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Clicking on a pin will reveal a photo of the location and a brief description--but no spoilers. The Locations Guide below to was created to help you plan, and get the most out of, an in-person Chloe tour of the islands. This guide contains lots of photos, maps, and descriptions. It also includes advice on when to visit, how to get there, and some of my favorite places to eat and stay.

While researching the novel I discovered a number of evocative historical documents, images, and objects. Some appear in the book, while others influenced the story. The slideshow below contains some of my favorites. Click on any image to see larger size copies of the slides, with descriptions. Caution: contains some spoilers. Too often my research and writing duties preclude me from accepting invitations to speak with groups of mystery readers.

However, two wonderful radio hosts invited me to discuss the book.

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Thanks to their generosity, and the magic of digital media, you can listen to our conversations about Chloe and Roelke, Ragna and Emily, Rock Island, and the lighthouse. But wait, there's still more. I've created a Pinterest board about this book, which you can access by clicking on the logo below. Here's a brief audio sample. You can buy signed, personalized, trade paperback copies of this book from the author.

The Light Keeper's Legacy

Request a quote by clicking HERE. Chloe Ellefson sighed. Story Description This book takes place in Door County, Wisconsin in September , with an historical thread that is set between and Jane Kirkpatrick New York Times Bestselling Author Where Lilacs Still Bloom and The Daughter's Walk "In the fashion of Barbara Kingsolver, Kathleen weaves contemporary conflicts of commercial fishing, environmentalists, sport fisherman and law enforcement into a web of similar conflicts in the s I ignored food so I could finish this third Chloe Ellefson mystery.

Such rich historical details shine a light on a fascinating slice of American history. In fact I'd bet money on it. Why look any farther? Pottawatomie has it all A library box is My librarian-mom kept me supplied with historical fiction, and family vacations always included stops at historic sites and museums.

As an adult I love featuring different types of crafts in my books. As a former museum curator, and She recognizes that she's got issues and she's doing what she can to work with and through them. She's a feminist without being a ballbuster. For me, these books have felt authentic and I appreciate an author who takes the time to write a book that makes you feel like the people are real instead of characters.

Aug 08, Shae Bright rated it really liked it. So glad that I went to that book chat a month ago and discovered this author. I enjoy these books and am beginning to really like the characters and their chemistry. As I've stated before, I think the deepest reason I like the books is due to the fact that Wisconsin is the setting of them and I find it intriguing.

I don't like history much, but I don't mind a little Wisconsin based history apparently. The main annoying thing is that Chloe is a bit of a feminist, which is all fine and dandy for h So glad that I went to that book chat a month ago and discovered this author. The main annoying thing is that Chloe is a bit of a feminist, which is all fine and dandy for her. I, however, an not. If someone wants to help me with something, I am all about accepting help, whether it comes from a woman, a man, a child, a gorilla.

It doesn't matter to me at all - sometimes in the stories though, it reads like "why does he insist on helping me up when I fall down" "why does he get worried about me out here on my own so far away from civilization" In my eyes, it does not particularly mean that he thinks you are weak because you are a woman - it means he cares.

Get over it. I try to ignore these parts, but like I said: not much of a feminist here. Off to reserve the next in the series! Nov 08, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: my-reviews. These places bear the history of people who once lived isolated on the prairies or gathered in small villages in the middle of nowhere or as in this case, a once-upon-a-time fishing village on an island off the tip of a larger island off the tip of Door County. It is remote as can be, ferry access only, cut off and stranded through long winter months.

The Potawatomi Islands, a place where the fisherfolk once lived. In the telling, there is a genuine mystery going on here; murder and fear all rolled into the then and now story of life on Rock Island. Chloe Ellefson, a consultant on the restoration of historic places, seeks answers.

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Those who died in the making of it. Kudos to her meticulous research, making fiction out of reality. Expect some pins and needles while reading. Jul 09, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews , librarybook. First sentence: "This trip of yours is a very bad idea," Roelke said soberly. Chloe Ellefson sighed. Rock Island is a state park, for God's sake. Things are off to a rocky start, however, for it isn't long before she discovers a First sentence: "This trip of yours is a very bad idea," Roelke said soberly.

Things are off to a rocky start, however, for it isn't long before she discovers a dead body or two.

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She finds herself in a very isolated, often dangerous location. My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this third novel more. I really got swept up in the secondary story: the one set on the island in the late nineteenth century. I found myself racing through the contemporary story so I could get back to the other. By the end, I was invested in both stories. I still think this series would make a great television series. Feb 07, Claudia Cheyne rated it really liked it. Chloe Ellefson has been asked to be a consultant for the restoration project of the lighthouse on Rock Island in Door County, Wisconsin.

