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He's a gentleman but also a ruthless warrior. He has a great sense of humor, he's charming and I can understand Emma's attraction from the beginning, even though I've never been one to fantasize about Scots in kilts. Emma is a great example of a strong heroine who's stubborn but not stupid. She is not perfect, makes mistakes with impulsive actions, but she's not too proud to see her flaws. She knows when she's wrong and is not afraid to admit it. My only problem with Kerrelyn Sparks ' writing are the sex scenes. They are not absurdly fake or graphical but they always have a slight problem.

Either they are psychic events, or they get interrupted, or one or both participants have some kind of problem at the moment, like the sun is coming up or they are weakened etc. These things happen in every single scene from all three books in the series I've read. I get that the author is trying to show that it can be good even if it's not "perfect", but just once I'd like to see something easy.

Be Still My Vampire Heart has a great plot and the subplots are quite good as well. I really liked Phinneas, was glad to finally understand why Sean is so hardheaded, and Constantine was a treat. I laughed out loud in various parts and finished the book with a smile, that for me is the final evidence of a good book. I'll soon be reading the fourth book in the series, finally I'm hooked. Mar 26, Yodamom rated it really liked it Shelves: free , audio , library. Sweet, romantic, fun and sexy. Ah sweet Angus, he stole my heart. I loved how he checked under his kilt overtime he shifted to make sure he was all there.

He was the perfect gentleman, honor bound, respectful and driven to make his woman happy. Oh and happy he does versa well. That is what draws attention to her, she is going to be killed by the malcontent vampires if she doesn't stop. Angus is charged with stop Sweet, romantic, fun and sexy.

Angus is charged with stoping her but her hatred blinds her to his real personality, she only sees a monster. She has reason, her history with fanged ones is not pretty and is backed up with a long ago promise. Her stubbornness, his determination and their hunters will have them facing many realities before the end of the book.

Where they end may be a predictable finale, but the path there was fun, exciting and enjoyable. Sep 28, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it it was amazing Shelves: hero-melted-my-panties-and-heart , own-book , own-on-kindle , my-favorites , girl-crush-heroine , reread-worthy , go-back-and-write-a-review-later , paranormal-romance , best-book-of-the-series. I was really looking forward to this series based on the reviews, I just wanted to find a great vampire series!!!

On to the next one Shelves: desert-island-keepers , paranormal-romance , read She has created some lovable heroes and heroines engaged in fun and exciting stories, and Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception. In fact, it is, in my opinion, the best book in the series to this point, owing in large part to its to-die-for hero. Normally, I'm not a big fan of romantic comedy, especially in paranormal romance, but Ms. Sparks really knows how to do it right. I'm able to love her books, because she knows how to balance humor, romance and emotional angst into the perfect blend to make an engaging story that doesn't feel silly or contrived.

Every time I pick up one her stories, I know I'm going to get a great read. Angus is just too scrumptious for words. He's a kilted Highlander, with that sexy brogue, and a vampire to boot. What an awesome combination! I don't think I've run across a Highland hero that has made me fall this hard for him since Outlander's Jamie Fraser.

Much like Jamie, Angus's honor means everything to him and his word is his solemn bond. From the very beginning, he vowed to protect Emma and convince her to stop slaying. Everything he does throughout the entire story is to those ends. When it comes down to a choice between her life and keeping his vow, he knows he must break it, but it doesn't stop him from feeling extreme guilt about it to the point that he nearly lets the best thing that ever happened to him get away.

I loved how chivalrous Angus was. Even when Emma was trying her level best to kill him at first, he still protected her. I adored his peaceful, diplomatic side too and how he tried to get Emma to stop slaying by taking a gentle, reasoned approach. In the end, it worked wonders and showed that violence isn't always the answer. Angus has a humorous side too.

