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This continued struggle with his sexuality is central to Chiron's story, and his initial exploration with Kevin causes confusion.

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It's followed by an act of betrayal that leads to a pivotal turning point. It's in the film's third act that Chiron's story comes full circle as he struggles to make sense of his adult life and find peace in the fractured and fragmented relationships of his past. Trevante Rhodes portrays this grown-up version of Chiron, called "Black," facing the fallout of his complex, painful youth.

While the question "What is Moonlight about? He grows up. The end," as Kristen Page-Kirby teased in The Washington Post , the true answer can't be conveyed in a simple synopsis.

Act 1: "Little" Chiron's story is told in three parts, and the main character is portrayed by three different actors , depicting him at varying milestone ages. Image Source: Everett Collection. Moonlight Award Season Movies.


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Now You Know. Secretly the cats set out to identify the body. A must wherever the series has fans.

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Instead of singing carols and climbing into Christmas trees, Joe Grey is faced with his most difficult case yet--and that's saying a lot for a wily tomcat who for years has been solving crimes the police can't even crack. Joe Grey, Dulcie and their tattercoat friend Kit must put paws and whiskers together to capture a very nasty criminal before he strikes again.

The fur starts flying when a gang from L. When one of the gang is murdered, and a second mysterious death comes to light, he has no choice but to try and stop the crimes.


When the graves of several vanished children are discovered, it seems the trouble is greater than tomcat sleuth Joe Grey and his tabby friend Dulcie ever imagined. When a waiter drops dead at the feet of artist Charlie Harper during the opening of her solo show, Joe Grey and his tabby pal Dulcie know something is very wrong in sleepy Molena Point, California. Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit are soon paw-deep in a tangle of jealousy, greed, and carefully planned retribution. They work the case as only cats can, passing information anonymously to the cops and making a heroic feline effort to nail the killer.

Anyone who owns a cat will appreciate the little nuances Murphy has worked into her felines' personalities.

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Violence and theft at a yard sale? Murder because of an eBay auction? Joe Grey and Dulcie suspect that the criminal involvement is far wider than anyone imagines, and with their unique ability to break-and-enter where the cops can't go, they begin to gather evidence. Joe Grey is mad enough to spit! No matter what Clyde, his irritating human "owner," says, he's not keeping his paws off this case, not when Max Harper's life and the future of law enforcement in the town of Molena Point are at stake. Clyde, Joe's erratic but lovable human, thinks cats should stay out of police work, but Joe is not about to give up the chase.

Mice are nice, but what cat can resist the chance to stalk a real killer?


There's a new cat in town: Azrael, a renegade tom with a penchant for voodoo, a scorn for his fellow felines, and a nasty hatred of humans. How can Joe and Dulcie expose his criminal ways without letting untrustworthy humans in on the secret that certain select cats can think and talk?

Many groups bring their dogs and cats for visits to nursing homes. But when Joe Grey and Dulcie take on this helpful work they discover multiple grisly murders and set out to track the killer. Joe Grey and Dulcie undertake an investigation which ends with release of a man wrongly accused, providing evidence the police missed that only a cat could have found.