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Click here to read President Obama's op-ed. The White House is developing a Write API that will allow individuals and organizations collect signatures from their own platforms and submit them to We the People, all without requiring users to visit our site. Francisco Largo Caballero. Cinta, ropas y objetos procedentes de la catedral de Toledo, entre ellos el famoso manto de las Rechazo por adelantado cualquier privilegio personal, pues no me lo admite mi dignidad. La amenaza de cierre se fue postergando hasta la primavera de cuando se empezaron a cerrar los albergues y dejar de pagar los subsidios.

Consiguientemente no debe verificarse la entrevista conmigo que proyecta usted a su llegada a esta capital. Fue intermediario en la compra el hispano-filipino Mario Gamboa. Gran valor. Todo el joyero de Capilla Real. Caja de Reparaciones. Objetos de valor. Mucho valor.

Objetos gran valor. El 1 de febrero de , a las La misma agencia de prensa continuaba:. A comienzos de julio de salen en el mismo barco hacia Francia las dos personalidades. Muchos, incluso, no las rindieron. Las inversiones de ambas financieras fracasaron. Es hora, hay que repetirlo, de que se rindan cuentas. El anterior cuadro no necesita comentario. A los refugiados en los campos This week, the U. This legislation has a very clear purpose: to make sure that no one can be fired for who they are or who they love.

Right now, only 17 states prohibit employment discrimination against LGBT workers. That leaves millions of Americans who go to work every day fearing that they could lose their job because of who they are. A majority of Americans assume there is a prohibition against discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace. There's not, and that's exactly why this is so important -- and why we need your help to get the word out. Watch the video -- and pass it on so that other people know what a big deal this is.

At a time when Washington is spending so much of its time bickering over partisan issues, Congress has an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of millions of Americans by passing this commonsense -- and overdue -- law. It's not just civil rights advocates who support ENDA. Business leaders know that prohibiting employment discrimination is good for business. Inclusive workplaces attract the best and brightest employees, and improve their bottom line. Americans need to know where members of Congress stand, and what is at stake.

We need your help -- please watch this video, and forward it on so that all Americans learn how important this is, too. Los costes laborales, ha indicado, "no han subido, han estado moderados". Entre los mismos, Alierta ha destacado que tiene un "mercado natural de 1.

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Finsa, ha dicho, considera que "no es viable hacer descansar la competitividad exclusivamente en bajar los salarios". Presidente Obama Comemora Dia dos Veteranos.

Contactar a Casa Branca. Yesterday, the Department of Energy released a report that annouced for the first time in nearly two decades, we're importing less foreign oil than we're producing domestically -- and we're using less overall. That's a really big deal. Get the facts, and then be sure to pass them on.

Political Ponerology

Yesterday in the Oval Office, President Obama signed into law the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, which will encourage schools to plan for severe asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and provide millions of families with greater peace of mind. On Tuesday, President Obama welcomed senior civilian defense and military leaders -- including all of his Combatant Commanders — to an annual meeting and dinner at the White House.

The First Lady on the Power of Education. Hace 6 horas larazon. In his weekly address, President Obama says our economy is moving in the right direction. We have cut our deficits by more than half, businesses have created millions of new jobs, and we have taken significant steps to reverse our addiction to foreign oil and fix our broken health care system. Something big happened in the Senate last week: A majority of senators voted to change the way the filibuster works.

Welcome to this Thanksgiving Edition of West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at Pennsylvania Avenue, and beyond. This week, the President traveled to the west coast for a three day, three city swing, sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters, met with student entrepreneurs, held a video conference with Peace Corps volunteers, and announced a breakthrough in diplomatic talks with Iran. Watch this latest edition of West Wing Week. The President also recognized that as Americans, we gather together this Thanksgiving to lift up those who need a helping hand, letting us move forward as a country and lead us to a brighter tomorrow.

Going Big for Small Business Saturday. This Saturday, November 30th, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett will join a number of White House and Cabinet Officials, along with millions of Americans around the country, in paying tribute to small businesses that drive our economy, and help to define the spirit of our communities. We wish you well. President Obama pardoned two week-old, pound turkeys named Popcorn and Caramel -- and announced Popcorn as the official "National Thanksgiving Turkey," after the American public weighed in on their favorites via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Archivos RSS Admin. Powered by Blogia. Blog creado con Blogia. Global-Specific : General causes in different situations, or a particular situation. In addition helplessness can be:. This person attributes the cause to external, specific and unstable factors. The helplessness does not generalize. The person attributes the cause to internal, stable and global factors. The helplessness is chronic and widespread.

