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She asked me what medicines Dr. Gloria prescribed for me, nodding as she listened. When she checked my womb she saw that I had subchorionic hemorrhage, though there was no external bleeding, and advised me to take it easy.

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I reported this to Dr. Gloria, and he said to continue with the aspirin and heparin. If the hemorrhage were to persist, I was advised to do a repeat test of my natural killer cells levels. She advised me to go on bedrest just to be sure, and to refrain from going up and down the stairs. And so for two weeks I lived in our second floor bedroom, cancelled all my shows, and K-drama marathoned, hehe.

Two weeks after on May 21st, there was no more hemorrhage praise God!! No need for another NK cells test! July 24 21st week , I felt her move for the first time it felt like farting on the inside, haha! I was asked to continue with my high-protein diet though, because Lilibubs was just in the 16th percentile at the time of the scan. We took advantage of this and asked permission from Dra.

Miracle children survive against the odds -

Dense me just never really took it seriously. Whenever Dra. I was added to the group last August Clinical nosebleed right there, haha. Jillianne Castillo , in an article for Smart Parenting last August 9, , put it in much simpler terms:. Savannah Lovis , in a post dated October 18, , summed up the five categories the best:. Category 1 - no blocking antibodies. Category 2 - thrombophilia. Category 5 - elevated natural killer cells. Yet still, even with all these, the Lord granted unto us a child. Joey and I are fortunate in that we found out about these three conditions early, therefore, we got treated early as well.

We are lucky that there was no need for us to undergo LIT. We are thankful that until now, Lilibubs is doing well size-wise. I wish God had never allowed these immunological disorders to happen, but as with everything in life, we are in no position to question, only to accept and obey, though we may do so with grieving hearts at the beginning.. I remember explaining all these to my 63yo mother. Yun na yun. We are lucky to be living in a modern world that can detect anomalies at the cellular level, and to have medicine that can effectively help prevent miscarriages.

I Have Cerebral Palsy But It Didn't Stop Me From Saving My Dad

At the same time, armed with this knowledge, it is our responsibility to be more considerate of our words and actions. Let us all strive to live more compassionately. Let us LOVE, ladies and gentlemen, fellow human beings, and let us bear with each other.

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My heart and prayers go to all my fellow APAS patients. May God bless and protect our babies, and for those who are waiting in between medications, may He grant you His perfect peace as you wait for His will. Stories Music Events Contact. Photography by Arvin Cruz for Scene Zone e-magazine.

The women who had ‘miracle babies’ after being told they’d never conceive

Blocking Antibodies On April 25, armed with the complete blood test results, we saw Dra. And I thought the negative results were good, hehe! Natural Killer Cells The last result that Dr. My NK cells levels were at There it was again, that word, APAS. It is associated with recurrent thromboses formation of blood clots in the venous or arterial circulation. Antibodies help defend the body against infection, but in the case of APS, the antibodies attack the body. This then causes blood clots to form in veins and arteries, which can lead to numerous problems and complications.

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APS affects three to five times as many women as men. It can cause pregnancy complications like miscarriage or stillbirth. This means that the body of the woman lacks the blocking antibodies needed to stop your own immune system from rejecting your baby. When the DNA of the wife is similar to the DNA of the husband, the body fails to form a protective shield around the fetus, exposing it to the attack of your own immune system.

This is why the love, patience, and support of the husband is tremendously important—even more than in normal pregnancies—when a couple has APAS. I was very sick. A lot sicker than I knew. Then, my dad walked through my hospital room doors.

"Life's Greatest Miracle"

The baby was coming. Unfortunately, the baby was breech and I had such horrible preeclampsia that they told me they had to do an emergency C-section right away. They had called the doctor who is now my OB and said that she was on her way. I signed the consent forms and they prepped me for surgery. I was being wheeled into the operating room and I knew it was serious, I was having surgery. A contraction hit right as they needed me to get onto the OR table so we waited for it to pass. I got over on to the table and they talked me through what was going to happen with my spinal and getting the anesthesia.

I was terrified to get a needle in my back, but knew I just needed to do what they said. I hunched over as I sat on the table and they inserted my spinal.

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Another contraction hit and as the anesthesia flowed into my body, all the pain was suddenly taken away and I had never felt better. After being in labor for a whopping 42 hours, I was finally free of that excruciating labor pain. I felt so good. I gave my doctors and nurses a smile and was as ready as I could possibly be.

My mom came in to the OR and sat next to me and held my hand. I kept telling her there was no way they were going to pull a baby out of me. The whole time, I was just laying there on the OR table in denial. I could feel some tugging and pulling, but no pain. My body was shaking a bit as I laid there from them pulling and cutting me open. It was such an odd feeling being awake during surgery and being able to feel like people were just touching my belly and tugging a little. As I waited for them to tell me the baby was out, it felt like forever. Please cry. He finally started crying and so did we.

They said it was a baby boy! My family is a family full of girls. It had been 43 years since a boy was born in to the family. The Opfer name was going to be passed along after all! My mom went over to my baby and took pictures and videos while they cleaned him up and weighed him. She then brought her phone over to show me what he looked like.

I was amazed. Still in shock that that was my baby. I was so happy. They brought him over to me while they sewed me up. My mom held him while I reached over and touched him and kissed him and talked to him. I was all stitched up and ready to leave the OR and go back to my room to recover where my dad was waiting for us.

They set my baby boy on my chest as they wheeled me out of the OR and to my room. I was shaking so bad from the anesthesia which is normal that I was scared of him laying on my chest. Then we got to my room and my dad got to meet him too. My parents had called all my family members to tell them I was having a baby it was the middle of the night so they were all woken up by this news. Of course they were all confused by it since no one, including myself, knew that I was pregnant.

My sister was working the night shift at her hospital where she is a nurse drove up to Cleveland to be with us. After everyone woke up, my whole extended family came to the hospital to meet our miracle baby… all of them just as shocked as we were. Then we realized we needed to come up with a name for him!

The nurses brought in a ton of baby name books but it was just overwhelming. My sisters, my mom, and I all threw out our favorite baby boy names and after about 12 hours, I decided on Oliver and signed the birth certificate. I knew I wanted to have his middle name be after my father. Welcome to the world, Oliver David Opfer. My whole family was filled with joy to have this unexpected, magical gift. We had absolutely nothing for our new baby.

We sent my dad, sister, and brother-in-law to the store to find a car seat for baby Oliver. Through FaceTime, I picked one out. Luckily, other family members and close friends also went shopping to get Oliver some clothes, diapers, and all the essentials. I had so much help and support. It was truly amazing. I finally texted my close friends and family on Christmas Eve to announce the crazy news.

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On Christmas Day, two days later, I finally announced on social media the arrival of our unexpected bundle of joy. The overwhelming response of love and support meant the world to me and still does. The doctors and nurses came in and we thought we were going home. Unfortunately, I was so sick, and Oliver had some jaundice, so we had to stay in the hospital longer.

We celebrated Christmas in the hospital. My family brought Christmas dinner along with some presents to the hospital and we all ate dinner and opened gifts in my hospital room. They even brought enough for the nurses who had to give up their Christmas to work! It was the most special Christmas ever. We were finally discharged on December 26th and it was time to go home. I was so excited to take Oliver and show him his home and adapt to my new life.

I had so much help from all my family members. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and supported us through this journey. Thank you all so much! Oliver and I love you. Submit your story here. Ally Opfer I woke up the morning of December 21, , feeling absolutely normal, not knowing what I was about to go through.

This is me 42 weeks and in labor.