 25 Feb no live call — online classroom opens 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 March7 no live call , 14, 21, 28 no live call April5, 12, 19, 26 May2, 9, 11 June Each week I was more amazed at how much this material applies not only to my own grief in the form of depression and progressive Illness, but to my entire life. But I saw so many parallels between grief due to bereavement and my own grieving over losses due to my depression and progressive illness.

Something was drawing me to this course and I am so glad I listened. Every week the calls were intimate, engaging, meaningful, and full of ideas and tools to ponder and apply. The homework was challenging, and the time and emotion I put in was greatly rewarded with brand new insights and perspectives. The discovery and exploration of shame alone was an eye-opening and life-changing experience.

I have taken many courses and certifications, and can truly say that this is the most powerful and fulfilling. I left the course with an enhanced sense of understanding and self-kindness, and skills to compassionately companion others in their grief journey. NOTE: The live calls and content for both tracks are the same. This course has not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge and insight on the subject of loss and grief, but in addition to that it has also helped me to reflect on, and sometimes challenge, consolidate and integrate everything I have learnt as a coach thus far.

I knew from the outset that it would be rigorous, challenging and time consuming, and indeed it has been all three, but it has been incredibly worthwhile.

vkrptby.tk Ebooks and Manuals

Worth all the hours and there have been many invested in the course and well worth every penny. I feel like the framework, content, toolkit and forums are true gold mines — there is so much wealth and wisdom to be gleaned. Course Application deadlines for the sessions are and. Our scholarships cover part of the fee, and you remain responsible for the 0 USD non-refundable deposit to secure your spot and uncovered portion of the course fees.

You can find full details about our scholarship application process here. I did a lot of reading and research, even before my loss, and I am still amazed at how much I learned in this course both personally and on an educational level. In particular, the shame work has been informative. The art opportunities were totally new for me and I found them enlightening. The community formed in the classroom led to rich conversations and I was able to give myself permission to talk about my loss more when I wanted. The depth of the material and how it is shared is what I have enjoyed the most.

There are times when the volume of information can feel overwhelming but I come to every live call and assignment excited to learn and grow. The emphasis on community and holding space has been helpful and freeing for me. The relevance of this course in my personal life and to my career has made it feel like water in a desert.

Our application process and entrance criteria might mean that we sell fewer spots in the course, but with a limit of 20 in each class, the course experience is an intimate one. If you would like to take this training but are concerned about whether your experience levels meet our requirements, apply anyway. What sort of international accreditation will this certification get me? Currently this certification is independent and will not get you automatic accreditation with any international coaching or counselling organization. The certification will simply confirm to your clients that you have undertaken this training with us and that we can confirm that you have an acceptable level of understanding and skill to use this knowledge.

Is your course relevant to other kinds of losses, and not just the death of a loved one? One of our foundational beliefs is that grieving is unique from person to person and one loss to the next loss, so we teach creative and flexible ways of working that can be adapted to a variety of different kinds of losses.

Also, there is opportunity during the live calls, coaching buddy meetups, and online discussions to ask questions and get help with applying the ideas to your specific niche. Only one of the tools that we teach re-membering conversations is more suited to working with people who are grieving the death of a loved one.

All of the other tools are adaptable to a wide range of different kinds of losses. You will need either a telephone or a computer with Skype installed and an internet connection so that you can call into our live calls. We use a USA number for the live calls, with a few international alternative offered.

We do use art-making at times during the course, but we also teach conversational creativity where no art-making is required. In addition, we will also take account of your interactions in the live calls and forums — we expect our students to uphold the course values and handle discussions of difference with respect. If your second submission is still not up to scratch then you can submit again, but you will need to pay 5 USD for each subsequent certification submission after that. For these reasons, after the first live call has taken place, the course and certification fee become non-refundable.

I feel stronger in my own understanding of grief and loss, and how I can contribute to supporting others in their journey with an open, non-judgmental, curious and compassionate head. I was able, through the material and calls, to touch my own wisdom and begin to believe in my own knowledge and experience. When I felt a calling to help others who were going through grief, I discovered in the Creative Grief Studio not only amazing information and tools, but also a team of experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable people who worked and walked with me all the way through my certification.

