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Here are a few methods from the book that I have employed successfully with my son:. Your child should trust this person and be willing to ask about social questions. Social narratives describe social cues and appropriate responses to social behavior and are useful in teaching a new social skill in advance of the situation. Social narratives often use pictures or cartoons to promote self-awareness and self-management. The most popular social narrative type is Social Stories by Carol Gray , which prescribes a specific framework for the narrative. Social Autopsies. The direct instruction method is the one that I use most frequently in our daily lives, albeit informally.

Through direct instruction the teacher models or states correct behaviors and the students practices correct or alternative behavioral responses. For each day of the calendar year, there is one specific need-to-know lesson. In our home, we read the calendar item at dinner time and then use it as a jumping off point for discussion and explanation. These days, I often explain situations and teach the unwritten rules of our daily lives.

Most of us learn these rules naturally, but Aspies need a road map to our complex, elusive NT social world. So please — let us all practice tolerance. I pause a moment, waiting… and then burst out laughing! I never saw that one coming…. So I went about pulling together all sorts of cute, simple, kid-appropriate jokes. I typed them up, and then printed them out on slips of paper. I made 2 copies, because I decided to include my older son in on the project too.

Then, each morning I took one joke slip each, folded it up and put it into their lunch boxes. Gregory and Daniel often wanted to check out the joke ahead of time, but I always made them wait until snack or lunchtime…building the anticipation, just like any great raconteur! I suggested that after they read the joke themselves, they should try it out on their classmates.

And later over the dinner table, I would ask one of the boys to tell us the Joke of the Day. It started out a little slow, but within a couple of weeks, my boys were clamoring to see what the next Joke of the Day was. As hoped, Greg started to tell the joke during snack to the kids around his desk.

I guess the laughs started getting attention, because before long, snack time found Gregory standing in front of his 3rd grade classroom, clearing his throat and waiting for quiet luckily the teacher was supportive! It became part of the daily snack ritual for Greg to tell a joke to the entire class — to mutual groans or giggles — and the kids started asking him for it. This was all great, until I forgot to include a joke one morning….

He was able to offer his classmates their daily chuckle, in spite of my failing! Clearly we were on to something…. His timing and delivery are spot on, and he frequently incorporates different voices, accents or inflections to add to the comedic value. He is really very funny. My little comedian was born! He loves making people laugh and has gained a bit of fame and status among his peers for his comedic prowess. Gregory has also expanded his repertoire to include not just jokes, but funny stories and tv show scenarios too along with all the applicable voices, of course!

It has enabled Greg to expand his mindset to see alternate interpretations to a phrase or situation. It has enabled him to lighten up and not take himself or life! It has laid a ground work for successful social interaction and it has given him a source of success and self-esteem. Objectives met! Or is it a mollusk? Oh darn…. If you would like a copy of my jokes to start a Joke of the Day program of your own, please let me know….

They are corny, but effective! Have you ever seen the guy who proposes to his girl in front of thousands via the Jumbo-tron at the sports stadium? These types of things hold a morbid fascination for me…. Why do people willingly expose their private, personal moments to the world? As I first contemplated starting this blog at the instigation of my husband Barry — see first post , I struggled with sharing very personal information about my family with the world at large.

Unsure about whether or not to proceed, I drafted the first post to see if I could even pull something like this blog off. Not pleased with the progress of the draft, I abandoned it on my computer screen and left to take care of some beckoning chore or child. When I returned to my desk, I was surprised to find Gregory sitting in my chair, avidly scanning the draft of the first post [ A is for Aspergers, B is for Blog ]. My heart sank as I struggled with how best to handle this tricky situation.

I told him about blogs, comparing them to one of his favorite tv shows. I said it was about him, and our experiences with AS, and that we were hoping to help other families in a similar situation. He loves the limelight and is a true ham at heart. I would LOVE to! Greg was the youngest panelist presenting that night, but you would never know it…. He was open about his issues, forthcoming with his opinions and enjoyed sharing his experiences. Anyway, the rest is history, as they say. Each week I invite Greg to read my post before it goes out. He has a phenomenal memory and can remember many of the quoted conversations verbatim, so he is a great resource.

In truth, this blog has become a joint effort by the two of us …. But I still worry about exposing him too much. Jumbo-Tron anyone??? At some point, some of his peers will read all about his most personal ups and downs. Will he be OK with that? Does he really understand the magnitude and implications of what he is agreeing to? So a few weeks ago, I shared with him my blog statistics as they stood at that point.

I showed him a graph which displayed how many people viewed my pages each day and then I pointed out the total number of views, wondering how he would feel. I nodded. That has certainly been the case to date, so maybe Gregory does know best! Silverman and Rich Weinfeld. Future posts will feature Gregory, highlighting his strengths and special talents.

