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Today, new techniques have been developed, which allow to overcome these problems and provide additional information such as selective images of biliary and pancreatic ducts and vascular structures. As a complement to baseline sequences, MR cholangiopancreatography images can be acquired, possibly integrated by functional examination after secretin administration. Finally, contrast-enhanced MR angiography opens new perspectives for vascular studies, particularly for the locoregional staging of pancreatic cancer.

Recentemente sono state sviluppate nuove tecniche che consentono da un lato di risolvere tali problemi e dall'altro di fornire informazioni aggiuntive, quali immagini selettive delle vie biliari e del dotto pancreatico e delle strutture vascolari. Come completamento all'esame di base si possono ottenere immagini di colangiopancreatografia con RM, eventualmente integrate da prove funzionali, rappresentate dall'iniezione di secretina.

Infine, le nuove tecniche di angiografia con RM con mdc, nelle quali si effettua un'acquisizione durante la prima fase di passaggio arterioso o venoso dopo introduzione rapida del mdc a livello di una vena periferica, aprono nuove prospettive per lo studio vascolare, in particolare nella stadiazione loco-regionale dei processi neoplastici.

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in biomedicine. Nuclear magnetic resonance is a powerful technique that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the structural characterization of high molecular weight molecules, conformational studies on enzymes in solution, enzyme-substrate or DNA-protein interactions, monitoring of cell metabolism in vivo, and for diagnostic purposes, employing spectroscopic and imaging techniques. This course was organized in order to introduce the participants to the fundamentals of NMR spectroscopy, and offer practical advice on performing NMR experiments on cell systems, cell and tissue extracts and animal models.

The main implications regarding human experiments were also discussed. Finally the quantification of information and the interpretation of data were considered with regard to the main nuclei observed. Pathologic conditions in pregnancy; Preliminary evaluation of MR efficacy. Condizioni patologiche nella gravidanza; Valutazioni preliminari sull'efficacia della Risonanza Magnetica. Clinica Ostetrica-Ginecologica. Soma authors suggested that MR imaging could rapresent an effective diagnostic alternative in the study of pathologic conditions of mother and fetus during pregnancy.

To verify the actual role of MR imaging, we examined 20 patients in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of gestation, after a preliminary US examination. Fifteen patients presented fetal or placental pathologies; in 4 patients the onset of the pathologic condition occurred during pregnancy; in 1 case of US diagnosis of fetal ascites, MR findings were nornal and the newborn was healty.

As for placental pathologies, our series included a case of placental cyst, two hematomas between placenta and uterine wall, and two cases of partial placenta previa. As for fetal malformation, we evaluated a case of omphalocele, one of Prune-Belly syndrome, a case of femoral asimmetry, one of thanatophoric dwarfism, a case of thoracopagus twins with cardiovascular abnormalities, two fetal hydrocephali, and three cases of pyelo-ureteral stenosis. As for maternal pathologies during pregnancy, we observed a case of subserous uterine fibromyoma, one of of right hydronephrosis, one of protrusion of lumbar invertebral disk, and a large ovarian cyst.

In our experience, MR imaging exhibited high sensitivity and a large field of view, which were both useful in the investigation of the different conditions occurring during pregnancy. In the evaluation of fetal and placental abnormalities, especially during the 3rd trimester, the diagnostic yieldof MR imaging suggested it as a complementary technique to US for the evaluation of fetal malformation and of intrauterine growth retardation.

Clinical recommendations of cardiac magnetic resonance, Part I: ischemic and valvular heart disease: a position paper of the working group 'Applicazioni della Risonanza Magnetica ' of the Italian Society of Cardiology. Cardiac magnetic resonance CMR has emerged as a reliable and accurate diagnostic tool for the evaluation of patients with cardiac disease in several clinical settings and with proven additional diagnostic and prognostic value compared with other imaging modalities.

This document has been developed by the working group on the 'application of CMR' of the Italian Society of Cardiology to provide a perspective on the current state of technical advances and clinical applications of CMR and to inform cardiologists on how to implement their clinical and diagnostic pathways with the inclusion of this technique in clinical practice.

The writing committee consisted of members of the working group of the Italian Society of Cardiology and two external peer reviewers with acknowledged experience in the field of CMR. Clinical recommendations of cardiac magnetic resonance, Part II: inflammatory and congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathies and cardiac tumors: a position paper of the working group 'Applicazioni della Risonanza Magnetica ' of the Italian Society of Cardiology. The current document was developed by the working group on the 'application of cardiac magnetic resonance' of the Italian Society of Cardiology to provide a perspective on the current state of technical advances and clinical cardiac magnetic resonance applications and to inform cardiologists how to implement their clinical and diagnostic pathway with the introduction of this technique in the clinical practice.

Le leucodistrofie: aspetti clinici e quadri con Tomografia Computerizzata e con Risonanza Magnetica. The most common types of these rare childhood conditions are represented by adrenoleukodystrophy, metachromatic leukodystrophy, Canavan's, Alexander's, Krabbe's, and Pelizaeus-Merzbacher's diseases. Most of them are lethal during childhood, with the exception of the adrenoleukodystrophy-adrenomyeloneuropathy complex, which sometimes, during its early phases, may be cured with a dietary therapy.

The aims of this paper are: 1 the description of inheritance factors, pathogenesis, pathological and clinical findings of each of the most frequent childhood leukodystrophies; 2 the description of the most common patterns of these conditions on CT and MR imaging; 3 the evaluation of the diagnostic capabilities of these two imaging techniques and the comparison of their results.

Finally, some of the therapies suggested for the mild forms of these conditions are discussed. The evaluation of leukodystrophic patients with CT and MR imaging shows both imaging modalities to have high sensitivity, thanks to the detection of abnormally myelinated areas, which appear hypodense on CT and Hypertense on T2-weighted MR images. Frequently, both imaging modalities exhibit high specificity as well: they allow a differential diagnosis between the different types through the demonstration of their location in the early stages and of their mode of spread.

