Manual Inspirational Meditations : We Are A Healing Process But Still A Work in Progress

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It has been a tremendous tool which helps me to clear what arises within enhancing the natural process I have used — you utilize so many more beings than I ever heard of before, but am very thankful for their healings. My eyes and heart have opened in a new way and I am so very excited about new possibilities. I now see so clearly that I was a victim of my own fear and that my fear has been holding me back from pursuing my true life calling and following the life purpose I feel so strongly in my heart.

I am a work in progress and so very thankful and appreciative that our paths crossed. Much love and blessings to you. One of your best qualities is precision. I possess mediumship and psychic abilities. And that is how I feel about you. Kudos to you Leslie! In my first session with Leslie, she opened my eyes to the laws of the universe and the importance of communication with my Higher Power and self. Life started to take some truly amazing turns. Leslie knew exactly where to dig in my life to get me to open my eyes to what I was missing — and most importantly, what I was doing to myself.

For the first time in years, I can feel the breath of life again. I am not a new man, I am just stepping into the shoes of the man that I was always meant to be. I had started to read and connect with my spirituality and listen to alternative radio when I came across Leslie Fonteyne. The show was brilliant and I decided to book a session to get some power behind me to help me make some decisions! My first session with Leslie was refreshing and releasing. Although at the time I didn't fully understand how much my life would change, since that session it really has!

Within weeks I'd left my relationship that was no longer serving me and got a job in Australia where I had been dreaming of going since I was a child!!! The only way to describe it is life has gone BOOM!!!!


It has completely opened up!!! I'm going with what feels good and letting go of the worry! I met someone I would NEVER have expected to have a relationship with, who brings so much fun and support into my life. I'm just enjoying it and letting go of the expectation and worry!! Working with you was truly an experience I received healing through. It was palpable. I was moved to tears during the course of the session.

I've experienced a variety of healing modalities throughout my life, and all have been different. In your session, I felt something and it very noticeably "lightened me up" on many levels. I've experienced other work where I couldn't really tell if anything was taking place. There was something about your modality that just clicked with me.

I also feel like it was helpful for me to have you talk with me before, during, and after "the work. It's essentially a letting go, a flushing out, and a simultaneously brightening expansion. That's what I felt transpire in my session with you. Thank you again.

Throughout the past decade I have sought the guidance of numerous healers and coaches and was lucky enough to have been referred to Leslie who has been by far the individual who has the most impact on my life. From our very first session I felt as though I had an incredible number of shifts from a health, personal and business perspective. My relationship with myself and my family improved dramatically as did the success of my business. Leslie is an incredibly supportive, genuine and intuitive healer who I highly recommend to anyone who is wishing to fast track spiritual and emotional changes in their lives.

Each time I connect with Leslie Fonteyne, it's like a breath of fresh air to my soul. Her energy and the beings she brings in to assist in her work leave me feeling empowered, centered and somehow physically lighter. I actually experience energy flowing thru me. Leslie is an amazing light worker, honest, down to earth and caring. My world is better for having found this connection. Jodi - Portland.

I was blessed to meet Leslie at a mind body spirit expo. I am a psychic medium myself and just love Leslie. I am in this field and know many people, but I always choose her. I have had several sessions with Leslie over the past two years. If you want clarity, compassion and someone with an extraordinarily strong ability to bring shift and forward movement to your life, then you owe yourself a session with Leslie.

She is the real deal. Leslie's work helped me identify enough space between my desires and fears to find the courage and motivation to move forward in my life. I was stuck in a cycle of putting others before myself and in a constant state of longing for greater joy and satisfaction. I experienced an immediate shift after our first session together. After additional sessions, my path became clearer, things and people around me shifted and I had more and more clarity regarding my next steps.

I found the courage to leave my job and created a new job that was more conducive to the lifestyle I really desired. The travel I longed for presented itself. I found love. The work that Leslie does is powerful, the shifts happen on many levels. Leslie is a facilitator to help you find the right combination of energies and clearing that assist you in creating your abundance and realizing your highest good. I am so happy our paths crossed and I share the good news about her with everyone I meet. Her work cannot be defined or explained adequately in words.

Shifts are happening on multiple levels and that is what makes her work so profound and live changing. She is truly a gift and a blessing to my life. When I first met Leslie, my personal and professional life was in shambles. My husband and I were having problems, my son was struggling, and I was in a financial hole with my business. I was hemorrhaging money and dealing with dishonest people.

Working with Leslie, I saw a difference within the first week. Leslie is a gifted healer and honest leader and guide. From the energetic work with Leslie, my family relationship is stronger now and we are happier. My son is doing much better in school. I got out of the bad business deal and I am experiencing an abundance in my life professionally and personally.