For me as a child, the end of summer brought a mix of feelings. On one hand, I adored the long, lazy, unstructured days spent playing with my friends. On the other hand, the siren song of the new school year enticed me… all those new supplies, new school clothes, new books, new teacher and treasures of knowledge — vast potential awaiting me. But for Gregory, now heading into 5 th grade, September brings with it, not excitement and anticipation, but dread and anxiety. Typically, Gregory has had a very difficult time adjusting to each new school year. He would have melt-downs during school, followed by full-blown tantrums at home.

At school, it would be shredded projects, head-banging and crying jags. At home we experienced slamming doors, projectile toys and even running away. T he personality and teaching style of the teacher can have dramatic impact on the student. Discuss the types of teaching qualities to which your child responds best. And face it, if your child transitions well and has fewer disruptive episodes, everyone benefits. Maintain skills over summer months. To help combat this anxiety, I have Gregory all three of my kids, actually read nightly and do two workbook pages every weekday during the summer break.

The material varies each day, but includes math, reading, writing, language and science over the course of the summer. Meet teacher before school starts. Last year for the first time, I arranged for Gregory and me to visit the school the week before school started. It enabled us to meet his new teacher, see his new classroom including which seat was his , see a list of other kids in his class, look through his new books, etc. The school was calm and quiet and Greg could stroll around at his leisure, taking it all in at his own pace. He loved the experience and became more excited for the first day of school.

Build positive excitement — but not too much! Knowing how stressed Gregory can get about the new school year, I am careful to not talk about it too much ahead of time. I can see you are ready for 5 th grade. Maintain close communication with the teacher. I will email the teacher to let her know if something at school that day was difficult or stressful for Gregory, so that she can head-off an issue the following day. If he has a rough night or morning at home, I will also alert the teacher, so that she knows to handle him with kid gloves…at least until she senses his mood.

Hold off on extra-curricular activities. He needs the after school time to decompress from the stress of the day without any added pressures or performance expectations. In fact, I usually encourage him to have some down-time such as riding his bike, swinging or jumping on the trampoline before even attempting homework. Define safe havens at school and at home. So, as September fast approaches, I can feel my excitement brewing.

I have never seen a child be so hard on himself. A with my suspected discovery.

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I had my first team member on board… We were off and running! Our team was shaping up nicely, and as more and more information was shared with the various team members, strategies to support Greg within the school environment started to take shape. Would this just give them ammunition with which to torment him?

Knowledge of his diagnosis might help deflate negative judgments and promote acceptance of his problematic behaviors. I told Greg what Mrs. A had suggested and why, and then asked how he would feel about that. A talked to the kids. As an alternative, Mrs. A had offered that he could help out the Kindergarten class with a project if he preferred.

So, we had a plan…and Gregory had surprised me once again by his open acceptance of his condition. The day came when Mrs. I was a nervous wreck all day! She started by talking about how each of us is different and that some people have certain problems, like allergies or poor eyesight. She used herself as an example, because she has both! A then described, at a very high level, some of the things that are difficult for Greg, and how the class might be able help him during those difficult periods.

The kids not only listened, but were amazingly positive. After school Mrs. A assured me that it had gone even better than she expected. Now, instead of looking at Greg oddly as he retreats under his desk during a period of stress, some of his classmates will quietly kneel down to his level and try to calm him down. He was sitting on the playground sobbing — feeling like a loser. I held my breath, afraid of how she might ridicule him and plunge him deeper into his emotional abyss.

Tears welled up in my eyes, grateful for the kindness of these children, who had been lead to understanding and acceptance through the guidance of their inspiring teacher. Thank you Mrs. No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness, and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. There is much debate about the age at which your child is ready to learn of his diagnosis. But I believe that everyone manages better when they understand what they are dealing with — and that goes for children as well as adults….

You are in fact, increasing his sense of isolation and poor self-esteem by negating his feelings and not acknowledging his difficulties. But more importantly , Greg had also already labeled himself as strange and different — an outcast — and he blamed himself for it. I first shared the diagnosis, along with some educational material, with our family and a few close friends. I also knew that Barry and I could definitely use the emotional support of our relatives and friends! After thinking long and hard about it , I also shared the news with Gregory.

So, I took him aside and calmly discussed his diagnosis in terms that I hoped he would understand and find reassuring:. Well, Dr. The bad news is that the other part of your brain has some trouble, which is why you have difficulty managing your emotions and making friends sometimes. Gregory handled the news very well, and I believe, was greatly relieved to find a logical explanation for what he was going through. It validated his feelings and provided him exclusive membership in a special group of people.

