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Incredibly well-made show with an amazing cast and characters. I can only imagine the reason for its low ratings and viewership is due to Sci-Fi [correct spelling] not properly promoting it in the first place. Such an incredible 3-season buildup to the massive cliff-hanger ending. Dark Matter was the best series I have ever seen on SyFy, even better then some big picture films.

Albeit it may have been on a lower budget with noticeable effects but the acting, the cast, the story, and the characters were top notch! The cast was fresh and magnetic. There was always something happening in every episode, right to the last minute and they always left you with a cliffhanger. I watch the 3 season in 2 days, pleas make the 4th season, the People want it, The Fans Want it.

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Overall, season three averaged a. Discovered the show recently and I have only 8 episodes left to watch. I hope it is renewed. I enjoy the cast, who seem to click well together. I was really looking forward to Season 4. Everyone I know who watches it does so when they put it on Netflix so what are the ratings there? This is worse than when they cancelled Farscape and Firefly. I especially like the concept of the Blink Drive. Home News Cancelled or Renewed?

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Recent comment authors. June 12, pm. Trying to learn how to play it. And Junkie leaves. Brings back a lot of good memories of my childhood.

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Good job! You're doing good work! I was playing this game since when I was a little kid. Until now I still have the Super Mario games. I love Super Mario's.

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But where are the One Up sound effects of the three games? They just re-use the same song. Alice Attlee enters the freezing waters of the river Medway in the wake of fellow swimmer-writers and activists.

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With illustration by Nick Hayes. Latest post in our 'Becoming Human' section. Becoming Human.

Substrata Ava Osbiston 11th June, Uncivilised Arts. Questions for the Woods Caroline Ross 5th June, In the second post in our 'Becoming Human series, Caroline Ross enters the liminal world of the forest and forges a wild camp by a fallen oak. Becoming Human Steve Wheeler 30th May, Steve Wheeler introduces a new series called Becoming Human, exploring the physical, psychological and experiential aspects of our current predicament.

James McGowan tells the story of what happened when Native Nations attempted to use the laws protecting religious freedom to challenge the destruction of sacred landscapes across the United States.