The most typical example is represented by adrenoleukodystrophy, which is the most common type of leukodystrophy: the frequent occipito-parietal onset and the anterior and caudal progression allow a correct diagnosis to be made on CT and MR images in most cases. The comparison between CT and MR findings demonstrates a slight superiority of the latter: multiplanarity and high contrast resolution make MR imaging more sensitive than CT in the detection of the both caudal spread and involvement of optic and acoustic nervous pathways.

Furthermore, MR imaging allows a safe follow-up in children with leukodystrophy. Contribution to the radiological study of the eosinophilic granuloma of the mandible Unifocal granuloma due to Langherans' cell histiocytosis ; Contributo allo studio radiologico del granuloma eosinofilo della mandibola granuloma unifocale da istiocitosi delle cellule di Lagherhans.

Il nucleo terrestre: il cuore magnetico della Terra. Esso protegge il pianeta dalle p Neurofibromatosis 1 NF1 is an autosomal dominant condition characterized by neuro-cutaneous involvement and a predisposition to tumour development. Resting-state fMRI has recently emerged as a powerful tool for functional brain analysis, allowing the examination Magnetic resonance arthrography in chronic wrist pain.

Artografia con Risonanza Magnetica arto-RM nelle malattie dolorose croniche del polso. Valeri, G. Ancona Univ. Cattedra di Radiologia ; Carloni, S. Cattedra di Ortopedia and others. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the clinical role of Magnetic Resonance Arthrography MRA of the wrist in subjects with chronic pain. The conclusion is that compared with MRI, MRA can be considered a useful tool for the visualization of interosseus carpal ligaments and of the triangular fibrocartilage complex.

MRA also helps detect injuries in these structures. A variety of other signs including polyarthritis, vascular conditions blood vessel occlusions and aneurysms , epididymitis, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and heart lesions may also occur. PD and T2-weighted hypersignal foci were demonstrated in parietal, frontal, subcortical and periventricular white matter in 6 subjects. Neuroradiological abnormalities were found only in patients with complete disease and with the disease diagnosed more than 10 years earlier. Origini della vita. In questo saggio egli prende la parola, lui fisico teorico ed esperto di problemi degli armamenti, nel dibattito sull'origine della vita.

Filosofia della fisica. Un libro che mancava : attraverso i contributi dei maggiori specialisti italiani, la definizione rigorosa di una disciplina, la filosofia della fisica, che si pone nel punto d'incontro tra la cultura scientifica e quella umanistica. Prospettive della scienza. Biografia della fisica. Il corpo della strega. Il libro agente della socializzazione. Metodi matematici della fisica. Anche allo scopo di mantenere questo testo entro i limiti di un manuale di dimensioni contenute e di agevole consultazione, sono stati spesso sacrificati i dettagli tecnici delle dimostrazioni matematiche o anzi le dimostrazioni per intero e anche i formalismi eccessivi, che tendono a nascondere la vera natura dei problemi.

L'obiettivo principale e quello di mettere in condizione chi ha letto questo libro di acquisire gli strumenti adatti e le conoscenze di base che gli Davanti alla grande macchina della legge. La letteratura e le sue rappresentazioni del mondo della legge. La frequente incomprensione dei suoi m La funzione etica e catartica della rappresentazione della sofferenza The aim of this contribution is to discuss the ethical function of suffering in Manzoni's Storia della Colonna infame as a means for catharsis and as a persuasive rhetorical argument addressed to the reader.

By representing both physical and moral suffering Manzoni states that evil corrupts not only the perpetrators but also I dati sono raccolti su supporto magnetico sono stati elaborati con software per elaborazioni dati Access e Excel MICROSOFT per la determinazione dei tassi di incidenza grezzi, specifici e standardizzati. Democrazia e scrittura della storia. In questo saggio cerchiamo di chiarire le relazioni fra la democrazia e la scrittura della storia.

Le forze della natura il nuovo orizzonte della fisica. Emozione, discorso e politiche della vita quotidiana. Full Text Available Le emozioni sono una di quelle nozioni considerate scontate sia dalla conoscenza specialistica che dal discorso quotidiano, che stanno ora diventando parte del dominio della ricerca antropologica. Storia della teoria dei quanti. Full Text Available La letteratura e le sue rappresentazioni del mondo della legge.

La frequente incomprensione dei suoi meccanismi da parte di imputati e pubblico. Gli esempi di molti testi letterari e filmici, dal Libro di Giobbe ai romanzi di Grisham. Brevi conclusioni. Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy; Nanoparticulas magneticas para o tratamento do cancer. Bakuzis, Andris F. Instituto de Fisica. Full text: Magnetic nanoparticles have been used in several biomedical applications, spanning from cell separation, early diagnosis of metastasis to even the treatment of cancer via magnetic hyperthermia MH.

This last technique consists in the increase of temperature of nanoparticles when their magnetic moments interact with a magnetic alternating field. This effect has been suggested as an innovative therapy to cancer treatment, due to the delivery of heat or therapeutic agents, such as drugs, genes, and others. In addition, several clinical studies has demonstrated synergetic effects between hyperthermia and radiotherapy [1]. This indicates a great therapeutic potential for this noninvasive and targeted technique.

In this talk we will discuss results from the literature and from our own group in the treatment of cancer via magnetic hyperthermia. Several types of magnetic nanoparticles suggested for this application will be discussed, as well as the historical evolution of this procedure, which although suggested in the late 50' only recently was approved in Europe for treatment of humans with brain tumors.

Esta ultima tecnica consiste no aumento da temperatura de nanoparticulas quando seus momentos magneticos interagem de forma adequada com um campo magnetico alternado. Este efeito tem sido idealizado como uma nova terapia para o tratamento do cancro, seja via entrega seletiva de calor ou mesmo pela liberacao de farmacos, genes ou outros agentes terapeuticos por meio desta acao externa. Adicionalmente, diversos estudos clinicos tem demonstrado efeitos sinergicos entre a hipertermia e tecnicas tradicionais de tratamento oncologico, como quimioterapia e radioterapia.