We would talk about his challenges and strengths! And when we worked on social skills, and other topics at home, ALL the kids got into the act, and I feel that each of us benefited. Over the last two years, we have continued in this pattern of openness with Greg, his siblings, his peers and teachers, and as a happy result, his support circle of acceptance has expanded exponentially.

That acceptance, along with numerous programs, has enabled Gregory to grow into himself. He is now relaxed and happy — most of the time! He is a beautiful, bright, talented, funny year-old boy. And oh yeah, he also happens to have Aspergers Syndrome. It would have saved us thousands of dollars, multitudes of questions, years of anguish…. I did what my mother-instinct told me to do…Night after night, I grabbed hold of him and held him firmly against me fighting, screaming and kicking the whole time , talking quietly into his ear until eventually he ran out of steam and quieted.

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I cried myself to sleep too…my poor baby. We had never experienced anything like this with his older brother, Daniel. What was so wrong? What could I do for him? Why was he in so much pain? Having just given birth to our third child, our lovely girl Sarah, I suspected that Gregory might be reacting to her arrival with jealousy.

But if so, what could I do about it? So I started reading books about sibling rivalry. First, we tried to make sure that Greg received lots of one-on-one attention — from both his parents. Then, I tried talking to him about the problem and trying to give him names for the feelings that he was experiencing — encouraging him to express himself.

Then, we tried to involve him in helping us care for his new baby sister, but he had absolutely no interest. When someone talked to him about Baby Sarah, he just turned and walked away. And Greg became increasingly solitary, smiling rarely, interacting less. His body-language changed, to where he appeared very tense, with his shoulders hiked up to his earlobes, poised on his tip-toes, with his hands clenched tightly. If someone or thing surprised him even with a slight touch on the shoulder , he reacted aggressively, as if trying to protect himself from attack.

And that is indeed, how he appeared — as if he was about to be accosted at any time — always on high alert. It saddened me to see my little boy so tense and nervous, unable to relax — even in his sleep. When those efforts proved ineffective, I spoke with the pediatrician. We continued to struggle with our quirky boy, trying to mold his good behaviors and discipline his bad ones. I attempted play dates, in the vain hopes of helping him develop friendships.

While all well-intentioned, none of it worked. Gregory continued to be an unhappy, tense, withdrawn boy. Once Greg hit Kindergarten, all hell broke loose. Our older son, Daniel, had transitioned well into elementary school. And the PreK teachers had said that Gregory was ready for Kindergarten, so we were totally blind-sided when things went so wrong right from the start. On the second day of Kindergarten, I received a phone call from the teacher that Greg had been sent to the principal…. What was going on??? Unfortunately, it went downhill from there…. His verbal and motor tics increased dramatically in response to the stress.

Luckily for him, his teacher went out on maternity leave in January and he and the new teacher got along much better. The first half of each school year was fraught with melt-downs and running-away episodes, but by January, Greg would settle in and be more comfortable for the rest of the school year. And we would think, yeah! In Third Grade, the year started off with the usual poor transition, with melt-down episodes of hiding under desks, running away from school, tearing up school work, and disappearing into stairwells.

For a number of years, my husband and I would schedule Date Nights every few weeks, for just the two of us to go out together and talk. This has served us well throughout the years — I highly recommend it! In any case, that particular night, Barry had to take a lengthy phone call from his boss in the middle of our Date Night, just as we were finishing dinner. Knowing how much I love book stores, he knew that I could happily browse for hours and therefore not get annoyed by the interrupted Date Night, freeing him to take the call without guilt.

Edith Sheffer: "Asperger's Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna" - Talks at Google

I was overjoyed — not that he had AS, but that now I had a direction to go…. I grabbed every book I could find on the subject and virtually ran to find Barry having just completed his phone call, luckily to present him with the joyous news! Our son has Aspergers!!!

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All that Friday night and the rest of the weekend, I read…and read…. I hugged him and told him how much I loved him — for the first time with an understanding of all that he had been struggling with. My brave boy had tackled so much on his own, trying his best to cope in his own way, to circumstances and situations that were so difficult for him…Sometimes sadly, even when the well-meaning actions of his parents and teachers exacerbated the problems for him.

But now, things would be different. I still went ahead and eventually visited with a Pediatric Neurologist for an official, unbiased medical diagnosis, but I was already convinced that this was it. Time to strap on the armor…. So, what is this blog and why am I writing it? That is my wish. I am the mother of three great kids, aged , who are mostly the joys of my life and sometimes the bane of my existence! He is bright, talented and funny, but he has significant challenges as well.

When to Tell an Adult "You May Be Autistic"

This blog deals with how this neurological disorder has impacted him, me, and our entire family. I have no particular background in this field with degrees in finance and marketing, of all things! However, my wonderful husband — that funny, insightful, geeky guy, who supports all my crazy obsessions with merely a raised eyebrow — convinced me of a secondary goal.

