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Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and its gravity is very strong.

An Asteroid Hit Earth Right After It Was Spotted By A Telescope!

Asteroids, which are much smaller than planets, are sometimes pulled out of the asteroid belt by the force of Jupiter's gravity. Many of these asteroids then travel toward the inner solar system—where they can collide with Earth. A small number of meteorites are pieces of rock from the surfaces of other planets.

These fragments were likely blasted off planets when they were hit by a large asteroid or comet. People have found meteorites that are definitely from the planet Mars, some of which are on display in this hall.

An Asteroid Hit Earth Right After It Was Spotted By A Telescope! - Science - Mashable India

Some meteorites might be from Mercury, but researchers are still investigating this claim. The most famous moon rocks are those collected by astronauts who walked on the Moon.

But small pieces of the Moon also occasionally reach Earth as meteorites. Such "lunar meteorites" are identical in composition to the astronauts' moon rocks, although they come from different locations-possibly even from the far side of the Moon, which never faces Earth. Meteorites might also come from comets. Made of dust, rock and ices, comets are typically found in the outer reaches of our solar system, beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune.

Scientists have identified several meteorites that might be fragments of the rocky cores of comets.

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Topic: Astronomy. Subtopic: Planets. Visit Speaker Page. General Director of the European Space Agency.

A short history of the space industry’s failed (for now) gold rush

Programme on Space. Co-Founder, Asteroid Day. Scottish YouTube personality, astrophysicist, hacker, gamer. Astrophysicist Virtualtelescope. Executive Chairman at York Space Systems.

Queen co-founder, legendary guitarist, astrophysicist. Science educator, television host. The space rock, which is estimated to be about three times the length of a football field will fly past the distance of about 6.

The Asteroid Field

As its name suggests KV2, was discovered in The asteroid is also orbiting the sun which means it will pass by Earth again in and twice in This is mainly due to its unusually large size and relatively close passing. The rock is passing with 0. Asteroids have been a hot topic for NASA in the last 12 months.