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Snakes can mean shedding the past. What usually happens is you react in a certain way, the universe may punish you for acting that way by giving you an undesirable outcome, usually in the shape of pain. The fact that the snake was on your back may mean it has something to do with the way you support yourself, i. The universe may be asking you to change your perspective on these topics. A bit if advice for everyone, including myself. Next time something happens to you that annoys you or gets you angry, causes hatred or fear, or better yet, cause you to treat the situation with aversion, try not to react.

Just watch the situation develop. The universe is constantly testing us to help us evolve. Some who becomes non reactive becomes indestructible. But that does not mean to not take action. It means to not get angry and learn that every moment is new and unique.

What’s the significance of sensations during meditation?

Okay, I am not going to lie. When I was little, I saw a snake slithering up our front yard. It had a black, yellow and red pattern on it, and I was so totally freaked out and I ran straight home and into the house. Also, a couple of neighborhood boys gathered around a snake I think was dead lying on the steep driveway of my home, and I decided, out of curiosity, to get a closer look but my mother warned me to stay away from the snake. Was the red touching the black or the yellow. Because if red touched yellow, you were right to gtfo of there. That was a Coral Snake, a venomous snake that can kill you.

If red touched black, then it was a scarlet kingsnake and you were totally fine. Scarlet Kingsnakes mimic Coral Snakes to keep themselves safe from predators. In my dream last night I saw something covered with black cloth which, looks like a worm and it was moving this was in my childhood house.

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Then I started shouting at my siblings telling them that they should kill the worm and all of a sudden it came out of the cloth and turned to a big snake with different colors like a cobra and ran towards my direction. Then I woke up. HI, sometimes when I meditate a snake suddenly appears. It reached from my butterfly room all the way out into the streets.

He was hugh, hugh, hugh. The snakes are usually a rich or muddy brown. Can anyone help with this dream I had. I had a dream that was quite interesting. The dream reflected A very strange image within it. I saw large snake I believe a rattler snake, That bit me and I think it was in my right arm. As the snake bit me I knew I needed to reach hospital and I tried calling for an air ambulance.

I kept believing one was on the way to take me to the hospital. There were different people watching over me but no one was trying to take me to the hospital. I saw the large snake who started talking to me telling me it was part of the brotherhood of the serpent. I was also aware that my arm was sweating something like plasma just up to my biceps and the right arm. I was not afraid. I was also aware that something more was being communicated to me. I was not afraid during this encounter yet it felt as though I was being told something. Or else it could have been that I was being initiated into this brotherhood of the serpent.

Quarter horse for land, sea horse for water, airedale for dog, chicken for bird, mosquito for bug, and now the snake for reptile. Beautiful black king snakes are not shy about letting themselves be seen in broad day light lying directly across the walking path in the woods that are located near my home. My poor mom was too afraid to go anywhere near it despite the gentle and patient nature the snake clearly possessed. I love snakes just like any other animal.

I am only afraid of the ones that are capable of doing real harm, but garter snakes and king snakes are always welcome near my home. Is it possible that our spirit animal stop guiding and leave? Someone I trust in the spirit world said that your animals can change. If your interested in finding out what animal is relevant to you now, try this exercise. Ask for help from the divine, universe, God, your angels whatever you believe in to cleanse your soul of any negative or confusing energies. Then ask for your spirit animal to come forward and notify of its presence.

Over the next few days, take notice of any animals you come into contact with. Take particular notice of any animals doing unusual things like a bird doing a somersault or a lizard falling off the ceiling and landing on your head or a monkey screaming in your ear. This may be a good excuse to go to a zoo. But try not exclude the obvious, like a dog.

Also try not to judge an animal. I was dissapointed to discover that my spirit animal was a lizard… Being a man who enjoys construction work. Also, a lizard is the great manifestor. It can create anything with a thought.

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Good luck. Ever since i was a little girl I would go outside and look for and pick up snakes. I wished it luck on its journey as my friend fearfully shooed it into the woods with a branch. What an amazing sign. Hi early in the morning at approx 6am I had a dream that a black snake is blocking my way as that was way through field I thought of moving aside and go but found that whole field has been covered by black snakes in a horizontal line and there is no way to pass.