Isto indica um forte potencial. La costruzione della relazione educativa. Alla scoperta della crittografia quantistica. La crittografia si sviluppa e perfeziona per rispondere all'esigenza di segretezza nella trasmissione delle informazioni. La crittografia quantistica consente, al contrario di quella correntemente usata, di inviare messaggi che non potranno essere decifrati e di vanificare al massimo i tentativi di una loro intercettazione. L'insegnamento della Storia della musica nell'educazione universitaria giapponese. Quando nel Principi generali di gestione della manutenzione.

Sulla base di queste premesse, ci si rivolge a manager, imprese, studiosi e studenti del campo dei servizi di manuntenzione. Le radici culturali della diagnosi Pietro Barbetta. Full Text Available Questo libro costituisce il primo approccio italiano alla costruzione di un discorso culturale sulla diagnosi e intende offrire un significativo contributo alla riapertura di un dibattito avviato da Michel Foucault e da Gregory Bateson e precocemente abbandonato: quello sull'importanza della storia sociale, dell'antropologia culturale e degli studi sulla comunicazione in relazione all'insorgenza, alla definizione e alla cura della psiche.

La repressione della condotta antisindacale. Lo sfondo filosofico della fisica moderna. Werner Heise Full Text Available DELLA proteins are transcriptional regulators present in all land plants which have been shown to modulate the activity of over transcription factors in Arabidopsis, involved in multiple physiological and developmental processes.

It has been proposed that DELLAs transduce environmental information to pre-wired transcriptional circuits because their stability is regulated by gibberellins GAs, whose homeostasis largely depends on environmental signals. Network analysis indicates a relative increase in parameters associated with the degree of interconnectivity in the DELLA -associated subnetworks of land plants, with a stronger effect in species with GA-regulated DELLA proteins.

Musica, suoni e gentrificazione della nuova Berlino. Nel Einstein aggiunse un'appendice sulla sua teoria generalizzata della gravitazione. Nel Einstein rifece del tutto, ampliandola, la seconda appendice, a cui aggiunse un Supplemento nel Per un'apologia della maschera. DELLA genes restrict inflorescence meristem function independently of plant height. DELLA proteins associate with transcription factors to control plant growth in response to gibberellin 1.

Semi-dwarf DELLA mutants with improved harvest index and decreased lodging greatly improved global food security during the 'green revolution' in the s 2. However, DELLA mutants are pleiotropic and the developmental basis for their effects on plant architecture remains poorly understood. Here, we show that DELLA proteins have genetically separable roles in controlling stem growth and the size of the inflorescence meristem, where flowers initiate.

In barley, secondary mutations in the DELLA gain-of-function mutant Sln1d 4 also uncoupled meristem and inflorescence size from plant height. Our work reveals an unexpected and conserved role for DELLA genes in controlling shoot meristem function and suggests how dissection of pleiotropic DELLA functions could unlock further yield gains in semi-dwarf mutants. On the insectivorous feeding of Magpie Pica pica. Giocare, tra violenza ed ecologia della mente. Entrambe queste strade ci conducono dentro le false alternative della violenza.

I molti volti della comunicazione scientifica. The thesis, I molti volti della Comunicazione Scientifica The many aspects of Science Communication , discussed in February , investigates the impact of science on Italian and foreign daily press. Interviews made with some science j Per una lettura laica della teologia medievale. I concetti teologici riescono a dirci qualcosa, se si trascura il loro riferimento essenziale alla nostra relazione con un essere divino? In which way? Is it possible consider their importance leaving their religious scope aside?

Can the theological concepts tell us something unless we consider their essential reference to our relationship with a divine being? The answer to these questions let us to understand what means to be a secular laico scholar of medieval philosophy. It's impossible conversely to discuss this problem without dealing with medieval theology. Therefore a fully aware historiography of medieval thought has to understand the theological speech and to encounter the depth of this theoretical question.

So we can conclude that for a secular reading of the medieval theology is paradoxically essential to catch the intimate sense of religious thought and the. Immagini della luce nelle Epistulae di Seneca. Il museo della scienza di Villa Farnesina. Appendice A. La metafora della torta. Spieghiamo ora il funzionamento del diritto d'autore attraverso una metafora comunemente usata a scopo divulgativo. I diritti d'autore sono come una torta con un nucleo di cioccolato al centro.

Il nucleo di cioccolato rappresenta i diritto morali DM. Tutto il resto dela torta rappresenta I diritti patrimoniali DP. Il nucleo di cioccolato non puo essere in alcun modo ceduto, distrutto o scomposto. Tutto il resto della torta puo invece essere tagliato in fette di dimensioni scelte liberame DELLA proteins regulate arbuscule formation in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis.

Most flowering plants are able to form endosymbioses with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. In this mutualistic association, the fungus colonizes the root cortex and establishes elaborately branched hyphae, called arbuscules, within the cortical cells. Arbuscule development requires the cellular reorganization of both symbionts, and the resulting symbiotic interface functions in nutrient exchange.

A plant symbiosis signaling pathway controls the development of the symbiosis. Several components of the pathway have been identified, but transcriptional regulators that control downstream pathways for arbuscule formation are still unknown. Here we show that DELLA proteins, which are repressors of gibberellic acid GA signaling and function at the nexus of several signaling pathways, are required for arbuscule formation.

GA signaling also influences arbuscule formation in monocots, and a Green Revolution wheat variety carrying dominant DELLA alleles shows enhanced colonization but a limited growth response to arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. Note minime sul diritto a decidere della vita e della salute. Sul posto della variazione nella teoria linguistica. Vorrei quindi offrire al festeggiato in questa sede alcune riflessioni generali sulla questione della variazione linguistica che spero gli giungano gradite.

Disegno dello studio genomico, ambientale, microbiomico e metabolomico sulla celiachia: un approccio al futuro della prevenzione personalizzata della celiachia. Il rifornimento della rete commerciale al dettaglio della Provincia di Napoli.

