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Here Rabbi Moshe Cordovero is very specific concerning some of the encoding methods employed in the Torah. The Chamberlain Key demonstrates many of these encryption methods.

The History of Letter Skip Codes in The Hebrew Bible (Part 1) – God Code by Timothy P. Smith

He did not have the computer technology to enable him to do this but he was aware of the methodologies. From whom did he learn this? One of the greatest of all Kabbalists Rabbi Moshe Cordovero gained a reputation as a Torah genius at a young age.

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He was respected as a Talmudic scholar and philosopher and received the special ordination from another famous Rabbi, Yaakov Beirav in I believe it is safe to assume that the concept of an encrypted Torah was being passed down through the Rabbinical schools for many centuries, especially among the Sephardim in the Spanish Kingdoms.

It seems more than coincidence that the Spanish monarchy who employed these Torah scholars as translators were also aware of some great secret hidden in the Hebrew Biblical texts. And perhaps more than a coincidence that Alfonso X claimed his forefathers were buried in Jerusalem. No computer was necessary to decrypt this information.

Ferdinand III also claims that The Woman of the Apocalypse , The Mother of God, appeared to him, instructing him to build a chapel in her honor on the very spot of where is crypt is now located. What is the reality and truth behind all of this legend and tradition? If these stories are allegories, what secrets to they mask? In the 20 th century Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl , honored for his heroic smuggling operation near the Polish-Slovak border to save thousands from the horrors of the Nazi death camps, was intrigued by the writings of Rabbi Bachya ben Asher regarding letter skip codes in the Torah.

When he finally immigrated to America after the war he started a yeshiva school in upstate New York. Why all the effort here to unravel this mystery? What divinely ordained information was Rabbi Weissmandl trying to decipher? In this way it was preserved as a time capsule unlikely to be disturbed by letter alterations in the broader text. But how did the single most statistically significant EDLS codes escape the observation of the Jewish Rabbis that believed the Torah was thus encoded?

The answer to this question is as revealing as it is intriguing. The truth is that the only way to know for certain that you have detected intentional encoded communication in any text is to have a pre-selected search term or terms predicted in a pre-selected section of the text. This is the only way you can set parameters with which to accurately calculate statistical relevance. It is of course possible to stumble upon an intentional encryption by some other means, but it is difficult to empirically demonstrate its intentionality.

These scholars were simply not looking for a nine letter Hebrew spelling of a Biblical name found in the New Testament. According to his students, Rabbi Weissmandl was looking for codes at short letter skips. This of course would allow him to detect a thematic connection between the search term and the specific verse of Scripture into which it was imbedded. But it is unclear exactly what Weissmandl was looking for.

Proverbs 1-31 - The Bible from 30,000 Feet - Skip Heitzig - Flight PRO01

But the Sephardic Rabbis in the Middle Ages and the European nobility those that claimed a Jewish bloodline knew precisely what they were looking for encoded and hidden in the Scriptures. They were seeking to regain their greatest ancestral treasure the perfect Word of God. We now must circle back to Spanish monarchs of the Middle Ages.

We also have evidence that they had either deciphered the Key Code in Genesis or the knowledge of it had been passed down to them. We also have evidence that they knew that a code was hidden in the 2 nd Book of Chronicles , imbedded precisely into the building specifications of the Temple of Solomon, that revealed the location of the subterranean chamber Solomon built to hide and secure the contents of the Holy of Holies in the event the Temple should ever be threatened. Again, it is the revered 12th century Spanish Talmud scholar Moses Maimonides that bluntly claims the following….

When Solomon built the Temple, he was aware that it would ultimately be destroyed. King Josiah commanded that the Ark be entombed in the chamber built by Solomon. From where did Moses Maimonides obtain such specific information? We now believe that this is certainly the case and especially in regard to this hidden chamber entombed below the Temple of Solomon.

But what in reality is the awesome treasure that was so important that it needed to be safely entombed out of reach of mankind? The Ark…the gold overlaid box? What was the Ark ultimately meant to contain and preserve? The Law and Contract between God and mankind? To change it or alter this contract in any way would not only break it, but it would make it impossible for mankind, at any future time, to truly understand and honor the Covenant.