Going through grief, I observed a lack of information and resources here in Ecuador. I had so many questions and few answers until I started my training. Thanks to the CGS program, I was taught so much about grief and loss, and most importantly, I learned how to help others using coaching and creative tools and techniques.

I now feel confident about my own skills as a Grief Support Practitioner. When I talk to others here they are inspired by what I share; it is unique and new. It is my mission to share discoveries so others may feel inspired to join the field as well. The creative grief certification program was just what I needed to round out my toolkit and prepared me for working with clients.

I came to the program with foundational skills in facilitating and one-on-one coaching but I felt I needed tools specifically designed to help clients through the grieving experience. I came away with not only myriad pretested tools but in addition I learned how to effectively design my own tools. Cath and Kara are very generous teachers and continue to share their on-going learning with us long after the classwork ends. They have created not just a classroom of students who go their separate ways, but a community that continues to grow and learn together!

This course felt holistic in its development and execution, taking into account the total being. After taking this course, sensitivity towards me is emerging; a softness that I seemed to lack towards my tender spots; a greater understanding around the creative force that is linked to our pain, grief and vulnerability. Atlanta, GA Click here to email Tamara About Tamara: I help people who are grieving a loss use their creativity and natural resilience to move through their grief and live forward after loss.

My process allows them to examine the learning that their experiences have brought to them — both positive and negative — and understand how that contributes to who they are today, embracing both. I work with people on all kinds of grief but death of a life partner, caregiving and job loss are my specialties. My specialty is helping people who have experienced the death of a loved one, with a focus on young widowhood. I became passionate about helping others through grief after experiencing the loss of a stillborn child and a spouse by the age of I believe that grieving is a natural process that should be honored and nurtured.

When traveling through grief, one can learn to reach for the other side in order to once again live a wholehearted life. Through compassionate support, deep listening, and creative tools, I would love to help you access your inner resiliency — guiding you to a place of hope and empowerment as you rediscover life after loss. Helping people grieve the loss of something or someone treasured immediately became my passion. Five years later, we had our first miscarriage and the journey with grief got bigger.

I fully believe that we need a trusted partner or coach to help us define who we are becoming in light of our loss. Life lessons, love, loss, courage and hope have inspired me as a reader, writer and as a certified creative grief coach and funeral celebrant. As a creative grief coach, I offer companionship on your travels through loss in the shape of one on one coaching, writing support and classes with an emphasis on wholehearted living. Together, we craft a memorial service that honors the loved one who has died and lifts up your experience of them. My own losses combined with my education enable me to be a compassionate and supportive presence to others.

Whitney Cain is a psychotherapist in Raleigh, North Carolina. She specializes in helping adults explore their best, most authentic selves, and negotiate challenges associated with change, transition, and grief. She received certification from the Creative Grief Studio in Spring of Over her year teaching career, she explored the intersection between the stories we tell about ourselves, our sense of self, and how unique challenges inform these.

Learn more about Whitney by visiting her website or contacting her via email or phone. She discovered the power of creative meaning making quite by accident when her sister lost her husband at a young age with small children. Paula wanted to support her but was unsure how to do that. She wondered what she could say or do that would make a difference.

Many people come from family backgrounds that do not support or validate painful emotional expression.

arjcedf.tk Ebooks and Manuals

She believes that everyone has the inherent capacity to feel their feelings and to transform their grief into something of great relevance and meaning for themselves. Paula attends to what is being said and sensitively offers creative activities and thoughtful questions to guide clients into learning how to go deep and find their own resources to validate and support themselves.

Ohio, USA About Gloria: Gloria is a registered nurse with an extensive background in the field of mental health. Gloria studied with Jeanne Rose a leading expert in the world of Aromatherapy and all things herbal and became an Aromatherapist in In Gloria completed a 2 year course of study with Dr. Caroline Myss and became a professional Sacred Contract Consultant.

