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Asimov created a new angle here: What happens when robots feel pressured out of a role? He was trying to parallel the human psyche with the robot psyche and has successfully shown how, as humans, robots can malfunction when leading teams, and may succeed when the responsibility is passed to someone else.

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov – review

In this story, Mike Donovan shares an encounter with a malfunctioning robot, Emma. Instead of protecting Donovan, Emma chooses to protect her offspring which she built. Here, it is clear that Asimov is looking at the possibility for a female robot to have maternal instincts. Out of nothing, she built something she would relate to as a child. Much like how motherhood is, Emma chooses to dismiss the first law of robotics and protect her child instead — something very human.

Humanoid household robots are common themes in science fiction. Asimov often looked at this angle in his stories.

This short story stars Tony, a humanoid household robot , who works for Claire Belmont. He tries to fix this by decorating the house and treating her to a much-needed make-over. In the end, Claire falls in love with Tony. Claire, being a wife who was always left out, found satisfaction in Tony. One cannot say if the playing ground was fair between the robot and her husband since Tony was programmed to make his masters happy. An unfortunate string of events forced Tony to go back to the lab, and Claire is left in love with a robot and depressed.

The book, The Positronic Man was based on this short story. It was brought to the big screen in the film, Bicentennial Man where Andrew Martin was played by the late Robin Williams. Andrew Martin is a robot butler. Andrew, though a programmed robot, has an intricate skill on woodcarving. He even read books on woodwork and challenges himself to create more complicated figures. Sir and Andrew builds a woodcarving business.

Eating Robots and Other Stories

Eventually, Andrew saves enough money to be able to pay for something he always wanted — body upgrades. He had everything altered, and the updates gave him some human traits. Little Miss grows up and gets married. She gives birth to her child, Little Sir. Sir gives Andrew his freedom. Not long after, he passes away, with the robot beside his deathbed. As years pass, Andrew gets more committed to becoming human.

The ultimate decision to completely remove any trace of his robotic life comes when he asks a robotic surgeon to alter his positronic brain so that he will age and eventually die. With this sacrifice, the World President signs a law officially recognizing Andrew Martin, a human. The declaration was made on his th birthday. She then builds a good kind of friendship with Andrew, about him as her best friend.

Not long after, Sir gives Andrew a hobby or some passion.

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Instead, he gets into art — the very essence of liberty and art in the human life. In the film, he had the chance to meet with the World President for the last time to convince her to acknowledge him as a man. The World Leader asks him why becoming a man is so important to him.

This has been the elemental drive of my existence, and it must be achieved if I am to live or die with dignity. The average reading time of this article is about Read article: 8 Best Science Books. Read article: Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Movies. Share this article with your friend! The Bicentennial Man. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Breq, our protagonist, was once a starship that used artificial intelligence to link thousands of corpse bodies living through one central consciousness used by the Radchaai empire to conquer the galaxy. Mattie is an automaton stuck in the middle of the ongoing war between the Alchemists and the Mechanics in the city of Ayona. The alchemists, those who can manipulate stone but eventually turn into stone themselves, are the older order.

Lovey named after Ada Lovelace the mathematician and first computer programmer , a sentient AI with no physical body, and the tech Jenks are in love.

What is I, Robot?

Instead of being a gleaming hunk of metal with some semblance of sentience, Lovey at one point considers getting a body kit so she can be with Jenks in physical form, but is worried about how this physical body will dull her sensibilities. In alternating chapters, we meet Jasper, the con man literally screwing women out of their wealth who, after a strange accident, has been left only attracted to dolphins.

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Dick We had to have some morally complicated robots on the list. The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia Mattie is an automaton stuck in the middle of the ongoing war between the Alchemists and the Mechanics in the city of Ayona. Read Next. Switch On Symbol. Reading Lists. Thank You!