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Regardless of the reason, it is always beneficial to potty train your Shih Tzu. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:. This is supposedly the most obvious reason. Some dogs tend to find a hidden section in the house and do their thing there. If you cannot find where your dog relives themselves, you might have a difficult time keeping your house smelling fresh.

Shih Tzu Training & Breed Information

But if you potty-train them well, you can eliminate that bad smell. When your Shih Tzu has an injury or an illness, it might not be safe to take them outside. This means that they might do their mess in the house, which will force you to clean it up. But what if they are potty trained? If you are one of the dog owners that usually take their furry buddies outside when its time to use the bathroom, you might consider potty training.

But is it a must? Yep, it sure is. When you get out of your apartment, you find the elevator jammed; other residents are stranded as they wait for this one elevator to get to your floor. In no time, whoosh! He just messed the floor. Not only does potty training your Shih Tzu help to keep your house free from the odor and mess, but it also gives you peace of mind.

Have you ever come across a pet owner who always rushes home from work to take their dog out? Now that you know why you should potty-train your dog we can move on to how you can achieve this.

How to potty train your shih tzu puppy [HD slideshow video]

First things first, you need to start the potty training as soon as the puppy gets home. The earlier you start, the better your success. Too many new pet owners make the mistake of ignoring the mess the puppy leaves around the house for the first few weeks. They presume that the puppy will learn when he grows up. This is a very big mistake. Instead, start the potty training soon enough. Also, keep in mind that puppies have a small bladder.

This means that the puppy will poop and pee whenever they want to. They cannot hold it for a long time. When potty training a puppy take it as though you were handling your 2-year old child. Remember to be patient! After you understand that they have a small bladder and can do their thing almost anywhere and whenever they feel like it, you will need to keep an eye on them. Having said that, traveling by car with your puppy inside the fully assembled crate is a great way of ensuring safety on the road as he is not free to roam around inside the vehicle.

In a lot of countries it is a legal requirement to immobilize any pets traveling inside a vehicle. It is a natural instinct for a dog to want to sleep in a den where he can feel safe from rivals and predators. In his den he would not make a mess near where he sleeps; he would either go outside or somewhere else in the den if it was large enough. If you get the training right he will actually want to be inside his crate most of the time when he is relaxing or sleeping. Until your shih tzu is fully house trained he should never be left unsupervised unless safely inside his crate.

If he were to defecate somewhere in the house, and if he has the chance he probably will, then the whole crate training program would be in jeopardy of failing. The program would also fail if you put him inside the crate as a form of punishment. The crate must become a happy place for your shih tzu to be for this to work.

You can either use no spill bowls that lay on the floor but with little floor space available I recommend the clip-on type bowls that hang from the side of the crate.


Ideally, you must put your puppy in his new crate as soon as he becomes your puppy. For the first three days of crate training you must carry him from the crate to the place where you want him to go to the toilet and when he has finished you must carry him back to the crate again. After the three days you can start walking him out on the leash but you must prevent any fouling between the crate and the toilet spot. You must never let any accidents happen with this method. Shih tzu do not like being alone so place the crate somewhere where he will have some human company from you and any other family or household members.

Keep to the same command every time you do this and he will come to learn what is going to happen. In a few days or weeks he will associate this phrase with relieving himself and you will be able to get him to go on command. But for now he may go, he may not go.


If he does, reward him with praise and possibly a small treat as well. Either way, whether he goes to the toilet or not, let him run around for a while to get some vital exercise, perhaps chasing his favourite ball or toy. Working his excess energy off like this will help reduce the chances of anxiety setting in during the times he is alone in his crate.

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Give him plenty of time and try the toilet command to see if he wants to pee or poop any more. When toilet time is over take your puppy back indoors for a session of petting and socializing prior to returning him to the crate. During this vital bonding time if it is the first three days of training you must hold on to him at all times. Watch him settle down then leave him to have a nap, he should need it after his exercise and excitement.

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You can leave him there for two or three hours before repeating the process again. For the first three days you may well have to take him out once or twice during the night but after that, as I implied before, he should be able to last the night without a potty break. Just be there to take him out first thing in the morning. As your shih tzu puppy grows older you can start to lengthen the time he stays in the crate up to a maximum of four hours during the day. Maybe you are one of those that believe that a tiny puppy should be give lots of love, kisses and treats and let the problems surface before doing anything.

Is it impossible? Of course not, and Shih Tzu puppy training can be the best activity that you and your new puppy embark on to bring the two of you closer together. So, when and where do you start?

We have numerous pages on this site that discuss aspects of Shih Tzu puppy training. Article Continues After Advertisement. One of the very first things that most people want to know is when should I start puppy training. Today, we know that puppy training needs to begin as soon as you take your dog home.

We think about puppy training as an ongoing process that includes teaching manners and social skills, basic commands and housebreaking. A well trained puppy is much less likely to ever see the inside of a dog shelter or rescue and will live out his life as a devoted family member that you, the proud owner will be happy to show off to all your acquaintances. You might wonder why this article is listed under puppy training, and there is a logical explanation.

A well puppy proofed home will prevent problems from arising and improve the chances your Shih Tzu puppy training efforts will be successful. Eliminate as many puppy temptations and you'll find you don't need to use the "No" word nearly as much.

Crate Training a Shih Tzu Puppy - Cruel or Kind? -

Read more on Puppy Proofing. There are several options for house training a puppy and one must decide beforehand which method will work best for their own personal situation. Most people prefer for puppies and older dogs to find a suitable place outdoors for elimination. It is mostly a personal choice, as one is not necessarily better than the other.

While many puppies will stop nipping on their own as they mature, many others will not unless taught otherwise. Many adult dogs end up in shelters because they were guilt of biting the toddler. Some breeds are more prone to this than others, and even within a breed, there will be some individuals who border on the more aggressive side either due to genetics or early experiences. Never take a chance on your dog being the one that must be relinquished because he bit someone. More on Puppy Nipping Behaviors.