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These same chicks ignored shadow patterns that matched nonpredators such as geese. Human facial recognition is a highly specialized ability, and it seems to be pre-wired before birth in specific visual processing areas of the brain. However, the human newborn ability to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces does not develop in infants until about two months of age. Of course, all these human-type faces seem to share two quite generalized and nonspecific features, namely a pair of eyes and a nose.

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Larger pupils attracted more infant attention than smaller ones. Rather than using spots or schematic pupils, I. However, the ability to recognize this prototype hairless and earless face is reportedly located in the hippocampus, a noncortical area of the brain. Within the literature of neonatal vision there is considerable disagreement over whether the neonate is born severely myopic nearsighted or hypermetropic farsighted.

Regardless of the conflicting claims, it is generally reported that a neonate will pay attention to objects only 7—25 cm 3—10 in in front of their eyes, and they will generally ignore any activity outside this range. Regarding infant color perception, neonates as measured by the time they focus attention are also unable to discriminate between colors within the same display.

Their vision seems to tend toward discrimination between shades of gray. However, newborn astigmatism seems to be a perceived smearing only in the periphery of all images outside the central cylinder of focus. Prosopagnosia, an inability to recognize faces, is both a well-documented and fascinating medical condition. It is frequently preceded by bilateral brain damage or insult to the areas surrounding the calcarine fissure, an area that overlaps both the parietal and visual cortex.

Anatomically, the cortical fusiform gryi and the midbrain structures are also most certainly involved. Harmon and Julesz, both of Bell Labs, reported that faces are remarkably recognizable under these so-called degraded or otherwise blurry, limited environments. Moderate blurring acts as a low-pass filter and often actually improves facial recognition. In Figure 6 of this article I have transformed the young female face of Figure 5 into the kind of face that may be presumed to be seen by the newborn.

The transformed face is shown at the intimately close distance that we might expect an infant to see. I believe this demonstrates that there is an innate template face that approximates the typically reported face of a UFO alien. I enlisted the assistance of a young healthy Caucasian female about age 30, a representative age for a mother of a newborn. She was photographed with direct frontal lighting to reduce shadowing and also to minimize her hairline. Extremely shallow depth of focus and astigmatism were also simulated by smearing the periphery. Finally, her face was then clouded and further smoothed by blurring to eliminate the high contrast edges introduced by the coarse pixilation process of step one.

The resulting face approximates the face a newborn baby might perceive immediately after birth Figure 7.

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The facial transformation from mother to alien proceeds in these steps. The first processing Figure 6 seems to yield a face in which the eyes and associated pupils become the most prominent feature. The smearing of the periphery and the simulation of an extremely shallow depth of focus yields a rather startling effect. The eyes seem to slant diagonally upwards and assume prominence.

Second, the nostrils begin to lose their roundness and tend to be seen as vertical slits. Third, the mouth becomes less distinguishable. Cloudiness was added to Figure 6 and the image was coincidentally smoothed to remove the residual high spatial frequencies.

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This transformation makes the mouth features still more indistinguishable but paradoxically often improves facial recognition. In fact, the transformation to an alien face becomes even more extreme if the observer squints at the picture. The blurring caused by squinting acts as an additional low-pass filter. Similar results can be produced by transforming the prototype female faces published by both Nelson and Atkinson. The power of visual imagery is often confused for visual reality. This confusion is understandable, as visual imagery frequently occupies and competes for the same regions of the visual cortex and subcortical regions as visual perception itself.

The competition between visual and mental images seems to be at its greatest during hypnagogic and dream states, precisely the awareness regions where these two processes merge. Further investigation is warranted.

Like the predator-recognition system of the newly-hatched chick reported by Tinbergen, 16 it would be no surprise if a template of a female UFO-type face is also preprogrammed into our human brains. Lots and lots of variation there. Good hypothesis…. It could be that they are archetypes.. But how do you explain people around the world that in most instances do not know about aliens and are not interested in them resulting deeply traumatized….

They exist.

Please provide actually evidence that those reporting have not been influenced by the decades of UFO culture that has spread with globalization. Nowhere does the author suggest that this would explain all alleged visitations or variations in details. Indeed, it would seem rather obvious that cultural influences would act along with any source in childhood memory. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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He will continue as co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Highlight Hollywood, the premiere entertainment news magazine www. And when he asked me to join his editorial staff, I said, yes. I recently left a Beverly Hills and San Francisco newspapers to have more time for my PR business, and my clients, plus this new Highlight Hollywood venture.

But after seeing the first two issues of UFOs, I thought, sure! Advertise Books About.