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More filters. Sort order. Vojsk rated it really liked it. Actual rating: 4. After she captures him in a cellar, she tries to find the one responsible and gets trapped in murder, intrigues and betrayal. Jura, the main Actual rating: 4. Jura, the main character, is a teenager trying to be mature and secure the council position of her family.

I really liked all of the characters mentioned in this book, because they all had interesting personalities. Seven of the ruling kingdoms and six of the ruling merchants. Really cute. View all 4 comments. Mar 02, Erin rated it it was ok Shelves: series , netgalley , kindle. Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review.

A new YA Fantasy series for the reading community to discover. I am shameless in the fact that I chose to read this because of the stunning cover. What's it about? But it isn't because she is evil, her father has a blood cu Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. But it isn't because she is evil, her father has a blood curse put on him and Jura is hoping she can figure it out before the rest of the Council finds out. Of course, things are going to get worse before they get better and a whole cast of different characters each have their own chapter in order to set up all that is going to happen What I thought: Writing, dialogue, all the extras at the back of the book- promising and well thought out.

BUT When's the action going to start? What happened to the dude she liked? Oh she likes the criminal! Yay sarcasm everywhere I , for one needed another love triangle. Is it bad that as soon as a certain character was introduced I pretty much figured out they were a villian? Verdict: I am so skeptical about the future and would I read on to the next installment? Honestly, I am not sure. But at 2 stars, I may just be the outlier. Dec 17, Lili Marcus rated it really liked it Shelves: legal-fiction , net-galley-arc , fiction , family , young-adult , fantasy , dystopian , drama.

Still naive in her new responsibility, she condemned a man named Tylak, who was accused of stealing fire, to death, only to seek his help later. Along with Tylak, Jura must find the Prince of the Shadow, to uncover the truth behind her father's fate. But the truth she was seeking turned out to be more dangerous. The Republic is on the verge of collapsing, and dangerous unknown entities lurk around every corner. Jura must be careful who to trust and what to do. Because she might or might not ignite the war she is trying to stop. This story is filled with intrigues, betrayal and secrets.

It also centers on politics, which even though not really my favorite plot point on other books, this one ade it so interesting and yeah, intriguing. Imagine a politician for that was Jura is, a politician in a world where the water is the currency. Where there are people who can bend fire and do other things. Let's throw a bit of romance it's only first book , friendship and family issues. It's an interesting and definitely engaging plot. For a first book in a series, this one did a good job. Ignited makes you wanna read the next book right away, only to be disappointed that you maybe still have to wait for another year.

Needless to say, the writing was okay. I don't know if this is a debut novel but if it is, it was a good one. Though there are parts that a little cliche, overall, it wasn't predictable. The fictional world must have something to do with that. As for the Romance, I liked it. It was smooth. There were cliched conversations more like banters but they still make me smile and giggle. And oh, at first the story was a little confusing, maybe because of multi POV narration. I even thought at first why on earth their POVs are needed.

But it seemed like there are still so many things to be revealed to us that's why their stories are needed. And sometimes, the narration would become slow and then pick ups and everything's alright. JURA: Naive at first. She turned out to be smarter than I expected, thank Heavens. It was something to look forward. Oh I like him.

He's sweet but also a little cocky. Bound to find his brother, he's willing to do everything even help a rich bratty who is Jura. I'm so sure she'll be badass. She already is. The other characters are all promising. And I liked most of them. This is a good instalment in a promising series. Not grandiose but engaging enough. I wouldn't say exactly that it's filled with action, but it's not also boring. It's not slow. I like this book and enjoyed it and will recommend it to anyone.

Happy Reading Guys, I didn't really understand the story at the beginning. The multiple POVs made it even more confusing. Then I started to really enjoy it. Although the multiple POVS made me super puzzled, it definitely made the story more interesting to read. I really loved getting into the heads of so many characters and knowing their thoughts!

My favorite character is definitely Kay. Plus, she's friends with the dragon her dad owns. How cool is that? She goes through a lot in the story and if I was her I wouldn't have been able to manage all that on my own! She's so tough and I admire her so much! Also she's a book lover :D The smell of books had always relaxed her. She sat heavily on her bed, longing for the days when she had hidden away from politics and lived through her books.

Books were safe; books were simple. When she was caught up in a good book she could live any life she wanted. The world building is so awesome. I won't explain too much but basically it's called the Republic, ruled by something called the Thirteenth. Also there are lots and lots and lots and lots of dragons, which makes it awesomer that isn't an actual word but hehe I like it.

