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For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears. Before the soul can see, the harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion. Before the soul can hear, the image Man has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly.

Though inland far we be, Our souls have sight of that immortal sea Which brought us hither. To get at the core of God at his greatest, one must first get into the core of himself at the least, for no one can know God who has not first known himself.

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Go to the depths of the soul, the secret place of the Most High, to the roots, to the heights; for all that God can do is focused there. The soul may be trusted to the end.

That which is so beautiful and attractive must be succeeded and supplanted only by what is more beautiful and so on forever. The foundations of the ocean, the vast realms of water which girdle the earth, are as tranquil and as silent in the storm as in a calm. So it is with the souls of holy men. They have a well of peace springing up within them unfathomable; and though the accidents of the hour may make them seem agitated, yet in their hearts they are not so. Those are the enlightened great souls of this world who happen to be firmly fixed in eternal unborn Calmness.

But that changed.

Reflections Of Doom

By the third century Christian writers like Tertullian were declaring the soul to be naturally immortal. The belief in the existence of the immortal soul was the centerpiece of the Platonism that was the accepted wisdom — the science — of the Greco-Roman educated classes in Late Antiquity. It came to be considered an undeniable fact of nature. That assumption lasted until the fourteenth century when William of Ockham showed it could not be proven by reason alone.

He relegated it to a matter of faith. It was officially defined true as a matter of faith by the Catholic Church at the 5 th Lateran Council in They claim that what is compelling for them is the way the doctrine of No-Self functions for the liberation of the individual and through that for the wellbeing of human society. The individual survived and actually lived quite well without responding to them.

The self has no rights and can make no demands because it is not really there. So the Buddhists can always say to the westerner who demands proof of the teaching of No-Self that they have an indirect proof. They can prove experientially that the human organism is malleable — changeable. What appear to be its needs can be reduced to the point that they no longer assert themselves, calling into question the validity of those needs and the metaphysical ground claimed to be their origin.

First, by physical I refer to the hard sciences: physics, chemistry, biology. Can it be observed and measured in some way? Theories that a body weighed right before death and again immediately after showed a difference, were made in pursuit of exactly that kind of proof. By metaphysical I refer to the rational examination of the conditions that accompany existence. Metaphysics determines what the minimum requirements are for something to be-here, to exist.

Are those conditions present in the case of the soul? Claims of weight loss at death have been disproven. But there are other claims. For example, phenomena emanating from the human organism, specifically the ability to think, identify itself, observe itself thinking, etc. What have been traditionally adduced as materially transcendent activities, therefore, on closer examination appear to be completely dependent upon the material organism for their existence and character.

This seems to be similarly dependent upon the body, for those practices designed to reduce craving involve the imposition of self-denial on organic urges resulting in their quiescence. There is no indication of the existence after death of something containing the essence and identity of the deceased human individual any more than in the case of any other species of biological organism.

Like all human functions that go beyond the ordinary behavior of other biological entities, the identity function is dependent upon the human organism for its existence and normal operation. When the brain deteriorates, even before death, self-coherence is also affected, sometimes drastically.

But there is another side to this question, and that is the nature of matter itself.

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This impacts the unity and integrity of all things made of matter including the human being. All things are comprised of the same material energy coalesced into various kinds of sub-atomic, atomic and molecular particles and corresponding force fields. There is nothing that is not made of the very same matter, and that includes all living organisms at all levels of complexity and in all aspects of their form and function, even the neurological.

It is all the same matter. The human being is a biological organism — a highly complex fully integrated combination of atomic elements and the fields associated with them.


These elements, in turn, all come from the material environment where the organism resides. It is, like air, taken in continuously from outside the body and, as the bearer of the waste products of metabolism, expelled outside. All things share these elements that comprise the human body. Hydrogen is the simplest element: one proton and one electron field.

Every other element of the more than that make up the periodic table, represents a complexification of hydrogen, as nuclei gathered more protons and their accompanying electron fields. Everything made of matter is a result of the evolution of hydrogen , combining and integrating with itself over eons of time, first in the super-hot furnaces at the heart of stars forming elements that later evolved into the life forms we are familiar with.

What is true of air and water can be said equally of everything that makes up the human organism and all its metabolic and behavioral functions. They are constructed of the temporary possession of elements and their composites that exist in sufficient quantity in the surrounding environment to provide the organism with an uninterrupted existence. The atoms of the elements in the human body are exactly the same as those residing in other life forms and in the rocks, soil and water of the accessible surroundings. All this suggests a continuous exchange of material elements between the individual human organism and the rest of the material universe.

The homogeneity and the sharing of the matter possessed by all the entities, living and non-living, evokes for some observers like atomic physicist David Bohm the image of a single flowing river within which there develop waves and eddies and vortices whirlpools which give the appearance of being separate individuals but are all and only the river. So it should be no surprise that we recognize the characteristic functioning of the conatus in all other life forms.

The signs of its functioning are unmistakable, especially among animal forms, and creates the basis for our sense of compassion and companionship with them. The very fact that despite vast differences in our organisms — like insects — we are able to recognize similar behavior driven by the same needs, suggests a homogeneity of the source. Life, we conclude, is not something separate from the matter we encounter in the living forms that inhabit our planet as if injected from outside.

The Prophet

It was an intrinsic property of matter all along that only became perceptible when it came together in just the right way. Similarly, with consciousness. The individual recognition that occurs between and among all species of animals reveals that the phenomenon exists across the various phyla of animal life.

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Those familiar with farm animals know that chickens, goats, horses, pigs, dogs and cats can differentiate between human individuals even though they all do so at very different levels of ability. We observe that consciousness is present according to various levels of complexity in all species of animals and therefore we extrapolate this potential to the substrate itself of which all these species are made.

The 20th century saw two major breakthroughs in physics that have completely undermined the security we once had about the nature of matter. This energy sometimes manifests itself as particles and sometimes as force fields or waves. This indeterminacy has made it impossible to simultaneously fix the location and behavior of particles. The observations themselves are revealed to be part of the phenomenon observed adding credence to the suspicion that the imagery of impenetrable masses that we have inherited from our traditional science is false.

The observer is not outside of what is observed. In this totality the atomistic form of insight is a simplification and an abstraction, valid only in some limited context. The proposal for a new general form of insight is that all matter is of this nature: that is, there is a universal flux that cannot be defined explicitly but which can only be known implicitly …. In this flow, mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather they are different aspects of one whole and unbroken movement. Our particles are the distillations of a homogeneous energy that suffuses and pervades the entire universe.

Relativity and quantum theory, in fact, provide excellent illustrations of this strange world [of the Buddha] so contrary to common sense. Everything in human experience takes place in one field of forces which comprises both matter and mind.

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  • Thought and physical events act and react upon each other as naturally and inescapably as do matter and energy. His universe is a process in continuous change — a seething sea of primordial energy of which the mind and the physical world are only different aspects. It is the very same self, whose intelligence allows it to compenetrate itself from within, render itself totally transparent, and activate a potential derived from the living self-emptying energy of creative transcendent matter, LIFE, coiled in the conatus at the very center of its own life that effects this change.

    There are not two selves. The belief that what effects change is an Absolute Self that is metaphysically distinct from the human self and exists alongside it is a fallacy. There is a transcendence to the human self that might allow that projection to gain purchase. From Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. Search 3, words Emptiness , one of the foundational notions of Mahayana Buddhism, is a strictly metaphysical term.

    It is not primarily psychological or spiritual nor is it merely phenomenological.