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He was blackmailed into involvement with the Undertaking. Anthony Ivo portrayed by Dylan Neal is seen during flashbacks in season two. After one of his hands has been cut off by Slade, he is killed by Oliver on Lian Yu. Drameh reprises his role from The Flash.

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Cayden James portrayed by Michael Emerson is the former leader of the hacktivist organization Helix. He initially appears in season five played by an unnamed stunt double before Emerson was cast. In season six, he serves as a red herring before Ricardo Diaz reveals himself as the season's chief antagonist. Once incarcerated by A. With Black Siren now under his employment, James and his followers Ricardo Diaz, Vincent Sobel, Anatoly Knyazev, and Sheck are in the process of working on their latest unknown project known as Arclight.

It is later revealed that James believes that Oliver as the Green Arrow played a role in the death of James' son Owen. After James surrenders upon seeing Oliver's son, Oliver visits him in the police station, making arrangements to let him visit his son's grave. After Oliver leaves, Ricardo Diaz enters his room with the help of a police captain that is on his side. Before stabbing James to death, Diaz admits he was the one who orchestrated his son's death. Anatoly was kidnapped by Dr. Ivo and is brought to Lian Yu where he meets Oliver Queen and becomes a friend and is instrumental in Slade's defeat on the island.

Sometime between the flashbacks and the present, Anatoly makes Oliver a Bratva captain and continues to assist him in the present. Kodiak portrayed by Michael Jonsson , also called "Bear" by his teammates, is a member of the Longbow Hunters. He is later revealed to have assassinated Emiko Queen's mother, Kazumi Adachi, on the orders of Dante. Konstantin Kovar portrayed by Dolph Lundgren is a member of the Russian government who appears in the season's flashbacks. Oliver seeks to kill him to fulfill Taiana's last request. He was later among the politicians on Ricardo Diaz's side.

Kullens was among those who were arrested by the FBI. He has advanced computer science and hacking skills which surpasses his daughter's, which he uses to blackmail Roy Harper out of hiding. After escaping from prison, Kuttler finds himself being targeted by H. Prior to Sara's disappearance, Dinah learned of her youngest daughter's relationship with Oliver, and is guilt-ridden for failing to stop her after the incident.

After Sara's presumed death, Dinah's marriage with Quentin deteriorates and they divorce.

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She then leaves her family to find her daughter, correctly believing that she is alive. Dinah remarries after settling in Central City. Despite separating herself from Quentin after Sara's return, Dinah remains close to him and their daughters, and encourages Quentin to move on from their past. She was believed to have drowned with the sinking Queen's Gambit , but she resurfaces in season two as another vigilante, the "Canary", who is connected to the League of Assassins.

She was originally according to Kreisberg, "the beginning of the Black Canary story". Canary eventually wins her freedom from the League and returns to Starling City, to become part of Oliver's team in addition to working as a bartender at his nightclub. She breaks with Oliver over a dispute concerning Roy, and rejoins the League in order win their backing against Slade Wilson's army. She returns to Starling City on a mission for the League, but is killed by a mysterious archer. Lotz dubs Cassidy's lines when Laurel impersonates Sara as the Canary, and later appears as a hallucination of Laurel's.

In season four, Laurel, Thea, and Malcolm resurrect Sara using the Lazarus Pit, but she returns mentally fractured until Oliver brings in his old friend John Constantine to help restore her soul. However, Sara's behavior remains volatile and she suffers an insatiable bloodlust, which prompts her to seek solitude away from home.

In season six, Sara is informed about what happened to Quentin during the fight with Ricardo Diaz. Brie Larvan portrayed by Emily Kinney is a narcissistic technical genius and killer who becomes a rival to Felicity Smoak. Kinney reprises her role from The Flash. Lawton is also a member of the Suicide Squad, [82] although he is killed on a mission in season three. In season four, it is revealed that Lawton did not kill Andy. Instead, he was used by H. She was later arrested by the FBI.