This opportunity to spend time alone is exactly what she needs right now. Chloe must decide if she wants to continue to have a relationship with Roelke McKenna and also if she has made the right career choice, working as a curator of old historic items. Her first day there Chloe comes upon the body of a young woman trapped in fishnet washed up on the beach. Fish Chloe Ellefson has been asked to be a consultant for the restoration project of the lighthouse on Rock Island in Door County, Wisconsin.

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Fishing laws on the Great Lakes play a very important part in this book. The story goes back and forth in time between and the 's when a family watched over the lighthouse and a village full of fishermen lived nearby. Battles over fishing rights were similar in both time periods. People died as they fought for what they believed in. And some of those same fights continued through generations of family members. Dec 09, Dawn rated it it was amazing Shelves: fall-into-bingo , Chloe Ellefson is grateful to be sent on a special assignment on Rocky Island.

Chloe also plans to use that time alone in Door County to think about Roelke and whether or not she wants a relationship with him. She soon becomes consumed with who the woman is and how she end Chloe Ellefson is grateful to be sent on a special assignment on Rocky Island. She soon becomes consumed with who the woman is and how she ended up in the lake, and researching the history of the island and those who once lived there. I truly enjoy this series and looked forward to reading this book.

The characters are interesting and well-developed.

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  4. I miss Roelke and hope that Chloe makes the right decision with regards to their relationship. The setting is wonderful.

    This story was woven together with many interesting plots. I love history and this series joins it with my love of a good mystery. I highly recommend this book. Jun 06, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: on-hand , mystery. I really want to like this series more especially since the next one takes place at the Vesterheim in Decorah but I feel so little connection to the protagonist.

    I feel she literally bumbles along the mystery, being all introspective and cute and damaged and vegetarian, until she eventually does something stupid enough or as the inevitable result of being a danger magnet to need rescuing. I give you the side-eye, Chloe. Sep 04, Debi Emerson rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. A nice touch at the beginning of the book was Roelke's gift to Chloe of Sue Grafton's "A is for Alibi" which had just been released in , the year this book takes place. With the passing of Ms. Grafton last year, this "plug" brought a tear to my eye.

    I enjoy Kathleen Ernst's historical mysteries, not because I am a great mystery fan, but because of what they say about the historical settings. This is the 3rd of her books which I have read, and so far I had visited each of the sites she mentions in one of her books. Very descriptive and interesting historical back ground for a modern well almost modern as it is set in the s mystery story. May 05, Emily rated it it was amazing. I really liked how this book got away from Old World, and explored the different historic places in Wisconsin.

    I loved the lighthouse theme, and the fishing villages. I also really liked how the author explained herself in some of the facts. She seems well researched, and even explained how she was wrong, along with why she made the changes. I especially loved the end, but I won't say anything more for spoilers. Jul 10, Hemavathy DM Suppiah rated it really liked it. My first Chloe Ellefson and I'm hooked! I loved the back and forth between the two mysteries and late 19th century. The amount of research and details in the story is amazing, as I really felt that I was right there on Rock Island experiencing what Chloe, Emily and Ragna had.

    The plot was thrilling enough to keep me hooked, as were the characters. I'm definitely a fan. Jan 12, Christine rated it really liked it. This was the best entry into this series yet. Solitude seems to suit Chloe, although maybe it was just being more immersed in her job and the things that make her feel happier. Sep 08, Nancy rated it really liked it. It's not long before she finds a dead woman on the beach.

    I loved reading about Chloe's research on the history of the area. The perfect book to read while relaxing in Door County. Nov 27, Robert Fritz rated it really liked it. Good characters and accurate description of the area. Add to your list especially if you have visited this area of Wisconsin. Jan 01, Kristin rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book! I liked learning more about Rock and Washington Islands and the weaving of historical fiction into the story. Feb 22, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing.

    Sep 06, Teamthomas98 rated it liked it. May 16, Rachel rated it really liked it. Awesome, as always. Nov 15, Dianne Fullam rated it liked it. Like that there is a genealogy component to the stories. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Kathleen Ernst. Kathleen Ernst. Women Sleuths. Chloe has a devil of a time unraveling the mysteries of Norway's fiddle and dance traditions After her mother's unexpected death, curator Chloe Ellefson discovers hidden antiques that hint at family Curator Chloe Ellefson is happily planning to spotlight home-front challenges and German immigrants at Old World Wisconsin's first Civil War reenactment, but her overbearing boss scorns her ideas and Chloe Ellefson and her sister, Kari, have long dreamed of visiting each historic site dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    When Chloe takes custody of a quilt once owned by the beloved author, the Book 5 in the award-winning historical Chloe Ellefson Mystery series Curator and occasional sleuth Chloe Ellefson is off to Minneapolis to help her friend Ariel with a monumental task.