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One of the more pleasant rain smells, the one we often notice in the woods, is actually caused by bacteria! Actinomycetes , a type of filamentous bacteria, grow in soil when conditions are damp and warm. When the soil dries out, the bacteria produces spores in the soil. The wetness and force of rainfall kick these tiny spores up into the air where the moisture after a rain acts as an aerosol just like an aerosol air freshener.

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The novel works on its own terms, as a thriller, although the pacing is a little off. I also thought that the author was trying to do too much in one relatively short novel. This story really needs to be about Rose Madsen. Rose stands also for the murdered Bonnie Buttars, for her disabled sister Daisy, and for all the girls and women who suffer oppression under this cruel system. Her escape gives them hope.

Whereas Adan, Brooke, and Trak have their own stories--interesting, but separate. In this book everybody gets their happy ending, which warmed my heart but also seemed a little forced. It could have worked better as two separate books. Or, in a more ambitious and longer project, this novel could explore what it means to be an immigrant and the true meaning of community.

This material is rich and multifaceted and the story is not over. Rose and Adan escaped, but others remain.

The Scent of Rain

Oct 28, Ashley Gillan rated it it was amazing. So when I got the chance to read this book, I was very excited to get started. This book was hard to read - very hard to read, at points. The subject matter is intense and based on real-life events and people. But it is so, so important to read and digest.

This book has some heroes and some villains, some both. That creates, I think, a really true-to-life dynamic of the working of these communities. Some people are just really, really bad. Some people do bad things and get away with them. And we have to navigate that. The book follows both the stories of Rose, a young FLDS girl, who feels that something is not right in her community, and Adan, a foster child who runs away from his group home and is discovered by a local man who works closely with the FLDS community.

When their journeys intersect, it will change the community forever, if they can stay alive. I loved the dynamic between Rose and Adan. It was really true-to-life for the characters; with her never having seen a boy outside her community and him also fascinated and attracted. I think they made some really important points that we could learn from. I think it was believable and really made some amazing points about faith, love and what we can tolerate as a community. Highly recommended. Dec 05, Laura added it. Book reviews on www. The novel follows various characters involved with the Fundamentalist Mormon community, and their experiences.

There are some hard to read parts which are really shocking, and here you can tell that the story is well-researched as there is a lot of small details which makes the story even more interesting. The characters the Book reviews on www. The characters themselves were interesting to read about, though I found some to be a little under-developed - I felt like some of them could have been fleshed out a little more to make me care more about what happened to them - and some of the story a little predictable.

Plus, at the beginning, when the point of view changed a lot, it could be a little difficult to remember who was who. However, I felt myself really care about Rose and her predicament as the novel went on, and though there were plenty of horrible or perhaps just misguided? Though there were plenty of uncomfortable, shocking parts, the subject matter itself is very intriguing and I really enjoyed finding out more about a community like the Fundamentalist Mormons.

It's crazy and awful, in my opinion to think that people are forced to live a certain way like that in a first world country such as America, and duped into believing that - for example - having three wives, or dressing a certain way, will help them in the afterlife. Add to that parents so brainwashed or so I felt, anyway! Many thanks to the author, Anne Montgomery, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review. Oct 18, Shawn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone. This can be from sexual, physical and verbal abuse that will shape many of the characters within the pages of the book.

The Scent of Rain is also based on things that are actually happening today in parts of Colorado as explained by author Anne Montgomery at the end of the book.

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The Scent of Rain, while fiction, is a book that could potentially be very true when it comes to what happens within the confines of a cult. The Fundamentalist Mormon FLM group in which the story takes places is one that is lead like so many other cults by one man, a prophet. A man whose word is law and if you do not follow his law you will not be allowed to go to the Celestial Heaven. The story revolves primarily around the live of sixteen year old, Rose Madsen. The problem with teenagers today are that often they do not wish to follow what their parents wish and some even will speak back to their parents.

Rose will even find herself locked into a small closet that would make the one a well-known wizard was locked in look like a suite. The treatment of Rose is just one of the horrific stories that come out of this book as sadly there are others. A ruling from the leader of the group, their prophet, requires all children with pets to kill those pets. She will find that she will not be going alone as a young man with just as a troubling life will go with her. Sadly this potential of a great ending for the runaways will not go as planned.

A misjudgment by those who find the two leads to even more trouble for the pair. Although there are others in the area who wish to help the FLM is a very powerful group. It really is when others start to stand up to the prophet that things begin to show signs of hope for Rose and Adan. This is a very powerful book and one that is not easy to put down. There is a lot of drama within these pages but at same time you get a sense of hope. The book is again fiction but really if one wishes all they need to do is some research to find out that these type of groups are out there. Groups that have older men running a compound with multiple wives and many children.