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Giordano Bruno e il Problema della Modernita. In questo modo la stessa tradizione platonica pare subire una trasformazione essenziale, abbandonando qualunque forma di alienazione e negazione, per riaprirsi invece verso soluzioni che paiono riprendere moniti ed osservazioni suscitati dalle prime, grandi e maestose, speculazioni dei filosofi presocratici. Note sulla transestetica della letteratura.

Fluxus fayd. Indagine sui fondamenti della Metafisica e della Fisica di Avicenna. Tutti i piani del sistema avicenniano ne sono interessati: quello metafisico, quello naturale, e quello intellettuale e quindi gnoseologico ed etico. Sulla base di. La Storia della letteratura italiana come romanzo. Effetti di serie: semiotica della dipendenza televisiva. Molti commentatori paragonano questo fenomeno alla tossicodipendenza, e una recente ricerca psicologica Hoon Hi Sung, Eun Yeon Kang, Wei-Na Lee collega la dipendenza da serie alla depressione.

E quali effetti producono le frequenti e prolungate immersioni nei mondi seriali sulla percezione collettiva del mondo reale? I due approcci sono stati ricondotti alla distinzione fra focus on meaning didattica della L1 e focus on form didattica della L2. Focusing on the form: the development of expertise in multilingual primary school classesThe paper describes communicative grammar teaching models in L2 teaching.

Examples taken from transcripts of speeches in class outline the features of this approach, showing different options for teaching grammar in the multilingual classroom: from a deductive and decontextualized model focus on forms. Il viaggio necessario: l'ottobre caldo della tragedia lampedusana. Full Text Available Era ottobre. Non era ancora scoppiato il caso al Centro di Primo Soccorso di Contrada Imbriacola, non era ancora stato chiuso per le docce della vergogna, per i trattamenti da lager con cui i dipendenti della Cooperativa che gestiva il Centro di Primo Soccorso, si prendevano cura dei migranti.

Vengono forniti nuovi dati geonemici sugli Xantholinini della Cina e della Corea. Le seguenti specie sono nuove per le regioni indicate: Stenistoderus sinicus Corea, Thyreocephalus amphidaseus Pakistan, Adhavara ferrugunea Cina, Phacophallus japonicus Cambogia, Xanthophius filum Cambogia, Yunna micophora Shaanxi. Abstract — EN Spring snow is the first novel of the tetralogy The sea of Fertility, the masterpiece of the Japanese writer, which takes place in ancient and modern Japan.

The novel is a prelude to the dramatic 25th November Mishima finished the tetralogy and committed suicide by the ancient seppuku ritual. Spring snow is a polisemic story which is constructed by binary and structural oppositions, the plot of the characters is drawn on a exact, historical and cultural context to catch either the variegated and various shadings or the relations with the ontological substratum, which helped its birth and development. Il concetto di impegno, un tratto persistente della cultura italiana, sembra sfuggire a definizioni precise.

Vedi per es. This paper presents a brief summary of the most commonly used methodologies for seismic hazard assessment. The interest is focused on the probabilistic approach, which can take into account the uncertainties of input data and provides results better comparable with those obtained from hazard analyses of other natural phenomena. Calculation methods, input data and treatment of variability are examined.

Some examples of probabilistic seismic hazard maps are moreover presented. Vengono presi in esame i metodi di calcolo, i dati di base e il trattamento delle incertezze. I figli della strada. Infanzia indifesa e abbandonata in Romania. Pianificare il controllo attraverso il progetto della sicurezza. Aspetti della crisi politica turca. Giuseppe Casuscelli.

Introduzione — 2. Per una prima ricostruzione fattuale della crisi politica turca nel biennio — 3. Il giudizio sullo scioglimento del partito AKP: le argomentazioni delle parti — 4. La sentenza della Corte costituzionale del 30 luglio La Corte tra funzione di equilibrio e difesa del laicismo — 5. Cenni conclusivi, nella prospettiva del diritto ecclesiastico europeo.

Cinema ed enogastronomia nel portale turistico della Regione Toscana. La riscoperta della stereoscopia per la rappresentazione dello spazio architettonico. In particolare, vengono affrontati le questioni relative alla gestione della doppia data di pubblicazione, all'aggancio con i codici identificativi e le conseguenze bibliometriche, e al diritto d'autore.

An unusual spliced variant of DELLA protein, a negative regulator of gibberellin signaling, in lettuce. Il panorama editoriale italiano offre pochi strumenti dedicati: tra questi Donatella Troncarelli, Dica Il linguaggio della medicina, Bonacci, e Daniela Forapani, Italiano per medici, Alma edizioni, Particolare attenzione viene prestata al lessico registrato nei glossari dei volumi. Italian publishers offer few dedicated tools: these include Donatella Troncarelli, Dica Il linguaggio della medicina, Bonacci, and Daniela Forapani, Italiano per medici, Alma editions, This study aims to compare the two texts, highlighting their features and language teaching setting, showing how linguistic content is proposed, which skills are promoted, what the learning objectives are and what tools are provided.

Particular attention is paid to the vocabulary in the glossaries. Occupare spazi, liberare luoghi della mente e della cittadinanza: esperienze di riappropriazione a Roma. Il ruolo di Betlemme nella storia cristiana e nella posizione della Santa Sede. Osservazioni introduttive e metodologiche - 2. Betlemme nella Bibbia - 3. Politica, cultura e religione: dalla dominazione romana alla disfatta dei mamelucchi - 4. Dall'occupazione turca ai nostri giorni; il predominio della storia politica - 5. Il muro della vergogna.

Dal mondo del pressappoco all'universo della precisione. Ha fatto parte di numerosi Organismi nazionali ed internazionali. Il sistema costituzionale e concordatario — 2. Brevi cenni sulle radici storiche del confessionismo dominicano - 3. Verso una soluzione della questione matrimoniale: la legge n. Il dito di Galileo le dieci grandi idee della scienza. Domande e risposte per dieci idee che hanno plasmato il mondo di oggi. Possiamo rintracciare l'origine e il divenire del cosmo? Che cosa significa l'evoluzione del vivente? Cosa sono quegli elusivi quanti alla base della fisica contemporanea?