Emma and some of the other characters love to needle him about his kilt and sporran, and when they do, his growly, "It's no' a skirt" and "It's no' a purse" responses cracked me up. The impassioned speech he gave Emma about how it was a man's duty and privilege to pleasure a woman was totally smokin' hot. Angus is quite simply the absolute perfect gentleman. He truly is the honorable hero of Emma's dreams and mine too;-. She wanted the assignment, because her parents were murdered by vampires, leaving her all alone in the world.

She has a major bone to pick with the vampires, and thinking they're all evil, she has been slaying in Central Park nearly every night. Emma is one of my favorite types of heroines. She's a tough, no-nonsense girl, who's a very skilled fighter, but at the same time, she has a soft heart. Like Angus, she has a funny side too. When Emma first meets Angus, she can barely resist his charms even though she strongly suspects him to be a vampire. She knows she should hate him, but even when she finds out the truth, she can't quite bring herself to. Angus, quite simply, isn't anything like she thought vampires were, and he challenges her preconceived notions at every turn.

Surprisingly, she came to terms with all that a little quicker than I thought she might, so her constant insistence that she and Angus couldn't have a future together made her seem a tad too stubborn at times. In those moments, I couldn't help wishing she'd lighten up a little and just give in, but overall, she was a well-drawn heroine who I liked. Together, Angus and Emma have some great chemistry.

These two have delicious sexual tension right in the opening chapter, and it only builds from there. They also share wickedly witty banter that I loved. It was sharp and clever, showing just how intelligent both characters are. I loved Angus's sexy talk. The man definitely has a way with words. The psychic vampire sex is as hot as ever one of my favorite elements in this series , and when they finally made it all the way, it was even better.

The only thing that might have improved the story for me would have been, perhaps, one more sexy encounter after they reunited at the end instead of a cut scene. Be Still My Vampire Heart is loaded with fun secondary characters too. We get a decent helping of Roman and Shanna How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire along with updates on how her pregnancy is progressing.

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Some characters have questions as to what exactly the baby will be, and I have to say I loved how this part of the story played out. Austin and Darcy Vamps and the City , who are hunting the evil Casimir in Eastern Europe, come to Angus and Emma's rescue when they're abducted by the bad guy vamps. Several characters who were previously introduced and will be getting their own books in the future get some more page time: Jean-Luc The Undead Next Door , the dashing French fashion designer; Connor Vampire Mine , Angus's always reliable right-hand man; Phil Forbidden Nights with a Vampire , Angus's mortal daytime guard; Gregori Sexiest Vampire Alive , Roman's charming and funny right-hand man; and last, but certainly not least, is the adorable Ian All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire , the centuries old vampire who looks like a teenage boy.

I was wondering how the author was going to turn this guy into a hero without it being kind of weird, and she lets us in on that secret in this book. Then we're introduced to some new characters: Robby The Vampire and the Virgin , Angus's several greats grandson; Giacomo Secret Life of a Vampire , the smooth-talking Italian Casanova; and Phineas Wanted: Undead or Alive , a newborn African American vamp who turns out to be some good comic relief, but whose libido gets him into a heap of trouble. Luckily, Angus is a very forgiving man.

However, Shanna father, Sean, is still at it with his Stake-Out team.

Inkubus Sukkubus - Vampyre Erotica

At first, he won't give up on his vendetta against the vampires or believe that Shanna isn't being held against her will, but some unexpected new depth is added to his character as we finally learn what drives him in his quest. He ends up making a reluctant alliance in order to help Emma, and with a new grandchild on the way, he starts to soften some. The early parts of the story were some of the funniest I've read in this series, while the climax was edge-of-your-seat suspenseful as Angus and Emma fight for survival against the evil vamps.

One of the things I love so much about this series is the multi-ethnic, international cast. They really add a lot of variety and flavor to the stories, and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know each of them better as I continue the series. View all 9 comments. Aug 25, Natasha rated it it was amazing. I'm ashamed to say this is only my first Sparks book I've read. I've seen this series everywhere, but just never picked it up.