Often they rule thru not just fear but psychological abuse that make others fear leaving would be like dying. Author Anne Montgomery surely did her research on this book. You will find that out in notes she provides along with the dedication to Flora Jessop. As stated in the dedication she escaped two separate cults and now tries to rescue other girls, and women, from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She acknowledges the subject matter at the end of the book and how she hopes to shed some light on the issues that are found in groups like the FLM. The book may be based on some potential real events but the story telling is top notch as you watch people try and overcome this life.

All they wish to do is believe in hope and rise above what they know and become the person they wish to be. Oct 09, Katyak79 rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. This story about a teenage girl trying to escape from a fundamentalist mormon cult hits many great notes but falls short due to it's similarity to so many other novels that follow this trope.

This book does get into some details of fundamentalist life that other books but otherwise, it is pretty cookie cutter. Plot: beautiful, smart teen grows up as part of a cult, becomes disenfranchised with the atrocious behavior of her townspeople and seeks to escape, only to capture the eye of the creepy pe This story about a teenage girl trying to escape from a fundamentalist mormon cult hits many great notes but falls short due to it's similarity to so many other novels that follow this trope. Plot: beautiful, smart teen grows up as part of a cult, becomes disenfranchised with the atrocious behavior of her townspeople and seeks to escape, only to capture the eye of the creepy pedo cult leader who of course wants to marry her.

There's a second story line of sorts here about a Hispanic teen who becomes a part of the foster system due to his mother being deported back to Mexico due to her undocumented status which is certainly relevant in modern times who goes on to become a love interest of sorts to Rose. I did find myself rooting for Rose as this novel went on, but I feel like many of the other characters weren't very well developed and I didn't really care about what happened to them or why they behaved the way they did.

If that had been the case, I would have likely rated this higher. In any case, I did enjoy the read and would recommend it to anyone interested in Mormon cult life. Rose who is being raised in an FLDS community decides to run away where she happens to run into Adan who has run away from his foster family. Can these two strangers help save each other? I thought that the FLDS parts were well written.

I didn't really feel that the character of Adam was needed to advance the story. It was almost as if the author mixed two stories together. There was a disjointed feeling throughout for me. I thought the ending was rushed and was not believable. I do respect that Rose who is being raised in an FLDS community decides to run away where she happens to run into Adan who has run away from his foster family. I do respect that the author is doing her best to shine the light on the misunderstood FLDS community and the abuse that goes on there.

Flora Jessop is an absolutely amazing woman. Nov 05, Tammy Dahle rated it really liked it. My Thoughts: It was a little eerie that I had just listened to a podcast about Jim Jones and his followers who committed mass suicide in Jonestown in As I read through this book I kept reflecting on what people do in the name of religion and their beliefs.

This is not a feel good, cozy book to read. Author, Anne Montgomery he My Thoughts: It was a little eerie that I had just listened to a podcast about Jim Jones and his followers who committed mass suicide in Jonestown in Author, Anne Montgomery helps us step into the life of a fictional sixteen year old girl named Rose who has lived her entire life in this community.

Everything that an outsider would view as odd or bizarre is everyday life for her. Rose is a typical teenager who has a bit of a rebellious streak which is absolutely forbidden in this town and her home. No questions are allowed, you are expected to obey without answers. This story is told from several points of view giving the reader a deeper look into life in the FLDS community. We get the perspective of Trak who lives in Hurricane, Utah-a town outside the community but does small jobs in Colorado City, he has grown up with this cult right next door and has come to believe that it's just the way things are-it disturbs him but what is he expected to do?

We see things through the eyes of The Prophet, a man that members of the FLDS believe speaks revelation directly from God and expect his followers to obey without question-whether that means killing family pets or marrying sixteen year old girls to sixty year old men. Probably one of the most disturbing characters to me was Bliss, Roses' mother who is completely committed to The Prophet and punishes Rose verbally, emotionally, and physically when Rose does something she believes does not fall into line with the teachings of the Prophet. There were a couple characters that puzzled me because I wasn't sure why they were part of this particular book.

Travel the world with perfumes that bottle the scent of rain - The Hindu

A runaway named Adan comes into the story early on and is then inserted several times, but I never really truly understood his role in Roses' life. I really liked Adan and his back story which involves the foster care system and the deportation of his mother which is so relevant-especially right now.

