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Be sure that the hat is completely dry before storing. Always store fashion hats in a correctly sized hat box to prevent crushing and dust accumulation. The fedora is associated with the Hollywood stars of the s but the hat was actually introduced in as a woman's hat in the play, "Fedora" starring Sarah Bernhardt. Thanks to Prince Edward of Britain the style was adopted by men in the early s. Learn how to care for a fedora so it keeps that classic shape. Flat caps were created in the British Isles in the early 14th century.

The cap is rounded with a small stiff brim just in front. Most often made of wool for winter warmth, it can also be found in cotton and leather. The cap was adopted by newsboys, golfers and longshoremen in the United States and is still a popular style for gentlemen today. Wool flat caps can be hand washed using a gentle wool wash like Woolite. Simply fill a sink with lukewarm water, add a small amount of the wool wash. Submerge the cap and allow to soak for five to ten minutes. Swish the hat around do not wring and then rinse well until no suds are seen. Place the hat on a thick cotton towel and blot away as much moisture as possible.

Allow the hat to air dry on a ventilated rack so air can circulate away from direct heat or sunlight. Fur is the one of the warmest types of materials for hats. And whether you choose a natural fur or a faux fur, the hat is going to need care to keep it looking its best. Whether your knit cap was a handmade gift from Aunt Polly or one you bought at a cute boutique, this is the most common type of hat for men, women, and children.

The key to taking care of these hats is knowing what type of yarn was used to create the hat. Learn how to clean wool, cotton and mixed-fiber knitted hats. The leather can be tanned to a slick, more weather-resistant finish or split to create a suede finish. With proper care, both types leather hats can last for many years. The iconic Stetson hat or cowboy hat immediately invokes the images of cattle ranches and a man on horseback.


The color of the hat can even suggest whether the wearer is a white hat good guy hat or a black hat bad guy. Western hats can be made from fur felt or straw and found in every price range. If you have made an investment in a quality Western hat, you'll want to take care of it properly.

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Learn how to clean a fur felt Stetson and a straw Stetson to preserve the shape and your image. Use the brush to scrub the band and then blot with a clean white cloth dipped in water. Leave the band folded down until it air dries. Follow package directions and allow the band to air dry. When the band is dry, use a leather conditioner or lotion to keep it supple. Read on for care tips on specific types of hats. Continue to 2 of 8 below. Baseball Caps. Continue to 3 of 8 below. Fabric and Straw Fashion Hats. Continue to 4 of 8 below.

It would be like having a grown up slinky that is functional! Wow, impressive and very clever! Love the portability and the amount of clothes you can hang on it. Thanks for the excellent tutorial and building plans. Well done! This is great! We need an outdoor drying rack, and this would work so well.

Panama hat - Wikipedia

So much nicer than the standard ones out there! That is a really clever plan and I love how the drying rack turned out! It is a great space-saver and economical to build, as well…. Wow, girl! You amaze me with how your creative mind dreams up such amazing projects! This is not only functional, but beautiful too! This is so awesome!!

Complete the look

I really could use one of these and after reading your post, I think I could make it. You are so amazing and creative!! This is really super awesome!! I love how it folds up too, so clever! Wow, this is so creative and practical! I need to make one for my parents since their clothesline recently broke.

This is SUCH a cute idea! I love it!!! I love it! And imagine one in my home,my garden… Tenderness.

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This is cool! Also make a Wishing Well with your 1 x 2. Just get a few more dowels to hook them together and then assemble a roof. Or send me the plans? I could probably make one from your wonderful blog, but I would rather have the actual plans. Thank you for your kind assistance. So excited to begin this DIY. Unfortunately, the link provided for the pdf plan download does nothing when I select it.

Would you please provide another link either in article or emailed to me? Would it be possible for me to buy one? Am going to make one of this next summer. Probably a bit more expensive than the plywood. I am so overwhelmed, looking at all your projects love them all, you are so very creative, OMG.

Wish I was, have to try at least one, thanks so much for sharing. Can you tell me the approximate weight of the finished product? I want to build one for someone who is elderly and weight is a factor. Also, using such thin plywood, have you seen any problems with side impact on the rack? Do you think, at the cost of final appearance, it would still fold away nicely if cheap off-cuts were used?

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Beautiful and functional!! Amazing idea, you are so creative, love it! LiveLifeWell, Allison.