I thought of going back and as soon as turned snakes also started going, tried to take pictures on mobile but camera is not clicking pictures please suggest. I had a very similar dream two nights ago. In my dream, it was like a beach setting and I remember seeing a palm tree near the beach. There were tons of black snakes swiftly slithering across the sand horizontally, traveling from the left of the beach to the right and they were blocking my path to the water.

They did not seem menacing at all. It felt as if they did not mean anyone harm. In fact, it was as if they did not notice me. However, I knew they were very venomous and could possibly bite me if they accidentally bumped into me. What has happened since your dream? So I yesterday I noticed a water maccissin curled up in the corner outside my job door way.

I was the only one who noticed it out of all the workers that have been in and out that door all day. I even got close to it to take a picture and it did nothing but why was I out of everyone all day to see this snake. The snake was talking to you and no one else. This happens a lot more then people realise. It may be your current job or co workers. It might have had something to do with the thought you had just before you saw the snake. Either way, change us usually good, once you get used to it. What Can My Dream Mean? You need to find away to forgive yourself but more importantly learn to live in the now..

I agree with Derek. I used to carry a lot of shame and guilt and I still carry some. But instead of forgiveness, try accepting your past first. You got to ask yourself, do you want to be perfect, or human? For that reason, the child will grow to be like the parent, in all their beauties and faults.

You must not blame yourself for your attitudes, personalities, decisions, mistakes. We are all products of conditioning, and it is only when we become adults does the real test begin and from there you implement all that we learnt. Unfortunately, a lot of what we learnt is not conducive to healthy living, so the universe reminds us to reconsider our actions. If you resist the message of the universe, you carry pain, saddness, bad luck etc.

So, try this. Just accept the events that happened in your life. Just accept. This is part of your conditioning. It is your Karma, your destiny, your life path. If you can be in a place of non-judgement and accept it for what it is… You have just accomplished Hurdle 1. The judgement is causing you pain, not the event. When you brake the chain, you libereate yourself from unhappiness.

Well, being quietly angry is as bad as being openly angry. You actually have to not get angry at all. Just observe the situation. Just watch it and remember it. Regret means reaction. Fear means reaction. Addiction means reaction. Craving means reaction. Judgement… Etc. I saw one pure white worm on crawling on floor , when I rush to kill it by my sleeper, it ran away speedly. At the very same time I saw pure white without any spot crawling almost at the same place.

I threw my sleeper on it. At the very same time I wake up. Hello and thank you for your site that I came across. One day in November I started drawing in a book I happened to have that was blank for years, and my drawings evolved into Snake drawings, abstract, leading me to create my Rune Cards with Snake patterns on them. What does this mean that Snake has appeared on my drawings, filling my 1st sketch book with Snake doodles and patterns? First off congrats on getting to do what your heart has always desired ,, not a lot of us get that 2nd chance to do somthing that we were meant to do.

The snakes in your case are telling you that this interruption is a good thing for you and it also signifies positive change. The capabilities of the snake to shed old skin and come out anew is part of its message to you. Creating rune cards with the snake patterns also relates to your inner spirit kinda refreshing itself with your artistic ability ,, freeing a part of yourself to express your abilities , I feel that while you were doodling a lot of that time your mind wandered almost like daydreaming,, that tells me that this action of just doodling allowed your head to empty and not be thinking of all the stresses that were going on in your life prior to getting back to what you love..

The abstract part of your art speaks to me as freedom and relaxation to not have to have things a certain way just to enjoy things as they come.. It all ends the same way, where I am unable to move and unable to seek help. Each time the devil is disguised in different ways.

Last night I had a dream i was at my old elementary school and it was raining and windy and this lady was trying assemble an Easy up or a shade structure. She was having trouble so I decided to help her but something happened and she got mad. There were many little kids around. Suddenly, she dropped to the floor and started slithering around like a snake.

Her eyes became pitch black. So I started fighting back and attempting to wake up. In my bed I can feel myself kicking. In the dream the snake person was pushing against my chest and i could not move from my torso up. In my sleep I could feel a pressure against my chest. I finally woke up. But every time I force myself out of a dream like that I am afraid something will happen to my body. Sometimes I can hear a static or electric sound other times it feels like I am breaking away ice.