He is the impetus behind this blog. With that in mind, I welcome any comments, suggestions and anecdotes from all of you…. And in the meantime, happy reading! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! One Family's Journey through the maze of Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers : A Mom's Eye View. IEP Time! Here are a few questions to ask yourself objectively: 1. My advice would be to try more direct methods first , by working directly with the General Education teacher and Guidance Councilor.

For example, teachers will frequently spend extra time with a child who needs extra help. The process takes several months to complete and the school is not required to accept an outside diagnosis or recommendation. The school may in fact, decide to hire its own doctor to conduct an assessment during the evaluation process.

Preparation So…. Educate Yourself To adequately prepare yourself for the challenges ahead, you need to do your research and educate yourself as much as possible: Know your rights, understand the law and learn the process.

  1. Self-Harm Versus the Greater Good: Greta Thunberg and Child Activism - Quillette.
  2. Chapter 2: The History;
  3. Speak Out With Clout (Public Speaking Series)!
  4. Blood & Shadows: From the Files of Eric Baine, the Dead Detective.

The school has a set of rules and obligations that it must abide by. It is vital that you know what those are, so that you can work within them and make them work for your child. You may request these documents through your school, or you may view them online. Glean as much information and perspective as you can from those who have already gone through it. Go Off-the-Record. Respect this and try to elicit open, honest dialogue by speaking off-the-record. Learn the process, lingo and abbreviations used within Special Education and the Autism community or other disability , so that you may speak knowledgeably like the professionals.

Attend Seminars. Autism support organizations frequently offer seminars and conferences throughout the year — on all sorts of related topics — so be sure to get on their mailing lists. Plan Your Strategy Ok, now that you have fully educated yourself about your child, your rights, the process and the available therapies, it is time to strategize. Be Realistic and Flexible in your Demands. Yes, you want the world for your child, but be realistic about how much your child can reasonably handle at one time. Focus on your top priorities at this point in time. If not, you at least have a bargaining chip.

By understanding what services are in place and readily available within your district, you may be able to work within the system to meet your goals …maybe not all, but most. The school is limited to a set of standard, proven and approved therapies i. ABA Therapy. Walk in Their Shoes.

Seek Support. Like this: Like Loading Embrace the Chaos 24 Feb Recently my daughter spent a few days with a friend, visiting her grandmother. Rather than constantly fighting to tame the chaos, I now try to find the joy within it: Instead of sighing over the trail of art supplies left behind by my daughter, I try to envision her future as a budding Picasso.

Instead of moaning over that fact that my kids complain about the dinner I just slaved over, I try to appreciate that we are all together and have food to eat. Yes Wii Can! On His Own? How Rude! The Hidden Curriculum — Part II — Manners As discussed in my previous blog The Hidden Curriculum , Aspies and others with social-cognitive learning disabilities, can have great difficulty decoding these hidden rules.

Model Good Behavior The first rule of teaching any behavior or skill is to model it yourself. Do your best… 2. State Expectations Ahead of Time One very effective tactic to teaching good manners is to explicitly state the expectations of behavior immediately before the occasion. Have a Code Word or Action Even if kids know proper behavior, they sometimes forget.

Because in society… We all benefit from polite social interactions : Good manners put people at ease and make them feel good — about themselves and each other. Good manners impress people and are attractive to friends, teachers, employers, etc. Good manners allow people to live and work together more harmoniously and productively.

Good manners build self-esteem through respect and kindness. Good manners are free! Fix Autism? Comments 78 Comments Categories Aspergers Syndrome. Here are a few methods from the book that I have employed successfully with my son: 1. Social Narratives Social narratives describe social cues and appropriate responses to social behavior and are useful in teaching a new social skill in advance of the situation. Direct Instruction The direct instruction method is the one that I use most frequently in our daily lives, albeit informally.

Going Public 7 Sep Have you ever seen the guy who proposes to his girl in front of thousands via the Jumbo-tron at the sports stadium? Look for Me: on WrongPlanet. Recent Posts Help! Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join other followers Sign me up! Share on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter! Follow my blog. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Me neither! Just a perpetual-bullshit-machine. In fact our current levels are the second lowest in geologic history. And the levels have been trending down for hundreds of millions of years. CO2 is plant food. Conveniently overlooked is that the most potent greenhouse gas is water vapor. Of course they are. All the goods consumed in the West are made in China. EH, This point has actually been studied in some detail. Predictably, Sweden is a large carbon importer.