Adan could really have his own book. The other character that felt inserted simply to provide a love interest was Brooke, a social worker new to the area. Her only role was to simply find out that Adan was a runaway and be that special red head that catches Trak's eye. Other than those few little issues I had with the story I thought "The Scent of Rain" was really good. A heartbreaking and tragic read but, this story also shows the resilience of the human spirit.

People can go through hard things and still overcome. I appreciate the time and research that author, Anne Montgomery put into writing her book. They both give a fascinating look into a disturbing reality going on right under our noses.

Bring on the humidity

Nov 10, Jaye Marie rated it really liked it. It was the cover that first attracted me to this book, and the title intrigued me. I instantly thought of the welcoming smell of the rain, the way the earth responds to it after an arid and depressing time. You can almost hear it breathing a sigh of relief and the scent is unforgettable.

I had heard It was the cover that first attracted me to this book, and the title intrigued me. I had heard of the Amish and their refreshingly simple, although strict way of life. I was expecting this story to be similar, an account of how people live under such restrictive practices. Polygamy is considered normal practice, along with the inbreeding of bloodlines between the two main families. This causes terrible deformities, both physical and mental.

The artful science behind the scent of bottled rain

Children born this way are considered a punishment from God, something to be cared for, but hidden away. Parents are overly strict with their children, under the direction of the Prophet, their leader Eldon Higbee. As you read this story, you imagine you are reading a true account, so compelling are the characters and the situations they find themselves in. The Scent of Rain is a brilliantly written story, with a fascinating cast of characters. A mixture of the evil, the helpless and the determined, all struggling to survive under some horrific conditions.

My favourite characters are the redeeming players in this drama. Rose Madsen, a beautiful young girl who is destined to be married to the Prophet, trying desperately to protect her handicapped sister Daisy. Brooke Neal is the newly appointed child protection Officer with her work cut out, and Adan Reyes, a teenage boy who has already escaped from one institution. The tension gradually rises, almost becoming unbearable. Situations go from bad to worse, but among all the pain and sadness, a love story emerges as the romance between Adan and Rose blossoms and they run away together.

At this point, I was pulling my hair out, expecting all hell to break loose. It did, but you will have to read it yourself to know the ending. I totally recommend this book with a warning, there are some nasty moments… Nov 10, Anita Dawes rated it really liked it. This book was unlike any I really remember reading before, with the exception of an Ellen Hopkins book I feel like may have related to it in some way.

Why is this book unlike any other? That aside, though, it did cause me to have some trouble immersing myself into the story enough to feel much when bad things started to happen. Rose is not our only main character we read the story through. We also have Adan or Andy , a boy trying to escape foster care and finding some mishaps along the way, and then a multitude of other characters from Trak, the man who finds Adan, and Brooke, a woman working for child protection services that happens to have moved into the area where Adan lands himself in his run.

There were also some points where we were seeing things from the POV of other community members, such as the marshal, the prophet, and other minor characters that had a role in the story. Because of this, I found myself having a lot of trouble immersing myself into the story, as I said before, and felt very much like someone outside looking in pretty much the entire time I was reading. One thing I will note though, Montgomery does a fantastic job of making the people she wants to be creepy, creepy.

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You could tell immediately who the villain character was and boy were they just a ball of ew. You could also tell who the lesser villain character was, and to a lesser extent of who one of the saviors of the story would be, but they had nothing on the main baddy. Very, very interesting though! I learned a lot about a community I previously barely knew about, and the story itself was a good way to pass the time! When asked by the author whether I would be interested in reading and reviewing her story, it was fair to say that the sounds of the plot intrigued me.

So naturally, I caved and Anne Montgomery send me a wonderful digital copy of the book — something I cannot thank her for enough. A fair description of The Scent of Rain would be a haunting yet captivating account of life in a cult. Although the story is a work of fiction, the reality behind the book is sadly not — this is a reality to some peopl When asked by the author whether I would be interested in reading and reviewing her story, it was fair to say that the sounds of the plot intrigued me.

Although the story is a work of fiction, the reality behind the book is sadly not — this is a reality to some people who cannot see the true horror under their nose. The pace and tone in The Scent of Rain make it a very easy read. There are plenty of perfumes promising this unique scent, but how exactly does one bottle the scent of rain?

Mineralogists have determined that the scent comes from compounds in the atmosphere and on surfaces, which is triggered and released by water. This is why the aroma is different from climate to climate. A rainfall in the forest will smell different than in the city. A hot, humid rainfall varies compared to a cold, winter storm.

This makes capturing the scent of rain extremely tricky.