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Here are four stories from area couples that each gave their relationships another chance. Some rekindled that lost love, while others found out they were better off apart, but everyone learned from the situation. He was her first boyfriend and they dated for a year, before seeing other people … but not before Ian made a bold statement for a high school student.

It was then that he confessed that he still loved her and they became official in August of her junior year of college. That was two years ago.

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Since then, Farris has graduated and she and Ian moved in together in October — a decade after he professed marriage that fateful high school day. Ironically, she was having a bad day and took it out on him. Eventually, Timothy did come back to the gym and they became friends.

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After another year, Timothy revealed he had a crush on Holly. Before meeting her, he made a list of characteristics of his ideal woman, and he told Holly that she was everything on his list. Unfortunately, during the planning of the wedding, things began to implode. The time apart allowed each of them to mature in their own way. Tim was able to become more emotionally mature and Holly learned a sense of self, which included not making the relationship her everything.

Holly even went on a year of adventures that included touring Europe and skydiving. Eventually, she got into a new relationship, but Timothy contacted her and wanted to try again. She knew in her heart that he was the one and, after a couple of months, they decided to give their relationship another chance. And that list she revised? She found it recently and Timothy now checks all the boxes on the list. It is great to be in this place.

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These relationships show that growth as an individual was a key factor in helping make their togetherness as a couple more successful. Sometimes though, romance turns out a little differently. Some significant others are better as platonic friends, which was the case with Betty Trahan Grand, who lives in Charlotte, while her ex-husband-turned-best-friend lives in Dallas. It's tabloid news to many, but to the couple, the relationship is a precious chance to do it right—at last.

Bolton, who says he felt Sheridan was his destiny, sustained their broken romance as a friendship over the years. He re-romanced her after she broke off an engagement to someone else in In a way, we have both always known," Bolton says. Ali met Lonnie Williams in Louisville, Kentucky, in , when her family moved in across the street.

Ali was 20 and Lonnie was only 5, but they quickly became friends.

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Whenever Ali returned home, he made sure to see Lonnie. The initial age difference and Ali's fame took him through three other marriages before he found his way back. Now married for 19 years, Williams and Ali are finally in sync. Child actor Fred Savage left the suburbs of Chicago at age 11 for Los Angeles and his star turn in The Wonder Years , the hit series about boomers coming of age. Among those left behind: his friend Jennifer Stone. Eleven years after last seeing each other, they reconnected at Savage's birthday party.

But an upcoming reunion at her alma mater gave her high-school and college sweetheart Ed Oster a ready excuse to call. The two met for coffee in and found "an immediate chemistry," says Hanover, "just as there had been when we were kids.

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They married in Kullijian found the courage to contact Channing, his junior-high-school girlfriend, after 70 years, when she fondly mentioned him in her memoir. I was so in love with Harry; I couldn't stop hugging him," Channing wrote.

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Channing's mother, deeming her too aggressive, had broken up the young romance, but things were set right when the two wed in Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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