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From best-selling children's author Taro Gomi comes a set of four new books: Playing, Imagining, Growing, and Sharing. Each book features a different pair of family members loving and learning from one another A little boy imagines the journeys that he and his father go on together; a little girl speculates about her mother's life before she became a mom; an older brother thinks back to when he was the baby; and sisters attempt to halve and share everything in their path.

Each humorously narrated story is as messy, unpredictable, and endearing as everyday life with a child!

What if your marriage was meant for more than just happily ever after!

Taro Gomi is Japan's most successful children's book author-illustrator, with more than books to his credit, including his perennial bestseller, Everyone Poops. He lives in Tokyo. Beautiful colours, simple images and clear text make this a must-have collection.

11 Signs You'll Be Together For A *Long* Time

Can I Eat That? Some nights I just read out loud. And usually it ends up in a really great conversation about something that was triggered by what we read. So, I wrote Wife After God.

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I wrote this back in , right after I had Elliot. The Need for Companionship. Ministry of Reconciliation. Perfect Posture. Who You Are Called to Be. The Parts of Marriage. Intimacy With God. Love Letter to Your Husband.

What is that thing that you keep posting about? Marriage By Design. Lead By Example.

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Your Wife is a Gift. Sacrificial Love. Set Yourself Apart. Be Brave. The Good Fight.

Everyone loves that chapter, I think. Words Matter. Prayer For Your Wife. Avoiding God. Walk in Victory.

Growing Together: Transformation to Caregiver (pilot episode)

And then the last one is The Husband Revolution, which is a fun one. It says HusbandAfterGod, what is that?

How Do We Pray Together?

This one says share and discuss with your wife what you are learning about the purpose of marriage. Share with God why you are thankful for her. Lift up any needs she may have. Pray for her character to reflect Christ, and petition God to protect her. So, the challenge is go find some quiet time and just pray for your wife.

How Do We Pray Together? | Focus on the Family

This book is truly a Godsend. We recommend them being done together, they could be read separately, or they could be read together, taking turns, but our sentiment is, hey, do them, and then come together and discuss the chapter for the day, discuss the thought for the day, how you answered the questions, do the prayers together, pray-. The next question is can they be used to lead a small group? One friend had one young, young baby. So, anyways, we got together weekly, once a week, for three months, and the second to the last, or maybe the third to the last one, we made handmade invitations for our husbands—.

A Guide for Couples Getting Married

It was incredible! It was so awesome! I wanna go right back to the small group subject again. And then invite them to get the books. Do multiple studies, maybe, but I just want to challenge you to be praying through the books as you do them, and asking God who it is. You might be thinking right now, oh my gosh, I have this friend, these friends, they would love to do this with us, and start a Bible study and walk through these studies, these books together and see what God has for all your marriages. And but first, I would say you go through the devotionals as a couple first. And during that 30 days, you pray, and fast if need to, and you ask the Lord.