View 2 comments. Jun 22, Mel Epic Reading rated it liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley. This is a solid read. While I only gave it 3 stars maybe 3. Instead it's the ending.

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Once you get to the end of the book you feel like you only read a prelude; not a full book. It's not that the page count is particularly short however for fantasy it is but more that the major plot points are not resolved AT ALL by the end. This really bothered me. Yes it will get me to read the second book but it annoys me as a reader and c This is a solid read.

Yes it will get me to read the second book but it annoys me as a reader and certainly is a huge part of why this is not a four star book. Deese gives us characters that are all quite interesting. There is perhaps a bit of cliche and YA trope in many of them but overall I liked our lead gal. I felt compassion for her at times, and was overall cheering for her which is not always the case for me with female heroine YA books.

The sort-of romantic interest is an interesting set-up. In general the use of flirtations and feminine wile's if you will is exactly what one would expect the women to use in male-power society and Deese does a good job of keeping these in line with what a teenage girl our lead gal might know or do. One of the major highlights for are chapters from Kay's POV. She is a younger child and her narrative is written perfectly. It feels just like the young girl is speaking to me the reader and telling me her reasons and side of the story.

shadow and whisper Ebook

I adored this and couldn't help but feel like there was some true magic to Deese's ability to capture a child's thoughts and voice so well. Certainly all the characters felt like their own people but Kay's chapters really stood out to me. The actual plot and world building of this fantasy novel are very intricate and well done. I love that water is the currency. It's going to be our future Earth currency one day as prophesied by many sci-fi writers and scientists and so it felt like the perfect type of trade currency.

The intricate council politics and in-fighting of families is wonderfully done and feels like solid, political high fantasy to me. Why is this YA? This was an unusual read for me in that I wanted it to be adult fantasy and not YA. Not because I don't like YA; but because the plot, politics, hierarchy, fighting and other elements all felt like they would be amazing if written at a 'higher' level.

That's not to say that YA books can't have these things and should have them of course but it just seemed like Deese had dumbed down some elements like possible romances and narrative of our lead gal in order to make it a YA book. When instead it could have easily been written at the adult level with the characters voices still representing their age. I'd be curious to know if Deese intended this to be a YA book initially or not.

It seems to me that her writing style would be best served if it was elevated to a Sanderson, Martin, Goodkind level of fantasy storytelling. That said it is good reading for older teens or adults like me! There were times where I wanted more of a transition to remind me of who the next POV voice was. Especially near the beginning when a name wasn't necessarily enough to remind me of which character was which there are a fair number of POVs in the book.

Overall The biggest reason for my three stars is the sudden ending that really frustrated me.. I just wanted so much more! Now that may not seem like a bad thing; but this is such a cliffhanger with no major plot resolution and so it's not at all satisfying. It's not the kind of 'ahhh I learned things but now I want more' cliffhanger; and instead feels like it just ends in the middle of the climax.

Maybe it's more that the ending is a bit rushed? I'm not sure but something about the end and it's drop off really took the enjoyment out of the whole book for me. I am definitely going to watch for this series to continue and hope to read more from Deese. I think there is a great future in store for Deese and hope she continues to improve into the type of fantasy writing she seems to be headed towards.

This is an honest and unbiased review. Review is now up on Diva Reads! May 08, Carol StarAngel's Reviews Allen rated it really liked it Shelves: historical , cliffhanger , magic , 4-or-more-stars , fantasy. It was a bit slow in the beginning but it definitely picked up about halfway in. Can't wait to continue reading this series! Nov 24, Kayla Krantz rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , indie-authors , romance , fantasy , favorites , new-adult-young-adult-favorites , psychological , suspense.

Wow, oh wow! Where to begin with this book? I absolutely love the world that A. Deese has laid out for us in this first book of her series. With thirteen council members, the government in the world of Ignited certainly has loads of drama. We see different aspects of this from the daughter of the third, to the daughter of the third, and the head of the tenth.

The characters were all so vividly created, and I absolutely adored the character arc involving Kay, a young fire Breather, taken in to b Wow, oh wow! The characters were all so vividly created, and I absolutely adored the character arc involving Kay, a young fire Breather, taken in to be a cadet under the house of the tenth.


