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I really wanted to go back to flying if I could find something.

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I looked at an aviation magazine and there was an ad for helicopter training in Camden, New Jersey, across the river from Philadelphia. It was a 2-door sedan with a big 8-cylinder engine and the Indian head over the radiator. You got a good job, a good house, all new furniture.

Of course, he lived there all his life. I looked at my job at Fisher Governor. There were guys working there for fifteen, twenty years, making only a few bucks an hour more than me. The whole field is starting from zero and I think the possibilities are great. At the end of the war, Daugherty returned to his hometown, Washington, D. Will you fan it with the winds of freedom, or will you smother it with the sands of humiliation? Will it be that we fought for the lesser of two evils?

Or is there this freedom and happiness for all men? He went on to study at Howard University in Washington, D.

Bill and to work as an administrator in the U. Public Health Service. He sits in the living room of the ranch-style house he built nearly five decades ago and in which he and his wife raised their four sons.

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He recalls that his work in the public health system also taught him about inequity. Daugherty mailed them to himself more than half a century ago, in lieu of obtaining an official copyright. The postmarks read April 28, Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

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