Siamo sicuri che l'aritmetica non ci inganni? Peter Atkins offre una guida chiara e completa all'impresa scientifica, seguendo la via indicata dal dito di Galileo. La seconda edizione di questo testo mantiene tutte le caratteristiche della prima edizione, specificamente progettata per i corsi semestrali della Lurea Magistrale in Fisica: un testo di riferimento completo, autosufficiente, facilmente utilizzabile, e accessibile a studenti provenienti da indirizzi e piani di studio diversi.

Contiene le principali informazioni sulla teoria gravitazionale che al giorno d'oggi ogni laureato in Fisica dovrebbe possedere: si parte dalle nozioni di base della Relativita' Generale, e si sviluppa la teoria gravitazionale classica sino ad argomenti di frontiera come l'estensione supersimmetrica delle equazioni di Einstein. In aggiunta, la seconda edizione include nuovo materiale di forte interesse attuale come, ad esempio: i una dettagliata presentazione dei modelli gravitazionali multidimensionali motivati dalle teorie delle stringhe e delle membrane ; ii una originale discussione delle misure di velocita' e degli effetti di dilatazione temporale in presenza di gravita' motiv The second part presents the possible advantages of the multilingual and multicultural dimension through key words singled-out by the author thanks to explorations in Italian schools.

I problemi di matematica della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Nasce come aggiornamento del volume precedente "I problemi di Matematica della Scuola Normale", e raccoglie gli esercizi di matematica assegnati all'esame di ammissione alla Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa dal al , con la loro risoluzione. Il libro si rivolge a studenti e docenti della Scuola Secondaria, e si chiude con un Glossario in cui vengono richiamati i termini usati. Oppure sono destinati a non comprendersi e separarsi? Eppure, quando parliamo di questi argomenti, usiamo sempre un gran numero di parole straniere, negli ultimi anni soprattutto inglesi.

Procedure di controllo delle infezioni della ferita chirurgica nelle chirurgie generali della regione Piemonte. Lo studio di queste ultime consente di individuare e analizzare quali procedure siano adottate fra quelle definite in letteratura di provata efficacia nella prevenzione delle SSI e quali siano di uso comune pur non esistendo per esse evidenza di efficacia.

Obiettivo: descrivere e analizzare le procedure di controllo delle SSI messe in atto nelle chirurgie generali degli ospedali del Piemonte sotto il profilo assistenziale e ambientale. Materiale e metodi : lo studio prevede una settimana di osservazione nelle sale operatorie di chirurgia generale da parte di personale formato. Saranno indagati con schede appositamente strutturate: 1 tutti gli interventi, per rilevarne le caratteristiche e le misure di controllo pre e intraoperatorie rivolte al paziente; 2 i comportamenti degli operatori in sala; 3 i dati relativi al controllo ambientale.

Gregory Crane e i cittadini della repubblica delle lettere.

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I grandi della fisica da Platone a Heisenberg. An informal organisation that is becoming quite influential in the spread of Italian in Italy, as well as abroad, is the "Accademia della Crusca" which began its activities during the Renaissance, under quite different auspices. Founded in Florence in , this Academy was inspired by the theories of Pietro Bembo , a…. Brain MRI lesions in neuromyelitis optica: clinical case; Lesiones cerebrales de resonancia magnetica en neuromielitis optica: caso clinico. Many cases of patients with neuromyelitis optica have submitted without demyelinating lesions in the cerebral white matter, it has documented that this entity can cause from the onset of illness or through its natural evolution.

Diagnostic methods currently as Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI and specific antibodies in plasma such as antiaquaporin-4 have been diagnosed of neuromyelitis optica cases that were initially confused with multiple sclerosis. Disease in Costa Rica has been little prevalent and is not exactly known what the prevalence and incidence. The degree of disorder is illustrated through a case study, both in the cerebral white matter as spinal cord, in a patient with neuromyelitis optica during a follow-up period of 4 years. This is the first case that has been reported in the scientific literature of Costa Rica. - Blog - TUSITALA

Los metodos de diagnostico en la actualidad como la Imagen por Resonancia Magnetica IRM y la determinacion de anticuerpos especificos en plasma como la antiaquaporina-4 han logrado diagnosticar algunos casos de neuromielitis optica que inicialmente fueron confundidos con esclerosis multiple. La enfermedad en Costa Rica ha sido poco prevalente y no se ha conocido con exactitud cual es la prevalencia e incidencia.

El grado de afeccion ha sido ilustrado a traves de un caso clinico, tanto en la sustancia blanca cerebral como espinal, en un paciente con neuromielitis optica durante un periodo de seguimiento de 4 anos. Este es el primer caso que ha sido reportado en la literatura cientifica de Costa Rica.

Sorveglianza della circolazione ambientale dei poliovirus nel Lazio. Metodo: sono stati analizzati 26 campioni di liquami e 36 campioni di acque superficiali contaminate da liquami. Le particelle virali sono state concentrate mediante ultra filtrazione tangenziale Risultati e conclusioni: sono stati isolati complessivamente 6 poliovirus di cui 4 da acque superficiali.

I virus erano tutti Sabin-kike e retromutati ma non ricombinanti. In questo lavoro si propone un metodo per selezionare l'enorme informazione contenuta nei suggerimenti di studentesse e studenti. Tuttavia esiste una porzione di insegnamenti per i quali l'azione di verifica puntuale delle affermazioni contenute nei questionari appare utile e doverosa. Tecnicamente, l'uso del cosiddetto "trimming method" appare particolarmente efficace per la selezione degli insegnamenti problematici.

In sostanza si tratta di un metodo, molto adoperato in situazioni molto diverse, per ripulire il campione statistico dalla possibile presenza, in questo caso, di. Magnetic losses and reactance change by the use of metallic conduit in electrical installations; Perdidas magneticas y cambio de reactancia por la tuberia metalica en instalaciones electricas. In this paper are presented the results obtained in the measurement of magnetic losses in metallic conduits in electric installations. The losses for parasitic currents and by hysteresis were obtained in different conditions of magnetic density, caused by the net current resulting from the sum of all the currents of all the conductors that travel along the conduit.

