Guide Legislative Branch: FY2012 Appropriations

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Regardless of the tempo being set by the House, the FY process likely will not go smoothly or swiftly.

The Democratic-controlled Senate will not easily go along with anything passed by the Republican-controlled House. So, just as the current fiscal year process demonstrated that our budget process is badly in need of reform, the FY proceedings will likely only confirm that view.

All of the b allocations are presented below. For information on the underlying legislation, please see the Legislative Digest for Thursday, July 21, Under the rule, the following 16 amendments are made in order. Each amendment is debatable for ten minutes.

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Amendment No. Funds reduced by the amendment would be transferred to the Spending Reduction Account. The amendment would apply only to individual Member office accounts and would not affect the Capitol Police, other legislative branch agencies, or periodic car rentals.

H.R. 2551 Amendments: Amendments to HR 2551—Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of FY 2012

With more budget brinksmanship and shutdown threats on the horizon, it appears as though Congress will again fail to accomplish its principal role, and that should be the real lesson to students across the country. Sign Up for Email Updates!

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FY 2012 Appropriations Update: The House Is in Motion

Congressional Appropriations September 16, - — Sean Kennedy. The following is a summary of the previous six fiscal years FY : FY no appropriations bills; funding resolved via full-year CR. FY consolidated appropriations package for the entire FY signed into law on December 23, , nearly three months late. FY no appropriations bills; funding via full-year CR.