No one who has heard her address world leaders in impeccable English can doubt that she is intelligent and extraordinarily capable on some level. This seems very charitable me. Although 16 year olds may understand the consequences of some of their actions, speak several languages, and be brilliant, they are far too young to understand the complexity of politics and are entirely unsuited to lead a global movement, especially one as labyrinthine as climate change. It is touching and promising that the very young show interest, but from there to make them into our leaders there is a long stretch.

Granting such authority onto the young is a way to retrospectively project our infantile omnipotence onto them and then vicariously live the triumphant power that we wish we had had through them. The frustration of having once been powerless, incompetent and unqualified often leads to grandiose compensatory fantasies of being the contrary. See the latest installments of Game of Thrones where children no doubt to fulfill some politically correct quota are placed in ludicrously implausible positions of power.

In fairness to Martin, there was supposed to be a five-year gap in his plot originally. They were supposed to be around 20 at the conclusion of the series. In fairness, they probably should have up-aged the characters. The children in Game of Thrones are thrust into these positions because there are no other options and try to rise to the occasion.

They would also have lived through things a coddled teen or even an adult in Sweden could not even imagine providing them with at least a little experience. But yeah…as a teenager raised in North America I cringe at some of the things I thought were incontrovertible truths. Truly we are doomed….. Too many people using too many resources to live too long a life. They generally elide the consequences of their policy demands: shorter, less comfortable lives for people, primarily those who have been struggling and succeeding with lifting themselves out of extreme poverty, and, ultimately fewer people.

Consequently, Greta Thunberg should be asked a single question, to spell out for her what she is advocating or to compel her to acknowledge publicly her desire for the human race:. I think the millions of children around the world who would inevitably be affected by her demands should be allowed to respond, and that question is their response. Her arguments are all emotion. And once that emotional sideshow is over, perhaps the adults can get together and talk about compromises and trade-offs. I never discount simple childhood wisdom. Sometimes they see things more clearly precisely because they are not mentally embattled on multiple fronts.

However, the key word is simple! The so-called climate change issue is anything but simple. Just the climate science alone is complex beyond belief, then add the human societal element. Reasonable and interesting article. The author and those who have left comments seem to know nothing about autism spectrum disorder level 1 Asperger Syndrome and its comorbidities.

Free Thought Lives

I guess it depends on what you mean by respect and being taken seriously? I would never treat this girl rudely on a personal interaction level. However I feel like the AGW activism hysterical finger pointing world is over tommorrow variety with unrealistic soluations she pratices is an overall giant negative to the world so no I do not respect it or take it seriously. She could be totally witout any mental issues like Bindi Irwin I still wouldnt take what she has to say about the environment seriously because she is flat out ignorant and mostly wrong.

What the author is saying is that if you are in the public sphere like this you shouldn;t get a free ride with no scrutiny just because you have these disabilities. What we have here is a figurehead that is unapproachable with anything but agreement or praise with any questioning being immediately taken as bullying or people picking on someone who should not be picked on. The symptoms her sister has. Do you think the mother should just play along with this?

Or should her mother not play along? This is the problem in the modern world. My kids need to learn its a tough world and they won;t get special treatment. I am there to help them through it. Someone who has experienced what they are experiencing. I am not there for them to abuse or control. I am a sympathetic ear, a life guide, a moral guide with of course a vested interest in their futures. This is the difference here.

The author has merely and I would suggest over sympathetically drawn attention to the problems that Greta and her sister and family deal with. How those problems are dealt with and then spoken about how because of her disability that she is free to say whatever she wants with an army of defenders that link any scrutiny to being the result of insensitive souls that are going after an easy target. She is Many countries want the vote for 16 year olds. She is obviously intelligent. She should therefore be old enough and wise enough to be questioned about what she says and not have a free pass.

Not all Aspies have comorbidities. Even within Aspie communities there are mass differences. Me personally? I love the internet because I can now speak instead of being scared to fluff the lines words and feel embarrassed. Greta — Speaks very well to lots of strangers. I think a child who cannot be held accountable as an adult, who is parroting apocalyptic claptrap, and who has displayed highly unstable behaviors should at least be taken with a grain of salt.

Do you take orders from children? Not only are her parents using this poor creature as a tool for their agenda, but any Davos-types who use her are guilty of out-and-out child abuse and should be ashamed. The energizing element in her life could have easily been something else like working with animals or the arts or the handicapped or other people with autism or any one of another 1,, things instead of obsessing over so called catastrophic global warming. Nobody knows who this little girl is in the United States for the most part. I feel sorry for her but not only because of her mental illness.

Kevin, yes, and this bodes poorly for when this shiny new thing is dropped by the media in favour of the next thing. She could get an extra 15 by transitioning to dolphin like myself and joining me in the pool. Dolphins, if it even needs to be said, have zero carbon footprint, we make no plastic, and we live in harmony with nature. We have no Patriarchy and some of us are gay, which all of us celebrate. To be honest, the trans-species could use a famous poster-girl to leverage our exposure and catapult us to the very top of the Victierarchy where we belong.

