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Laurens Maas explains how fungi cause many of our ailments. In this solution-based handbook, he outlines a clinically proven easy-to-follow plan to reduce the fungal and toxic load in your diet and reboot your nervous system as a means to holistic recovery.

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With case studies, a seven-day eating plan and helpful recipes included. The 5 Laws of Perfect Health will help your body promote a powerful immune system, rebalance your internal environment and lead you to optimal health. I have since gone on to win another three for a total of ten. This book truly contains advice and wisdom that is kept from the average physician and patient, and worse, disdained by those who refuse to accept and understand it while in fact it contains the truths of the ages.

The Hidden Cure: The 5 Laws of Perfect Health

If properly applied it can save the lives of physicians and patients alike. My past high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol are now at optimum ranges.

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My heart problems are gone and I am happier, fitter, and healthier. This causes many to focus on the outrage and forget to think things through and, when presented with the various logical snags inherent to this trope, to rationalize with whatever justifications and compartmental logic is necessary to maintain the outrage. Here we present 10 reasons why the hidden cures narrative is untenable. We urge people to not only consider these points, but to also pay attention to how they are dismissed or explained away by conspiracy mongers.

We believe the methods used to counter these points go a long way to explain why the hidden cure trope exists and persists, and that they reveal a flawed thought process rather than any sort of evidential substance. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and promoters of the hidden cure conspiracy have no evidence whatsoever: just a narrative. Even worse, the narrative has no internal logical consistency. We have used a cancer cure to illustrate these points, but a hidden cure conspiracy for any disease faces similar criticism.

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We have also chosen to temporarily put aside the fact that there are many types of cancer, and that different types of cancer would likely require different cures , in order to focus on the implausible logistics that the narrative would require. Not all organizations involved in medical research are for-profit.

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It is a myth that all research funding comes from organizations with corporate interests. Universities across the world regularly engage in research, and charities such as American Cancer Society regularly contribute funds. This is inconvenient to the conspiracy because without a profit motive the narrative immediately falls apart. This conspiracy demands that all people in every organization be perfectly corrupt without fail. Medical researchers and their families are just as susceptible to cancer and other diseases as anyone else. It means doctors and scientists must be willing to sit and watch their mothers, their daughters, and their spouses suffer and struggle with a disease they know themselves to be curable.

Is There a Hidden Cure for Cancer?

It requires a single-minded hive-mentality immune to compassion or grief and a willingness to put a single goal above all personal comfort and well-being. It would literally require an army of sociopaths that, despite feeling no sympathy for others, are somehow able to come together and mutually agree on a course of action which necessitates self-sacrifice for the sake of their co-conspirators. If we were to notice that an overwhelming majority of corporate heads and government officials have managed to escape cancer, then we might have reason to be suspicious that a cure has been found and is being saved for a select few.

With each passing year the list of rich and powerful people who die from cancer becomes more populated. It includes corporate CEOs , politicians , government leaders , Big Pharma employees , and heads of state from around the world.

The Hidden Cure – Laurens Maas

We would have to believe that these people know of a cure but decide not to use it so as to avoid suspicion. These sorts of contradictions arise not from evidence or reasoning, but from making as many assumptions as needed to justify the trope of a hidden cure without contemplating their logical implications in sufficient depth. Many if not most researchers are more likely to value fame, prestige and personal achievement over sheer quantity of money.

Any scientist who finds or participates in research leading to a breakthrough cure is going to be instantly famous among colleagues and peers. It not only means a Nobel Prize, it virtually guarantees statues and entire buildings erected in your honor and a mention in virtually every medical and science textbook. It means you can set your salary and work for any company you choose, doing whatever research you like. It means adoration from millions of victims and family members whom you have saved.

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While all governments would have to be in on it, not all would make money. Many such conspiracy theories rely on cooperation between governments and pharmaceutical companies, yet there are countries with socialized medicine who could dramatically reduce their healthcare costs if they were to expose hidden cures that were being suppressed. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

A cancer reversal testimony. B17. Richard of Daytona, Florida. 2009. Noni Juice.

Return to Book Page. Preview — Hidden Cure by M. Allen Goodreads Author. When the scientist and her father are threatened, Simon finds himself in a race that takes him from the earliest days of the town known as Dallas to the cutting-edge future of biomedical research. A potential cure for a deadly disease — and the lives of his friends and loved ones — all depend on him. Will Simon be able to keep all of them safe while still working to uncover the identity of the one who wants them dead?

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