Each of my dreams always end in an attack and lately I have been struggling to get out because I am paralyzed. I would like to talk more to you if your okay with that I will request that The website admin pass you my email address. In the meantime seek out local healers and also a physcic and a Wiccan or white witch.. All these are not needed but it more of a backup for you in case you get some fraud in the first choice..

Contact me when you can and the best you can do at the moment is stay positive and do not let fear get a hold.. Keep your head up Sierra.. I was aware that there are snakes in my room. Usually I am scared by snakes but this time, somehow I was feeling just the curiosity to find them and to try to get them out of my room. I never felt the impulse to kill them. I was walking on the top of the object in the room because the snakes were on the floor. I saw the first one, huge white collapsed on the floor, I felt very sad as I felt that it was dead, part of the skin was next to the body that was still having skin, beautiful.

And then it was a dark-green and red one also very large but smaller than the white one, who raised its head, not to attack me but to see me, I felt no fear again but I took a book or an empty box and I tried to hit it but I did not put force to hurt, it more like push it back on the floor. He fell down but I knew it got my intention and I knew that now it will let me alone. I knew it was a third one that I think I never saw and I decided that I will let it leave by itself, as I was not feeling threatened but in a sort of was on the contrary a little bit protected..

Had a dream i was in the house i grew up in and in the kitchen with my late grandmother there was a cobra on the kitchen table it lunged and bit my grandmother on the face and then was spastic all over the place and bit me on my hand and then my younger sister tore its face off. Would love to have some insight. I really hope I can get some help with this. Last night I had a dream of a really uge snake like a python.

It had a camuflage skin color. I know this the snake had swolload something and was trying to spit it out. When it finally all came out I realized it was my friend. He was wrapped in this thing sort of like what catapilars are wrapped in before becoming a butterfly. The Python slowly disappeared and my friend was still laying there without movement. He looked lifeless. And then all of a sudden he was a live again, he started moving and transforming into a different creature and stood up.

My brotha, a lot of us are just now waking up to the truth. That there are entities that exist within our world that are represented as serpents. They are depicted as wingless snakes, there are also entities that resemble that of Cranes. Was a Buddhist Nun who escaped from a great tragedy when the Ching Dynasty struck the Shaolin temple.

Only 5 survived, while escaping Ng Mui encountered a snake and crane fighting. Well the fallen or fallen angels are depicted as flaming serpents. The temple was burned down?

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Then she saw a Snake fighting a crane? See the relation. Then if you think in terms of scripture, there are only 2 female angels ever mentioned in scripture. Both of wich resemble wings of crane. Yet when we meditate on this closer we come to understand that both are indeed reptiles. It is but two sides. Winged and volatile, and wingless or fixed. If you are having these dreams than you are destined for great things as well as any one out there. The bull in your dreams. I believe that to represent the Taurus constellation. Telling you that you are either a Pleadian being, or you are in direct contact with pleadian beings and Wingless Reptellian race is trying to intimidate you.

Because you see it. Pay more attention to your spirit guides. When ever you see an unusual animal cross your path, or and an animal in a pact, see how many there are. It could be a trinity meaning holiness in your life, then see what spirit totem it relates with. Also, pay attention to numerology. Just you seeing it repetitively means it was meant for you. Look it up, it usually is a representation of you experiencing angelic numbers and that higher enlightened beings are making direct contact through the universe with you. You may being going through the natural stages of kundalini which is actually in relation to the stages of Alchemy and going through the alchemical process in the body spiritually and physically.

Just now while typing this, I just received a txt msg at , so there being 22 a master number and the number of my numerology in relation to my name as well as the example about earlier equals 22 also. I had a dream that I was in a restaurant with my 2 sons. Our waitess was very kind and nice and worked diligently to serve us properly. Soon after we ordered a man appeared and asked me if i could step in the back for a moment.

I followed him into the back where my waitress and another waitress were seated.. The man explained they believed a snake was in the building biting people. The bite was filled with puss and had a black crown. Any thoughts on what this means.. I had a dream that a snake was being sacrificed. Hey I saw a dream where two men were forcefully showing me dead snake they usually catch snakes chop them into small pieces and for some reason they were forecefully seelling it to me sort of like they wanted me to eat it.