Until I came across this book and decided to give it a go. And am I ever glad I did. I usually read a series from the start, but since these books are pretty much stand alone, it's not necessary. If you are looking to start from the beginning, book one is called 'How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire '. I realized that when starting with book 3, I would have missed some inside information about the characters or plot lines but I'm happy to say, I followed along easily. First off, who doesn't like a Scottish Highlander man?

Their accents and bravery are to die for. Angus MacKay is my new favorite Highlander.

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He's strong, gorgeous, protective and witty. Checking to see if all of him made it there, after teleporting.. And unlike some, she loves her work. Emma She doesn't just work for the Vampire Hunter Squad, she's also the vampire slayer. The person killing vampires at central park, and getting the unwanted attention of the vampires. In Emmas mind, the only good vampire is a dead vampire. That is, until she meets Angus MacKay, a kilt-wearing Scottish warrior. Angus MacKay is out to stop Emma from slaying vampires.

Not to save the vampires, but to save herself from being killed. A human doesn't stand a chance against vampires. No even one as kick ass as Emma. I really enjoyed the banter between Angus and Emma, they are both smart, kick-ass characters. I absolutely loved Angus's accent, and the conflict and tension between Shanna and her father was interesting. I will be picking the rest of the series up for sure. I enjoy Sparks's writing and can't wait to see what's next! Shelves: romance-paranormal2 , owned , 5-star-read.

Can a hero get any more masculine, alpha, gorgeous, loving than our kilt wearing Scot Angus MacKay? I think NOT!.. He is every woman's dream. A warrior, a friend, has a sense of humour, loyalty and you can rely on him to do the right thing. I think Kerrelyn Sparks wrote the epitome of PNR hero, and as if that isn't enough she matched him with a strong, self reliant, heroine in Emma. It is about time a PNR author wrote strong characters who are true to themselves.

She let our hero acknowledge our h Can a hero get any more masculine, alpha, gorgeous, loving than our kilt wearing Scot Angus MacKay? She let our hero acknowledge our heroine as an equal. Not someone to be protected and put on a pedestal but someone who would fight beside him and be his partner. She also kept our heroine feminine and womanly. Mix these great main characters with a likeable set of secondary characters, and truly evil badguys blend that with a fantastic plot, inspired writing and you have Be Still My Vampire Heart. The only thing I can really say I don't like about this book is the title which I think is kinda cheesy.

This story is self contained and could be read as a stand a lone if necessary but it was wonderful to see the characters from the past 2 books brought into the periphery of this story. I admit that my curiosity is piqued with baby Constantine.. I can't wait to read about what happens to Ian.

So many questions Inspired characters, great plot and good writing makes giving this book a 5 star rating a no brainer. January 4 I listened to this book as a reread and loved it just as much the second time round. The narrator was quite good and her accents were ok. I did think Emma had a bit more of an english accent but it didn't impact my enjoyment of the book. I stand by what I said in my review and still feel it was a 5 star read. Angus was so sweet. Dec 17, Mary Abshire rated it it was amazing. I really like Emma. She's spunky and perfect for Angus.

Good humor, tension, and action. The story flowed very smoothly, even with the additional bit with Shanna and the baby. This was an all around great read!


Oct 11, Sarah Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , books-i-own , vampires , what-s-under-your-kilt , great-heroine , lol-i-love-books-that-make-me-laugh , someone-went-dress-shopping , romance , mind-blown-from-the-awesomeness , authors-i-ve-met. Whimsical Writing Scale: 5 The main female character is Emma. Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 4. Swoon Worthy Scale: 4. Villain Scale: 3. I do like the effect the cover gives off. It does have a slightly darker tone in the content than other two books and I think the cover hinted to that.

Jan 07, Sana Zameer rated it really liked it Shelves: humor , vampires , series , paranormal , romance. This one was better than the first two books. It had a good plot. Emma Wallace is a vampire slayer, like Buffy. I liked Emma. She's a very strong, badass girl. And her chemistry with Angus was sizzling hot. These two are the best couple in this series. Angus is kind and chivalrous. In fact all of the vampires are kind and gentle and I'm beginning to adore all of them. Connor, Ian, Gregori, laszlo The rest of the characters were there too. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

View 2 comments. Jun 04, Liz F rated it liked it.

