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The first, Klaus Klump , walked us through the transformation of a man who learns ruthlessness as a response to itself; he being the citizen of a city under siege in the midst of an unnamed, unidentified conflict.

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Walser lives a relatively normal life. Some would say a dull one. He works as a machinist, fulfilling the same mundane task daily, week after week, month after month; he loves his wife distantly, in a comfortable and banal marriage; and he collects small metallic objects of a certain size, useless objects to others, but everything to him, carefully measuring, and logging them into his 'collection'. It's this strange collection in which he finds greatest value when the other parts of his life are called into question.

Kryon - Português * Sua Própria Máquina Do Tempo.

There is some very strong commentary on how individuals find interior calm within peripheral madness, whether it's the struggle of daily life in monotony, or the threat of death at the hands of an invading army - Tavares balances the two well, displaying them in parallel. How one works to find fulfillment, whether through lechery, hoarding, an occupation, or rebelling against chaos itself, is at the very heart of the story, as Walser grasps for the straws that keep him grounded.

The only way we can be permanently rational is by forcing our emotions to remain steady in any and all situations. That, in order to survive as a species, we must exchange our moral selves for an emotionless machine one. I think, at this point, it's possible to read the first two books as exactly that, even if that is Tavares' aim with his characters. This was a good read, and hopefully a layered deconstruction of depravity resulting in barbarity resulting in emotionless machine-men. It depends on concrete substances. Human happiness is a mechanism.

View all 3 comments. Nov 03, Cloud rated it really liked it. Talvez assim existisse amor uns pelos outros, quem sabe?

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Usually I can write a review to exorcise the grip of obsession a book has on my mind, but I have not been able to go that route with this book, and instead have been rereading it, which of course tightens the grip View all 9 comments. Jan 16, John V. Mirgnesie rated it really liked it. La otra cara de la moneda No decidir, no apasionarse, apenas ser Estoy completamente fascinado. Jun 16, Carolina rated it really liked it Shelves: animality , disability , literature , portuguese , surrealism. Feb 18, Branca rated it really liked it.

Mar 31, Jadranka Milenkovic rated it it was amazing. A uz to se napolju, na ulicama, vodi rat. Reading Taveras for the first time gives me a similar feeling as my first Beckett and Bernhard- I'm in awe of his talents and a have thirst to immediately read everything he's ever published.

And to think i got this feeling from a contemporary author. Nov 16, Korkut Kabapalamut rated it it was amazing. I've abandoned it after 20 - 30 pages.

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It was just a contrived set piece after a set piece Dec 16, Joana rated it liked it. Um bocadinho melhor que o anterior mas ainda assim Tavares' novella is - or at least could be - an homage to early 20th century modern German authors. I might be totally wrong with this guess but here's my reasoning: It starts with the name of its protagonist, Joseph Walser. Characters, that share Joseph Walser's inferiority complex, his resignation into fate, the detachment from life. Another reference is made on the cover blurb of Tavares' novella is - or at least could be - an homage to early 20th century modern German authors.

Another reference is made on the cover blurb of my edition where Tavares is called the Portuguese Kafka. Quite comprehensible, given the alienation of Walser from his fellows and the anonymous unseizable society. Lang's Metropolis could be the visual representation of Walser's machine. A machine needing complete self-abandonment and coalescence to operate it. Finally, the location remains unspecified but the names sound like German names invented onomatopoeically by somebody not in command of the German language.

Tavares' theme is the estrangement of the individual. Walser considers his 'ability not to love' as his grand achievement. His supervisor defines the destruction of every other man as the ultimate goal of the achieved human. Two penchants of Walser hit remarkably close to home. Walser regularly plays dice for the love of clearly defined rules and loss of all extraneous complexity specifically dice to avoid any necessary skill. And he collects weird metal remnants after exactly defined rules to statistically record them.

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I should rethink my passion for boardgaming and statistics. It's a quick but not shallow read. A certain bias for negativity is needed to appreciate this book. Dec 02, Gabriel Martins rated it really liked it. De resto foi um dos livros com um dos finais mais coitus interruptus que li. Adorei o momento. The novels all take place in the same unnamed fictional European city, feature a handful of overlapping characters, and are linked thematically by Tavares attempts to discern the very meaning of human existence by stripping away all of the extraneous details of each and every life he investigates.

In fact as an author, he seems to have little time or patience to spend on supplementary thoughts or ideas. May 18, Torben Henning, sf magazin rated it it was ok.

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