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Roughly two-thirds of all DOD active-duty military personnel were ages 30 or younger in Even so, since the military draft ended in , the average age of officers and enlisted personnel has increased. The average military officer was roughly And the average enlisted member was just over age 27 in , compared with age 25 in The age gap between officers and the troops they lead has remained consistent over that time period.

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They are four times as likely as average adults ages 18 to 44 to have completed a postgraduate degree. The educational profile of enlisted personnel is much different. In recent conflicts around the world, the National Guard and Reserves have often fought alongside the active-duty military. In , , adults served in the Selected Reserves — those National Guard members and reservists who were available to be called to active duty.

An additional , adults are in the Inactive National Guard and Individual Ready Reserve and do not engage in regular training or active-duty drills.

The Military also operates low-cost rest and relaxation lodges and hotels in Korea, Hawaii, Germany and other popular destinations—even Disney World. World Travel Today's Military. Generally speaking, deployment is the moving of military personnel and materials from a home station to a specified destination. It's never guaranteed that a service member will be deployed, and it depends on an individual's Military Occupational Specialty MOS and unit of assignment the group of service members you work with.

Sudan crisis: Military issue protest warning

Keep in mind that deployment doesn't automatically mean going to war. Service members can be deployed for support in noncombat areas or foreign humanitarian missions, or they may even be deployed domestically to help with disaster relief. The U. Military has bases in multiple countries besides the United States. During deployments, service members may have some time for recreation and exploration.

With that said, deployment can present legitimate concerns. Proper preparation, especially for service members with families, can help minimize stress and anxiety. Online communities are available that offer guidance and support to service members and their families. It's also important to note that during deployment, service members usually have access to postal mail, email, instant messaging and phone service even at sea. While communication may be restricted during certain missions, modern technology makes it relatively easy for service members to keep in touch.

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Deployment Military OneSource. The Military understands that family is an important part of service members' lives.

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More than half of the active-duty force, approximately 55 percent, are married, and approximately 36 percent of families with active-duty service members include children. As a result, the Military makes family support a top priority.

Modern US Military Technologies Revelation : it seems like the Russia isn't doing anything

The Military has established exclusive programs addressing every aspect of family life to help service members and their loved ones. Some examples include affordable family housing, military spouse education, child care, affordable shopping, youth education and development, family health care, family advocacy, services for families with special needs, family citizenship, family recreation, financial stability, family relocation and family counseling.

The Military is constantly developing and expanding programs to maximize service member families' stability and quality of life.

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Here are some of the better-known organizations:. National Military Family Association. Whether a service member needs help with relocation, parenting, deployment, education, stress or any other aspect of military life, there are several support networks available to service members and their families. See the following sites for more information on these support networks:. Review common acronyms and slang so you can understand a military conversation.

Learn about the types of service and the different opportunities they offer.

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Jump to Section Daily life Travel and deployment Family and support Daily Life Length of Commitment A service member's length of commitment largely depends on the Service branch, career choice and required training. Physical Fitness Physical fitness has always been a large part of military training. Preparing for Basic Training After Basic Training Throughout your time of service, physical fitness requirements vary depending on branch and career choice.

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