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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 11, Kim Crump rated it it was amazing. I have just reread this series for the third time.

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I am still troubled, to be honest by the whole concept, but like a car accident that secretly captivates me, I find myself thinking again and again about the themes in the book. Sommer first published manufactured identity in , and I first heard of this book from a friend who had him in Child development last year at ISU. Then, another friend of mine held a massice book club to raise awareness of the series.

I kinda joined with skeptacism be I have just reread this series for the third time. I kinda joined with skeptacism becuase I have had bad experiences with these kinds of things before. But this series did seem different. In the first book TMI you are introduced to a cadre of characters who all seem hapless.

This progresses and you realize this is exactly what the author is going for. I've worked with a lot of mental health pros in the past and it seems this book, which was very suspenseful, is really about life. The stories themselves are brutal and esclaating, but not offesnive. Somehow even the murders and numerous terrible atrocities he showcases seem soft lit and palatable, although the terror of human life becomes instantly obvious. Though i didn;t expect it, I found myself reading more and more intensively through the night, and wound up finishing the trilogy in 3 days, then faced the startling reality I had attached to the characters, and really felt their pain and loss, and their triumphs.

I don't know, I really liked these books, but like schindler's list they alos left me not knowing how to feel, and it only deepend the more i review the issues brought up. Definetely a new favorite author and restored my faith in the book club concept! Recomended reading for those psychologically minded and open minded.

I was looking forward to what Sommer produced next. His first novel was very different from what I had read before. I really enjoy how complex it was and the psychology aspects in contained. I wasn't disappointed with this one. I have to be honest and say I don't remember much about the characters from The Manufactured Identity. There was so much going on in that book. I was afraid that fact would hinder my enjoyment of this one. It didn't.

The book draws you in from the prologue. At first, the I was looking forward to what Sommer produced next. At first, the constant switch in narrative is distracting. But, I knew from experience that everything would be tied together. Gradually the story flow into one stream and you get to know the characters.

All of them are suffering from sort of psychological problem in varying degrees. I liked watching them all sort through their problems. And once again, the author shows his knowledge in the area. It's not written from the perspective of someone who has done a lot of research. It feels genuine and real. I liked the intensity of the novel. We know something big is going to happen, but we don't know to whom or who will be the culprit.

I wasn't even sure if it was a character in the novel or some outside force. The true psychosis of the villain was awesome. I love how the author is able to make a villain seem like any person you might know. The "craziness" is buried deep within. And with the problems the characters are hiding from each other, it really good have been anybody. I liked the theoretical questions this novel asks.

God plays a big part of it and I enjoyed it for the most part. But, in the end it kind of turned me off. I could have done without the whole classroom scene. It's just got a little preachy there and felt a little out of place with the rest of the story.


The pacing was a little off for me as well. It seems a short amount of time goes by in a few chapters and then all of a sudden months of past. The only real indication of this is wording in the story. It's almost like the chapters need a timeline. But, overall I still really enjoyed this story.

I will be looking forward to what he writes next! I'd forgotten how much I love this series. I recently reread all three books, and though I was suspect at first about book two being a prequel to The Manufactured Identity, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works, as well as by the new batch of suspense. The Grand Delusion is more of a "thriller" than The Manufactured Identity, as it introduces some hairier characters than its predecessor. But in it we also get to meet Merci, John and Addy as they first encounter one another.

The triangl I'd forgotten how much I love this series. The triangle is a mess, as any good psychological suspense's characters should be. And the author also introduces us to Chief Murphy and Cameron Bo, both of whom are battling demons, one more figuratively than the other. As with TMI, there is a spiritual element to the book. Addy in particular is struggling with big theological questions in The Grand Delusion. I don't think this should be a red flag for those disinterested in "religion," however, because the author is not making a statement.

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The character dealing with these big questions is depressed and should be asking those questions, in this reviewer's opinion. A religious bent? Heath Sommer's professional work as a clinical psychologist comes through in his work. I have never read a psychological suspense or thriller that dove into the mothership of the brain the way Sommer's stories do.