The theory of learned helplessness has been proposed as an explanatory model of human depression because the symptoms can be induced by treatment with helplessness. The good news is that learned helplessness can be overridden. This equates to immunize against defenseless. The learned helplessness model postulates that emotion and motivation are shaped by the environment, so directly affects education. The cause of learned helplessness are past experiences, so it is important the infant stage of a person, because that is what will set your mind. The attitude of a child or an adult to his own helplessness or ability domain is based on child development.

For l earning domain, is essential that the mother act so responsive, because the absence of the mother, deprivation and unresponsive stimulate maternal behavior contribute to the learning of uncontrollability. You are not alone! You have nothing. What you see is only a scene without meaning. Nothing around you have meaning. The laws either. But… Why put all that in this book? So they are all you should care. So vibrate, without being bad , without being good , as hard as you can, through your feelings, and maybe, you will return to your origin.

M atter is just matter. What is the behavior of a person psychologically destroyed? Negligence means indifference. When a human being manifests indifference to another human being , makes an impression on his mind, and if this indifference is prolonged, it causes a psychological and social consequences eventually. This is intensified when the person suffering the indifference of others is a child. The mind of a child is very tender, soft , premature. The mind of a child is very malleable , and what the cast, in this world , is his environment.

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His closest and most influential environment is the family. What a chil d lives in their home is his p ersonality mold. The home environment is the recipient of the human psyche maturing. Previous st udies reveal :. In addition , these children have a poorer general adaptive characteristics , they work and learn less, they are less happy and behave inappropriately. These children are rejected by their high levels of unpopularity , hyperactivity , pre-delinquent behavior and hardness in his personality.

So, c hildren who suffered serious family neglect manifest very different pathological behaviors as criminal behavior , hardness, hyperactivity, unpopularity and externalizing behaviors.

La Verdad os hará libres

Children are people in society. These people grow up and become who their experiences have taught them to be. A child always needs someone to teach him, someone who is at his side, not only to protect him from everything, because overprotect is bad too , but to be heard. Humans are social beings , ie, they need social relations to develop and live. They are a treasure.

Saltar al contenido. The criminogenesis studies both the characteristics and the intensity of the criminal conduct, considering 3 personality elements: 1. Here I show you a short presentation of his paintings , but I recommend to visit his website. You can buy his paintings. The serial killer Ted Bundy The author says that evil is similar in nature to the disease, although this is more complex and elusive to our understanding. Superficiality 1. Eccentricity and grandeur 3. Lack of empathy 3. Impulsivity 4.

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Descontrol of behavior 5. Need for excitement 6. Lack of accountability 7. B ehavioral problems in childhood 7. Adult antisocial behavior Sounds it familiar? The causes of psychopathy are 3 types : A Organic : when the brain has injuries , which have directly affected the limbic system manages physiological responses to emotional stimuli and caused the person has undergone a personality disorder B Genetic : when the person manifests antisocial and deviant behavior at an early age childhood , without having suffered any brain injury directly above, and living in a normal social environment.

A characteropathy is a pathological entity associated with a particular character trait that invades the conduct of the person beyond his will, and hinders their social adaptation , capacity building, relationships … The serial killer Andrei Chikatilo The brain matter retains unblemished natural and instinctive emotional responses of our species. According to the author , there are a deforming tendencies of reality that help Evil triumphs among us : 1. Emotional reactions : often little appropriate 2. Moralizing interpretation : we make moral judgments, as if our thinking were the best 3. Interpretation corrective christi c: its richer psychological worldview, normal people often trivialize glaring errors and project their own understanding of the work of someone who lacks such skills 4.

Reflection of self-protection : we identify quickly as a threat to others and apply a moral judgment 5. If not, all Worlds and beyond by the hand of God will judge each individual for his actions! After this failed attack on the global world citizens a U. Also genetic modification of food has come under severe criticism from the scientific community as new health risks are being discovered. Do genetically modified vaccines carry any less risk? Also here according to many, H. P video played a role video which does not mean that the Mayor consciously participate if this is the case.

A company that is also located in Almelo Nazi Netherlands what ones more is very disturbing. Subsequently, he became a Partner at Logispring , a supply chain and technology-focused venture capital firm based in Geneva, Switzerland until before joining Wolfensohn , witch is founded by James Wolfensohn , former President of the World Bank , where he was a Managing Director. Including worldwide illegal transport among others chemical waste, in essence a Bruinsma-like organization for trafficking chemical waste and distributing opium throughout the colonies. The enormous family capital of the Orange family dates back to that illustrious era.

