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The three rows at the back were empty, and it seemed like he was floating in a sea of empty seats. We had always wondered what it would feel like for him to hitch my short uniform skirt up to my waist and take me from behind, at 30,ft. The plan looked possible now that he was returning from a business meeting abroad. His hand stroked my inner thigh during the first meal service. I saw the way his eyes followed me up and down the aisle as I did my rounds.

He grabbed me as soon as I got to him and I straddled him, my face buried in his neck, my knees straddling his hips, opening myself to him. He raised my short skirt and it gathered around my waist. He groaned when he realized I was naked underneath. I worked his belt and released his throbbing hardness and he swallowed a moan.

His tip found my entrance, and I rotated my waists as he guided himself into me until he was buried deep in my slick heat. I moved up and down slowly, trying to savor every delicious inch of his velvety hardness. He took the lead and plunged into me again and again. He lifted my shirt and found my breast underneath before taking a ripe nipple in his mouth while my fingers played with the other nipple. He cupped my bottom and pressed me down to his pelvis while he ravaged the deepest parts of me with wild, upward strokes.

I could feel the stiffness of his whole body as my own orgasm approached. The excitement curled my toes when his strokes broke from the rhythm and became wilder and even more powerful. Then his hot seed flooded my insides as he bucked, his eyes shining in the dark cabin, the powerful orgasm deflating his whole body until he fell back on the seat.

I heard footsteps coming to the back of the plane just then. I drew the cardigan tight around my body to conceal my uniform when a passenger walked past us to use the toilet. My boyfriend stroked my hand and smiled at me. Explore more female erotica with our collection of erotic short stories written by women, for women!

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Especially when we talk about women and their pleasure And there are certainly a lot of smiles. Anyone for tennis? Free shipping above Sex Tips For Women. Sure enough, it's there, and on his prompt I read the definition aloud:. But now, for example, do you know what a lowena is? Would you like a slice? An infinite number? Not only an infinite number but an infinitely larger infinite number. From there on our conversation wound through similar territory. We spoke mostly in riddles, including but not limited to numerical palindromes, hyphenated palindromes or the lack thereof , SI units of mass with an emphasis on the femtogram, words that begin with the letter x and words that begin with the sound x , the ambiguities of cactus identification, the correct pluralization of the word "fungus" of which there are three variations and four pronunciations 2 , and an analysis of the peach pie I brought as a hypothetical new psychedelic drug 5-MeO-PEACHPIE.

I was asked to calculate an appropriate portion for my first taste. Then he put his sandals on over his black socks, picked up his silver cane, and asked, "Should we go to the lab? Before we left, Ann brought out a large, frosty pitcher of strawberry lemonade.

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I had to remind myself that this was Ann Shulgin—the woman who pioneered the practice of MDMA psychotherapy—who in this very house, perhaps in this room, used MDMA and 2C-B to treat everything from nitrous-oxide addiction to demonic possession or, technically, postexorcism demonic harassment , often with patients finding themselves cured in ways that years of conventional talk therapy could have only begun to remedy. I sipped some of her lemonade, gazed past their Huichol yarn paintings through a window that perfectly framed the two-humped Mount Diablo, and sighed.

I wouldn't have minded if the ice cubes were dropped into my cup with her bare feet. So please, in the future remember Adderall contains amphetamine, not amphetamines. After sipping and savoring some lemonade, I took a nystagmic walk down the hall and entered the bathroom.

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The wallpaper's lattice of black diamonds is the very same pattern that reached out and shook Shulgin's hand during the first trials of TMA Even Shulgin's modestly sized burgundy terrycloth hand towels and wintergreen mouth rinse demanded my attention. I could hardly pee.


I left the bathroom to find Shulgin waiting in the backyard. We walked down the glittering stone path to his laboratory. The sun was shining through the leaves, casting shadows on his gargantuan collection of psychedelic cacti, including an enviable Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstrose a spineless phalliformic mescaline cactus, also known as the penis plant.

We passed a coiled garden hose, which Shulgin once notionally unraveled while testing the effects of ALEPH-1, and crossed over a small metal bridge as the lab became visible. Overgrown with vines, it was a patchwork cottage of corrugated metal and plastic that emanated the sharp, musty scent of DMT. As he opened the door, he exclaimed, "Ho-ho-ho! The lab was a Pyrex jungle, a barrage of borosilicate, a bevy of beakers, a bouquet of burettes, all manner of vulcanized rubber bung.