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Every time I have a session with Leslie, I have an amazing healing experience. I would recommend Leslie to anyone that I know. She is professional, compassionate, sensitive, and kind. I found her shared intuitive information to be true and very helpful. Trying to heal everyone but myself, I need help. So many coaches — who to choose? I called her. She gets who I am and gives me tools and the courage to be me, to stop my codependence and walk my highest path. Now my gift is letting others walk their own path. Working with Leslie has change my life in way I never dreamed possible.

Over the last year, Leslie has helped me transform a life which was riddled in fearful thoughts, manifesting in outward experience - to a life of pleasure, peace, abundance and faith. In turn, my faith in source has increased infinitely. Leslie has helped me shift from a victim of life, to feeling deeply empowered and connected to all that is. In the best way, my life will never be the same. I thank the Universe for Leslie every day, and our work together will surely echo into infinity.

On my end, the last session truly felt cathartic and powerful. I feel as if some "weight" has been lifted giving me access to greater clarity, energy and the motivation to take inspired action on several items which I had been procrastinating on. I have slept well the last two nights which is huge.

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I even went to my bank on Saturday to re-address aspects of my savings and retirement accounts and that is huge because it deals with money! It felt so good and empowering to finally address the latter. After working with Leslie, I felt many old patterns slide off my back. My life and energy felt fresh and renewed. I was able to move forward with less fear and self-doubt. Leslie can cut to the core of what you are struggling with in your own life and energy. She is warm and supportive. It is truly an eye-opening experience. My sessions have with Leslie have been powerful, empowering and useful.

We met on the Saturday morning of the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival when you took me through a transformational session. I just want to say thank you - it was amazing at the time and the ongoing effect has been wonderful - what a gift you have! Leslie Fonteyne had the uncanny ability to get to the root of the issues that were blocking me from experiencing my life more fully. With laser-like precision, she was able to hone in on exactly what was happening inside me and help me to move those blocks.

I have been working with Leslie for over a year now and can testify to her integrity, dedication, interpersonal skills, clairvoryant abilities and unique techniques to shift karma and deleterious energy or life patterns that block and create obstructions in all areas of our lives. I have relied on her to transform massive amounts of negative and disastrous ancestral karma for me over the past year, without which my future would have been in doubt. I can only wish that those who need her services will find her. Thank you for sharing your time and amazing healing energy with me.

For the first time in my life, I am experiencing true peace. I'm struggling to even find the words to share how much this has meant to me, because I honestly did not believe it was possible. All these years of self- hatred and pain that I've been carrying with me have melted away overnight. You helped me to see that I am worthy and deserving of this miracle.

I am in awe of your capacity for loving kindness and your ability to do the work that you do, and I'm so incredibly grateful! Do you want to know how to create an abundant life? Or how to shift energy and raise your vibration? Perhaps you want to learn how to work with the Ascended Masters or ascension energies. These powerful classes and workshops will help you get clear on your desires, teach you how to step into and maintain that empowered life, and offer tools and techniques for keeping you on that path. Joe, you are an angel among us, much love to you sir.

I started this work because I wanted from the bottom of my hearth to manifest my dream life in my real one. But I will never stop, because my life has changed in more better. Anger and sadness are gone, depression and anxiety are gone, negative toughts are gone; I am amble, now, to change my tought and to think positive in almost any situation. And I learned to love myself, to care about the beautiful, wonderful person I am. I understand my value now. Thank you dr Joe! As always your words are so inspiring, they keep me motivated.

We are all novices to this work and need the constant guidance to stay connected and grounded. Bless you! I certainly agree that the discipline and consistency on our spiritual journey is influenced by our meditations and content of our sleeping dreams. What has come to be of great importance, to me, are the chakras within our body.

I have taken only the initial workshop with Dr. Joe and would like to know if he explains the chakra system more fully in his advanced presentations. Our vibrational field is what contains our thoughts and intentions. I too have now been doing the meditations daily sometimes twice for a few months now. I was addicted to substances. Codiene and Cannibas mainly. I was lucky and had a big burst of realisations about myself in my first week of meditations.

Codiene stopped instantly, my sex addiction became glaringly apparent to me, conscious , and those things fell away. I instantly became more open about by inner secrets, which did absolute wonders for my almost broken 18 year relationship with my wife. I felt like the old me had literally just been blown away into oblivion. I never knew all that before, as obvious as it may have seemed for others.

Thus I was pretty blocked up in those lower 3 energy centres. That was very open and honest Shane…. Joe and everyone in this community for continuously inspiring me to continue this inner work. For more than 10 years my antibodies were between and over In October they were I was utterly exhausted, depressed, and my joints hurt. I was told the disease had entered a deeper phase.