By introducing Wisse Smit into the Dutch royal family they continued its long established ties with drugs trafficking which originated with king William I who in founded the Netherlands Trading Society. As you may have read, in the Netherlands lost the dominion of the Dutch East Indies to the Japanese, and therefore the interests of the coca and poppy plantations, whereby one year later NCF Dutch Cocaine Factory begins with the production of amphetamine and again delivers globally to the soldiers, including the Germans. The Factory came in Hands of Akzo Nobel in the 70s.

Political Ponerology - Les Editions Pilule Rouge

Now the Netherlands is the largest producer of ecstasy in the world. What does the CIA trying to hide in Colombia? Rothstein smuggled lots of cocaine into the USA. In Rothstein was in Nicaragua helping Lt. Clinton became in USA president and let murder his rival Escobar. The Final Solution? This was achieved not by a democratically elected president and a European Commission, but by one that takes decisions against which by citizens of the Member States within the European Union cannot be litigated.

The hidden goal of this is the poisoning of the world population under the cloaks of sustainability, innovation, ecological, environment friendly, biomass, green power, CO2 reduction, KOMO-keur, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, Rio de Janeiro protocol, Kyoto protocol and Agenda 21 with the release of highly toxic, mutagenic, teratogenic, genotoxic, reprotoxic, carcinogenic poison as, falsely labeled arsenic acid and to extend to chromium VI. On 10 May , the German army invaded the Netherlands.

Thus the Dutch Queen, head of State and the council of Ministers have surpassed article 21 of the Constitution, in which is written:. By article 21 of the Constitution, the Dutch Government has lifted itself to violate. In Belgium and Denmark — where the Princes remained on their post — the vast majority of Jews survived the war. On May 25, Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart of the occupied area in Holland issues a call going out to the Dutch citizens that upon that day he will take possession of the highest governmental authority in the civilian resort in the Netherlands. By the regulation of 29 May , Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart, has inherited all the powers in the Dutch Constitution and the laws and powers that were granted to the King or Queen and the Government.

On 5 June Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart makes the following appointments, in accordance with the Decree of Hitler his regulations :. Hans Piesbergen. The Plenipotentiaries of den Reichskommissar for the provinces: the Commissioners of the Queen during the second world war, whether or not fitted with a special Commissioner Plenipotentiary, als Kreisleiter Schmidt that was in Limburg. The other judicial officials are appointed and dismissed by the Secretary-General of Justice, unless the Reichskommissar the appointment or dismissal keeps to himself. The Secretary-General of Justice has a dictatorial power over all health officials.

On May 5, Germany capitulated on May 5, Netherlands celebrated this victory over the capitulation. Prince Bernhard was not present. The Act itself, present in the municipal archives of Wageningen is dated 5 May In reality, only an agreement on the technical elaboration of German troops in the Netherlands of capitulation on May 4 of German forces in Northwest Europe. Constitutionally, this means that every part of the Netherlands from May 5 still belongs to Germany. Therefore, the Netherlands from that time the Prime Minister, ministers, State Secretaries, the Commissioners of the Queen and the mayors are not elected but appointed by the head of State and sworn into office.

Of 24 June until 3 July Netherlands from 18 May Constitutional: because it no longer exists there could be no democratic elections after the war, in the Netherlands. Therefore, Queen Wilhelmina, as successor to Adolf Hitler, the first post-war cabinet Schermerhom-Drees appointed itself. The Hitler Government is thus under her leadership as head of State continued. Hereby the successive Dutch heads of State, Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix of continuing Hitler cabinet from May 5 have gained fullpower over the pope and the Christian parties. Duisenberg PvdA. From to , this person W.

Duisenberg has become president of the Dutch Nazi Bank. From , W. In this capacity he was one of the driving forces behind the introduction of the euro as legal tender in 12 European countries by 1 January From this moment the European Central Bank in the hands of the Cabinet from former Dutch territory continued under the control of the secret Bilderberg Hitler-conferences-first under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard, Queen Beatrix and currently the Belgium chairman Etienne Davignon thereafter.

From the European Central Bank, at the hands of W. It is this hands of W. For the full content please refer to the letters dated 27 May in the Dutch language written by No Cancer Foundation to:. On former Dutch territory from 5 May the Hitler Cabinet silently continued under the leadership of the Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, driven from the secret Bilderberg conferences established in under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard, Queen Beatrix first then and now the Belgian Viscount Etienne Davignon, whereby the Nazi regime is taken up by the European Union. Consequences can be read below:.