Covet (London Vampires Romance Series Book 1) by Felicity Heaton

I enjoyed this book from Kerrelyn Sparks. And I'm not really sure why. Many centuries ago, there was a great vampire war, pitting good vampires who didn't want to hurt humans any more than necessary and bad vampires that wanted to k I enjoyed this book from Kerrelyn Sparks. Many centuries ago, there was a great vampire war, pitting good vampires who didn't want to hurt humans any more than necessary and bad vampires that wanted to kill and rape and eat humans whenever the need arose.

Angus and Roman were, of course, the good vampires but now that the war is over, a general is no longer needed and Angus has created his own security company. Angus is such a great character. He's so terribly sweet and adorable and at the same time, he sounds ridiculously hot!! And he's always wearing these kilts Too sexy!! But he still does all of these old world things, like standing anytime a lady stands, etc. Oh I just loved him!! Emma has a tragic tale. She sort of witnessed her parents' murders at the hand of vampires.

She's some kind of psychic and she sort of tuned in to her father's head as he and her mother were being killed. His final words were, "Avenge us". Is that what a father's final words to his daughter would be? Umm, I don't think so. She's secretly going out at night and killing vampires and has earned the nickname "Slayer" even though no one know its her. And this is her life's mission, to kill as many vampires as she can, blah blah blah.

Angus finds her and falls for her. And she starts to fall for him but she realizes that it can never go anywhere. I mean, he'll be "alive" long after she's gone and that just sucks. So she tries to nip it in the bud but he's so handsome and sweet and everything she's ever wanted. What's a girl to do when the only person who interests you is a centuries old vampire??? I don't need to tell you how it end; I'm sure you can guess that!! But this was a really good book! Plenty of action and lots of laughs are to be had in this book.

I would definitely recommend!!! Aug 03, Solace Winter rated it it was ok. The first one was a solid read, though not great, the second one was better, though I hated the contrived ending, and this one just fell apart. You have to read the other two to understand the secondary storyline in this novel. The woman was killing vampires out of a need for revenge for what happened to her parents.

Considering his background this makes no sense. Chivalry was not entirely a popular thing amongst his people at the time of his vampirism. He would have been more worried about the children they would bear. It does not mean he could not have been a gentleman, but he only inherited a castle, he was not raised in one. Angus contradicts himself much throughout the novel, and his final actions in the end of the book annoy me to the point where I just stop liking him.

Women do not want a guy who is so easily torn up, at least not in romance. Aug 27, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. I am seriously loving these kilted vampires I really enjoyed reading the banter between the Emma and Angus This is the third book in the Love at Stake series and I have to say they keep getting better with each addition. There was a lot of action both butt-kicking and steamy in this book and I was glad for it, and hope that stupid hard-headed Sean is finally maybe coming around.

Anyway, I am glad that the I am seriously loving these kilted vampires Anyway, I am glad that there was a ton of butt-kicking action in this book and I am eager to see what goes down with the Russian coven in the next book as well, the evil jerks. The plot was strong, lots of good guys and bad guys, we finally meet the infamous Casimir. I am also super glad that Emma made the decision she did at the end I wouldn't want it any other way for her.

The only question left is Aug 23, Lili rated it it was amazing. I need to get me a scottie This is one of my favorite series, it's just so fun to read! Once I pick one of this books up, I know it'll be gone by the end of the day. A bunch of things happened here, but one thing in particular made me very happy: Ian's solution. I just didn't know how was the author gonna get past the 15 year-old image of him and I always wondered about it, I don't find teenager-looking guys atra I need to get me a scottie I just didn't know how was the author gonna get past the 15 year-old image of him and I always wondered about it, I don't find teenager-looking guys atractive, even if they're actually years old.