She has used workshops as well as one-on-one consulting to help her clients achieve their goals through the healing process. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends. I also assist in the areas of job loss, moving, and work with people and families in the throes of alcohol addiction recovery. Warrington, PA Gail Darlington Click here to email Gail About Gail: For the past thirty years I have been a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders, working with individuals, families and groups.

D in Educational Psychology-Individual Differences from the University of Houston where she spent time researching and working with families who had children diagnosed with Autism. I have always loved family therapy, describing my sessions as if I were painting a picture. A number of personal significant losses sister, parents, husbands and dog led me into further exploring grief. She currently is working with children who have attachment disorders from exposure to problems during pregnancy, birthing complications, early hospitalization, abuse, trauma or neglect.

Thankfully, I discovered The Creative Grief Studio, the stepping stone to the next chapter of my story. She resides in Nashville with her husband, 3 girls and their 2 chocolate labs. Now in addition to eating disorders, I focus on grief therapy incorporating art exercises. I can help you examine how you feel now, how you want to feel in the future, and then help you determine what first steps to take towards bridging the gap.

When it comes to your grief journey, YOU know best.

Cuentos De Sevilla libro .epub Jota Siroco - mailongrichi

I work with any type of loss or challenging life experience including pregnancy after loss. Having dealt with this life change, she now loves helping others navigate their way through all kinds of grief. She uses a body-centered approach combined with creative arts. Her work is informed by her own healing journey-she dove into community grief rituals and walked part of the El Camino to process her grief.

In addition, I am also a full time musician in a heavy metal band, which I believe gives me a truly unique view on healing. I have unwittingly been inventing my own creative grief coaching tools my whole life as I fought through my own losses by committing to art and music as my personal release. I am currently offering worldwide skype sessions and in person sessions in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Without a compassionate community in which to grieve, our grieving can become chronic or complicated, leading to other kinds of emotional, cognitive, physical or social difficulties. Roots, Revival of dead by r, Rowing contest, ; without going forward, Runner decoys thieving friars, ; Extraordinary r, Sacks, Children carried home by ogre in s, , Sacristan's buried treasure, Saddlebag Earthen pot in s, ; Fox in s, 1.

Saint, See the name of the saint. Saliva, Talking s, Salmon grants power to make wishes come true, ; Race of s and perch, Salve, Magic healing s, Sand, Ogre teaches smith to use s in forging, Santo de palo substituted for newborn child, Sardines, Fox eats s, 1. Sausage, mouse, and bird keep house, Sawed pulpit, C. Scalding the ogre, Scythe cuts off man's bead, others imitate, Search for brothers, ; for husband, ; for sister, Second threshing of straw, Seducer punished, B.

Seemingly dead revives, Selfrighteous hermit, A. Selling magician's pupil in animal forms, ; soul to Devil, See soul. Serpent's crown, ; ingratitude, —; White s flesh, Servant's good counsels, B. Sesame, Open S, Sexton, —; carries parson, ; falls into brewing vat, Sham blood and brains, 3; Ogre carries s dead man, Sheets over horses, Shift of sex, Ship, Land and water s, , , ; Ogre pumps out s, Shirt of happiness, ; pulling, ; stays white as long as wife is true, Shroud, Princess in s, Shuttle makes magic road, Sick lion advised to skin wolf, Sieve, Water in s, Sign of guilt, , , Sign, See recognition by token.

Sinner, Greatest s, C. Snares of the Evil One, Snipe thinks its own children are prettiest, Snow child, ; Hare lies on s and feigns warmth, 71; White, Soldiers buried by fool, B. Soot, Fox covers himself with s, Spanking in moonlight, Sparrow avenges dog's death, Speaking, Disenchantment by not s, ; horse, ; horsehead, Spears grow in garden, , Speech, Neck bite causes loss of s, ; of birds, , , Speechless princess, , , , Spindle brings lover, Spinning women, —; by spring, Spirit in blue light, ; in bottle, Spitting in guard's eye, Splinter in lion's paw, Split, Claw in s tree, 38, ; She bear caught in s tree, Stairs to which Devil sticks, Stakes, Head of unsuccessful suitors on s, , A.