Sadly, it has been documented in the scientific literature that dolphins sometimes rape one another actually true. Obviously, this is symptomatic of how dolphins which have been exposed to toxic masculinity coming from white men, and therefore it would probably be safest if all dolphins are exterminated and recycled as soy bean fertiliser. One could then go one step further, and stop the meat industry which is destroying our planet by simply killing all animals.

Then all those nasty meat eaters will be forced to go vegan. See, two birds, one stone! When I see all these kids out on strike protesting, They are demonstrating that they never need to go back into that school building again. The purpose of their schooling is complete; to make them into minimally intelligent, unquestioning, obedient mind controlled slaves. This article is merely too sensitively and sympathetically drawing attention to the fact that an Aspie with other problems to boot is being used as a figurehead and pushed to celebrity because she is unreproacheable.

I have sympathy for her and her sisters disorders as I have experience self and children of the same diabilities with differing effects for each of us but all I get from this article is that her parents pander to the whims of the girls assuming that everything is due to autism, when in reality autistic children know how to play the game as well and a lot of these whims assumed as autism may well just be a kid taking advantage of the power they are being allowed to exert.

If she does then more fool her. All 3 of mine have done this sort of thing, many times on many different aspects of daily life and they have reasonably quickly after momentus hour aggressive or stubborn breakdowns that it is not going to work. This is what I get from the article. That the parents give the kids a free ride without questioning anything. That the parents are also activists.

That no-one ever even dares suggest that Autistic kids are very easy to influence and I have learned pretty quickly to watch what I say about things in front of my kids. The article just lays out the story and asks the reader to make their own conclusion. Are the parents pushing the kid? I daresay now she is surrounded with like minded people she is going to have her beliefs confirmed in her mind even more. Her message is derivative anti-scientific bs. Only a deeply incapable adult would look to 16 year old for serious advice.

A Young Adult Dystopian story stranger than fiction. But comparisons with the mass-murderer Che Guevara are a ghastly insult to Thunberg. This child is so obviously malnourished. Does no one understand the connection between nutrition and mental health? When you feed a child a diet of carbs only—no protein—you can only expect that she will become neurologically impaired. This is the true problem.

It applies to her sister as well. This is child abuse. Where are all the sane adults who understand the impact of poor nutrition on mental health? Perhaps the issue of the world food system should be the real discussion. Nourishing the developed world is the only answer. But this time the child leader is a retard to boot. Reading this, I was reminded that There are documented cases of the Terrorist sects using children who are developmentally disabled children etc.

The rate of increase in sea level has not changed, and temperature went Down as CO2 went up! Where is the crisis? She also suffers from selective mutism, a disorder related to severe anxiety which can render her unable to speak to anyone outside her closest family. There you have it. Criticise her and you, by association, criticise people with autism, or OCD, or anxiety, or whatever.

The weird thing in that whole list is that I would suggest that many are actually symptoms or part of the one. It sounds a lot to me like someone is trying to make out she has multiple different problems when the reality is they are listing the problems that she in particular has because of her autism. One disorder, different people have different varieties of symptoms. She has these symptoms. They are not all separate things. I love Quillette, but this article is mostly about making Greta seem like a freak. Especially, since now her arguments are already out there and you can judge them by their own merit.

Anyway, as Lou pointed out earlier in the comments, she might be less mentally ill and more just neuroatypical. If anything the list that undoubtedly Quillette have been provided with by the family or the PR team sounds to me like autism………. It looks like a list of the autistic traits she personally has to deal with. OCD, anxiety, mutism etc. These are some aof the traits that high functioning autists may or may not experience. They can be closing down and withdrawal. I have one child that has done each version. I personally did the latter. Much better to be solitary, get your head down into an obsession, and make sure everything is in the right place all the time and done the way you like it.

Her shelf life might be limited, her media savvy parents have trained her well, but as she gets a bit older, she might not be as cute…. I doubt she would be very well at all if she has succeeded in her demands for pancakes filled with rice for her first 16 years. This girl is anything but cute. At the tender age of 16 she is already a pinch-faced, finger-waggling scold. Bootstrap, Quillette has put out an article about Greta already: you can Google it as well as I can. Calling this ad hominem implies that autism, OCD, and other mental health issues are insults.

They are not. Honestly, it looks like her mother is behind all of this. Plastering her face across the entire book cover is a hint that this is motivated predominantly by the narcissism of an aging celebrity, and the extremely young age Greta got into activism can only be interpreted as parrotting what she was taught by her parents and school. Teen SJWs would be screaming hysterically in venues everywhere. I envision seas of red lipstick, copycat hairdos, and dilated pupils wherever they go. You are way behind the curve on that one.

