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First Edition Stated

That bold declaration can't always be taken as authoritative, though. If the word First Edition is on the page with a number line, that number line must be complete. This means that the first number in that line of numbers must start with the first number for that publisher. In most cases, this is predictably a '1', but in one famous example of the arcane nature of publisher's methods, Random House between and began their number lines with a 2 on their first editions that included a number line.

Counter intuitively, a 1 in the number line for that publisher during those years meant a later printing. The printing history page is the first thing to check, but not the last. In some cases the printing history may show everything that you could hope for, but other parts of the book contradict that story. Reprint houses EG: Sundial Press, Triangle Books, Grossett and Dunlap would sometimes purchase the original printing plates from the original publisher. Their reprinted edition would potentially bear all of the same edition identifiers on the copyright page.

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The test here is to compare that copyright page with the information on the spine of the book. Typically, the reprint house would label the tail of the spine with their company name. If the copyright page tells you that the book is a first edition from William Morrow and Company, but the spine of the book tells you that it was published by Walter J. Black, you probably don't have a first edition. Advanced review copies and other pre-production copies of a book may also share all of the printing history details as the first edition, but the cover of these editions almost invariably will state that it is an advanced review copy or galley, or something similar.

While these pre-publication printings are technically first editions, they tend to have limited appeal to collectors, so they generally aren't the first edition that collectors seek. Much the same as reprint houses, book clubs will reproduce the entire book without any changes, and that reproduction includes the printing history. Book club editions can usually be identified as such by one of a few tell-tale signs.

In most any hardcover modern work of fiction, the dust jacket has a price in the front flap. If your copy doesn't have a dust jacket to compare by, there are other ways to potentially tell it it's a book club edition, but without the dust jacket, it's value is probably pretty limited regardless of whether or not it's a first edition. For many decades book clubs would mark their editions with a blind stamp or colored deboss on the tail of the back board, near the spine.

That little mark is a sure sign of a book club edition. Not all publishers make specific mention of the first edition.

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In some cases, no indication to the contrary is the way that you can tell the first printing. Book collectors expresses this as "no additional printings. Every once in awhile, you may run across a book that states that it is "Second printing before publication. That particular statement is something of a boast from the publisher, telling readers that the first edition sold out before the book was ever even released. The statement "Second printing before publication" really just means that the book is a second printing.

The first printing is the first edition. Once you have some level of confidence that your book is a first edition, you may be faced with a question of state. Some books went through some subtle but significant metamorphoses mid-print run. Sometimes this was a matter of catching a typo or missing page, or sometimes the change was even more practical, such as switching the color of the cloth on the binding as the supply of one color ran out.

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Positive Messages. Positive role models. Adult Written by TransmogrifiCat April 27, Entertaining but very anti-social I am currently reading this book with my class of third graders. The reason I am reading it is to use it as a teaching tool about unacceptable behaviour.

Every page has the characters being mean to each other, being judgemental, being overly dramatic. I read this book to my students during breaks and every single page presents me with at least one teaching opportunity about how not to behave. They love it because it is extreme and dramatic, and they are attracted to this book because of this. So i guess it is a good teaching tool about how not to be a terrible person but otherwise, it is disappointing that this is the content that is being offered to growing minds.

I feel that this book serves the easiest ideas : drama, fights, being mean. While this makes for action packed pages it does not provide anything else. Maybe you are into that. A very socially frustrated child might find a friend in Nikki, the main character, I guess. If you just want action and drama this would be a good pick. Read my mind. Adult Written by Natalie N April 20, I like this book This book is fine for 2nd grade and up.

If they can handle page books, that is. Not much education, except for the page that says how to calculate volume of some shapes. I say it's a pretty good book, so I don't know why there are so many negative reviews. Adult Written by Loveboats March 25, The book has lots of entertaining details and it is very fun and interesting.

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I definitely recommend this book for ages 7 to This title contains: Positive Messages. Adult Written by Mythical Werewolf October 31, Adult Written by Mon. Parent of a 10 year old Written by Anne H. October 6, Great books, my daughter loves them. I have a fifth grade daughter who loves Dork Diaries. The last time we went to the library, she literally wanted to get ALL the Dork Diaries books available.

However, a few cons: Nikki is a fine role model but she IS obsessed with her looks and being popular, which concerns me the most.

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Brandon is probably the best role model in the series. MacKenzie Hollister is probably the worst role model in the series because she does not care about anyone but herself. Last con: this series is kind of a girl rip-off of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, another book she enjoys. Overall, good series, recommended. I read a lot of these and I'm 12 I really enjoy them I would recommend it more for 12 yrs and up because it has a lot of things a preteen would enjoy.

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Parent of a 11 and 15 year old Written by TamaraCarol August 4, My daughter loved it! My oldest daughter 15 loved it. There were some positive messages, like, you should ignore the hate and be yourself. Adult Written by rucha k June 24, The main character, Nikki, is so obsessed with being popular! All this book teaches is how to be disrespectful to your parents, and that if you are not popular, you're a complete dork!

Parent Written by Patrick M. April 5, It deals in content far too mature for the age demographic it caters to, and provides a terrible role model in its protagonist. The author should be ashamed of them self for using their platform for children for profit rather than helping them navigate the challenges of young adolescence.

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American editions used publication order while British editions were numbered chronologically. Chronological order became the worldwide standard after HarperCollins took over the publishing in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , the first book to be written and published, is generally considered the best introduction to Narnia by scholars and fans alike.

Paul F. Lewis, Dr. Charlie W. The HarperCollins editions of The Chronicles of Narnia have been re-numbered in compliance with the original wishes of the author, C. Lewis first began The Chronicles of Narnia, he wanted it to be read as the first book in the series. HarperCollins is happy to present these books in the order in which Professor Lewis preferred.

In , an year-old boy named Lawrence Krieg was preparing to read the Narnia books for a second time. Lawrence wondered if he should re-read them chronologically, but his mother felt he should stick with the original published order. So, Lawrence wrote a letter to the author and received this response:. The series was not planned beforehand as she thinks. Then I wrote P. But I found as I was wrong. So perhaps it does not matter very much in which order anyone read them. This letter is cited by readers on both sides of the controversial decision to re-number the books.