It is only necessary to bear in mind and remember the history of mankind, since the time the Covenant was first delivered to Moses, to answer the following simple question. If every copy of the Covenant and Word of God was left unprotected to circulate for the past years, would there be a single unaltered perfect copy left to mankind?

The Masoretic scribes made every effort to preserve letter for letter what was passed down to them, but they never claimed to possess the Stone Tablets or the actual Torah that Moses scribed himself. King Josiah reigned from — BC and is believed by Biblical scholars to have assembled and archived the most important Hebrew Scriptures. His followers and disciples were confused, and grievously mourned Him, thinking perhaps all was lost and the promises left unfulfilled. But at the appointed time The Word emerged from the tomb….

In fact it is among the 13 th century Spanish Monarchy and Sephardic Jewish Torah scholars where we detect the convergence of so many clues and threads of inquiry related to discoveries presented in The Chamberlain Key , that we must ask the questions: What did they know? Remember now, just because I talk about angels, it is not a mystical story.

It is real, so hang in there. There is an order to reading the Book of Revelation, even though it is not out of order. That may sound confusing but it is not. I will help by showing you key words and a diagram. You will need to look at it as a treasure map that will guide you to a hidden treasure. There are many clues, so it will be interesting to take part in revealing certain unscrupulous people we will encounter along the way.

Remember, these people do not want their true intent exposed. With Israel holding her own against the forces around her, she does not know, nor does the United States; that these people are preparing an all out attack against us and Israel by a leader they would never have expected. John, in writing the Book of Revelation, wrote it as he saw it; but wrote it as a vast puzzle with help given by the angels in Heaven. The Scriptures, both in Revelation and on the Chart, are presented in the order of how we are to read them. They are not out of order. Each Seal represents a year of the seven years of the book of Revelation.

Notice how the Seals read like a Book or a play you are about to watch — an introduction to the characters who will play their parts in this drama, plus a little insight as to what they will be doing in each of their precise years. The Four Horsemen will be exposed later in the book. The main purpose of this preview, is to give you an update to events that are taking place now and an outline of how to understand this book that seems to be out of order, but is not.

Read your Chart the same as any book. Start on the left and read to the right. When you get to the end of the line, or row, automatically go back to the left and read back and forth. Again, Scriptures are not out of order. John wrote the book by making each line, or row, seven years long. Christ will open each Seal, one for each of the seven years. All of the Scriptures that fall under each of the Seals will take place in that precise year; i. Notice in the seventh year how Christ is standing upon the earth and the sea with the Book of Revelation completely open.

Now notice the numbers that fall in the seventh year on your chart! In the book of Genesis, God rested on the seventh day after forming the world. The seventh year, of the seven years of tribulation is His. The 7th, one-thousand years is His also. Number seven plays a significant part throughout the Bible that associates itself with God, where number six associates itself with man This is also telling you something. But you have to wait.

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Its coming. Lets go on. Remember, each line or row on your Chart is seven years long. Each Trumpet and Vial falls perfectly under each Seal and year. Notice how the Holy Spirit guided John to use special words in each Vial and Trumpet to connect them together, to help guide us into the understanding we need. The Vials are the plagues and the Trumpets are the fulfilling of them. John put many word clues into the Chart to help guide us through it.

You will need to find some for yourself. All of the Scriptures in each of the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials tell the story of what will take place in order as you can see. Plus John will lead us through all of the Scriptures by giving us clues to how he laid it out, but never putting them out of order.

He just did not tell you in black and white which chapter and verse was to be at the beginning of the seven years, or wherever. He gave you clues. Now notice there were no clues in the Seals because there was no need; they are letting you know each one represented their precise year by numbers.

They introduced the characters who were going to play their part through out these seven years and a little information as to what they will be doing; clues to this overall mystery. Now notice on your Chart how chapter seven was not under a Seal. To me it seemed out of place. I thought the last Seal should come next. So I had to really start looking for clues. The only way was to ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, which He did.