You have to based your argument on facts. The left never care about facts, whatever is in their favor. Two typical examples: Al Gore, Obama. Two typical examples: Trump, Mitt Romney. And what did that have to do with him? What changes he brought that changed things? And you have to demonstrate the economy was doing badly and it is doing better directly due to Trump. Yeah… and you are not going to respond. You never do… becuase you have got the foggiest as to what you are on about.

But what does that have to do with his caring about facts? As per… mumbo jumbo answer which has no relevance to what was asked but is pretence that you have answered. Obama presided over the weakest recovery in American history, and all but gave up on full employment. Trump lowered taxes and cut regulations that hampered growth. No one else does and I put you in your place.. And here we go… more utter shite.

What did I ask? Where are the references? The evidence? Just opinions… that go nowhere. When she wants to tell a climate researcher that she is planning a school strike to save the environment, she speaks through her father. The way this is presented is as if these are all separate disabilities. Aspies can be OCD, Aspies can nearly always to some extent suffer from anxiety. Anxiety attacks can lead to selective mutism OR aggressive out of control breakdowns.

Aspies ARE high functioning autistics. Not really child abuse, her media savvy family have trained her well. No different than other child actors. Who can argue that celebrities dont influence you, product endorsements works.. I think she has been brainwashed — I think she believes the stuff she spouts. In the future, if civilisation recovers, people will look back on our times and wonder how we, so quickly, normalised, embraced and then feted generation-wide child abuse.

As a child, I was fascinated by the classical world and I used, particularly, to read about what caused the collapse of the Roman Empire. Children are the best ideologues. Everything to teach, nothing to unlearn, and their naive optimism has not yet been crushed by reality. All knowledge, zero wisdom. When I read the first article about Greta on Quillette, she reminded me very much of myself at that age. Militantly idealistic and uncompromising in the demand for immediate and extreme action on climate change.

I pitied her because if I had similarly been used as a puppet, I would have found myself pigeon-holed, and it would have been much harder to develop more nuanced views and walk back my alarmism. This article made me aware how severely dysfunctional Greta is, and indeed how twisted her family is. The way the cover of her book consists only of a close up of her own face is telling. This is about an aging celebrity who knows what gets the media off, and saw an opportunity to become relevant. It is disgusting how many people of prominence are going along with this child abuse.

Just how many Europeans do you want to behead Amin? Be honest. Aww, Amin, you were doing so well staying relevant! Why did you have to ruin it with schoolyard insults? They are not school yard insults. And you are quite vile individual. I say it as I see it. And by now we both know why I say just about you…. I wonder what motivates conservatives, usually older men in suits, sometimes similarly upholstered women, to stand forlornly before the tide. What we think, our diagnoses, are already irrelevant.

I wish you had gone into more detail about the money involved here. Her organization,wedonthavetime. The book referred to in the article was also not written as a charitable act. These people are among the many out there working a scheme to monetize the climate issue. And using a particularly fragile child as a front for the company is a pretty cynical move. What an … interesting … face that child has. Have the doctors done a genetic rundown on her? Are there? I suspect more than greater male variability is at play but also differences between typical male and female mental characetristics.

In any case what is amusing is teh way any difference is always portrayed as a female disadvantage. More boys instituitionalised with mental disorders — The instituitional system favours boys. If it were girls that wer ethe majority it would be — Society discriminates girls causing girsl to suffer from mental disorders. The most extreme example of this is the idea that women are discriminated against because prisons are designed for men! Paul Goodman published a book in titled Growing Up Absurd. The situation in Amerika is now far more pathologically absurd by many degrees.

He also briefly points to the book Children of Cyclops by Keith Bussell. DiFi was left stuttering and looking uncaring. These kids belonged to some group—- anyone remember the name? Anyway, kids are being weaponized in America too. It is a clever tactic, as anyone disagreeing with your argument can be accused of being mean to innocent children. But it can only work a limited number of times. Also, when the time comes to do really terrible stuff, kids can be convinced to do things adults generally just cannot do.

Look at Cambodia in Climate change is a serious problem with potentially harmful, as well as potentially beneficial, effects on various groups of humans living in various parts of the world. Climate change is not an existential threat to humankind; intelligent, rational, caring adults should not be encouraging children to believe it is. This is all very strange to me. I have a 10 year old daughter who is also autistic, if high-functioning.

Yes, that is what they told the kids. So, one autistic teen needs to make the world afraid of imminent death it is baloney — and my autistic child now suffers deep anixiety as a result of us all enabling the first autistic kid to express themselves. Every day, day after day. Week after week. Year after year. Kids are either indoctrinated or bewildered. I sit down with my kids and show them centrist and centre-right memes, videos, and articles all the time. I originally came from the left but moved along the political spectrum.

