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At the end of the day, your clients are paying you to increase revenue and everything else is a secondary metric. Especially when we compare it to traditional marketing that I always found somehow unclear. I believe that technical SEO is the most predictable form of marketing. Not only we are working within the guidelines that are clear, what I love the most is that our work delivers repeatable and scalable results. Every single time. Our work is worth only as much as we can make for our clients. Hard metrics are those which are the end goals; money in the bank or at least leads and enquiries earned.

Soft metrics are those which contribute towards meeting the hard goals; traffic increases, SERP increases, increased conversion rate — essentially those indicators that a campaign is providing value and is working towards meeting the hard metrics. The success of digital marketing is measured by one single thing: The goal of the campaign. Many of my marketer friends will debate between vanity metrics, actionable metrics, revenue, and so on.

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But we focus on KPIs that we have already agreed with the client before beginning the campaign. These are metrics that will eventually bring business value to the client, be it in terms of brand advocacy or sales. We work primarily on ecommerce sites. Our key metric is revenue growth.

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We deliver traffic and make it convert and grow, though online and offline activities. I measure the value of digital marketing with direct attribution of sales. In these cases, you can track the performance of pages, keywords, and Assisted Conversions to understand the impact of your efforts for the bottom line. We have two different ways to measure digital marketing efforts.

One is we directly assign it with sales and numbers, and we calculate the ROI. We measure the value of digital marketing through the amount and quality of opportunities, deals, and revenue we help create for our B2B and enterprise clients. Brands should be as human as possible but, at the same time not alienating their audience and brand. Being real and human is what I strongly believe in. I observe that people are sick and tired of watching stock photography full of fake smiles and teams looking at charts in a bright lit rooms.

In my experience, showing flaws, sharing your personal problems or challenges gets more engagements and builds an audience that is rooting for you. We are wired to be compassionate and seeing flaws of others is helping us like them. This includes brands, businesses and celebrities. People buy from people. To create content with personality, you simply need to understand who your audience are.

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What do they care about aside from your own product or service? The more you know about your ideal customer the better you can produce content with personality which, in itself, demonstrates authenticity. Yes, brands need to be very, very human. No brand is perfect, and developing a personality enables them to connect with their customers better.

Feel free to show your strengths, weaknesses, frustrations, opinions, and associations. Even agencies and B2B firms can give a human face to their brands. What do your customers want? Be the best version of that. Rather than be more human, be more genuine. People buy from people, not companies. The more that businesses can make their brands hit a personal appeal the better.

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In the current state, brands need to be human. But there are tools now which makes you be human without being a human. Brands can get their authenticity online only through their past and existing customers. Also, word of mouth marketing is the best and has the highest value. Airlines — definitely more human. Enterprise security — less human. Context and expectations matter. You need to provide value without expectation in some capacity to have long term success. Yes, some people are already in their decision phase of their buying process, and your product may immediately fit that.

But, if you can provide value to an audience first, then your ads especially when reaching this audience will yield more weight in terms of being valued by them. Or would you have a conversation with them and get to know them? This has always been a challenge. I think that the problem that you are referring to clients often not being eager to invest in engaging the audience comes from the issue I mentioned above. Audience engagement, brand building, PR investments are often words used to sell bad or ineffective marketing.

Pushing products will always be a key goal for our clients. This is why they are running an online business. The only way to convince our clients to focus on building audiences is when they can see how it will affect their sales. We actually have a lot of good examples of how we sell campaigns that engage audiences without any need to educate clients. As a technical SEO and content marketing agency — a lot of our efforts go around creating viral content for our clients. This content is a pure definition of how you should be engaging audiences.

Fun fact is that this content is getting a lot of links. Once brands see results of our previous campaigns including rewards for e. So if there is one tip I can give you, it is that if you want to sell content that is engaging the audience — just like in case of technical SEO — show repeatable outstanding results.

My 1 tip here is to ensure you understand your or your clients audience and, once again, it really comes down to the channel. Clients are often, quite rightly, very emotionally tied into their products and for that reason, usually just need to understand why placing an emphasis on engagement is often superior to the direct sales method.

I take a huge risk and tell my clients that their product is NOT so great. Why would a customer want to buy their product? Buying a product is an emotional decision, not a logical one. To understand that, they need to know the difference between sales and marketing. When clients push their products, what they are doing is sales , not marketing. This is the age of inbound marketing and lifetime brand-customer relationships. Without fundamental understanding of push-pull dynamics and customer engagement, it is impossible for any organization to build a scalable marketing strategy.

Grow your brand from day 1. What is your promise? You need to be first in the mind of the consumer, not first to market. Who are your main buyer personas? Where are they online? Can you build your brand with them by offering solutions? They can be quickly taken away. Rely on your brand. The customer must seek you out. The approach clients should take for education depends on the industry, competition, and goals.

Buy the book at Amazon China. Translated to Traditional Chinese. McGraw-Hill Taiwan, Available in Taiwan. Buy the book at Books. How to use search engines to get qualified leads, prospects, and customers by building and managing SEO and PPC campaigns. Second edition. Jain Publishing, This was the first version.

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After a year, we updated it as a second edition see the book above. The book sold very well. Jain Publishing. This was a great book, but too late for the market. Windows came out in August So did Netscape. Within months, nobody cared about Windows anymore. The hot topic became HTML and web design. Your Second Manual , by Andreas Ramos. I wrote this in Denmark in The Atari ST was the top computer in Europe from to This was before email and I got dozens of letters from readers every week.

I even appeared in a Danish cartoon strip for several years. Indigo, Denmark. Free copies of various ebooks. I've written several more. Want one when I release it? Be findable in search engines. A page ebook on the basics of SEO. Get a free copy of the SEO eBook. I wrote a short guide in only eight pages for my students to do SEO for their own websites, their family's small business sites, and so on.

Step-by-step, all links, and so on. Get my ebook on ASO. You use SEO to get to the top of search engines. You use ASO to get your app to the top of the app stores. Covers strategy and tactics. Practical, hands-on, and in plain English. Analytics eBook. Short ebook on Google Analytics. What you really need to know. Go Google Analytics eBook. PPC eBook. Go PPC-eBook.

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Free eBook. Over 30, copies have been downloaded. Go KPI eBook. I've written content that was published in other books. The best known is my article about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I was in Berlin that night when the Wall fell. Millions of people were in Berlin but I was the only one who wrote about it.

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It's been published in many history books and school books. I'm the technical editor of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. This is the authoritative book on enterprise-level SEO. IBM Press; 3rd edition December 19, ISBN X. Edited by Cindy Mur. The book presents three original source materials and three academic articles about the Berlin Wall. The three source documents are a speech about the Berlin Wall and freedom by John F.

Greenhaven Press, This is a standard American high school text book. They also republished my Berlin article. Sadlier-Oxford, History's trend: declining war, advancing health, equal rights, revolutionary technology, and more, including the surprising reasons why peace is unfolding. A powerful call to action to step up our efforts to spread peace Esther Dyson, author of Release 2.

Jesse Richards makes the case. Another republication of my Berlin article. Lerner Publications, Yeah, I'm in an Idiot's Guide. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Alpha Books, Stephanie and I arranged a day-long seminar for independent publishing by writers. We recorded the seminar and produced the book and four-CD set. We also set up an ecommerce site for this project.

National Writers Union I organized and led annual seminars on technical writing. I also produced the books for these.