These currents are named differential currents, and the conditions in which they appear in the electric installations are described. The magnetic induction phenomenon that occurs in metallic conduit is briefly described and the basic concepts that describe it. A theoretical-experimental methodology is offered to quantify the energy losses by parasitic currents and by the metal magnetization in these metallic conduits. At the same time, the impact of these differential currents impact in the reactance of the electric installation is quantified. The obtained results for twelve conduits of different diameters and different wall thickness are shown.

A comparison analysis is made with the reported results in a previous article, where the losses were estimated by means of the temperature rise measurement of the metallic wall. Las perdidas por corrientes parasitas y por histeresis se obtuvieron para diferentes condiciones de densidad magnetica , provocada por la corriente neta resultante de la suma de las corrientes de todos los conductores que viajan por la tuberia. A estas corrientes se les designa corrientes diferenciales y se describen las condiciones en las que estas aparecen en las instalaciones electricas.

Se explica brevemente el fenomeno de induccion magnetica que se presenta en las tuberias metalicas y los conceptos basicos que la describen. Se plantea una metodologia teorico-experiemental para cuantificar las perdidas de energia, por. Le avventure di Mr. Tompkins viaggio "scientificamente fantastico" nel mondo della fisica. La prefazione di Roger Penrose presenta Mr. Tompkins ad una nuova generazione di lettori e rivisita le sue avventure alla luce degli attuali sviluppi della fisica moderna.

Un intreccio di iniziative scientifiche. Reti Medievali e il futuro della storiografia digitale. Il libro parte da una semplice domanda: esistono fenomeni che alla fine si riveleranno semplicemente inconoscibili e inspiegabili? Alle origini della conservazione del paesaggio in Belgio: il contributo originale di Louis Van der Swaelmen. La musica del vuoto indagine sulla natura della materia. Il fatto religioso e la nascita della biopolitica. La disciplina del fatto religioso qualificante di un ordinamento giuridico costituzionale — 3. This essay tries to underline how Foucault described a system of rules not only focused on economics and politics, but a complex theoretical construction to take a look at religious beliefs and their effects into a modern juridical order.

Sviluppo e crisi. Per una prospettiva della compresenza. I tre giorni del congresso sono stati caratterizzati da letture, sessioni scientifiche, corsi educazionali, incontri con gli esperti, sezioni poster, corsi di aggiornamento su temi speciali, e diversi simposi. Dal punto di vista clinico, sono The Istituto di Storia della Medicina at Rome University was to a certain extent a one-man achievement.

Founded by Adalberto Pazzini in , its collections comprehended books, objects, as well as photographs, movies, and other didactic video. The Istituto was also a center for publications, conferences and meetings. The archival sources that document its activity have been re-evaluated and restored in recent years, together with the collections housed in the Library and in the Museum. Composizione e dinamiche della microflora in differenti ecosistemi caseari.

Nel processo produttivo del formaggio, la selezione di parametri tecnologici pu Introduzione - 2. Fenotipo storico - 3. Progetto di legge sulle fondazioni comunitarie del Prof. VI Memorandum della Conferenza episcopale cattolica turca, del 10 giugno Teatri della memoria: una ricerca sulle mediatiche domestiche. Full Text Available Questo contributo ruota intorno ai risultati di una ricerca collettiva che riguarda i rapporti fra alcuni oggetti della casa e le memorie di chi li raccoglie.

Nelle case ci sono mobili e soprammobili, fotografie e manifesti, quadri, e infiniti altri oggetti. Si tratta di un insieme di oggetti la cui analisi consente di comprendere sia diversi aspetti dei rapporti che le persone intrattengono con le proprie memorie, sia alcuni dei modi in cui spazi privati e pubblici si interconnettono.

I cataloghi nella letteratura americana della Grande Depressione. Full Text Available Il presente saggio si propone di analizzare alcune opere letterarie in senso lato poesie, libri-documentario, script di film-documetario scritte negli Stati Uniti negli anni della Grande Depressione alla luce della presenza ricorrente di cataloghi, liste e inventari.

Thoreau, il saggio si sofferma su alcune opere-documentario degli anni Trenta del Novecento; un periodo che, segnato profondamente dalla crisi economica e testimone di una riconfigurazione della geografia reale e simbolica del territorio nazionale, punta nuovamente a cataloghi e inventari, secondo una scelta retorica funzionale alla rappresentazione del rovescio del mito di abbondanza delle origini. Verbo come elemento della frase in friulano ed in frances. In questo contesto, la LUISS partecipa al progetto di sperimentazione di harvesting automatico delle tesi di dottorato da parte delle Biblioteche Nazionali Centrali di Firenze e di Roma — Magazzini Digitali - ed attua una precisa politica di archiviazione per garantire il rispetto della normativa vigente in tema di Deposito legale.

Between the two main strategies meant to ensure open access publishing, the Green road is fully represented by the Institutional Repositories. In Italy the history of institutional repositories is strongly characterized and driven by the activity of CRUI, in particular by the Working Group for OA formed with the purpose of giving effect to the principles of the Declaration of Berlin, cornerstone of the Open Access movement. In particular. Neanche sbagliata il fallimento della teoria delle stringhe e la corsa all'unificazione delle leggi della fisica.

Collective memory and the Casa della Memoria : on the potential and risk of instant patina. It observes that the Casa della Memoria uses instant patina with the aim of solidifying a. We report the first Italian occurrence of yukonite, a rare hydrated arsenate of calcium and ferric iron, from Grotta della Monaca cave, S. Agata di Esaro, Cosenza, Italy. We have studied samples of cotype yukonite from the Daulton mine, Yukon, Canada, for comparison. At Grotta della Monaca La teoria della conoscenza scientifica da Kant ai giorni nostri.

Appartiene, dunque, alla fase produttiva dell'"ultimo Enriques"; e rientra in quel genere di scritti cui concordemente si riconosce il merito di avere introdotto fra i primi in Italia l'interesse per lo studio della storia del pensiero scientifico. Immagini del mondo e forme della politica in Max Weber. Delicta reservata seu delicta graviora: la disciplina dei crimini rimessi alla competenza della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede. Introduzione alle fattispecie — 4. La procedura — 8. Qualche considerazione di sistema.

