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The work they do is invaluable in helping parents, be it an understanding ear or just reassurance that they are not alone. Your donation could be the difference between the phone being answered in someone's hour of need or not PND is a devastating illness that is still not talked about and researched as much as it should be. There is not enough help out there for people who suffer and I want to raise the profile of this charity because they do so much. Please help support this great cause and dig deep for some much needed funds.

A special thank you to my ever loving husband, family, friends and of course I want to raise the awareness of this illness and want to raise as much money as I can in my amazing friend Emmas memory and to help women who are suffering and have suffered with this illness. Emma is always in my thoughts and I want to do this run for her. I know Em will be with watching down on me and will help me finish it as itl be a challenge but cant wait to do it. It is the first time I have ever done anything like this and will definitely be the furthest I've ever run!

I decided that I would run to honour a friend, Emma, who passed away recently. Emma was an old friend and very special person.


I've got some good memories of Emma and I always had lots of fun with her!! With that in mind, if you would like to get involved by donating any amount, all the money raised will go to The Association for Post-Natal Illness. Thanks for all your support. Everyone's been so supportive and I'll think of Emma on a beach somewhere she loved her holidays! Since we lost Emma we have become aware of some astonishing and desperately sad statistics. Post Natal Depression is a silent killer. As a family, we will always keep our memories of our wonderful Emsie alive.

My nephew Harrison is an accolade to my Sister and the wonderful Mummy she was to him. We have been totally overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our family and friends at a time like this. Emma touched so many people in her life, and will continue to do so. For anyone who wishes to commemorate my dear, devoted sister, then please help us provide much needed resources to the Association of Post Natal Illness, and help break the silence on this illness and save other children from losing their Mum, and their families having to learn to live without them.

Emma, I love you always. The world is not as fun without you, but I am lucky to have had you as my Sister. Emma our wonderful daughter. We love and miss you so much its hard to believe another year has passed. Heaven is lucky to have an angel like you. Sleep tight gorgeous girl. Mum and Dad xxxx. Dear Emma, it's Christmas time, lots of tinsel and glitter.

We miss the biggest sparkle in our lives but you are always in our thoughts and hearts.. A Margaret. Thank you to the charity and the money you have raised. Im so sorry for the loss of your sister. Dear Emsie, we miss you every day of the year but more so at Christmas. Harrison is a gorgeous little boy - smart, gentle, very talkative and kind.

Emma- Jo Gruber

You would be so proud of him. We miss u always. Happy Birthday Emma, remembering you today on your Special day, never forgetting how much fun you enjoyed having. Candles and bubbles all round Love always A. Marg and Rachel. Dearest Emma remembering you with love every day especially at Christmas. Heaven is lucky to have an Angel like you. Lots of love mum and dad xxx.

Dear Emsie, we miss you every day of the year but especially at Christmas. I think of you every day and always will. I wish you could be here to share our beautiful boys. Love Lucie xxxx. My self and auntie Noreen are thinking about you now and always we will not forget you ever. Dear Emma I am always thinking of you all the time, an especially this time of year, your Loving NannieJoyce. Dear Emma. You are missed dearly. I lit a candle for you to wish you a Merry Christmas. We are always thinking of you. Lots of love Auntie Marge and Rachel xxx.

Congratulations and well done for completing your second marathon for a great cause.

OUAT - 4x07 'You can't love somebody you don't understand' [Emma & Snow Queen]

Amazing achievement for a wonderful cause. Well done Lucie!! Amazing achievement on the run and the amount raised for such a valuable resource xx. Wanted to donate while you're running to spur you on and show support. Good luck for the rest of the race! You know after you do this that jasper will expect you to win every mother's race at school sports for the foreseeable? Dear Lucie, good luck on Sunday we shall be there cheering you on, with Emma very much in our thoughts We are all so proud of you!!

Love A. Well done Lucie - the association of postnatal illness helped me so much when I was unwell X. Good luck Lucie, we know you can do it. With the love and support of all the family and for Emma. Go Go Lucie!!!! Good luck lucie we are so proud of you and your relentless hard work for raising awareness of PND. We know Emma will be with you every step of the way. Hats off to you Lucie. A baby, a Uni course and a bloody marathon!! Emma would be so proud of you. The world is less fun without her. Hi Emma it's Christmas time again, we all miss you, keep shining brightly!!!! Reading this story made me cry so much!!!!!

Friends like Em are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. Miss you so much, love you always xxx. We miss you every day and hate the way life has left us, without you, especially for Harrison. We will continue to fight for change so no one else suffers. All my love. Emma another year gone by and it hurts so much. We will raise a glass today and cherish all the happy family times especially Christmas.

We love and miss you every day.

Emma Brockes: my mother's secret past

Sleep tight precious xxx. Donation by A. Dear Emma, thinking about you always especially at this time of year the candles are burning and the lights are shining for you. I miss you tons.!!! Emma I never knew of you till after your death but I was very nearly you when my daughters were both born. I never met you Emma but I think of you often and i hope things improve in the future for other mums. More mother and baby units needed xx.

Dear Emma I am always thinking of you,and when it comes to this time of year it brings it home to me, and I think of all the good times I had with you. God bless you Love Nanny joyce. Happy birthday Emma. Xxxx with all our love as always, Steve and Carrie xxxx. Dear Emma, it's your birthday, a day that you loved to celebrate, we will be raising our glasses to you reminiscing about the fun times and missing you so very much! Tons of love always. Happy Birthday dearest Emma we miss you so much but treasure all the fun times we had together and now we can share them with your gorgeous Harrison.

Lots of Love. Dearest Em. Continue to sparkle brightly. We miss you more than words can possibly say. Dearest Emma your fun and laughter is missing from our lives, you are the brightest star twinkling and guiding us through this Christmas time. We will always love you. Margy and Rachel. Dear Emsie, We miss you every single day and nothing will take away how much we love you and wish you were here.

I miss you so much Love Lucie xxxx. Dearest Emma, remembering how much you loved Christmastime, we will cherish the memories forever, and share them with your gorgeous boy Harrison. We miss you very much, sleep tight precious. Thinking of you today Emma and also thinking of our lovely family. Dear Emma, today as I light the candles I shall be thinking of the many lovely times we shared, you are missed and loved so very much. We are thinking of you, and always do. Well done Suki raising money for such a worthy cause and in memory of your friend. Keep up the good work!

Well done Suki, you have worked so hard to keep the cause in people's minds xx. Well done Suki! Such a great cause. More should be done to help women suffering from this terrible illness. You are doing such an amazing job with all this running I love reading these tributes so much. I hope to be remembered the way you remember her — as somebody who helped others feel good about themselves.

What a lovely tribute, Emily. I love your description of her here. Thank you for this lovely tribute — I have always admired this woman from afar.

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She will be missed. This is so beautiful. I really admire people with this gift for raising the self-esteem of those around them. Being so aware of others is harder for me, and it is helpful to hear these real-life examples of how Sister Thayne did it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Age of women most likely to abort pregnancy? Not what you think. The Tampon Tax aka the Pink Tax. Church announces new curriculum for Primary, Sunday school. Email Address.

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