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Please contact nps. Made with by Graphene Themes. Toggle search form. Toggle navigation The National Paranormal Society. Haunted Location Submit your U. Category: Texas Jun We focus on helping people in their homes and bring people closure. We will do investigations anywhere we are needed. I can absorb spiritual energies.

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Thank you. Jeff C: darkhourps gmail. James Schock: cherokeeparanormal yahoo. Lyn: info dfwghosthunters. Jennifer J.

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Who Are We? We are simply a group of dedicated individuals linked together with the common goal to seek an understanding of our personal, and other parties personal experiences with the paranormal. We do not get paid for what we do, nor do we charge for our services.

We are also a family organization who works in affiliation with the West Texas Paranormal Society.

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What Is Our Mission? To disprove the myths and find the facts of the paranormal realm while assisting in providing comfort and clarification to any and all parties involved. We are all extremely passionate about seeking the truth, and trying to assist others with the same understanding. When Did We Begin Operations? We are currently performing investigations in ghost towns, regional businesses, national historic locations, and private residences.

Tracy Simpson texasghosttours yahoo. T Paranormal Website texas-ghost-tours. Susan Wallner fdparanormal yahoo. We do residential locations and offer cleansings as well. Not Given. Search NPS. Team Submit a U. The most valuable part of Reagan County turned out to be underground, not on top.

Stiles got away to a good start, as young western towns went. By it had a newspaper, The Journal, edited by J. Marvin Hunter who was to make himself famous, at least regionally, in later years as publisher of the The Frontier Times at Bandera.

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The Orient went to Big Lake, instead in and 14 years later so did the county seat. That happened on May Big Lake took its name from a depression in the earth that trapped runoff from occasional rains and was the only watering place between the Concho and Commanche Springs in Fort Stockton. As such it had been a favorite campsite for Indians, Mexicans, traders and cattle drivers.

It may have been known to the Spaniards, Martin and Castillo, when they explored the Concho watershed in All of this faded into the background when the Santa Rita No. The discovery of oil created a fabulous new life for southern Reagan, as well as for the University of Texas which happened to own about two-thirds of the whole country. The old courthouse at what was Stiles population 16 in the census is a neat, solid-looking, square-cut building of native stone. Stiles located on Centralia Draw and approximately in the center of the county, was the only town when Reagan County was organized, in May This property was known as the Public Square.

The contract for this building first went to August Balfanz, San Angleo.

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However, according to records of the Commissioners Court dated Feb. Then on the next day, Feb. Martin was to begin work immediately and to complete the building in eight months.

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On Oct. On Nov. The new courthouse was built of native stone that was quarried from the hillside just about one half mile away. Garner, a newcomer to the county, helped haul the heavy stones in a wagon pulled by mules. Other men who hauled the stones were Tom Lucas, who used mules hitched to his wagon, and a Mr. Shepard who used donkeys. Garner was a stone mason by trade by trade but was unable to work on the courthouse because he belonged to the Stonemasons Union and this job was not a union one. The building went up quickly and was a source of pride for all the area.

Nowhere else in West Texas was there a courthouse to match this one in attractiveness and in value. But almost at once there was a dark harbinger of ill times. But a prominent land owner in Reagan County refused to sell the right-of-way. So the line swung twenty miles to the south, bypassing Stiles. Big Lake was born in and just about caught up in size with Stiles in In the famed Santa Rita oil well was brought in near the railroad west of Big Lake.

Big lake boomed and in a vote for moving the county seat to Big Lake was passed by to After that Stiles slowly died. Utilized as a community center, the still attractive and roomy building was used for many community parties, barbecues and dances, and as a school for one year.

West Texas’ Dwindling Lakes

The Stiles Dance Club used the building for years for their monthly dances. I am from Big Lake, TX. I am writing you concerning Stiles, TX. I found it listed in your website, and I have some information for you that may be helpful to your site. The information I will be providing comes directly from the Thursday, April 15, edition of our local newspaper, The Big Lake Wildcat. I realize that there are copyright laws and such, so I hope that I won't get in trouble for copying this to send to you, but I want you to have the info exactly as it is in the paper.

Here goes.