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This book reminded me of the Genius mini-series, where I learned that Einstein had the same doubts and flaws that we all have. We like to immortalize our heroes and we tend to buff out the flaws. If we allow ourselves to take a step back and look at the real person, we can see that the flaws make their heroics more relevant and resonant. We're all weird aliens with superpowers.

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Perhaps it's time we shared that with the rest of the world? I have always loved Superman, as a character, but struggled to find a story of his that I truly enjoyed. It was, is, and always will be amazing. I was satisfied. At least there is one collection out there that really digs into what makes the man of steel an amazing hero. I had given up hope of ever seeing another collection get it right; and then I read this. Superman: American Alien is the first superman collection since All Star Superman to make me remember why I love the character so much. There are hundreds examples illustrating the "super" in his name but very few that focus on the man.

American Alien walks the reader through Clark Kent's struggle with his identity, abilities, and humanity, in a way that no other story has. Just like past stories he has fantastic powers and super sized fights, but unlike other books American Alien delves into why Clark chooses to fight in the first place. It examines how his choices affect, not just him and the people he saves, but also those close to him. It is a refreshing, honest, and action packed look into the life and choices of one of the greatest superheores of all time.

An absolute buy. I thoroughly enjoyed this modern retelling of the Superman story. Landis and his equally talented associates take the reader on a roller coaster ride that is the young Clark Kent's life after arriving on Earth as the sole survivor of a doomed world. Each comic book reintroduces familiar characters that make up this modern Superman's supporting cast. Some of the action in the earlier books of this limited series was surprisingly violent, while the change in Clark's relationship with Lois from fierce workplace competitor to passionate lover was surprisingly subtle.

Landis successfully weaves these disparate threads of Superman's early career into a satisfying and climactic ending. If you don't like Superman after this, you probably never will. This story has one of the best fundamental understanding of the character, it is second only to All Star Superman. To properly understand Superman, you need to know Clark Kent.

Superman is Clark Kent, not the other way around. As such, the company is violating the arms reduction treaty. Rodina diplomatic officer Rivera suggests they return Bishop, fully-repaired in exchange for the corpse of Kurtz and pretend to know nothing of the Xenomorphs. Rivera subsequently contacts Rosetti and informs Anchorpoint of unlawfully holding Kurtz.

Rosetti feigns ignorance and makes mention of the UPP holding Bishop. Rivera responds that the UPP do not hold synthetics the status of 'citizens' and moreso 'machines' and that Bishop is being held in response to treaty violations when the Sulaco trespassed UPP territory. Rivera goes on to say that they will be returning Bishop to the station, giving Anchorpoint no justification of keeping Kurtz. In the Anchorpoint biolab, Fox is called by Tully and Spence, who, after running tests on the samples with human DNA, make a shocking discovery.

Despite compatibility tests with human DNA usually taking a minimum of fifty-three hours to complete, the sample, which Tully states "doesn't resemble biological material at all", eats away and absorbs the human DNA strand in a matter of seconds. Tully goes on to say that the two terminated the sample, much to Fox's outrage.

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Although Tully states that a major containment facility would be needed to run further tests, Fox responds with "this station is our containment facility". The group scan Bishop for any new circuitry and tampering and find nothing. Welles states that they should assume that the UPP have accessed his memories of the Xenomorph.

Welles later visits Tully, examining the Alien sample in a containment tank, which is slowly growing into a miniature egg.

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Suddenly, a crack appears on one of the containment tanks and suddenly explodes, causing shock and Tulley and Welles to hit the floor. One of the samples suddenly implodes, causing a cloud of motes to be released into the air. Tully immediately yells for the two to be sent to "de-con". The two are subsequently sent to the decontamination room. Afterwards, Welles has Tully and Spence "off the project" and requests for Bishop to take over the lab.

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After saying her goodbyes to the unconscious Ripley, giving her a map of where to find her on Earth, Hicks, who was recently debriefed by Welles, bids Newt farewell, the two giving each other the thumbs up before Newt takes her leave and departs for Earth. Hicks is later called upon by Spence and other members of the station who tell him that they recovered Xenomorph samples from the Sulaco , with the company intending to clone it.

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Hicks joins the group in an effort to destroy the samples. Back in the docking bay, a Xenomorph emerges from a cooler-grid that was previously retrieved from the Sulaco. Simultaneously at Rodina it is revealed that the Xenomorph specimen that the officials were growing in a containment tank, had broken loose and was causing havoc. Rosetti and Jackson attempt to contact Rivera to no success, but suddenly notice the battle cruiser Nikolai Stoiko approaching Rodina.

Over in the decontamination room, a Xenomorph suddenly appears and kills a civilian. Meanwhile, sensing that Anchorpoint is doomed, Hicks grabs a still comatose Ripley and gives her Newt's map, putting her in a shuttle with coordinates to Earth. Although Bishop questions the possibility of Ripley being infected, Hicks says he'll take his chances, before launching her into space.

The group check the ops room and locate the Stoiko approaching Rodina. The Stoiko launches a missile into Rodina and destroys the whole station, but not before Chang manages to escape in a shuttle as the sole survivor. The group contemplate their hopes of survival, and suggest that the best thing to do is to blow up Anchorpoint.

The colonist ship Kansas City is due for arrival shortly containing over three hundred colonists for a re-fuel. Not enough cute things.

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After struggling with this issue I decided that I would go the way of all other science fiction novelists and script writers. Accept that mainly guys are going to like the work and move on. So Alien Celeste will actually be the last ebook to try to appeal to girls, and the series will contain a lot less girl-related ideas and concepts. From series 6 expect more hard core science fiction concepts and a lot more complicated situations. I would expect that series 6 will be for an early teenage group, with an increase in the word count.

Aliens characters

I did have plans to write a new series called Ghost Characters. Suffice to say, Alien Characters and Ghost Characters will keep me busy for the next few years and this new series is going to be created in between the other ones. For my readers, thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking around, downloading my ebooks, leaving reviews and more. I love writing Alien Characters and hope to write many more and knowing others are reading them means a lot to me. Thank you. Speak soon! Alien Madison is a weapons specialist and has been brought in to find out how to fight the Antagonians.

But an experiment on the recovered Antagonian gloop causes it to attack. Will Alien Madison be able to build her weapon in time? Alien Madison. The Alien Characters crew of The Celestial Breeze spaceship and their companion planet Elizabeth attempt their first hop with the intergalactic drive, but somehow shift to a version of the Large Magellanic Cloud that is not happy. Within moments they encounter the Antagonians, led by military commander Alien Captain Nicholas.

His plan — to take over The Celestial Breeze spaceship and planet Elizabeth and use the technology to take over the rest of The Cloud. What will happen to the Alien Characters? Alien Nicholas.

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But something happens to the ship. This is a 21 page text-only Kindle version of this science fiction story for children.

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Alien Elizabeth, one of the many fun extraterrestrial characters in this science fiction and fantasy series for kids, has just been born and is quickly finding out who she is, just as the crew of The Celestial Breeze also find out who she is and what her special relationship is with The Companion Planet. Alien Elizabeth. Alien Aiden, one of the many fun extraterrestrial characters in this science fiction and fantasy series for kids, is a time investigator who finds himself taken forward in time onto The Celestial Breeze.

They need his help to prevent an anti-time creature from accidentally destroying his star system. Alien Aiden. Alien Emma, one of the many fun extraterrestrial characters in this science fiction and fantasy series for kids, is an empath who finds herself on the spaceship The Celestial Breeze.

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