Stick from body, , that beats, , Sticking to goose, ; to poker, ; to tree or bench, Stooping backward to enter, Straightening curly hair, Straw house, ; threshed a second time, Strawberries in winter, B. Stretching the beam, Strong John, ; woman as bride, Strongest person in world, Stupid, Inappropriate or s use of church ritual, —; man, —; ogre, — Substitute, Suitor tests by s, Substitution of animal or object for newborn child, ; of corpse, Succession of old men, Such a one, Suit, King's invisibles, ; that might be put into a nutshell, Sultan rescues children, Sunlight carried into windowless house, Sunrise, First to see s, Swan maiden, , , A.

Swats, Fool s fly or bee and kills man, ; Fool s louse and kills baby, Sweat, Bathing in horse's s beautifies, Swim, Goose teaches fox to s, Swimming in flax field, ; match and carrying food, ; match of fish, , Swords grow in dungheap, Swordsman, Skilful s, Table provides food, , Tablecloth provides food, , Tails, Hairs from magic horse's t, A; in mud, Tamborine of louseskin, Tame bird and wild bird, Taming of the shrew, Tar, Covering wagon with t, Tarbaby and rabbit, ; and strong man, Tarred, Crow sticks to t bridge, Task, Superhuman t, — Tasks, Impossible t, ; King's t, Teaching animals to fly, , or swim, ; horse to live without food, Tear falls on dragonslayer, Tearing up orchard, Teeth, Hanging by t to horse's tail, 47 A; Horse kicks wolf's t, 47 B.

Tests of sex, Thank God they were not peaches, Think carefully before you begin a task, C; thrice before you speak, Thistleflower reveals murderer, Thread, Travel till t is unwound, Threat to haul away warehouse, Thresh, Christ and Peter must t for lodgings, A. Throwing golden club, ; stone, Thrush teaches dove nest building, Thrushbeard, King T, Thunder, Ogre afraid of t, ; rolling brother's wagon, Titmouse tries to be as big as bear, Toads drop from girl's mouth, Tobacco, Spitting t juice into guard's eye, Tokens, See recognition, and sign. Tom Tit Tot, Tongues of dragon as proof, Torment, Soul in t is quieted, Touch of wand recalls forgotten bride, Tournament, Bride won in t, ; won with magic horse's help, Trade of three brothers with Devil, Trading for things of less value, Trained horse rolls in field, Transformation flight, , Travelers, Two t, Traveling animals, , ; carpet or chest, ; quilt, Treacherous brothers, , ; companions, ; mother, Treetrunk, Bear pretends to be t, Trees, Naming t, 7.

Trick, Cat's only t, ; exchange of magic objects, ; race, Troll and christening, Troublemaker, Old woman as t, Truths, Sack of t, Tube, Farseeing t, Turbid, Water becomes t as danger sign, Turkey tender, ; Wedding of t and peacock, Twigs, Three green t, Twin, Beautiful and ugly t, Unequal crop division, 9 B, Unfamiliar, Wild animals hide from u animal, Unhappy with wealth, Unheard-of bird, ; riding horse, Unknown animal, ; King discovers his u son, ; Quest for the u, A.

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Wash, Must not w not comb, , Wasp, Bear in nest of w, 49; forces monster to give up devoured victims, We three, -for gold, -that was right, ; three, -for money, Weak, Help of w, Weather controlled, B. Whiskers, Cock's w, Whistle, See pipe, and flute. White serpent's flesh, Who ate lamb's heart? Widowed fox's suitors, Wild and tame birds, ; man, ; Shooting w boars, Window, Breaking magic w, ; Wound on w ledge, Wineskins, Devil stabs w, Wings of prince, Winning princess' hand, — Wise brothers, ; through experience, A.

Wit contest of princess and hero, With whole heart, Wolves in stable, ; kept off by army, ; on top of one another frightened by lizard, Woodpecker, Greedy woman turned into w, A. Indiana University Unpublished.

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