Under no imaginable circumstances would my kids end up in public school today. Home schooling and carefully vetted and supervised tutoring are the only things left. A little late for protesting. Amazing how so few people will admit to the unprecedented forces we have unleashed. Civilization is toast and most likely so are the humans. Very important article! Beware, should they as adults seriously decided to enter political career and influence lives of the citizens. Surely they are Oppressed? Surely their voices are marginalized? Greta is of course smashing the senexiarchy as she can, but surely all children should be doing the same?

This question is for the experts, but might it even be possible for white boys to be Good until puberty, at which time they are normally promoted to Patriarchs and become Evi l? But perhaps with enough money, white boys might even be cured of both masculinity and whiteness if treatment started early enough? Paula Fey: Spot on. Thats exactly how I would describe this situation. The cynical exploitation of this in swedish media, without any questionmarks, is horrifying. My heart broke a little after reading this article. I have OCD and when I was her age it was ruinging my life.

I realized I wanted to live so I started tackling the problem. As an adult I came to realize that many of my decisions when I was a teen, as well as like and dislikes, were based on a serious mental illness. Because I chose to seriously takle the issue and take myself apart it does not rule me. In my opinion it is facing my worst nightmare over and over again. She should not be flaunted to the world by her parents.

She should be in CBT till she feels lile she can get a handle on her illness. Such as bwing able to eat more than one thing. This is way more important than crusading an idea. This girl could die. OCD thinking tends to catastrophize things, so I am not surprised that she feels so strongly about the environment and impending doom.

But the way to heal from this thinking has nothing to do with protests etc. Or someone with physical disabilities as a clown. Yeah good job parents. Does anyon eknow how Greta Thornberg travels around? Her parents deserve much criticism but this is a just a low blow. It certainly looks as if this silly child has tucked into the pantry since then. Why do some people pay attention to this junior nut job? Her moral superiority, for caring so much. The more anxious, unhinged, and dependent the child, the more mamma is needed.

The more mamma is needed, the more important she is. This way, mamma and female mental health support feel needed. They are good. Good mothers care deeply about their wounded bird babies. Ooh, ah Mother should I build the wall? Mother should I run for President? Mother should I trust the government? Mother will they put me in the firing mine? Ooh ah, Is it just a waste of time?

They MUST have. It is treatable. She is no longer a child. And often the people most able to speak to the world are the most troubled, just look at the vast majority of successful musicians. Right, musicians! Another group we should all listen to and idolize. Especially the successful ones. If a pupil fails to do so the legal Guardian is to be informed the same day. If repeated, the guardians would receive a summons to school to discuss the matter.

School officials, or the teacher responsble for the pupil, are also compelled to report any suspicion of foul play to a social security officer. Not to do so is a violation of the rules and codes governing teachers and school officials. Ultimately, police would be asked to Escort the Child to school. No Swedish journalist has, to my knowledge, asked about why St Greta is allowed to play truant time and time again. We live in a very complex world. Most people find the world incomprehensible. This frightens some to the point they are wiling to follow anyone who they think does. But even understanding why the person who does, actually does, is too complicated.

So people use proxies for understanding. People have come to use purity of intention and intensity of feeling as proxies for understanding. Others use anger. Intense, anry, purity of intention and children almost always embody this is very alluring to such people. But there is something fundamentally wrong with parents using a child in this fashion. I personally find it grotesque. They are not linked in in nature. Hier most ardent admirers would think very differently were she fighting against legal abortion.

She would probably still have the Pope with her, and the main condemnations and praise would remain identical. But the sources would be switched. Pingback: Mental illness acting out explains most leftist activism harder - TeeJaw Blog serious mental illness. Alan Savory made a compelling case on TED, presenting a simple solution to minimize carbon emissions, stop desertification, end starvation and poverty, end rural depopulation and make the world green again, all done with years of hard-earned experience, testing and proven examples….

Greta should watch it instead of preaching measures which would kill the planet. Pingback: Headline Rhymes - Quillette. Pingback: Child Activism Truth and Tolerance. As far as I understand, that would not be the end of the clima change but the end of Germany as a industry nation. Sometimes I find me belive that somebody has found the self-destruction-button of the westian socities and this guy push the button as hard as he or she can! Beata insists on walking with her left foot in front, refuses to step on certain parts of the sidewalk, and demands that her mother walk the same way.

Greta is a tool designed and engineered for a narrow and specific purpose. Being deprived of childhood, lack of parenting, and the balance of facts on climate, and likely most subjects, especially given her age, why is it so difficult to see child abuse?