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So i was womdering if someone can help me because my story may seem a little weird but im looking for answers. I been having alot of dreams that come true, they are mostly of my ex. But one dream i cant seem to understand. My ex was on his knees crying to another woman and there was two snakes, one was dead n the other one was trying to eat it, then there was lizard n it was chasing smaller lizard n ate it n then i was feeding a sick dog with no eyes n nose.

It seems very indicative of symbols. Definite primal emotional symbols here in your dream. Snake devouring snake is change. Transmutational change. And the lizard would seem to me to be another symbol for the depth of whatever it is that is looming large in your path forward. This was no dream. Hello I am conducting a paranormal investigation in a home tomorrow. A woman was seen in the window while no one was inside. In my dream I was outside of the house and when I looked up I saw a Very long thick snake slithering along the edge of the home then enter into an open air duct on the roof top.

Please interpret your feelings or thoughts or meaning. Snake was white. It goes into it. I am very afraid, and believe me gentlemen, I am an active lucid dreamer so Im almost never afraid in a dream. But this was different, this snake has some quality to it apart from being almost a km long that scares the shit out of me.

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My sister walks in the edge of the ocean and I am very afraid for her. The snakes appears a couple of times, very menacing and gentle, and doesnt attack us. The white snake here can seem to represent an opportunity that you have taken for granted. As the snake returns back into the origin of whence it came as an opportunity as the great beyond. In regards to your sister standing at the edge of the ocean. I remember having atleast 3 dreams of snake, all connected to the same incident. I remember when I was transitioning to a new school, elementary to junior high, I was nervous because it was such a big change.

And the very night before the first day of school, I had a dream of hearing a snake. In my dream I tried looking for it but when I found it, it bit me. Then one night had a dream of a snake actually biting me, but around that time, I was depressed and had many anxieties because I was always bullied at school, so I was so scared.

I actually wanted to kill myself at the time. Soon after, I spoke about it with my mother and things started to go off after that. Then I had another dream of the snake but it was different because I was the snake in the dream and I was shedding. It was amazing because soon after, when my mom changed my school again I became more happy. My dream is to some day become enlightened, to explore the world while still improving on my artisan path, and to do so expressing myself to the fullest while still following my heart.

I really love reading and drawing, but everything about the snake totem is incredibly alike to me. I also do respect nature because I am born from the earth and I follow my indigenous beliefs. I may need to revise that. I also forgot to state that I am alway changing, may it be emotionally or intellectually, I am always open to change.

My son passed away Oct 5th. I saw a snake eating a rat today. Could that be something Spiritual like him trying to give me a message. Sounds weird but someone said it could be his way of tal king to me. Absolutely it could. Trust your feelings. If you think it was a message it was. Prayers for your continued strength during this time. Peace, love and light. Im hoping you can tell me what this means i had a dream my son was in a playpen and a snake came up and bit him and i grabbed the snake and in return it bit me … But i dreamed of 3 different snakes in the smae dream that all came into his playpen shortly after of which i grabbed all 3 and all 3 bit me one.

And flat and almost seemed poisoiness but as i looked at my arm where i was bitten theyre were only 1 bite mark. But the fisrt snake was hard to pull off and scary and then the second Nd third were easy. But for some damn reason they were comming out of the fireplace and into his playpen through a hole and. Last night, around 3 am in the morning, as the rain poured heavily, I was having a cigarette by the balcony of our house when I saw a huge snake about 3meters long , with camouflage similar to a reticulated python, come out of the bushes and cross our driveway from the right side to the left and climb on to our viny-leafy plant box.

It was a 5 minute event and I feel lucky to have witnessed it. Snakes always enter at night nearly almost before or after I brush my teeth. Growing up, I had this fascination for snakes, cats, dogs and foxes, with imaginary friends that all hold traits I associated them with. I mostly was fascinated by snakes and cats. Is it possible for a person to have different spirit animals?

I remember learning about snakes being considered friends in my country during the Precolonial times. I take paxil and I quit sugar over three weeks ago and have been feeling very depressed. I know part of his message was to warn me that there are venomous sea snakes in the area-a friendly warning but I also think it was to remind me that Nature the Spirit of Nature is love and I can continue to look there for it. I have really been feeling awful and I see this as a hopeful sign anything you can add will be greatly appreciated.