Feb 03, Dali rated it it was amazing. I really liked this one. The characters have great chemistry, their banter is funny and the entire book really helped the general arc move along. It has lots of romance, old fashioned chivalry some drama and heartache and who could forget hot steamy action. View 1 comment. Well this is the best one I've read in this series so far. I absolutely loved it. I could not put it down! I loved all the action. Angus was already one of my favorites but I hadn't counted on liking Emma that much.

She was crazy stubborn and a bit if a brat but she was also pretty kick ass. Every book since them the couples mortality has been resolved and it's seriously bugging me the Well this is the best one I've read in this series so far. Every book since them the couples mortality has been resolved and it's seriously bugging me the first's is STILL in limbo. It was more serious and less silly then the previous books have been but the very mild -singular- sex scene was the same as the others. I wonder if KS has a stipulation in her contract that forces her to keep things mild it if it's just her style?

Onto book 4! Dec 10, Jimmy Hanson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 08, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-romance , own-on-kindle , reread-worthy , hero-melted-my-panties-and-heart , read-in , own-book. Please Mrs. Kerrelyn Sparks don't end the series i need more!! This is Russell and Jia's story and the last book in the series.

As a couple I loved them together, they were very playful and cute. He respected her wishes and seen the fighter she was and she seen the honor and goodness in him when he thought he ha 5 Why does it have to end Stars OMG this book was good! He respected her wishes and seen the fighter she was and she seen the honor and goodness in him when he thought he had none! I have a thing for soldier boys, and he is Marine turned vampire dayum is there anything hotter?

The mating call of a My tigress. My love. Did you understand me? And nearly went crazy. See how well I'm learning your language? Jia tends to see the bright side of things and is very sweet. It makes me feel so powerful. You could destroy me with a single word. It would destroy me, too. I loved seeing all of the others that we fell in love with in the last 15 books.

Seeing them through out the books start families. Kerrelyn Sparks wrapped the series up nicely. Jia and russell's love was sweet and beautiful and this book was a feel good, happy book. This story had a few surprise plot twist, that I didn't see coming. At the end Roman gave a wedding toast that was very heart warming I won't post it on here, but he pretty much says I hope that one day Mrs. Sparks writes a few more for this series because I feel this series still has some life in it!

View all 15 comments. Aug 08, XxTainaxX rated it really liked it. Listened to this on audiobook while at work. The narrator did a great job : I'm sad to see the series end. I read most of the books in the series, getting to know this unique band of supernatural misfits who make one another family.

Russell was always a loner and a mysterious man. His friends didn't know what to make of him half the time but they could count on him being at the right place and time when they needed him. Jia, a tiger were princess, had a quest for revenge that caused her to cros Listened to this on audiobook while at work. Jia, a tiger were princess, had a quest for revenge that caused her to cross paths with the sexy vamp.

After strong reluctance, they end up working with and falling for one another. Of course there are many complications to overcome. I really enjoyed how the plot was built out. The major plot has had a very consistent showing in the individual subplots and are interwoven extremely well. The characters are unique and their personalities are complex.

Their romance is instant attraction but a slow burn to develop with the h's innocence playing a big part.

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I enjoyed the familial and political elements underlying this subplot. There were a few surprises and I was happy to have guessed correctly at some of them. All in all a great addition to and wonderful end to a strong series. Her grandfather accepted an alliance and she has the right to refuse but wants to meet him first. This is before she and Russell officially get together. No condoms. View all 6 comments. May 19, Yodamom rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , action-jackson , yummy-men , last-in-the-series , fun-fluff , vampires , shifters , romance.

The last book in a very fun and entertaining series. I will miss this family of shifters, humans, angels, vampires and mixes of all.