Jean Loring portrayed by Teryl Rothery [84] is Moira's attorney for her murder trial. Garfield Lynns portrayed by Andrew Dunbar [85] is a former firefighter who is killing other firefighters as revenge for being abandoned in a fire. After his face was disfigured and burned by Thea, he becomes a rogue terrorist and plans on getting his revenge on Darhk for betraying him.

He is inadvertently killed by Oliver due to a trap set by Prometheus. Vixen portrayed by Megalyn Echikunwoke was born in Africa and orphaned at a young age, and later raised in the United States. Mari inherits her family's mystical Tantu Totem, which allows her to access the powers of the animal kingdom, and becomes a Detroit -based superpowered vigilante. Mari is a friend and ally to both Oliver and Barry Allen. Echikunwoke reprises her role from the animated Arrowverse series Vixen. When it came to the trial of Oliver Queen, he got knocked out by John Diggle and Rene Ramirez so that Christopher Chance can pose as him in order to get Oliver Queen to seek probation before being free to go.

When Ricardo Diaz had C. McGarvey brought to him over what happened at the trial, he tries to explain what really happened only for an angry Diaz to shoot him dead. The two were introduced to one another by Ricardo Diaz. After Lance turns on her, Shadow Thief manages to escape. Within A. Lyla and John also have a child, born in season three, who they name Sara in honor of Sara Lance The child is later changed to a son named John Jr.

In season four, after Amanda Waller's death, Lyla becomes her successor as leader of A. However, Lyla along with her husband learns of the alteration of her life due to the events of The Flash episode "Flashpoint", leading her to distrust the Flash. He is the first criminal arrested by the deputized Team Arrow. Phaedra Nixon portrayed by Lynda Boyd is a leading member of the H. Winnick Norton portrayed by James Callis is an elusive jewel thief.

In the season seven finale, the Monitor comes to collect Oliver, while also revealing he will die in the crisis. Alexa Van Owen portrayed by Catherine Dent is an outside counsel-turned-district attorney who once convicted the organization Intergang. Ray seeks to use it to become a high-tech vigilante, named "Atom". Ray and Felicity become lovers until Ray realizes that she is in love with Oliver. In the season finale Ray is working on the suit with the intention of giving it the power to shrink but a malfunction causes the entire top floor of Palmer Technologies to blow up.

It is revealed later that Ray is alive but was being held captive by Darhk until he is freed by Team Arrow to join their fight against H.

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Jarrett Parker portrayed by Jason E. Kelly is the chief psychiatrist at Slabside Maximum Security Prison who uses a special brain machine and a truth serum when doing his therapy on the inmates of the prison's Level 2. This leads to Jarrett getting fired and Level 2 of the prison being shut down. As he is loading his stuff into his car, Talia returns and kills him as payback for what he did to her. By the fifth season, Pike has been promoted to captain of police. He dies in season six during an attack caused by Cayden James. Emily Pollard portrayed by Laara Sadiq is a councilwoman with a fierce anti-vigilante stance who pushes a bill with that agenda.

She is at one point saved by Team Arrow, which doesn't changes her views at all. When Oliver Queen is impeached as mayor and later arrested as well as his successor Quentin Lance dying during surgery following the fight against Ricardo Diaz, Pollard takes his place and implements her measures with a firm hand. However, by the end of the year, her formerly-high popularity has started to wane in light of increased crime and the emergence of a mysterious new Green Arrow.

As Mayor Pollard leaves with plans to get the district attorney to take action, Dinah comments that the current district attorney is on her side. Despite his marriage to Moira, Robert was not a faithful husband, having many illicit affairs outside of his marriage including with his company's intern, Isabel Rochev, and a Japanese-descent woman, Kazumi Adachi. In addition, he has a secret daughter, Emiko, with Adachi. Robert is secretly aware that Thea is Malcolm Merlyn's biological daughter, but accepted her and also acted as a surrogate father to Malcolm's son, Tommy.