All but one. While I was going in one direction it was slithering in the other direction when it suddenly stopped popped up to stand at the height of my waist and then bit me. I tried to grab its head before its fangs could bury into my skin but it was like I was paralyzed or to weak to do anything. This is when I then woke up. Last night I drempt that a snake was chewing the underside of the arch of my foot and then it went inside me and laid eggs.

She then wriggled out of my foot. Green snake. I had no fear, felt like a massage. If you are female, it might mean you are expecting a baby? Just my thoughts. Through a window I saw several black cobras in a puddle of water. All had their heads up. I also saw my late sister in the dream who committed suicide three years ago, but then I see her a lot usually.

Things have been difficult in the family for a while, my mother recently had an accident, my brother had a financial loss and I lost several important documents which hinder my travel back home to see my mother. Ive had multiple dreams of being swallowed whole by snakes but it never feels like a nightmare. In one i willingly fed myself to it. It was black, slithered past me on the right hand side with no harm.

Any insight? What has been going on is trying to figure out a way out of a situation I feel trapped in. I came up with a solution that made logical sense but I felt sick each time I contemplated moving forward with it. Could it be related to that? Or something else? Please help. A few months ago a dead snake was deliberately placed in my mailbox what does that mean? Help please. I want to know what is happening to me.

I asked google but i find nothing. Can you please tell me why i am having this feeling and why snakes? I hope you can help me and I really appreciate it. Thank you. There are many things snake can symbolize. In your case it seems to me that you are being warned of people who are around you that do not have your best interest at heart. It is quite likely that you have been picking up on this very thing for some time but are not paying attention to your feelings.

I was walking under a tree and something fell on my back left shoulder. I went to grab it and it was a bright light green snake. It coiled around my left hand and bit my pointer finger. There was some random man that helped me and the snake went to the ground and slithered off. Can you please help? Your dream says to me that you are about to go through some significant changes, they have probably already begun seeing as how your post is a few weeks old.

The coloring of the snake suggests that is a healing energy, but change for most people can be painful. The man is likely your guide in this process and may very well be an aspect of yourself. Today While going to office in auto rickshaw, cobra snake passed in front from left to right side. Driver was telling he was not sure If I hit snake, but it moved. Please suggest if it is good or bad?

Hi my stepdad was sleepwalking th other night would of been 3am the next day he drove two hours down to brisbane and returned with a snake what does it spiritually mean. Consider the possibility that you have come to a standstill in your spiritual growth. Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become overly focused on the difficulties of day to day life and have closed yourself down?

My dear sweet aunt recently completed her journey to heaven. She and I shared the fear of snakes. When we were leaving the hospital, we saw a dead snake in the middle of the parking, centered between our 4 cars. This parking lot was under the hospital made of nothing but concrete and blacktop. There was no earthly reason for that snake to be where it was. Can somebody explain this to me, or am I just crazy thinking that it has any spiritual meaning at all? I had a dream about 3 snakes. I was squeezing something out of my face that I thought was a blackhead well as I squeezed, it slithered out and fell on the counter.

I did the same thing in another part of my face. When I looked down…. I noticed it was 2 black snakes on the counter curled up. What does this mean? I had a dream i was floating in a small boat filled with water. Then i floated out of the boat and the snake swam off. The whole dream felt peaceful. Now i have a small garter snake in my laundry room-trying to get it to go back outside.

Could this mean anything? Keep in mind, this is just my interpretation. Water is the symbol of emotion. Snake is a teacher, he could be there to help you understand and learn how to deal with emotional overflow. Since he was laying on your stomach, look into the chakra system and what that area represents. And chances are, YOU were the person rowing the boat, as well. Kundalini is the energy of your untapped potential.

The snake in your laundry room was probably there to remind you to keep in touch. I had the best nights sleep, got my coffee and was going outside. A black snake fell on my head. It was on top of my back screen door. I thought my husband threw a rubber snake at me. I came home from work last night, power went out. I went into my bathroom, saw a speckled king snake.

I calmly took care of it. What significance could this have?? Any thoughts would be helpful. No evil spirit can get king-snake to be its bearer, ttbomk. Spirits of the Earth, by Bobby Lake-Thom. Probably nature communicating to you to kill some potential-whole-life-sickness that is now in embryo stage…. I keep having the same snake dream night after night. There are snakes in a house I live in. They are under rugs and a couple on the ceiling.