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire

All the books ended in a HEA for the two main characters. Even as each had an expected ending, I always felt exhilarated and even giggly when it happened every time. Each book had characters I liked, good people with differences. I was lucky enough to start this series after it was published and went through each book on after the other all in audiobook form. What The last book in a very fun and entertaining series. What a treat to not have to wait for the next book to be released. So having spent the last 6 months reading these 16 books, I grew to love them and cherish their happiness.

Ah, it is a bittersweet end. This last book is about a very special vampire, Russell, He is the Vietnam Vet who has been through years of torturous heartbreak, mental instability and loneliness. He finally finds someone that is more important to him than revenge. She just might be a challenge that is too feisty for him. Their search for relief ends in love and the evils all get wrapped up in a nice black trash bag. Whaooo for them! Yes, it is a HEA what else would you expect? View 1 comment.

Jun 06, Doris rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was the greatest ending of a series ever!! Everyone is happy and in love! Russell has finally cracked from his emotionless, lonely shell and not only has a lovely wife, but family!! Jun 15, TheEuphoricZat rated it really liked it.

Finally finished this long amazing series, I honestly hope she would continue writing this series, I have fallen in love with the characters and it's just so sad to see it end. In this book we follow Russel who has been in a vampire coma since the Vietnam war and was made a vampire by Angus and 5he other when they found him in a cave in Thailand Years later he is hell bent on killing master han but what he doesnt know is that there is someone who wants master han dead more than him This is how he m Finally finished this long amazing series, I honestly hope she would continue writing this series, I have fallen in love with the characters and it's just so sad to see it end.

In this book we follow Russel who has been in a vampire coma since the Vietnam war and was made a vampire by Angus and 5he other when they found him in a cave in Thailand Years later he is hell bent on killing master han but what he doesnt know is that there is someone who wants master han dead more than him This is how he meets Jia a were-tiger and soon they develop an attachment and it would appear that her so called engagement to a prince wont be taking place The surprise in this book shocked me Master han is someone known Aug 04, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: vampire , edelweiss , paranormal , demons , supernatural , shifters , kindle , own , romance , urban-fantasy.

Russell has a major vendetta burning against Han. Turning Russell took everything away from him, but leaving him in a cave in a near mummified state for decades removed every connection he ever had to humanity until Jia stumbles into his revenge. Jia wants revenge against Han, too. Han not only killed her family but chopped them up into little pieces so they could not be reborn into their next were-cat lives. Yes, Han is a very evil dude only topped by the demon released by Han.

Jia wants to team up with Russell but he fights it every step of the way. Then Russell has no choice but help the woman that haunts his thoughts. This being the last book of this series, I especially enjoyed how all the characters are brought back into play for this the 16th book in this series. In all the ways Sparks could have wrapped this story up, she completely surprised me.

I really enjoyed Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire. This book is set for publication December 30, View 2 comments. Dec 29, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: guiltypleasures-kittyangel. No, not just one character, but all of them. Yes, Ms. Bringing a close to the series with Russell and Jia in a book called Couching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire, you know that you will be dealing with a Vamp and a Shifter.

A pairing that seems a little unreasonable. A Princess and a reclusive vampire … there is no way for this to work. But, in true Kererlyn Sparks style, she brings them together, she solves the mystery of Master Han and opens us up to a man that finally has a reason to live. As we walk through the world of vampires, shifters, dragons and demons, we are brought to a hillside cave with running water and electricity, to a royal castle, back to Scotland and into the bowels of hell. Yes, everyone is back and everyone has one goal — rid the world of Master Han and Darafar, again.

The arch-angels make an appearance and we even get to say good-bye to those we hated throughout the series. Now, as you can tell, I am not giving away anything in this story. I cried as Roman gave his toast, as gifts were exchanged, as we all said good-bye, have a wonderful life together. Thank you, Ms. Sparks, for allowing me the honor and pleasure of reviewing your books.

You have brought us so much love and heart-warming stories over the years — each story unique. You have a way with the written word that brings to life things that we would have never imagined. You wrote each book with style and flare, made sure everyone was happy and satisfied extremely , made us appreciate eyes turning red and understand what was going to come next. You made us laugh, you made us cry, then you made us wish for that all-consuming love that you had leaping off the pages.