It was disheartening because I had done everything I could to improve the condition. Materially I worked with diet, supplements, exercise, compounded T3 and T4. I read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and practiced on my own, meditating, writing, reading, listening on YouTube. I made a very clear decision to change, whatever that meant or took. Within a few days Dr. Joe offered a class on Hay House that would allow me to attend a Progressive Workshop.

I started that I think the first week of November. The first week of January I went back to see my doctor. To my surprise and delight my antibodies had dropped to Three months later they were at And the last week of December they were at That was right after the Austin Progressive. I am totally grateful for Dr.

Joe and all of you! The difference of being in community, and giving myself the next class or event or video made the greatest contribution to shifting what I now refer to as the Shame Disease. I encourage everyone who will listen to keep on trucking no matter what. And do not give up if your doctor cannot seem to remember or grasp that you are doing something he or she has never seen before, looks for some other explanation.

I love you all! A few years ago, I got sick, very sick. When Joe speaks about the body trying to unseat itself, I had a broken, frightened and traumatised one which took shear force to settle and overcome. Then as I got better, things around me started to change quickly. The house was first — a house I could only imagine in my wildest imagination, wealth, great job, travel. Now that I am not in survival, I takes a lot more to do the work.

I work in global justice, yet out of all the pain came a renewed sense of purpose, of a need to continue to fight for the most vulnerable, of not backing down for them. And this is where I find myself increasingly alone. We are almost brain washed to act happy and peaceful and loving. And so, I have begun to lose friends, the very people I started this journey off with. They live in lack, they live in fear and live this way year after year. Or they have continuing fights with family and friends, or they continue to attract the same toxic relationships. But here they are wanting to read me their cards!!

Or give me healing!! When I was really sick, I went to four different psychotherapists because I was so bewildered by anxiety and depression When the third one wanted to put me on antidepressants, and I said no, I finally explained why. Then not too longer later, my husband met this priest, by happenstance. He was a cool guy. My husband told him about my struggles and he invited me to see him. St John was probably the first guy that wrote about the Dark Night of the Soul. He wrote about how this path is not easy. It can be gut wrenchingly frightening, it can be dividing.

But if you are truly honest with yourself, Like St John wrote, the path is a recognition that we are born separate from the divine and our only work here is to find our way back, our way home. Its really that simple. Dear Cat Belue…your message was many things.. May the force be with us all. Thank you. Amen To… Nvrgvup.

I so agee with all the comments. I feel I am living the dream. Experience tears of joy to be alive and notice nature, see God all around me in me in everything. Been doing the work now for a little over three years. Joe is teaching and showing us the how. Please know that at 68 I have survived cancer twice. Thank you Joe because of the work I am cancer free!!

Did not accept the death sentence from my oncologists. I am so happy, feel the Love from my heart and most productive, abundantly secure. No more it is unlimited learning to create from the quantum field. Crossing the river of change. Thank You Joe look forward to seeing you in Mexico in June. Firstly, I apologize for the length of this story… but it demonstrates the power of this work!

At the time, I was going through an extremely challenging and lengthy divorce settlement which included experiencing physical violence, forced liquidation, loss of my amazing equestrian centre and other businesses. I was facing massive financial stress along with preparing for ongoing court cases. The farm we were on was his parents and I was given a 30 day eviction notice. I had a menagerie of horses and animals and farms to rent were few and far between. Things could not look any worse really. I really started to believe that something extraordinary must be going on.

Why else would I be going through all this? Whilst everything was crumbling away, I still felt fortunate to have my angels helping me, they even made an appearance beside my bed one morning. I always heard them, but it was rare to see them, so this gave me more strength.

I handed my life over completely as what I was facing was all too encompassing. I listened closely to the messages that were delivered in synchronicities, strange encounters, songs, numbers, wild animals and so on. More tumours developed and my doctor found scaring on my lungs. I had read A course of Miracles in my early 20s which really resonated with me but as life unfolded I had started to believe that my beliefs and experiences were nothing more than fantasies.

For some reason I could not own the True Mystic that I was. I went through that river of rapids gripping to what felt like the last threads of the tapestry of my life. There were many stepping stones that led me to the extraordinary life I have now but too lengthy to write about here.

I am cancer free, I met my soul mate, we bought an amazing farm with a spectacular house on it, my daughter moved back home and we bought a successful business that we run. There was one realisation that stood out though among many — it was: I had no idea of the power of this work when put into practice. I can laugh now. Of course everything had to be taken away. I was seeing myself living in another city, healthy, happy and with my soul mate. I had to loose it all so I could have everything. If my story inspires just one person to pick up an run with this work then I could not be happier.