Most I see are green or orange. A man is finding them and killing them. I feel very sad for the snakes in my dreams. Are there people or things in your life that people have been telling you to cut off or get rid of?


I often dream of Rattlesnakes. They never threaten me, just let me know they are there. It is the animal that most frequents my dreams. Living in the desert, I often om filled with the smell of the snake, although I rarely cross one. Maybe it is the snake letting me know it is close by watching me. I love my snakes. I know I am protected when they are around. The last time I crossed one, it let me know I was not welcome in the area.

I soon found out why. After slowly moving away from the snake, I made a large semi circle around the wash. Inside the wash I noticed a large hive of African hybrid honey bees. That snake kept me from walking into the bees territory. Thank you snake. I love you so much, and cannot wait to visit with you in the dream realm soon. I had a dream of a rather fat, yellow jacket wasp, with intention to sting. It broke into my snakes cage and stung it several times.

The wasp finally escaped leaving my snake in critical condition. I have an ability to sense when I am dreaming and can sometimes control where the dream goes. Had a very intense dream filled with snakes last night. I am an aficionado of snakes, and not afraid. This a.

My son just passed it and said Good a. Snake and kept right on going. He will still there upon my return and I took many photos of him close up. We were at peace with each other. I am going through the absolute worst time in my life, and on the verge of homelessness, due to my health disability. What, if anything could the constant appearance of the snake signify in my life? Im not entirely sure but i believe it is a good sign. I wish you good luck. Your story touched me because i have been homeless with children and it is so hard.

I send love your way. Snakes are supposed to symbolize good luck and fortune, I see them frequently when I am out training for my upcoming Ironman. I think you and your family was honoured by the snake visiting you. It was very exhilirating. I am aware this sounds like a regular sunbathing experience and it might just have been that, but I just think it correlates well with snake medicine symbolism on this page, since snakes has to lay in the sun and feed on sunrays to keep their body heat and their body systems intact, in contrast to other animals who produces their own heat.

I had a moment like that. Several years ago my husband killed his self. On the day he killed his self i was serching through boxesin my shed. An i came across a snake in rite in front of me where i was serching. Just minutes later i was informed of my husbands death. An just a few days ago i incountered a snake at my front door. An in the same night of my incounter i was informed that my ex husband was killed in a wreck that night. What is the meaning of these incounters on the days of their deaths?

The man came out with shovel and just killed the snake before we say anything or think anything else. I felt help less and shocked how could he do that in one moment without thinking. I love Mother Nature and feel very hurt when any creature gets cruelty. Please help me understand what and why I faced this situation and its. Significance in my life? May lord shiva give the passed alway snake his needed liberation and forgive any one for their non intentional deeds.

Not to worry. It was liberation time for the snake through you and your husband. Pray to the lord and ask for his blessings. Driving on 81 S from philly to s. Just getting back on the highway after a short pit stop. I was drving, my husband the passenger and we both watched as she rose from the ground heading directly over us, but then lost her lift and came crashing down into the passengers side of the windshield, dropping the snake and then landing in the left lane on the highway.

I could see her in my Sideview mirror. Still standing and shaking it off. Meanwhile, the snake had been lodged between the door frame and passengers mirror but uncertain if it was alive. We drove aways to where we could par and carefully removed the snake. It was injured but alive. I found a young snake, while doing my farm chores, which appeared to be an albino Garter snake. Is there any deeper significance to this other than your general outline on crossing paths with a snake? I do not dream of animals, reptiles or birds very often, except when i choose to.

I am, however, involved very deeply with many varieties of animals, both domestic and wild, as well as birds and reptiles. For all of the animals that have touched my life, i do see a great deal of synchronicity with myself or others within my circle with your analysis of each animal I have looked at on your list which I deem to be relative to me. Your inspiration and intuition are very accurate! Thank you so much! I was dreaming of a forest. I was walking through it to nowhere in particular when I felt something crawling on my foot. It was a caterpillar. I was so intrigued that I watched and followed the caterpillar to see where it was going.