There are some similarities to TMI in that we get to, for example, join Merci in therpy sessions and listen to Addy as she discusses life's big questions with a religion professor at the college they all attend. But unlike TMI, you also get to unfold the brain of a man who, well, takes the length of the book to unfold entirely; we'll just leave it at that.

As in The Manufactured Identity, Sommer takes all of the story lines and weaves them together in a "best twist" sort of way. His stories are neatly woven tapestries, to coin a cliche. I might not often describe a psychological novel as a quick, fun read, but Sommer somehow manages that with all three of his books.

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I highly recommend The Grand Delusion! Feb 11, Brittney rated it it was amazing. The Grand Delusion is a remarkable piece of art in which Dr. Sommer successfully blends fiction with philosophy in a book that is both suspenseful and contemplative. Never have I read a story with so much substance that has, at the same time, been so thrilling. The main characters in The Grand Delusion are developed well throughout the book and through them we are introduced or re-introduced to many of the philosophical questions of life.

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Topics such as good versus evil, logic versus emotion, s The Grand Delusion is a remarkable piece of art in which Dr. Topics such as good versus evil, logic versus emotion, self-worth, memory, forgiveness, punishment, faith, trust, love, agency, altruism, responsibility, tragedy, and suffering are discussed in an unbiased fashion. Since multiple sides of each topic are discussed, the reader can decide for his or herself the answers to and perspectives of these important philosophical questions.

Interestingly the characters are developed in this same fashion, so it is not overtly obvious who the protagonists and antagonists always are. I believe the most interesting facet of The Grand Delusion is how relatable the characters, experiences, and conflicts are. The feeling derived at the end of The Grand Delusion- what one has gained or learned- can differ greatly from reader to reader, and even from reading to reading. It is very individual and personal and makes this book highly unique. The sincerity of his messages are felt in each scene.

I would be extremely interested to read some non-fiction pieces from this same author. For now, I will highly recommend and likely reread myself The Grand Delusion. It is the book I have highlighted, noted, and returned to reference the most outside of a few college textbooks. View 1 comment.

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Feb 12, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. The Grand Delusion is a prequel to The Manufactured Identity, which I enjoyed because of it's shocking twists and basis in real psychology. The Grand Delusion has many instances of abnormal psychology coming into play, but the focus is much more deeply based in religion. The thriller portion of The Grand Delusion, the events leading up to and after a car crash that almost kills Jon, Addy and Merci, is just that - thrilling. The A fast-paced, what's-going-to-happen-next feel runs throughout that p The Grand Delusion is a prequel to The Manufactured Identity, which I enjoyed because of it's shocking twists and basis in real psychology.

The A fast-paced, what's-going-to-happen-next feel runs throughout that portion of the plot. Unfortunately, the multiple theological discussions that run that make up the rest of the book did not work for me. While not focusing on any one religion, the theme of the book seemed to be "is there a god?

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Some readers may find this to be an interesting look at what is happening around her, but those who get easily annoyed by the inclusion of god in just about every single aspect of a book will not find this enjoyable. The Grand Delusion is a good read, but it won't appeal to all readers.

Those open to intense spiritual debate surrounding an equally intense psychological thriller will love The Grand Delusion. Readers who avoid theology will not. Mar 13, Katherine rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Tianna Bookclub. Shelves: book-club-read , series-read , suspense. Though I didn't need a graph chart to follow all the characters in the second in the series The grand Delusion I found just plain depressing. Also Manufactured Identity had left the ending with you wanting to hear what happens next.

Instead The Grand delusion is just that delusional. Chapter Fourteen. Chapter Thirtysix. Chapter Thirtyseven. Chapter Thirtyeight. Chapter Fortyone. Chapter Fortytwo. Chapter Fortythree. Chapter Fortyfour. Chapter Fortyfive. Chapter Sixteen. Chapter Seventeen. Chapter Twentytwo. Chapter Twentyfour.

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Chapter Twentyfive. Chapter Twentyseven. Chapter Twentynine. Chapter Thirtyone. Chapter Thirtyfour. Chapter Fortyeight. Chapter Fortynine.

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