I look forward to see what you are coming up with next and extremely excited to see who you bring into my world. It hurts to say goodbye to old friends. How do you say goodby to characters you have read about for 10yrs. I hope it is just for now and not forever!! The series ended very well with all questions answered and a final catch up with all the characters of previous LAS books.

The were-dragons are a great addition to the LAS series. The story starts a little slow but builds up and moves along to a very good end. So I shall say Goodby to all my old friends in this series. I hope we meet for a reunion some day!! Thank You Kerrelyn Sparks for taking all of your Fans on a fantastic reading adventure. View all 3 comments. Dec 24, Tori rated it liked it Shelves: arc , vampires , series , supernatural-elements , review-for-smexybooks , read-in , pnr. Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire brings a long running storyline to a close as our hero, Russell Hankleburg, solidifies his revenge against Master Han, the evil vampire who changed him and then left him in a coma for 39 years, with the help of a were-tiger who has her own reasons for wanting Han dead.

Jia, our heroine, is a royal were-tiger princess whose parents and siblings were slaughtered by Master Han. She has vowed revenge but is stymied by her cousin, Rivja, the Grand Tiger of her village. Russell grabs her and takes her back to his hideout in order to discover who she is and why she interfered with his plans. Upon discovering her identity, he instantly takes her back to Tiger Town and from there, a somewhat controversial relationship begins between them.

The romance is slow to start but builds in balance with the conflict. I have followed this series on and off since the beginning. Interesting dynamic characters, silly tongue in cheek humor, and some steamy romance is what made this series fun but in this installment there was a faint mocking and moronic quality to the characters and the storyline. Dialogue flips from funny and mature to juvenile and imbecile in a heartbeat. Formulaic to the point of redundancy, it follows a noticeable groove worn track and stays one-dimensional.

The emotional conduits seem to be missing. We are told more than shown. Russell constantly waxes on how attracted he is to Jia but I never felt the chemistry between them. Jia comes off strong and smart in regards to their mission but naive and somewhat stupid in the affairs of the heart. The romance and the conflict are streamlined and whittled down to the bare bones. No anticipation. No real heart stopping moments or genuine feelings that something bad will happen. Almost every couple from the series makes an appearance, bringing some humor as they help wrap up the multiple story lines and close the series out.

I did enjoy seeing many old faces and of course seeing where they have all ended up. I admit the angel squad was a bit strange and visiting Hell left me rolling my eyes. The one liners and character caricatures over reached at times and fell flat. The coup de grace concerning Master Han came out of left field and was almost annoyingly easy to figure out.

I do wish more time had been spent on the little boy-dragon hostage. Overall I think that Sparks was right to wrap it all up and end it here. The stories have become repetitive. Cute, fun series! Nov 23, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal. Nov 18, Leigh rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , dead-spouse , virgin-heroine , own-physical , audiobook , library-borrow , contemporary-romance , heroine-engaged-to-someone-else.

Book rating: 4. It was a slow burn romance but more sexy compared to her Embraced series. There's plenty of action and a solid plot, lots of characters I believe are from previous books. The entire villain motivations got sort weak towards the end and some things were sort of left out and forgotten about but I didn't really care too much since I read this mainly for the romance. The heroine is engaged to another person, but not really.

She didn't Book rating: 4. She didn't even know about it until her cousins told her and she never wanted it so I wouldn't really call that engaged since it's against her wishes. The one thing that bothered me was the surprise dead spouse of the hero. He did had a wife and a child before he became a vampire which served to strengthen his motivations I believe to kill the villain but it is a big pet peeve of mine. Like he would still be with his wife and child living a normal life if he hadn't been turned into a vampire.

