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Others, not so much.

Believe in Revelation

Heavenly Father knows when things are hard for you. More importantly, He knows how to help you through it. Why do this? Well, in a hospital, for instance, patients might be kept in a room at positive pressure to make it harder for airborne bacteria or harmful chemicals to enter. You can be like that room. Keep building that positive pressure. If something really hard happens—say one of your closest friends suddenly turned against you—it might not be possible to change how he or she feels about you right now, and maybe not ever.

But you can change other things. For instance, you can adjust how you think about or treat that particular friend, work to find a new circle of friends, or choose to spend more time with family. I try to be nice, but they turn me away!

Faith In Difficult Times

Speaking of changing what we can, one of the first areas to examine is our choices. Remember: with the help of Jesus Christ, you can repent and change. Other trials come because of the negligence of others or simply because this is a fallen world. It simply means that the world isn't what it's supposed to be. Genesis 3 tells the story of mankind's fall from grace. This fall marred the original design of God's creation in many ways.

33 Bible Verses About Faith To Look To During Hard Times

It separated us from our Creator and our true nature. It caused us to rebel against Him and engage in denial and self-deception. It affected our physical bodies, bringing sickness and death into the world. It threw a wrench into our relationships with one another. It introduced pain and suffering into our lives. Because of this the world in which we live today is not the world as God intended it to be. It is, in a very real sense, a defective and abnormal world. The Good News is that the Lord is not content to leave us there. This is the second thing we need to bear in mind.

Our Father in Heaven has a plan to fix the brokenness of the world and heal the pain in our personal lives. He loved us enough to send Jesus Christ, His only Son John , to reverse the effects of the fall. I know that my Victory has already begun but it hasn't put itself in my view just yet. I'm still holding on and will never let go. Hi Ishanesu, thanks for your comment. We can trust God to supply our needs no matter where we are in the world. He is there to help us no matter what our challenges are. But we need to have faith in his word for according to Hebrews without faith it is impossible to please God.

This is an enriching article especially for us in countries that are experiencing poor economies. Hi Amara, I happy that you are encouraged. I pray that you will experience a knowledge of God's grace and peace and deep sense that God loves you and he has a good plan for your life.

Trusting God in the Storm of Chaos - Motivational & Inspirational Video

Hi hub i read ur article nd it encourages me pls i need God intervention in settling down tnx. Hi Jubal, I am happy that my article encourages you. I am standing with you in praying believing that God, Jehovah Jireh, will supply all your needs and you will receive the job you are seeking. God richly bless you for this piece.

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Premjoy, I thanks for your comments and I am happy that my hub encourages. I pray that God will use you in a special way in the ministry that he has called you to. Also, I am confident that God will provide all you need to complete the work that he gives you to do. First a fall I would like to thank God also you all It is really encourage to in my heart thank you for so wonderful message. One thing I very humblely request to you all please pray for my future plan for to do Gods ministry may I get blessing and helps from God.

Many noble qualities in your Hub. Gratitude, faith, Prayer Excellent hub! I will have to come back and read it again to jot down some info I know you shared do much useful information! God bless. What a wonderful hub. Very well-written, and you offer so many tips on how to keep our faith during a hard times. Thanks for sharing. Thank you so much Faith Reaper. I agree, it is so important to stay in constant fellowship with God, our Father who cares for us.

It is easy for us to focus on the situation so that it causes us to take our focus off him and so we neglect our relationship with him. Excellent hub. Your weekly devotions are inspiring and very helpful. For me, it is praying throughout the day and staying in that constant communication with my Lord. When my eyes first open in the morning, I praise God and that is my prayer and ask for protection during the day and my hour commute to and fro and for my family. Once I truly cast all of my cares to Him, I am in complete peace.

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Finding Faith in Difficult Times We all face adverse events and situations in life. I have found the Apostle Paul's words in Romans 8: 35, 37 to be very encouraging in times of adversity: "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Step 1: Examine Your Heart. You want to move forward with a heart that is open to change, and responsive to God's Word and the Holy Spirit Focus Question: Is your heart truly set to set for God's purpose come to pass in your life?

Step 2: Meditate on God's Word. Importantly, God gave Joshua strict instructions, and simply outlined, Joshua was supposed to: Consistently meditate on God's Word, that is, know his Word and keep his heart on them. Carefully obey the instructions of the Word of God, and not just be a hearer of the Word but a doer. Facing Challenging Situtions What is the most challenging situation you are presently facing? Step 3: Pray with Faith. Focus Verse : "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" Mark , NIV Prayer, first of all, is communication with God, where you fellowship and build relationship with him.

Ask the Father in Jesus' Name John Pray in faith Mark Believe that what you ask your Father for, based on the promises in his Word, you have received. Forgive others Mark Unforgiveness can hinder your faith and block you from receiving what God has for you. Pray in the Spirit Romans The Holy Spirit helps you in prayer. He is the Helper, so depend on him to enable you as you pray effectively.

Step 4: Renew Your Mind. Coping with Hard Times When you face hard times, what is your most effective way of coping during those times? Praying Meditating on God's Word Thanksgiving and praising god Building up my faith Pursuing life balance Taking care of myself Building healthy connections and a support system A combination of all the above See results. Give Thanks!

Tips to Keep the Faith During Hard Times

Step 6: Offer Praise and Thanksgiving. Praise is beneficial because you: Encourage yourself. You move from the difficulty of the situation, to see God's love, power and faithfulness. You no longer see a hopeless situation, but that the power of God is that is able to change you and the situation. As you praise, you can be like David, who in hard times encouraged himself in the Lord 1 Samuel Then you see, El Shaddai, the God Almighty of blessings, who nourishes, satisfies and sustains. Drive out the enemy.

The devil is behind much of the adverse situations that you experience. He is the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy John He wants to hinder God's plan for your life. As you give your praise to God, where it belongs, this drives off the enemy. Please God. It delights God's heart to see his child praising him even in difficult circumstances for this is showing your abiding trust and reliance on him. Praising God in difficult situations demonstrates your faith in God for "without faith it is impossible to please God" Hebrews May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" 1 Thessalonians , NIV As you pass through adverse circumstances, especially for prolonged periods, your spirit, soul, and body can be affected.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us" Romans 8: 35, 37, NIV. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it Proverbs , NIV. Be strong and courageous. Enjoy the Seasons of Life. He said to his brothers: " You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened" Genesis 20, GNB.

Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Blessings, Yvette. Bless you for this Hub! Thanks b blessed so much coz you've helped me now many things in live. Hi Yvette, Thanks for your encouraging article on holding unto our Faith. I need your prayer support and God's intervention to provide me with a job.

Thank you. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement Sabrinadean.