It has an interesting story line and unique fantasy elements. It actually started as a three star read for me but eventually it became a four star read. The characters were pretty interesting and I loved the main protagonists Jura and Tylak. It has an intriguing fantasy world that seems to have a persian vibe. I loved the magical system and OMG, it also has fire breathing dragons which came as a total surprise to me.

I love dragons and this book has lots of it. There were some cliched and predictable parts which can be overlooked if you enjoy the story. Anyway, it was really a solid start to a new series and I want more of it. Seventeen Year old Jura is the daughter of the first of thirteen, successive rulers of the Republic of the Sand Sea. When her father was blood chained by an unknown enemy who can now control him like a puppet, She was forced to attend the council meetings. On the first day, she was forced to give a death sentence to a man named Tylak, a former slave who was accused for stealing everflame but later he becomes her reluctant ally.

To free her father from the ancient blood chain she needs to track down the prince of shadows and Tylak is the only one who can lead her to him. To survive the council and the new threat, Jura needs to be coy and smart because no one can be trusted. I liked all the characters in this book but my favorite was the little girl Kay. I actually expected this book to be about Jura and Tylak but we have three more interesting characters Ash, Kay and Beshar. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed her character.

I liked how she handled every difficult situation, despite her naivety. I absolutely loved Tylak! The relationship between Jura and Tylak was definitely a slow burn. Coming to the other characters, I also loved Kay. The plot was very intriguing and engaging throughout. The story began with a slow start to get oriented with the world and everything but eventually the pace picks up speed.

I liked the mystery and political intrigue in the plot. The Villain in this book is kinda predictable but the twists totally surprised me. The author created an interesting world filled with magic and political intrigue. The Republic of the sand sea is a desert world where water is the highest commodity. This world seemed like a mix of Persian and Indian setting.

The magical system was pretty awesome in this book. I really liked the aspect of shadow dancers, fire dancers and also not to forget about the dragons. I would love to explore more of this world, magic, and the other creatures living in it. Overall, I loved this book!

Mar 30, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-of , favorites , review-on-blog. I am so sick of books that start out slow and eventually build up to something interesting. It seems like that has been all I have been reading lately. But I am really happy to report that Ignited is not a book that starts out slow.

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It plops us right into the middle of interesting action. We start with out main character, Jura having to plow head first into a governing council meeting in her father's place. She is the daughter of the first, the highest family in the council of the Thirteen, and she has to make lots of tough decisions as she tries to unravel the mystery of what is going on with her father.

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While keeping the whole thing a secret. In a country that thrives on secrets. I immediately fell in love with these characters, this world and this story. Ignited is one of my favorite books of ! Ignited is told in multiple perspectives. I loved Jura, Kay, Tylak and I even loved some of the less expected characters. But I really loved the world that AM Deese created. It is world filled with fire wielding magic, dragons, and plenty of political intrigue and secrets to keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. I didn't think there was a single dull moment in this book.

I gobbled it up in one quick sitting and I was left wanting book two asap. My only two gripes about the book are so minor and they didn't really detract from my overall love of this fast paced, intriguing magical adventure. First, Kay. I loved little Kay. I loved her so much.

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  6. But she is 7 years old and she acted about Which is fine, I prefer characters on the mature side, it just seemed a tad unrealistic how mature she actually was. But I loved her so it was only a casual observation on my part. The other is that it was pretty easy to guess who one of the bad guys was.

    And I didn't want it to be true for the simple fact that it was too easy to guess. But other than that, this book was tailor made for me. I love political fantasy and I really love magic and dragons and secrets. And this book had it all. I feel a love triangle coming on in the next book, so we will have to see how that plays out, but fans of politically driven fantasies with court intrigue will really love the Dance of the Elements series. I already know it is going to be a favorite of mine. Ignited is easily one of my favorite reads of This review was originally posted on Book Briefs Dec 02, Cindy Hale rated it it was amazing.

    See a Problem?

    This book opened with an awkward teen dealing with a tricky political situation in the absence of her father, the most politically prominent man in their land. The book was set in a lavishly built fantasy world that had a bit of a Persian feel to it. The lore of the story intrigued me and kept me wanting more. This story was chock full of mystery, political intrigue, danger, magic, murder, kidnapping, dragons, and teen angst.

    It had some unexpected characters who ended up being some of my favori This book opened with an awkward teen dealing with a tricky political situation in the absence of her father, the most politically prominent man in their land. It had some unexpected characters who ended up being some of my favorites like Beshar a middle-aged, overweight brilliant master of secrets and Kay, a powerful fire mage who also happened to be a 7 yr old.

