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You will be able to hunt for frogs, climb a Christmas tree, and even go to the vet. Come discover the things that fascinate a feline and experience it through the eyes of the cat himself! Some things are happy and humorous, while others are not. Educational and entertaining, this collection of feline adventures is an enjoyable read for children and adults alike! In a world wrought with fears stemming from natural catastrophes and terrorist activities, America faces its biggest challenge yet.

Discord and apprehensions are pushed to the extreme as Mayan and Hopi prophesies approach fruition. The world Dakota lives in is becoming unrecognizable. The presence of Doomsday Preppers is common and prevalent, deteriorating the security people once had in their government and each other.

As tensions grow, so does the paranoia that drives the nation to a crossroads which will change history. Though Dakota holds onto her hopes of a better tomorrow, the thread of peace seems to unravel faster than it can be contained. What will become of her and the people she loves, when a spark ignites America into an inferno of fear? How far would you go to defend yourself… from your own mother? Tiffany is a seventeen-year-old girl caught in a battle for existence. As she tries to claim rights to her own life and mind, her abusive mother struggles to maintain control. Ebooks and Manuals

But how far is she willing to go, and is redemption worth the price of her soul? It is not suitable for those under the age of For Elearah and her secret companion Pearl, time is running out. They must escape to the Goddess Sanctuary before they are overtaken by assassins even their mysterious protectors Mika and Balian cannot stop.

Their long, desperate journey through the kingdom of Huo, is interrupted by a summons from the duke that cannot be refused. What results is a war between political titans, magical creatures, and unknown spirits. Will they survive to seek sanctuary? Will Mika overcome his tragic history and claim Elearah, the woman he has come to love? Will the ancient dragon god arise?

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Or will all hope for the future be lost By luck or fate, the newly appointed King Xiao sets in motion events that lead to the discovery of the Torch. The fire amulet has come to be. Ming, his bearer, is still a young child, but he is not to be taken lightly. With the ability to bend fire to his will, he could be a mighty opponent or a powerful ally. When Balian receives an urgent call from the Earth Land, the depth of the infestation becomes apparent, and it is up to our heroes to break the network of abuse.

Their journey forces them to outgrow their limitations or perish. In a world where free will must be respected, to have the favor of the gods is not enough. Anything can happen. It is the late 's, in a small English province, and young Carol has the perfect family and an imaginative, adventurous life Things suddenly all change when Carol begins hearing things in the walls, closet, and beneath her bed.

Foreboding sounds, and creeping shadows, fill her room at night. Are they simply sounds of a house, and herself, settling in for the evening? Gods of Green Mountain. Rocked by Love. Christine Warren. A Crown of Lights. Phil Rickman. Secrets in the Mist. Anna Lee Huber. Silence for the Dead. Simone St. The Sea Garden. Deborah Lawrenson. Edgar Allan Poe. Tall, Dark, Deadly Alpha. Donna Grant. Whispers of Goodbye.

Karen White. American Ghost. Janis Owens.

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The Street of the Three Beds. Roser Caminals-Heath. Phyllis A. Ever Lasting. Odessa Gillespie Black. Primal Heat Part 3. Rise of the Priestess. Julian M. The Jeweled Darkness. Virginia Coffman. Midnight Taylor.

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