Quam maximis potest itineribus: andata e ritorno della costruzione tra immagine e modello nello spazio grafico della geometria descrittiva. Full Text Available Il contributo testimonia una strategia d'insegnamento congiunto del rilievo architettonico, della geometria descrittiva e del disegno digitale concepita come un viaggio di andata e ritorno tra immagine e modello. Il circolo didattico si chiude poi costruendo rappresentazioni tabulari tradizionali dei modelli. Per un dizionario della ricerca sul Technology Enhanced Learning. Dopo una presentazione delle motivazioni, vengono discussi gli attuali sviluppi del lavoro e presentati i criteri seguiti per le principali scelte effettuate in merito ai metodi e alle tecnologie utilizzate.

Strada facendo si discutono le famose verifiche sperimentali della Teorie del tutto la ricerca della spiegazione ultima. Questi interrogativi di carattere fondamentale sono stati fuori moda per secoli: gli scienziati ne diffidavano, teologi e filosofi se ne erano stancati. Linee guida per la gestione della Volpe in Italia. Chi ha paura del relativismo? Nelle sezioni conclusive si discutono le implicazioni del costruttivismo realista.

Gli effetti dell'attrito sulla stima della disuguaglianza in Italia. Movimenti della faglia del Iago di Cavazzo, in relazione con la locale caduta di pioggia. L a centrale si t r o v a sul bordo occidentale della grande faglia del lago. Il saggio affronta il tema della sicurezza e della salute dei lavoratori quale diritto fondamentale. Le conclusioni cui giunge una parte della giurisprude High-resolution magneto stratigraphic of the Eocene-Oligocene boundary in the Umbria-Marche sequence; Stratigrafia magnetica ad alta risoluzione del limite Eocene-Oligocene nella successione Umbro-Marchigiana.

High-resolution magneto stratigraphy across the Eocene-Olicene boundary has been employed in a detailed investigation of the nature of low-amplitude, short-wavelength oceanic magnetic anomalies. Full Text Available La formazione rappresenta uno strumento basilare nella promozione della lingua e della cultura italiana.

The role of training in the promotion of Italian language and culture. The topic is complex because it encompasses diverse issues. On the one hand appropriate means are needed, like telematic resources, which encourage and facilitate spreading abroad. On the other, university and school courses need to be reorganized in light of the new training needs. The role of Italian universities could to be stronger if they met foreign standards, to promote the circulation of students towards and not just away from Italy. As far as regards the type of training to be undertaken, the humanistic.

Nuovi scenari della psicopatologia. In questo modo, mentre si esplorano le forme del mondo esterno si disegnano le forme del mondo interno e, viceversa, con gli occhi del mondo interno si descrivono le forme del mondo esterno. L'arte della vita: biotecnologie e bioetica. La strana storia della luce e del colore. Sino al la luce era oggetto di studio degli scienziati ed il colore dei filosofi. Il libro analizza le teorie che furono sviluppate dai greci, per evolversi successivamente nelle teorie degli scienziati arabi e approdare al medio evo.

Linguet e i paradossi sociali della politica. Full Text Available Questo saggio affronta la dottrina politica di S. La categoria di rapporto sociale non esprime la coordinazione tra soggetti indifferenti, ma la subordinazione di alcuni individui al potere sociale dei proprietari. Competitive Balance dopo la sentenza Bosman: il caso della pallavolo in Italia. Introduzione — 1. Economia dello Sport e Competitive Balance: alcuni principali contributi teorici — 2.

Misurazioni del Competitive Balance — 3. Di fronte a tale perdita, non sappiamo se temporanea o permanente, ci siamo posti alcuni interrogativi. This paper addresses the recent disappearance of the Pesaro codex of the Vita nuova, as lately ascertained by Donato Pirovano. Without knowing if this loss is temporary or permanent, some questions concerning its possible recovery through a copy of the original manuscript need to be asked. The object of his study is to answer these questions through the analysis of a potential descriptus.

Only the Pesaro edition, copied from the missing manuscript, seemed to be eligible for this role. To ascertain whether this edition was asuitable substitute for thr Pesaro codex, I collated it with passages copied directly from the manuscript by Michele Barbi in his edition of the Vita Nuova. Even though the great number of discordances suggests that the former cannot be considered a copy of the original, its value as testimony still holds true. Full Text Available The hormones gibberellins GAs control a wide variety of processes in plants, including stress and developmental responses.

This task largely relies on the activity of the DELLA proteins, nuclear-localized transcriptional regulators that do not seem to have DNA binding capacity. The identification of early target genes of DELLA action is key not only to understand how GAs regulate physiological responses, but also to get clues about the molecular mechanisms by which DELLAs regulate gene expression. Our results show that the induction of GAI activity has an almost immediate effect on gene expression.

Although this transcriptional regulation is largely mediated by the PIFs and HY5 transcription factors based on target meta-analysis, additional evidence points to other transcription factors that would be directly involved in DELLA regulation of gene expression. Finally, Gene Ontology analysis highlights the impact of DELLA regulation upon the homeostasis of the GA, auxin, and ethylene pathways, as well as upon pre-existing transcriptional networks. L'Ultimo capitolo della tradizionale produzione ceramica di Barrama Tunisia.

Molti chiari segnali indiziano la fine della produzione della caratteristica ceramica di Barrama, presso Bargou, nel Governatorato tunisino di Siliana. La fine delle certezze il tempo, il caos e le leggi della natura. Strategie della conoscenza nella riflessione di Guglielmo di S. ThierryAmor incapibilem capit, incomprehensibilem comprehendit. Il problema della visio Dei: si intende comprendere cosa Dio sia, non chi sia. La declinazio Valutazione e mappatura dei servizi culturali nei paesaggi terrazzati. Il caso studio della Costiera Amalfitana. Full Text Available I paesaggi culturali rappresentano una risorsa fondamentale per lo sviluppo sostenibile.