    Reading from their perspectives was fun and different, especially in a YA book. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in this exciting new series. Now I've read it though I'm glad I waited for another reason - hopefully not as long to wait for the sequel! Which I need, right away. If you're a fan of fantasy, dragons and magic then this is definitely a book which you need to add to your TBR! Full review on my website here.

    Jan 11, Dani Zoeller rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. I really enjoyed this novel. Deese did a great job of designing a unique world and bringing in the concept of the fire dancer. I did, however, feel that the circumstances of the world were revealed a little slower than I would like, and the dialogue occasionally felt a little predictable.

    That said, I very much enjoyed this book and looked forward to reading it each day. I think my students - especially fantasy lovers - will like it as well. Nov 21, Lorena rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , blog-tour , This is soon discovered by Jura, the daughter of the First of the Thirteen. She is the heir to the wealthiest province of her world and, while she try to deal with what has happened to his father, she finds herself ruling out of imminent dangers and difficult choices, such as the condemn to death of Tylak. He is a former slave and the one who will help her discover the truth of her world, even if she condemned him to death.

    But Jura will also have to deal with the council of the Thirteen, formed by other reigning families ready to take their place by any means, and with the mysterious Prince of Shadows. But will it be enough to find out the truth to save her life and to prevent a war? Ignited was a really beautiful fantasy reading, a true choral novel, which reminded me of the political atmosphere that reigns in the Game of Thrones and also the series The Winner's Curse for the many intrigues and attention to detail in creating these dangerous twists. Unlike what you might think by reading the plot, the points of view of the novel are five: Jura, Tylak, Ash, Kay and Beshar.

    To each of these characters a chapter is dedicated and very often they alternate in order to tell the story in a more complete way. I must say that the choice did not convince me completely, because at the beginning of the novel it confuses the reader a little. Jura and Tylak would be enough to me, maybe I would have saved the sweet little Kay, who owns the gift of the Fire Dancer. These are the three ones I liked most. Jura, just a seventeen years old girl, must show really strong in front of what happens to her: she takes the place of her father, not because she really wants it, but because she knows she will disappoint him if she doesn't do it.

    I appreciated Tylak's very careful and intelligent mind, he looks like a smart and almost careless person, but actually he is much more.

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    The young Kay strikes for her sweetness and the way she was well characterized. Her adventures have kept me continually with the breath suspended from the first chapter in which she appears. Another good part of the novel, as you can quite understood by what I said before, is the world building. I really liked what A. Dees created. Perhaps the idea that water is a precious commodity in what is basically a desert does not look very original.

    Reading the book you have the impression that the setting is not only of Arabic inspiration, but also quite Indian. Even the shape of the government, the Republic of Thirteen, is even peculiar. Here thirteen families gather in council and determine the destiny of justice and the entire country. Everyone has a different rank, they are all ready to make war and kill to get to the next one. The contrast between the Jura's world that has always been this, though perhaps she did not know it enough, and that of Tylak, the poor and the former slave, is net.

    She can find pure water and he knows the "real" city: so we have a clear picture of the world around them. Of course I have to mention the dragons! Meanwhile, murmurings of earthly power struggles mingle with whispers about a triumvirate of mythical mothers Sighs, Darkness and Tears whose shadows haunt the academy. News reports of the Baader-Meinhof group and discussions of the legacy of nazism are constantly to the fore, alongside declarative statements about the changing role of women in modern society and the indomitable power of motherhood.

    It sounds intriguing and at times it is , yet too often the result is clunkily mechanical, tending occasionally toward the risible. Whereas Argento relied on the power of cinema to tell his story bold colours, expressionist camera angles, and that unforgettable Goblin score , Guadagnino insists on spoon-feeding us extraneous exposition, undercutting the creepy atmosphere while obfuscating a narrative overstuffed with diversions and distractions.

    On the performance front, Dakota Johnson cuts an impressive figure, rising to the choreographed challenges of her role with the same gusto that Natalie Portman brought to Black Swan another auteurist hit that is indebted to Argento. Mia Goth, too, is reliably spiky as fellow dancer Sara, while original star Jessica Harper has a cameo-supporting role.

    Somewhere in the middle of it all, there is a decent minute dance-driven art-house shocker struggling to get out. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Suspiria Mark Kermode's film of the week.