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For more information, please click here for the FAQs. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and wisdom in many therapies—including Reiki, acupuncture, kinesiology, and Mental Health Coaching. We are extremely lucky to have Klaus as our in-house Osteopath at our Superhealth Retreats, ensuring that our guests have the best bodywork and holistic therapies available during their stay. Come to Puerto Andratx, Mallorca, in June !

The Healthibella Luxury Superhealth Retrea t is like no other vacation! Our retreat is designed to be transformative days in utter luxury. Luxury setting aside, we offer a comprehensive holistic wellness program with an optional, cutting-edge detox meal plan. Alejandro Junger—functional medicine doctor and the world's foremost authority on detox.

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We leave no stone unturned to give you the most complete reset plan available in the Baleares! Our Superhealth Retreat was created to allow you to have a holistic mind-body-soul loving holiday that supports your total YOU : calms your mind, nourishes your body, and awakens your soul. Our retreat is especially catered to busy professionals who are ready to embrace change in their lifestyle and seek peace of mind, along with the tools to maintain that balance in everyday life.

The retreat's menu was created with the aim of making the most delicious and positive impact in helping people understand their food cravings and rewire their tastebuds. The villa's impressive modern layout with traditional Mediterranean details of beamed ceilings and exposed stone walls, together with contemporary finishes, neutral tones, and clean lines create an elegant and harmonious environment for your luxury escape.

Each of the six king size suites look out onto the sea—most with balconies or terrace access. June is one of the best weather months on Mallorca, so our guests will have plenty of time to enjoy the stunning sea view pool, soak in the hot tub, practice yoga and body sculpting classes on the terrace, as well as indulge in beautiful gourmet clean dining al fresco.

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Or give yourself a good rest and relax your muscles in the sauna with sea view. Cala Llamp Andratx is 40 kilometers from Palma Airport and conveniently reached by highway. All activities are optional, giving you plenty of flexibility to tailor this retreat for your needs and wishes. During the week, we will explore a few methods because different techniques work better for different individuals. Our menu was lovingly developed to provide total nourishment for your body. If you are joining us as a CLEAN detox participant, your delicious meals were meticulously conceived to be satisfying, yet compatible with your detox plan!

All meals, smoothies, juices, snacks, and beverages are freshly prepared by our specialist culinary chef.

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Yes, we're going to meet under a Mallorcan blue sky to prepare and eat gorgeous real food that will make us feel and look radiant! Many people think Mexican food is heavy, but this Healthibella lunch will feature an almost entirely vegan menu to highlight the flavors of tangy limes, fragrant cilantro, sweet citrus, spicy chilis, and creamy avocados, while dessert will homage to Mesoamerica whom we have to thank for cacao! Please scroll down for the entire menu. This lunch will feature Jamie's Tomato Salsa! So, let's get cooking!


Below is the menu for September 30th. Classes are for all levels of experience and will emphasize the beauty of immediately harvested produce! To your health!

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Buen provecho! You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Please feel free to adjust the ingredients and whip up any dish to your own liking Discover the pleasures of cooking, it can be therapeutic The recipes here are simple and ingredients are easily available. So, it takes very minimal effort to churn out a quick, healhty and home-cooked meal.

Vegetarian cooking can be fun and exciting, keep experimenting and thinking out of the box.

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And keep recreating and reinventing new and delicious taste of your own - something out of the norm. Happy cooking! Hip, cool and raw — that's what this eatery at Keong Saik Road is all about. Its evolving menu of vegetarian, mostly-raw, plant-based food is clever and creative. Make sure to taste its house-fermented kimchi too.

Established over a decade ago, this veggie restaurant has been serving upscale, vegetarian Middle Eastern fare ever since. The staff are happy to make recommendations.

If you cannot think of Korean fare without barbecued meats and fried chicken, a visit to this meatless Korean restaurant will change your mind. Note that the restaurant uses eggs and dairy in its dishes. With its numerous outlets islandwide, you are never too far from a quick and convenient vegetarian meal. The food here is also onion and garlic free and there are vegan options too. It's a hearty bowl of straw mushroom, konnyaku prawn, tau pok, noodles and bean sprouts. Boiled with blue ginger, the dish is extra aromatic. There's even an outdoor terrace with a bar and a green edible garden that supplies the resto with herbs.

For hearty vegetarian food that hits the spot, head to Lotus Kitchen. The varied menu has everything from steamed and fried dim sum to soups, la mian, rice and stir-fried dishes. It uses oats instead of mock fish to soak up the spices. Unlike any Japanese restaurant in town, Teng serves vegan sashimi.

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