I loved the heroine. She was charming, cute, innocent and could fight. I loved how her just plain goodness and sweetness knocked the hero to his feet all the time. The hero respected her abilities and let her fight and participate in his quest for revenge and called themselves 'partners'. I liked the narrator. He had a nice steady voice, but not much different types of voices.

I still could tell the difference between characters though. Jun 08, Stephanie G rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed-read-by-stephanie. He wants answers and won't be slowed down by a partner. Well, that's too bad because Jia wants retribution against the same vampire for killing her family. Despite his best attempts, Russell can't convince Jia to back off so together they search for Master Han while avoiding the obvious spark that could threaten their mission and Jia's impending engagement.

Russell wants to know why was he tu 3. Master vampire Han is the only one with the answers and even with the good vampires dismantling more of his army each day, he has eluded capture. Enter Jia, a princess were-tiger with the ability to scent vampires who refuses to be left out of the hunt. Their sparring and Russell's crumbling resistance to Jia's charm is fun to watch. I applaud her defiance against the Tiger Town customs of docile princesses and arranged marriages. They're a sweet couple that deserve the best after what Han has put them through but I don't feel they're strong enough to end the series.

Russell has spent most of his time avoiding everyone and Jia is new so I haven't had time to get to know them or grow to care like with established characters, such as Howard or Phineas. I know there really isn't anyone left that the series could have ended on but I still wanted more of a BAM in the romance department. Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire feels like 2 different books. In the first half, Russell is coming to terms with Jia being his partner and fighting their growing attraction while hunting for Han. This part drags and feels repetitive as Russell searches, thinks about Jia then chides himself for thinking of her, and Jia tries to convince Russell to partner up.

Then when they finally catch up to Han, his identity is revealed and that big shocker pulled me back into the story when I was contemplating calling it quits. I'm not going to spoil it and say what happens but it involves a demon, angels, and a trip to a place I didn't think the series would go.

As interesting as it is, the second part of the book does feel a little off compared to the rest of the series. Still, it gave the book the shot in the arm it needed to keep me be glued until the end. Although romance doesn't have quite the same kick as previous books, Russell and Jia are still really sweet and have no problems steaming up the pages.

All loose ends are tied up, including the relationship status of a certain Grand Tiger, and it leaves fans of the series with the warm and fuzzies as a lot of the much beloved characters make one final appearance. This series Love at Stake started with the story of Roman and now was closed by Roman. This latest couple, Russell and Jia brought the series to a temporary close.

I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was thrilling, adventurous and sweet. And we get to see Hell. It was exciting book and brought the end of Master Han regime. Discovering the real identity of who Master Han is was something unexpected. Lots of twists. Seeing everyone again in this book was amazing. Rajiv finding his HEA. Watching the connection between Russell and Jia grow was beautiful.

I loved Roman's speech. The ending of this book opened to a new beginning that I can't wait to read it and I'm guessing the wait is going to be very long one. View all 5 comments. I loved this paranormal series and the exciting grand finale in this last book was great with all the characters coming together.

The intrigue and outcome of this story was good too and I particularly like the heroine's assertiveness. Vampire Russell is attempting to kill his nemesis when were-tiger Jia gets in the way. Jun 01, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-urban-fantasy , read. A good ending to the series. Wish the ending could have been drawn out a bit more or an epi since this is the last book of the series. I wasn't surprised at who Han was once the clues started being given.

May 11, Irene rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-fantasy-challenge. This was so sweet! Great conclusion to a great series! Jan 09, S. Rutherford rated it really liked it Shelves: vampire-romance , paranormal-romance , kerrelyn-sparks. I was quite pleased with the way Kerrelyn Sparks ended her Love at Stake series. The way she wrote her last few books was rather disappointing. I suppose as a writer pushes through a series and spits out two books a year, they begin to lack detail and it shows that the love begins to fade.

The work starts eating the enjoyment of writing. It's showed in her previous books. While it somewhat showed in this book, she did a much better job. For about the first half of the book, it was like her last f I was quite pleased with the way Kerrelyn Sparks ended her Love at Stake series.