As a young man, Robert gained his wealth through corrupted means; he gradually become remorseful of his greed, leading him to join Malcolm's secret society, Tempest, to improve Starling City's condition in hope of making amends. He also accidentally killed a local councilman, Henry Goodwin, when the latter seeks bribes from Robert, which traumatizes him and hates himself of becoming a killer. He and Oliver were both lost at sea when Malcolm sabotaged the Queen's Gambit. Robert admits to his son of being corrupt and is guilt-ridden by it, and was working to atone his misdeeds.

He sacrifices his life by killing himself, increasing Oliver's chances of survival and returning home to Starling City to right Robert's wrongs. Raisa portrayed by Kathleen Gati [96] is a long-serving domestic worker in the Queen mansion when the series begins; she has been close to Oliver since his childhood.

She returns in season six to help take care of William, Oliver's son. Rene does not have legal custody of Zoe at first, but later Zoe starts living with her father full-time. She later learned about her father's vigilante life, and becomes supportive of his heroic endeavors because of their shared hatred towards the crime wave plaguing their home and took her mother's life. In season six, Zoe bonds with her father's vigilante associates, and sees Dinah Drake as a surrogate mother. Labs with known metahuman abilities to detect anomalies within reality and sonic manipulation.

Cisco helps upgrade the arsenals of Oliver, Laurel, and Sara, aids Ray with his Atom suit, and designs a new safe house for Oliver. Valdes stars as the character on The Flash. Oliver eventually manages to convince him to join Team Arrow as part of the new recruits. He leaves the team when his rags lose their powers after being used to shield a nuclear explosion. Later, his mask appears in Chimera's personal collection, leaving his fate unknown.

Baron Reiter portrayed by Jimmy Akingbola [] [] is the leader of Shadowspire in the series flashbacks, [25] when he was searching for magical artifacts on Lian Yu, specifically the idol that Damien Darhk later possesses. He is eventually killed by Oliver when Taiana gains control of the idol's powers and weaken him long enough for Oliver to hurl a knife into Reiter's back, killing him. Derek Reston portrayed by Currie Graham is the leader of a gang consisting of his family members. Isabel Rochev portrayed by Summer Glau is a senior executive at Stellmoor International who acquires half of Queen Consolidated in the second-season premiere.

It is revealed she was Oliver's father's mistress during her internship and had been working with Slade to get revenge. Like Oliver, Isabel was also trained by Slade in martial arts, but she was later injected with the same Mirakuru drug that was given to Slade.

In the season two finale Isabel is killed by Nyssa al Ghul. Purcell reprises his role from The Flash. He is exposed to a chemical compound called "Stardust", which makes him unable to feel pain. In season seven, he appears as an inmate at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. When Ricardo Diaz takes control of the prison, Derek assists him in attacking Oliver. When Diaz starts an electrical fire, Sampson is set on fire by Ben Turner. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back, earning her the name Hawkgirl.

Vandal Savage portrayed by Casper Crump is a 6,year-old immortal, who has manipulated leaders throughout history in an attempt to gain dominion over the entire world. He becomes a main antagonist in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. She is very aware of Green Arrow's identity when she treated a dying Laurel. Shado portrayed by Celina Jade [] is the daughter of Yao Fei. She helps train Oliver in archery and martial arts while on Lian Yu in the season one flashbacks; they eventually become lovers during the season two flashbacks.

She is killed by Ivo causing Slade, who had secretly been in love with her, blames Oliver for her death and vows revenge. She later appears in Slade's hallucinations in the present time. Jade also portrayed Shado's twin sister, Mei, who Oliver meets in Hong Kong during a season three flashback.

She also appears as a hallucination in season four during Oliver's second stay on Lian Yu. Evelyn Crawford Sharp portrayed by Madison McLaughlin is a woman who takes up the mantle of the Black Canary following Laurel's death, eventually settling on the name Artemis. Mark Shaw portrayed by David Cubitt is an A. Sheck portrayed by Tobias Jelinek is the right-hand man of Cayden James and a member of his secret cabal.