The Dutch Constitution and all other laws declared applicable in Netherlands from May 5 are not valid. All Dutch Prime Ministers, ministers, Secretaries of State, first Chamber members, second Chamber members, Commissioners of the Queen, members of the Gedeputeerde States, members of Provincial States, mayors, aldermen and Councilors, as well as all the Dutch lawyers from 5 May to date who have taken the oath to the Queen that have supported to the continuation of the Hitler-Cabinet and are therefore responsible and liable for the overall poisoning of the world, more than a billion within now and the next 10 years poisoning deaths cancer deaths.

All information provided to date from May 5 Dutch passports, identity cards, etc. All Dutch people are thus stateless. Given the above points 1 thru 4, in the Netherlands on 12 September announced second Chamber elections should not continue and a portion of the inhabitants of former Netherlands below the rivers? All decisions, judgments and rulings issued by the International Criminal Court in the Hague about persons suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes are not valid because they are pronounced on the territory of a non-existent country on the proposal of the United Nations, what communication is signed by continuing from former Dutch territory Hitler Cabinet.

All politicians, political parties, individuals, banks, institutions, businesses, churches, etc. Therefore to current Belgian President Etienne Davignon will receive a copy of this letter before 31 May to be consulted with the emphatic H.

And accordingly decide that in future no more secret Bilderberg conferences will be organized. The Benelux Treaty should be dissolved immediately because due to the fact that the Netherlands from May 5 does not exist and Belgium does not wish to be associated to the former Dutch territory continued Hitler Cabinet.

And as an independent spokesperson, since she never attended a Bilderberg Conference. This is because these treaties are signed on former Dutch territory from which from 18 May the Hitler Cabinet has continued and signed by Member State that according to the Constitution The Netherlands does not exist. This means that the European Community will have to be reduced to a smaller number of states dating from after the time of the Maastricht Treaty with that indication that the residents from the Netherlands will have to get a Belgian or German Nationality.

More specifically, this means that only the countries Belgium, Denmark, in Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom will belong to this new European Community, and that the old coins except the guilder will be used again and that the borders should be closed. From this a new politics, new economy and a new social life can be built in which our children and grandchildren can live a healthy and prosperous life. This with the request for this in Brussels in consultation with H.

The announced European stability mechanism ESM can be stopped, cancelled on 1 July , as already announced; on the basis of the above points 1 thru 9 continue. From The former Dutch territory from May 5 Hitler continued the secret Bilderberg-driven Cabinet, from conferences with support from the Vatican and the Christian parties. Within 10 years from now and at least one billion world inhabitants will die from severe signs of early diseases including cancer , therefore a ban on this should be implemented immediately by the Holy see.

Because it is in very serious extent acted against the ten commandments of God. The United Nations should be abolished in its current form because of the fact that Netherlands from May 5 does not exist and therefore cannot be a member of the United Nations. The United Nations also does not want to be associated with the former Dutch territory continued Hitler Cabinet, and a dictatorial regime It is very important that the United Nations continues to exist because of its network and infrastructure.

We desperately need to have a social structure, because we will get a worldwide political upheaval and social unrest. The good news is: It will no longer be possible to grant subsidies of billions of euros for products and processes that poison us with massively carcinogenic substances as arsenic acid and chromium VI. These resources will be much needed for the promotion of suppressed technologies and products from natural and vegetable origin, so that our children and grandchildren also have a healthy life on our Earth. We will send these intentions and arguments to the present United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon South Korea and let a request go out with this in English translated letter to H.

It is very important that the NATO continues to exist, because of its network and infrastructure. We are in desperate need for social peace in the forthcoming difficult years to preserve, in which probably more than a billion world inhabitants will die from poisoning diseases cancer as a result of the continued Hitler cabinet from former Dutch territory under control of the secret Bilderberg conferences.

Clubs like the Club of Rome, Club of Madrid and other clubs, associations, etc. We will inform the Presidents of those clubs, associations, etc. In order to find a solution for the citizens of the world, where our children and grandchildren can live, we need to get justice for everyone who has been involved in knowingly or unknowingly poisoning of our earth and its habitants. Also we need forgiveness. That is precisely why it is very important that someone from the Dutch Royalty will be involved.

We see a role for this is the most suitable candidate in H. This devastating problem, in which the world is now, because they Dutch Royal House has contributed and is held hostage, as she is the only from this Royal House who has brought this into the open and she never personally attended a Bilderberg Conference and is thus independent.

For the sake of all people, and animals on this planet.