On the path were more caterpillars either curled like snakes and resting or eating and crawling around. This scared me because I was afraid they would bite me. I was in flip flops so I hurried down the path only to be met by large pythons of many colors. I tip toed around them but slipped in front of one.

I screamed, in fear of being struck but it just looked at me. My dad came first to my aid with a shovel and beheaded the curious snake. Then more people arrived to help. We all took shovels and started killing them. They just laid there and looked at us with curious and sad expressions. I started feeling sick and upset about this. It felt wrong but my dad said it had to be done. Then, in my eyes they looked like sad pit bulls. And to me it looked like my friends and family were killing pit bulls with shovels. Another thing I noticed was there were no snake eggs and there were no butterflies.

It was like the caterpillars were turning into snakes.. So confused. Hi All, I had a dream this morning sister-in-law was fighting a snake and it bit her. I got the snake and cut it head of but it kept growing back, so I tried cutting it up in pieces. The last thing I remembered was telling my sister-in-law to start a fire to burn it. And then I woke up.. What does this mean. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant. I was outside in the dream.

When I felt pain and so I lied down on the ground to give birth and two snakes came out. I think they were pythons or something. Weird dream, I know. Can you help me? I was praying and I saw a white snake in the ceiling, as if it was paved there and it opened an eye at me. What does that mean. I knew it was bad so I tried to throw it up in the toilet. I started to feel dizzy and even felt overcome by demonic entities.

I saw a king cobra snake a few nights ago, in a dream. And then woke up. Last night, I had another dream. My two youngest boys were at a small hotel, with grass just outside the front door. They were playing and alerted me to a snake and began to run away. It lunged at me and I grabbed it just behind the neck. It squirmed and whipped around. Then fell to the ground. So I was not technically bit. I remember thinking, my kids are safe, but how do I get this angry snake out of my shoe!! I woke up at that point. My dad recently passed away and I was out of the country. I returned home to be able to attend his funeral.

For the last two nights I have dreamt about living in a house with my boyfriend and his best friends live next door, we are surrounded by fields and when I go to leave, I am alone and there are hundreds of rattle snakes sitting upright with their tails rattling and all around the kerb areas are lots of baby red razor snakes. I get the vacuum cleaner out to suck up the baby snakes so I can leave the house, whilst I do this the rattle snakes just watch me……… what does this mean???

Since I was a child, I am dreaming with snakes and very often. I want to know why? I dreamed one dream but broken into two phases — in the first gypsy women were passing a cobra around and came to me with it last. I generally am fascinated by snakes and I handle them without ever having been bitten so far.

I had a very weird dream — early morning I was at some place where the floors were whitish and I was with my little cousins.

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But in my dream I see a white snake… That moves around corners and close to us , never attacking I feel. I am afraid maybe for my cousins and try to hit it.. Suddenly a very very large lizard animal comes in and bites it. I knew others would be afraid of it. I took something and pushed it back into the drain, telling it that life in the pipes would be better for it.

I told no one about it. Today, as I meditated, I became very aware of my destructive diet and my acidic cravings. I let the snake out of the drain and it jumped down my mouth and throughout my digestive system. I thought it might be healing my malfunctioning system. But, after a while, it coiled and hurt me. Finally it left through my mouth to return to the drain. I was on the beach today,eyes closed and listening to music.

I was too! This experience shook me up? Any advice on the meaning of poisonous sea snakes- would be welcomed? I was bitten yesterday on my run by a non venomous snake. I love the message it is bringing. It is spot on for what is happening in my life. I love when spirit animals appear in my life. I feel spirit snake around my legs and feet I do not see them I only feel them.

Can anyone say what it means as at night it is still with me lying by my feet. Hi, I dreamt that a black snake with not so prominent skin pattern are sitting together with my cat. I took the axe and chopped the snake head off. Hi,i always dream about snakes. Almost every month. Last night i dreamt a long brown skinny snake chasing me as i tried to run away from it. In my neighborhood, there was a beheaded snake left to lie in the middle of the road.

I was not able to move it myself at the time, but came back to move it to the shaded grass later. After a long walk to reach it, I found it already moved out of harms way. But for a world where hitting animals or animal carcasses is a sport, who took the time out of their lives to move it? Either way, it is good to know that I am not the only one who cared enough to see what needed to be done.

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