He is responsible for saving Black Siren following the detonation of Lian Yu, ensuring her loyalty to his boss's cause. Scheck is later killed by Vigilante, revealing the latter's nature as a mole in the group. Shrieve is also responsible for causing Akio's death and in vengeance he is brutally tortured by Oliver before being executed by Maseo. Cindy later befriends Roy Harper and Thea Queen. Sabongui reprises his role from The Flash.

Donna Smoak portrayed by Charlotte Ross , a former cocktail waitress from Las Vegas , is Felicity's mother [] [] and Mia Smoak 's maternal grandmother. Donna was previously married to cyber-criminal Noah Kuttler which led to Felicity's conception prior to leaving him; Donna claimed that Noah abandoned them, resulting in an estranged relationship with Felicity until they reconcile seventeen years later.

Donna meets and dates Quentin Lance, but remains bitter over Noah and his criminal past. She helps Quentin to cope with the loss of his eldest daughter, Laurel. As of the season five premiere, Donna and Quentin have split up. Raised in secrecy away from Star City in Bloomfield, a neighborhood for former A. The two half-siblings, who previously did not know of each other, connect with Mia asking William about what kind of a man their father was.

Labs and a metahuman with cryokinetic abilities. Caitlin helps Felicity in recreating the Mirakuru antidote, and occasionally helps Team Arrow on missions. Panabaker stars as the character on The Flash. He is revealed to be a member of Cayden James' criminal cabal, but is working as a double agent who informs Team Arrow of their activities, primarily because of his love for Dinah. Vincent is eventually caught and killed by Black Siren for his betrayal.

Despite belief that Josh Segarra voiced the character, [] [] thus implying that Adrian Chase was also Vigilante as is the case in the comics , it was revealed that his character was instead Prometheus. Labs particle accelerator incident in season two of Arrow and got powers as a metahuman to further his criminal enterprise. Sean is hunted across the country by Dinah Drake until they meet again in Hub City. Kate Spencer portrayed by Chelah Horsdal is the district attorney.

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He was president of Queen Consolidated until he disappeared in episode 9, but was found alive in episode He and Moira separate at the end of season one, and he returns in season two to help her run for mayor. It is revealed that Moira had confided in Walter about Thea's true paternity at some point after they marry. He is currently the chief financial officer of Starling National Bank.

Garber reprises his role from The Flash. Marine Corps lieutenant, who works in the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is introduced in Arrow's seventh season, in the episode "Spartan". He and Diggle have a strained relationship caused by Diggle's belief that Stewart abandoned his father during an operation, which led to his death, as well as the rigorous marine training he put the Diggle brothers through after marrying their mother.

Actually, Diggle's father's death was caused by his own negligence and Stewart saved the rest of the unit, but Stewart has not corrected Diggle's view of the situation, wanting him to see his father as a hero. When Diggle learns what really happened, he and Stewart make amends. While it was said that he died during a Suicide Squad mission in the comics, Bronze Tiger turns up alive in season seven as an inmate at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Stanley Dover frames him for stabbing an inmate causing Bronze Tiger to be placed in solitary confinement.

As Oliver heads out to fight Diaz, Bronze Tiger leads the guards and prisoners to the secure prison yard. After Diaz is defeated and control over the prison is reclaimed, Bronze Tiger returns to his cell to find The Count of Monte Cristo in his cell as a guard thanks him for his assistance. Taiana Venediktov portrayed by Elysia Rotaru is a woman whose life Oliver saves in the flashbacks, faking her death to protect her from Shadowspire. Oliver kills her brother, who Conklin had sent to attack him, and initially tries to hide it from Taiana. After they get caught by Conklin, Oliver is tortured, and they are both imprisoned.

