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Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators

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10 DEADLIEST Apex Predators

These predators feed on turkey eggs, quail eggs and ground-nesting game animals. If you remove a good number of these animals every year as well as coyotes, you can increase the numbers of turkeys, quail, song birds and upland birds on your property. Read More.

Predator , Mossy Oak , Firearm. Learn how you can use sprinklers to fight the effects of drought on your food plots from Mossy Oak. The biggest thing for me is to become focused. Fishing , Mossy Oak Elements. Read on to learn more about managing mature whitetail deer on small properties from Mossy Oak.

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Planting Food Plots Without Equipment. Without the magic of a no-till drill, food plot farmers can still produce a decent stand with a no-till approach.

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Electrofishing Surveys for Fisheries Management. Electrofishing is a useful tool for managing fish populations in ponds and lakes.

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Read on to learn more. Fishing , Mossy Oak GameKeepers.

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Hunting properties require more than just land upkeep—your pathways need regular maintenance, too. Here are a few tips for maintaining your roads and trails.

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  • The first time most people shoot at fish with their bows, they shoot over the top of the fish. You always want to aim below the fish because the refraction of light makes the fish appear closer to the surface than they are.

    Lords Of Nature: Life In A Land of Great Predators

    Fishing , How-To , Bow. As for whether socks and boots make a hunter more successful, the answer is absolutely! Mossy Oak Fishing recently spoke with Ott DeFoe of Tennessee, the winner of the Bassmaster Classic, about the business of professional bass fishing. Watch Now. As you delve deeper into habitat and wildlife management, it becomes clear that there are plenty of other improvements that need to be made to the habitat if your goal is to attract and hold mature bucks on your property. Explore All Posts.

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    • If Hobbiton was anything like Auckland, the average hole would go for a million dollars. Now as New Zealand wrestles with what people to let in, most are united in what kinds of wild animals they want out. The government's answer: All of them. Everything with teeth instead of a beak, fur instead of feathers. Because when man first found these islands at the bottom of the world, there was nothing but birds.

      Aside from a couple of tiny bat species, New Zealand has no native land mammals. And with no predators to eat them, many of the native birds -- including their beloved kiwi -- never learned to fly. The Maori hunted the biggest birds to extinction and the vermin that arrived on European ships did a number on the rest.

      A quarter of New Zealand's native birds are reported to be extinct and almost 4, plant and animal species are threatened or at risk. So this nation of animal lovers hatched Predator Free , a plan so audacious in scope it's been called New Zealand's "Apollo Project. They aim to poison or trap every invasive critter on the island -- hundreds of millions of rats and mice, weasels and stoats, possums and feral cats -- and make the entire country predator-free by Each year, government helicopters fly across gorgeous landscapes, spreading tons of cereal bait or carrot chunks laced with , a toxin so deadly, it's banned in many countries.

      The vast majority of Kiwi scientists and environmental groups defend the practice, while protesters are dismissed as fringe. I took "The Wonder List" to New Zealand wondering whether man can put nature back like he found it, and ended up releasing an adorable kiwi named Croucher into the wild and rethinking everything I thought I knew about the natural order. I went wondering whether this breathtaking, thrill-seeking nation at the bottom of the world can stay so pristine now that their secret is out.

      And I found that it is a lot easier to discover paradise than to keep it that way. A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year.