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Also note the fulfillment dates listed on the rewards are when you will receive your products. Sean and Marisa are producing this together in house. Funding this kickstarter will help us to purchase all of our start up equipment, from cameras, tripods, lighting, software, audio recording and music, as well as support our time and travel involved with creating the first 3 episodes in the quality and style we are envisioning.

You can also help by spreading the word of this kickstarter to your friends and family. We appreciate every dollar donated and every link shared. This series exists because of all of your support! Should we exceed our initial goal we can create more episodes! Be sure to visit all of the Creative Thursday sites for regular updates on the web series and the kickstarter campaign. And if you're wondering who the man is that I'm hugging at the end of the video?

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Meet Sean - my partner in life, creativity and this project. He has shown me endless support as I've built this business over the past decade and continues to do so by taking on the main role of filming and editing for our web series. A main company Groundling Alumnus, Sean has spent his entire career in the entertainment industry from acting, to writing, to teaching Improv at the Groundlings Theatre and School in Los Angeles as well as his own private sketch comedy writing class.

And if you still don't feel like you know enough about me? Funding the show, to purchase the start-up equipment, while also supporting the time and travel involved is the biggest challenge we face. Initially this will be created in house with Marisa and Sean working on all aspects of the creation process from filming to editing.

Mountain Moments: Creative Thursday and Commitment: Making earrings everyday

As it is our first time producing this kind of show on location there will be a learning curve and there may be unexpected delays with production and coordinating schedules with interviewees. With that said, nothing will keep us from creating this series! Caring for my supporters and customers, following through on the promises I make is who I am and how I've run my business for the past decade. Creative Thursday the business exists because of all of the support from you! My commitment to you is one of my highest priorities. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

Been thinking about starting your own business, need some encouragement, support and guidance to take the next step? From licensing to publishing to fabric design Marisa will spend one hour answering whatever questions you have about running your own Creative Business. The topic and program will be created exclusively for you from business coaching to creative inspiration and motivation. Travel is included within a mile radius from Los Angeles.

Art and Soul Radio with Lesley Riley

I especially liked the section about finding inspiration, as it had lots of good suggestions. I'll definitely return to this book as I get farther in my own journey.

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