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Amanda Connolly. Ulaize Hernandez Troyas. Lorcan Coyle. Alex Mooney. Marketing 34 min listen.

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  • Product Marketing for Technology Companies [Online Course].
  • Product Marketing for Technology Companies [Online Course].

Marketing 25 min listen. Matt Hodges. Main illustration: Jia-yi Liu. Sure, they probably know enough to build a landing page for capturing email addresses, but do they know what to say on that page and how to say it? Do they know where to go to promote their product, and how to do it once they get there? Many startups build something for themselves only to discover that other people want it.

Eventually they start selling it via word of mouth and little else before realizing that they need some sort of coherent marketing strategy if they want to accelerate growth. At that point, they hire someone to run marketing , but leave that person to their own devices. Rather than truly invest in the department and integrate the marketers with the product team, they believe great products sell themselves. They believe that neither product nor marketing can excel in isolation, which has become a core principle of our go-to-market strategy today.

This post is highly cited by product-focused people as one of their many justifications for not doing any marketing at all. If you build the perfect product, the theory goes, they paying users will eventually come to you. When I arrived at Intercom, a bunch of people were wearing marketing hats in disguise: Des one of our co-founders owned the blog, the product managers wrote product announcements, and Eoghan our CEO created the homepage of the marketing site.

In the new world of SaaS, marketing should be involved at every stage of the funnel, from the first point of contact your website to the decision to purchase the page users enter their credit card information , as well as ongoing product education docs, demos, messages and webinars. Every step of the way is an opportunity to help people feel good about the decision they are making and each requires a different set of specialized skills. In essence, now, even your ads can be pre-qualified. But you need a strategy. Who, specifically, will you target?

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There are many choices, including targeting those who visited:. It all goes back to your goals. Choose a manageable one. Decide which of the marketing strategies above will help you achieve that. And then, go for it. Or, give us a call.

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Or join us on LinkedIn and be part of the conversation. Skip to content. And you can do them yourself, or you can hire a digital marketing agency to work with you. Establish Yourself, Your Company As a Thought Leader Whether you offer SaaS, PaaS, apps, or some other tech product or service, establishing yourself and your company as a thought leader in the tech arena brings benefits — including a good-sized leg up on your competition. Blogs: Attract Prospects Looking to Solve a Problem When you have a problem, be it with coding or customer service, how do you find a solution?

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Publication is always at the whims of the editor 3. Pros of LinkedIn: Can leverage content from your website blog. Paid Social Media: Facebook Facebook ads can be a good way to build your subscriber base, direct people to a landing page, create interest in your brand, and more. Bullis : Increasingly, the CMO is at the table from day one on strategy. Ten years ago, this was not always the case. Now, almost every enterprise start-up wants marketing at the table early because the CMO has access to tools and technology that give the company insight into the buyer.

That insight feeds effective messaging and positioning. Marketers are the insight machine and voice of customer for the entire company and because of the contemporary access to information and sophistication with analytics, marketers in B2B tech firms today can more effectively drive business performance.

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Bullis : While there are a number of different backgrounds in tech, today, we are seeing more and more people with engineering and quantitative science backgrounds entering the marketing role. This has everything to do with the need for analytical rigor.

If you can problem solve and effectively capture and analyze data, your insights will most impactfully inform all messaging, content and even product development. For this reason, we will continue to see more quantitative backgrounds in Marketing leadership.

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  • Product Marketing for Technology Companies [Online Course] - CXL Institute;
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Whitler : What would you encourage a young person who wants to enter tech marketing to do first? Bullis : I would strongly encourage anybody interested in marketing to consider B2B tech marketing and to probably start in a PM role. I say this because the foundation of all marketing is in effective messaging and positioning of the brand or product and the PM role provides this foundation.

PM is also the place where Sales and Product meet and voice of the customer can be injected into Product Development. This means PM is not only an ideal career jumping-off point from a marketing experience stand-point but also a cross-functional exposure stand point. Whitler : Companies vary in their respect and belief about marketing. We know that tech companies revere technology.