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The Seraphim slice through the air on their many wings leading others onto victory in its wake while the Neraphim incinerates enemies with its blighted flame breath.

Neraph/Seraph Information

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This product qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in the UK. Contains 1 plastic kit that creates either a Neraph or Seraph miniature. This miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

According to Shogaatsu, the shot was of Mirial's personal info page, and showed it to contain the sentence: "Friends of the Guiding Hand Social Club. Gaining a corporation's trust enough to rise to a the upper echelons of its hierarchy is hard enough, but this seemed to be evidence of Guiding Hand operatives actually altering the Ubiqua policy even in the eyes of its own CEO. The name Guiding Hand was starting to make sense. But how could a double-agent exert so much influence over a corporation's political stance?

As such, we'd call Mirial's relationship to him moments before the strike Of course, we only have the Guiding Hand's word for this; at time of going to press, Mirial had not responded to our attempts to contact her for comment.

It should be noted, too, that Ubiqua Seraph members role-play. While it's certain that players belonging to Ubiqua Seraph genuinely trusted the Guided Hand double-agents, claims of a relationship beyond that are likely to be attributable to role-playing fun. Still, it's a hell of a job title. Naturally the forum thread exploded with reactions. This was one of the single most devastating acts ever performed in Eve - in fact, it was at the time the largest monetary value of any in-game theft we'd heard of.

It was an act of such staggering audacity and duplicity that it calls into question the very distinction between gaming and reality. Is it really still just a game when you inflict this kind of damage? At what point does an in-game act become morally wrong in real life? Opinion was divided between the impressed, the disgusted, and the impressed but disgusted. But a few commenters hint that Mirial herself has engaged in scams similar to those perpetrated against her - a few even express satisfaction at what they see as deserved revenge. For the Guiding Hand's part, they've heard similar stories but aren't concerned as to their veracity.

​Murder Incorporated: ten months of deception for one kill in Eve Online | PC Gamer

This is a large part of why we were hired, although I have not personally verified it - it is simply not my business to. The personal nature of the contract - particularly the request for Mirial's frozen corpse - would certainly be consistent with the client having fallen afoul of Mirial's actions in some way.

The contract was the result of a vendetta between the primary target and our client, who, while certainly satisfied with the outcome, never expected the utter destruction we wrought. Khaldorn Murino, Freelance Unincorporated I am but a simple warrior, and the great galactic game of espionage and politics are but a closed book to me.

Thievery Corporation

But even I have heard of the mercenaries that are the guiding hand social club. I have no doubt that Istvaan Shogaatsu's ego will be boosted to an even greater size as a result of his actions. I have no pity for the slavers, they deserve no mercy. But the guiding hands? I wonder if they are any better. For enough money I am sure they themselves would become slavers and attempt to destroy any opposition to it.

Be careful what you feed, for it is a dangerous person who will do anything for isk. Even the slavers have their moral code, as wrong as screwed as it is. Ak Gara I can't help but wonder about what they did that asked for so much wrath. I also can't help but wonder if the person who hired the GH-SC is having regrets, not knowing just how much wrath he paid for. RageChild, Rona Paratwa I can attest that Mirial is well known for robbing hangers and using escrow scams. Podding someone is one thing robbing the entire corps assets thereby stealing from every pilot member is the act of losers.

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A lot of personal time and effort is put into things like that. To infiltrate a corp for months with the sole intent to steal its BPOs is the most disgusting act that could ever be commited. Is it tought to earn someones trust over a matter of months? I don't think so. Once you've gained someones trust in this game is it hard to get hangar access? Not normally. So so far I don't see an awful lot to be proud of. Bob0's fight wars all the time but we fight them within the bounds of the game mechanics.

We don't cheat people out of the effort they put in like this. To me the original post is on a par with gloating about having worked in a concentration camp, or how it was so funny when you stole an old ladies savings. I hope you rot in your own filth. Zaridin, V I R I I I can't help but express my awe at the precision and completness for which this operation occured having read about it.

You have done the minmatar rebels a tremendous favour.

Legend Award 2018

Ashley Sky As a small-time thief and villain, this kind of thing could happen only in my evil dreams. For other corporation CEOs suddenly feeling vulnerable, Shogaatsu let us in on how his corporation avoids being penetrated itself. Since every module and warship belongs to someone, nothing is shared and thus nothing can be taken.