Gracias a todos por su compartir. Rut Cenzual. The testimonies never cease to inspire and amaze me! Love hearing and reading them, they put such a smile on my face and fill my heart with joy. I have used your meditations on and off, and I realise that in order to see the changes on a consistent basis, my focus and consistency has to be improved.

One reason I stop and start a bit is exactly the stuff you write about. I have come to a conclusion for myself though : never compare your experience to others. Whether whatever is true or not true for them, frankly is none of my business and what I have to concentrate on is myself with my successes and shortcomings. I stumbled onto this about December At that time walking, standing, sitting, lying down, sleeping. You name it, I was miserable.

It turns out I had neuropathy and planters fasciitis in both feet. Since I was a child I believed the things Dr Joe was teaching.

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What a surprise to find a book Becoming Supernatural and hear someone else speaking my truth on You Tube! I wept with joy. Finally someone was clearly and concisely speaking my language! I started the meditations. And, my body and brain fought back. I kept pushing. I can happily report that both feet are almost completely healed. I have a small area under my toes on the left foot that I continue to work on.

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The good news is that this is the real thing. Do the best you can, hang in there. You will find joy. You will experience bliss. Healing will find you. Have patience. Love yourself. Thank you, Dr Joe, for being brave enough to publish your material. It sounds like it has made a difference in thousands of lives. Dr Joe, many thanks for sharing your 3D reality experiences with us.

Maybe what is coming to our consciousness as a community is an awareness of contrast in receiving the teachings. In a similar way, some of my relatives made comments that I am entering into a sect by attending workshops or reading books. Experimental Earthling Bea sending you all lots of love to meditation floors and strange encounters in the 3D realty. By accident, I ordered the wrong book at the library. It turns out to be Becoming Supernatural.

I am ensconced. This man is articulating much of my own understanding but with precision and for me, hope. So I buy two mediations, Blessing the Energy Centres and Tuning in to New Potentials, a huge financial investment for me as each meditation equates to half of my weekly expendable income. Within a week there is a glitch with the new mortgage, a new appraisal plummets the value of my house, the guttering has a leak that requires the whole thing to be replaced and there are hiccups and holdups everywhere!

The first is my struggle to surrender. One day during the week, while trying to get through my list of to-dos, the Universe kept slowing my pace. I had dogs, children and birds run in front of my car, I had long queues and heavy traffic. And in reply, the van in front of me turned off I was confronted with a huge semi-trailer which took three attempts to back-back down a small driveway.

My second clarification was that I need to stay present and NOT have long philosophical discussions with people, preaching the virtues of this work — particularly not when those conversations are in my head! She comes down hard on my fb posts and I am aware that she is a big personality in my hometown and that I will need to learn to navigate her. Well, have I done that in my head this week?!! Ba ha ha! It is gloriously funny to be pulled up on my shiz and in such perfect timing. Thank you Joe!

I could almost feel like that message was for me alone! Needless to say, The mediations are back on. Watch this space as I manifest my dreams into reality. I want to thank all the people involved in spreading this understanding of how to be what we are deciding to become… I am traveling through different fields that are all interconnected and my life is more in harmony mentally, physically and emotianlly..

In harmony with the inside and the outside seen and unseen. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The work then becomes: Learning how to surrender to outcomes; Learning how to stay in and be uncomfortable in the unknown without returning back to familiar thoughts, emotions, or behaviors; Learning how to regulate brain and heart coherence so we can maintain our energy in adverse or challenging circumstances; Learning how to correlate the inward changes we make in our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings personality , in order to see outcomes in our outer world personal reality , so that we move from the subconscious belief that we are victims of our lives to the conscious belief that we are the creators of our lives.

Cat Belue April 28, at pm - Reply. Trisha April 28, at pm - Reply. Dear Cat, I am very touched by your story. Cat Belue April 29, at pm - Reply. Thank you Trisha, I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

Toni Weston May 6, at am - Reply. Hi Cat which meditations do you like best. Cheers Toni. Cathy April 29, at pm - Reply. Thanks for sharing! What meditation s did you use? Cat Belue May 6, at pm - Reply. Jolanta April 29, at pm - Reply. Wonderful and inspiring story. Lisa April 29, at pm - Reply. Tessa Stowe April 30, at am - Reply. You are not alone on your journey. Christina Martinelli May 5, at pm - Reply. Karen May 5, at pm - Reply. Susan May 5, at pm - Reply. Pauline May 5, at pm - Reply. Just beautiful Cat. May I ask how you got started and with which meditations?

Duano May 11, at am - Reply. I admire you Cat for putting your heart out there. Colin June 18, at am - Reply.