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James says, "It's been 5 weeks. On average, I'm Find and research over 1, patient-recommended heart valve surgeons. Search Now. Two weeks from now I will be done waiting and beginning recovery.

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I met her in real life and it was confusing. She was getting married when I met her yet I felt very close to her. So I tell myself, "Be Still my Beating heart".

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There was an error. King Aragorn. King Aragorn Do you happen to know if she is still married all these years later? Flag Rickvee on May 10, General Comment To me, this song is about having feelings for a person, but not knowing if they are mutual. It is about falling in love, while fearing a painful rejection. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment I don't know who came up withthis expresion, but every once in a while you can hear people saying "be still my beating heart", using it as a saying. And everyone thinks of Sting. He might just have influenced the English language! General Comment My wrong.

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Sting didn't come up with this expresion. It was a romantic female poet of the late 19th century, called Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.

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I found the poem in question too. It's called 'All One' "Be still, my beating heart, be still! There is no hope for thee to-night. The fading of the wintry light Has made a blackness of the hill. Be still, be still, my beating heart! It set her heart into a hyperactive mode. The upper chambers of the heart atria overperform compared to lower chambers ventricles , beating - beats per minute instead of the typical 60 - beats per minute.


Tristani-Firouzi knew the Aston family could not be alone. He flagged clusters of distant relatives, all with early onset atrial fibrillation, who could trace their heritage to John Flemming Wakefield. With a gene identified, Tristani-Firouzi is now taking the research to the laboratory. It is impossible to experiment on the human heart, but Tristani-Firouzi was not deterred. He obtained blood cells from affected and unaffected patients and converted them into stem cells. Watch the beating heart cells below cells magnified 4X.

Tristani-Firouzi is using these cells to understand the biology of the gene mutation. The research team plans to study how the normal, healthy cells function compared to cells with the mutation.

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With this information, they can work to develop new treatments and therapies that could not only help Martha, her family, and her distant relatives, but other people who also suffer from similar heart conditions. For Martha and the Aston family, the most critical component of the story has already been written. Fifteen years after a diagnosis and 10 years after surgery, Martha is free of medication and living a normal life. She and her siblings have participated in a pioneering genetic study to identify the gene responsible for early-onset atrial fibrillation and are helping to identify other family members at risk.