While Taiana is taking care of his wounds—and after Shado appears in his dreams, telling Oliver to do the right thing—he confesses. She later helps Oliver escape as they manage to steal the idol from Reiter, but the idol's power begins to corrupt Taiana. Realizing she cannot control it, she asks Oliver to kill her, and he does. Viktor portrayed by Mike Dopud is a member of the Bratva who appears in the flashbacks.

He is eventually killed by Konstantin Kovar. Virgil portrayed by Christopher Gerard is a member of the Ninth Circle, who works as an intermediary for Dante. Following Dante's death, Virgil appears to take over his role as Emiko Queen's second-in-command until turning on her in the season seven finale. Walker portrayed by Garry Chalk is a corrupt US Army general who frames Diggle to conceal his own illegal arms dealing, which is ultimately exposed.

In season two, Waller often forces John Diggle to work for her on missions other A. She tries to have Starling City destroyed during Slade Wilson's attack to contain the Mirakuru soldiers, only to be stopped by John and Lyla. In the season three flashbacks, she rescues Oliver from Lian Yu after witnessing his progressive skills in combat and forces him to work for her and, in the process, furthers his training two years prior to his return to Starling City.

Liza Warner portrayed by Rutina Wesley is a member of the anti-vigilante task force which has gone rogue. Although the photo was proven to be a fake, Watson remains suspicious of Oliver and chooses to stay behind in Star City to look further into Team Arrow as a whole. Oliver agreed to turn himself over to her in exchange that the rest of Team Arrow is spared.

However, Oliver actually met her in Hong Kong two years prior, shown during the season three flashbacks. He helps capture her when she comes to Starling City. In season five, she escaped from prison with Carrie Cutter and Liza Warner but is later recaptured by Green Arrow and his team; she knows that the Green Arrow is really her nemesis, the Arrow. Wells is also a parallel universe counterpart of Earth-1's Dr. Harrison Wells, who was murdered by Eobard Thawne. Iris West portrayed by Candice Patton is a member of the S. Labs team and the wife of Barry Allen.

Patton reprises her role from The Flash. Alena Whitlock portrayed by Kacey Rohl also known as Kojo Sledgehammer, [] is a member of the Helix hacking organization who attempts to recruit Felicity to their ranks after helping her clear Diggle's name. In season seven, Felicity hires her as chief technology officer of Smoak Technologies.

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Alena is revealed to be responsible for Star City's dire situation in the flashforwards as she stole Felicity's Archer security program and sold it to Galaxy One. He is later killed by Slade. He is eventually killed by Tatsu after a sword-fight, finally relieved from the agony of his son's death. Devon Aoki was originally cast in the role but left due to a scheduling conflict. In the present day, her relationship with her husband is estranged after the death of their son and she joins the Crescent Order after returning to Japan.

Tatsu supports Team Arrow during their war with the League of Assassins. After a short sword-fight with her husband, she kills Maseo and mourns him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section is transcluded from List of Arrow characters. Further information: Count Vertigo. Further information: Onyx comics.

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Retrieved June 6, Retrieved June 20, Retrieved July 31, TV Insider. Retrieved August 11, Entertainment Tonight. Retrieved January 29, Retrieved March 5, These are authors have a distinct Canadian flavour to their work, and are shaping the identity of Canadian teens! The classic teen theme, coming of age — what does it mean to face down adolescence and start to learn who you are as a fledgling adult? What goes into creating a world different from our own? These authors have all set their books in settings unfamiliar to us!

Laura Sebastian, Sabina Khan. Tanaz Bhathena, Ria Voros. Kagiso Lesego Molope, Heather Smith. Ben Philippe, Cherie Dimaline. Monique Polak, Jeff Zentner. Nicki Pau Preto, Natalie Blitt. Nothing is so formative as your first love, and these authors know how to write a romance that feels as real on the page as your own first love! Our earliest influences are our families, whether the characters in these books like it or not!