Desiccation bells, pinned butterflies, and mason jars crammed with a slurry of what I could only guess were pickled mushrooms. Pressed behind a sheet of glass were three blades of ryegrass infected with deep purple fingers of Claviceps purpurea , the fungal precursor to LSD and the mold responsible for the medieval scourge of Saint Anthony's Fire.

On his blackboard was a diagram of a yet-to-be-synthesized molecule, which I recognized as 3,4-MDmethylaminorex—a derivative of the highly euphoric psychostimulant 4-methylaminorex that, in the mids, attained cult-drug status under the name U4E-uh.


Shulgin enjoyed TMA-6, although he felt "toasting the toast in the toaster was difficult. There was a collection of round-bottomed flasks on the table, each containing a small scab of impure tryptamine crust. Usually they wait about four years after I get something out that becomes popular, and then they make it illegal.

He put it on the internet, and one month later it was synthesized in China and sent via Europe to this country. Now it's available on the street! He formatted the description in the style of a TiHKAL entry and said that it would be included in his forthcoming book. On September 25, , three months after the chemical hit the market, the first-recorded 5-MeO-DALT overdose occurred when a Floridian user accidentally ingested mg more than 11 times the maximum dose Shulgin tested in the midst of Hurricane Jeanne.

He survived the experience and shared numinous insights such as "Ozzy and the like do not mix well at all with this substance. If Shulgin whispers even a word of praise about a new drug, it is almost guaranteed to traverse international borders within a few months. If someone dies after taking one of these substances, there will be irresponsible media coverage, public outrage, and hurried scheduling by various drug-enforcement agencies.

Despite his detractors, Shulgin firmly believes that his research must remain openly available for educational purposes—whether it's DEA officers or DXM addicts. But there is one instance where Shulgin deemed his chemical revelations too enlightening for public consumption. Persisting in scientific publication in all peripheral areas as subterfuge, diversion. Keep all progressive work in my appendices. Code them 'SH'—too informative. When I asked him whether he has ever felt that way since, he quickly said, "No, you must publish.

ALEPH-1 was the first. True to his method of vigilant titration, his first dose was nanograms. Over the course of 18 trials he worked up to a single milligram. It detonated an intellectual hydrogen bomb in his prefrontal cortex. Later in the day, Paul D. He has known Shulgin for decades and began assisting him in the lab last year. I asked Paul whether he had tried any of the new tryptamines they were currently working on, and he shook his head, "No, Sasha is always the first to taste new materials. Should a chemical have an unexpected toxic effect, such as inducing a seizure, he wants to protect his family and friends.

Although I suspect there is another reason Shulgin likes to have the first taste: The sensation of synthesizing a completely unknown drug and ingesting it, a sensation that can only happen one time, is clearly druglike in and of itself. It's the breaking of a transdimensional, neurochemical hymen. In a sense, it's the one drug he keeps coming back to.

Ask Shulgin what his favorite psychedelic is and he will say "2C-B" 5 without hesitation. Ask him how many times he has taken it and he'll say "a few. No drug, not even his cherished 2C-B, tastes better than the untasted.

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Eventually Paul brought in dozens of green cardboard boxes full of chemicals. They contained a physical history of Shulgin's entire pharmacopeia. A life's work corked up in three-dram vials. The collection was supremely tantalizing and borderline pornographic. My heart rate increased and my brow began to perspire, as I tried my hardest to avoid undignified Tex Avery-type behaviors like panting, making an aroogah sound, or letting my eyeballs fall out of my head.

He removed the lid, revealing alphanumerically indexed cells that housed glass vials, with conspicuous lacunae once occupied by Schedule I drugs. Each vial's gummed label was hand-inscribed with a small molecular diagram. Many of these substances don't exist anywhere else in the known universe. Shulgin is not only a chemist, he is a collector.

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Early in his career he ambitiously sought to accumulate every psychoactive drug in the world but eventually realized he couldn't keep up. According to the index card, the partial contents of the single box Paul opened included trichocereine, crude curare, isomescaline, amphetamine, R-DOM, MDMA, DET, DiPT, scopolamine, benz-phetamine, d-methamphetamine, aspirin, berberine, physostigmine, papaverine, pipradol, aconite, thebane, pilocarpine, oxycodone, oxymorphone, several forensic samples of PCP dated and labeled "illicit PCP ," and my dear old friend Ritalin. It possesses all the qualities he searched for throughout his carrier.

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It is also extremely "erotic. Outside the lab Paul was sorting through another box of boxes, which contained at least 1, additional vials. I closed one nostril and took a hard whiff.