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These two assassins persuade Michael to leave Arden's door unlocked so that they can kill him in his sleep. A change of heart on Michael's part leads to the failure of the plan, but when the killers threaten to punish him for his betrayal, Michael convinces them to catch Arden as he travels home through Rainham Down.

Back in Faversham, Mosby laments the number of people who know of the plan to murder Arden, and decides to have them all killed. When Alice comes to Mosby with her own misgivings, the pair come close to breaking off their relationship. However at the peak of their passion they reconcile themselves once again to their pact. At Rainham Down, at the very moment when the killers are about to strike, the esteemed Lord Cheyne appears to prevent the act.

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He invites Arden and Franklin to dinner and accompanies them safely on their way. Thick fog means killers once again miss their mark, so Alice devises a new plot. Meeting Arden as he returns from Cheyne's home, Alice and Mosby will flaunt their relationship in front of him, inciting him to fight. When Arden draws his weapon the murderers will arrive and kill him. Alice manages to convince Arden that the whole thing was a prank, and sends him after Mosby.

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The two make peace and Arden invites Mosby to dinner. Meanwhile the murderers agree upon one last scheme.

Arden of Feversham

Mosby distracts Arden with a pre-dinner game of cards. Will and Shakebag creep from a hiding place and finally succeed in murdering the unsuspecting Arden. The killers hide the body, but in all the confusion evidence is left in abundance. When Cheyne and the watch unexpectedly appear, the murder is discovered and the guilty parties are sentenced to death. Play Trailer. Arden of Faversham, author unknown, was first printed in Assassins With Arden gone, Alice is left to deal with the visit of Greene, one of the many tenants recently dispossessed by Arden.

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Mosby takes charge Back in Faversham, Mosby laments the number of people who know of the plan to murder Arden, and decides to have them all killed. About to strike The fight goes wrong though, and both Shakebag and Mosby leave wounded.

Arden of Feversham by William Shakespeare and Rev. Ronald Bayne - Free Ebook

Stop reading now if you don't want to know how the story ends She promises both Michael, a servant, and Clark or Clarke , a painter, that each can marry Mosbie's sister if either kills Arden. The first attempt at murder fails, when Arden refuses to drink a poisoned broth prepared by Alice. She now engages Greene, who bears a grudge about being dispossessed of land by Arden, to kill him too. Greene hires two villainous but incompetent killers, Black Will and Shakebag, whose three attempts on Arden's life fail hopelessly, in one case because Michael relents and locks all the doors against them.

Finally, the conspirators succeed in stabbing Arden to death while he is playing backgammon at home, with Alice delivering the final blow. The body is carried outside, but the Mayor finds blood and the murder weapon in the house and footprints in the snow leading from the house to the body.

Arden of Feversham

The murderers of the household are all condemned to death, while the hired killers also meet violent ends. Ascribed to Kyd and, even less probably to Shakespeare, Arden of Faversham was based on the murder of Thomas Ardern [ sic ] in It may therefore lay claim to being the first documentary drama of world theatre although it may be argued that the mystery plays were documentary. It is also notable in that it creates a tragedy from the lives of ordinary people conventionally the stuff of comedy , and so stands as an early example of a domestic tragedy.

In its vigorous use of blank verse, free-ranging locations, disregard for the unity of time, and violent, even grotesque, action on stage, it — like The Spanish Tragedy — anticipates the great tragedies of the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage, most obviously Macbeth, where guilty murderers are also haunted by images of blood. Lillo wrote a sanitized version, completed by John Hoadley in Subjects: Literature — Literary studies - plays and playwrights.

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