This is what I had to do. Read what His Word said in the end of the previous chapter, and then what was said in the beginning of the next chapter. This is where this chapter is to be applied. As we continue this journey you will find it will be toward the end of the seventh year when the seventh Angel blows his trumpet. This seventh chapter is dedicated totally to when the Israelites will be sealed and when their rapture will take place. It also tells of who will be raptured with them. This clue is a very important one that John hid. This is the only chapter that tells you to move Scriptures someplace other than where John placed them.

Each one will perform in their precise year. I believe they already know what they need to do because of what has been written, otherwise, it would be confusing for them to sound all of their Trumpets in this seventh year, or the first year. Read all of the verses in your Bible through each Trumpet and Vial for there is not enough room to quote all of them.

As the angels blow their Trumpets each one will show only part of what will be taking place in their year. When you read the main book, I will then expound on all Scriptures that fall in each year. It will explain all of the Scriptures and make the story complete, especially if you want to know what part we will play when the Arabs attack us and Israel. Now that the Angels are blowing their Trumpets in each of the following years, look in the Fourth Trumpet for another clue. Look where they are, under the fourth year.

The next clue is a time frame that John placed in the sixth Trumpet. They will take up their abode in men who want to follow the Beast. One-third of mankind will die from famine and pestilence besides this war, mainly in the Middle East. It will start at the end of this sixth year and continue for one year, one month, one day and one hour to the battle of Armageddon. And the four Angels were loosed, which were prepared for one hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

With this Scripture giving a time frame in this sixth year, one can see without a doubt the war will have to end in the seventh year, days and one hour later. Scriptures in the Book of Daniel speak of the same battle that gives a time frame also. When you put the Book of Daniel together with the Book of Revelation, together they show when important events will take place within these seven years.

It was easy to place the first six Trumpets under the Seals in each of their years, but when I got to the tenth chapter that followed the sixth Trumpet it seemed out of place. I thought the seventh Trumpet should have been placed here. I was not going to argue with God, so I continued on with chapter 10 to see where it was going to take me. At the end of that chapter it showed me where I was to go with the next Scripture. It was telling me I was to look for more prophecies. Being that I was in the seventh year, I then knew I was to go back to the first year again with chapter eleven and place it there before we can bring the seventh Trumpet into play, which of course would be in the seventh year again.

The puzzle is now starting to take shape. Notice how John put seven rows of boxes to make this Chart and how each one of these rows start with a new chapter other than the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials. The Seals, Trumpets, and Vials did not need to start with a new chapter, because they told you where they were to go by using numbers.

Notice how it gives insight as to what will take place in this year. And the angel stood, saying, rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. Notice also how they will be worshiping in it while it is still under construction. This tells me the construction will start before the seven year treaty begins. Also notice how the second verse then gives a time frame to where the next verse is to be placed. Forty-two months later, which will put the next verse in the middle of these seven years.

This will be when the Palestinians, along with the Beast, take over the Temple. At that time the people in Jerusalem will need help. Now that we are in the middle of these seven years, look what is next. Throughout these seven years God will give total power to these two Prophets to smite the earth with all of the plagues that are in the seven Vials.

These plagues will be put on the earth, people, sun, sea, beast, rivers, and the air. Scriptures show the sun will get very hot, so much so they will not ask for mercy, they will curse God instead. For 1, days these two Prophets will prophecy to the Israelite people who will escape out of Jerusalem when the Beast takes over their Temple in the middle of these seven years.

Read all of the verses in Chapter 11, between the seventh and the fourteenth verses. At the end of those days, their bodies will be transformed into heaven when the seventh angel blows his horn. Come up Hither. This is where Chapter Seven will play its part.

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The Israelites will be sealed and ascend into heaven also, right along with all the people in the world who will make it through these seven years. Those who have accepted Christ and those who were made ready. This is where the last angel will blow his Trumpet, the seventh. Since Scriptures have shown a rapture had just taken place, notice how the Books of Judgement will now be opened. The dead in Christ along with the living will be judged, both at the same time. The people in this catching away will be the last part of the first resurrection.

How privileged we are to be living at a time to see this mystery unfold before our eyes, to be given insight of these prophesies. I like to look at them as a special gift from God, even though it gives us insight to the destruction that is yet before us. Voices, Lightning, Thunder, Earthquake. John is showing how these words are to be placed. All in the seventh year.