Attualmente molti paesaggi terrazzati sono considerati a rischio a causa delle mutate condizioni socio-economiche. Viene affrontato il tema della valutazione e mappatura dei servizi culturali, con riferimento al paesaggio terrazzato della Costiera Amalfitana in Campania. Questa seconda parte illustra un esempio di trasposizione didattica realizzata in Italia, in classi della scuola secondaria di II grado. Documenti per una storia dell'ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala di Siena.

Dopo avere illustrato la struttura della documentazione, composta di 6. Per una educazione linguistica trasversale: la sfida della competenza multilingue. Integrating different language learning experiences, however, involves integrating teaching experiences, i. A fronte di. Il Modello Standard MS , fino ad una scala di energie di circa GeV, e' attualmente la teoria che descrive con il migliore accordo sperimentale il mondo delle particelle elementari e le loro interazioni. Mysteries of attraction: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, astrology and desire.

Although in his later years Giovanni Pico della Mirandola vehemently rejected astrology, he earlier used it in a variety of ways, but primarily to provide further evidence for positions to which he had arrived by other means. One such early use appears in his commentary on his friend Girolamo Benivieni's love poetry, the Canzone d'amore, of In the passages discussed here, Pico presents an intensive Platonic natural philosophical analysis based on a deep astrologically informed understanding of human nature as he attempts to explain a perennial question, namely, why one person is attracted to a certain person or people , and another to others.

I will place this discussion of the mysteries of attraction and desire in historical perspective by tracing Pico's changing relationship to astrology during the course of his short but passionate life, and in historiographic perspective by revising Frances Yates's still influential views concerning Pico's contribution to Renaissance thought and his relationship with Marsilio Ficino. Brasile Gli anni della svolta per Alberto Moravia. He had recently finished La noia, his eleventh novel, the one that most directly is connected to his first novel, Gli indifferenti , and it marks a decisive turning point in his artistic, intellectual, and human course.

Ortografia della Lingua Italiana. MiUno, Modena, Pergamini Gidcomo , Trattato della Lingua Italiana. Parma, Pistolesi Giam-Battista , Prospetto de 5 Verb! Pisa, Tori- no, Torino, Na- poli, Vene- zia. Romdni Giovanni , Teorica della Lingua Italiana. Mi- lano, Roster Gidcomo , Osservazioni Grammatical!

Ragionati di Lingua Italiana. Salvidti Leondrdo , Avvertimenti della Lingua sopra il Deca- merone. Saniagnello M. Brescia, Atti dell' Acad. Toselli Ottdvio , Origine della Lingua Italiana. Vergani M. Leg- horn, Vocdboldrio degli Accademici della Crusca. Verona, 7 vol. Universale della Lingua Italiana. Napoli, [Iprimi]5 vol. Opera in corso. PAND, o. Pandolfmi Jgnolo , 'Trattato del Governo deila Famiglia,' pagina o. Alfiiri Vittorio , 'Tragedie,' Filippo, atto Filip.

Ant d. Concordio, distribuzione o. Vedi Car. Vedi Boc. Barberi J-Ph. Beltincioni Bernardo , ' Rime. Bimbo Pietro , 4 Stdria di Venezia,' lib. J pag. Vedi Parch. XXV Bent. S lettera o. Tdsso Bernardo , ' Lettere? Berni Francesco , ' Orlando InnamordtoJ canto o. A met. Testo a pen- na, citdto nel Vocabolario. Vedi Lab. Boccallni Traiano , 'Ragguagli di Par- nasso. Borghini Raffaello , 4 I1 RiposoJ num.

J giornata o. Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso, canto o. Cdnti Carnascialeschi, pag. Testo a penna, citato net Vocabolario.

Dizionario filosofico del cambiamento - Massa e Tecnica - FUTURA FESTIVAL 2015

Casa Galat. Castiglione Baldassare , ' II lib. A post o 5 degli ' Atti degli Apostoli? Sin ' -Espos. Occorre rarissime volte. Crescenzi Pietro de' , 'Trattato dell' Agri- Cresc. Dante Atighifri, 'Divina Commedia,' Infer- wo, canto o. Seism, p. Volgarizzamento delle ' Declamazioni di Quintilidno, testo a penna di Matteo Caccini. Citato nel Vocabolario. Volgarizzanento della 'Locuzidne trio Falereo ' di Piero Segni, pag. Rivoluzioni d j ItdliaJ lib. Volgarizzamento de' ' Didloghi di San Gre- gorio Jlldgno.

Erizzo Sebastiano , Le Sei Giorndte. Testo a ptnna, citato net Vo- cabolario. Ganganelli Giovan-Vincenzo Antonio [Pa- lett. XXIX Cell. Lod, Mar. Giambulldri Pier-Francesco , ' Storia d' Europa,' lib. Vedi Ser Giov. Girdhli Giraldo , Ltttere. Volgarizzame'nto de' c Grddi di San Giro- lamoj cap. Vedi Barb. Guarini Giovam-Battista , 'Pastor Fido,' atto o. Testo aptnna, citato nel Vocabolario. Vedi Bocc. Testo a, penna, citato nel Vocabolario. Rime,' pag. Lodoli Francesco , Novelle. Volgarizzamento della ' Somma Pisanella, Maff. Matt Fran. Testo a penna, citato nel Vocabolario.

Maffei Scipione , ' MeropeJ tragedia, atto o. Franzesi Matteo , l Rime Burlesche,' vol. Villdni Matteo], t Storia,' lib, o. Messer Bino, l Rime Burlesche,' lib. Metastdsio Pietro , 'JlrtaserseJ dramma, atto o. Volgarizzamerrto delle 'Pistole rf' Ovidio. Pallavicino, ' Concilio di Trento. Vedi Guar. Vedi Brun. I Petrdrca Francesco , ' Rime. I , , canzone o. XXXI Tri. Pignotti Lorenzo , ' j Poliz. Polizidno, Agnolo , ' Stdnze per la Giostra di Giuliano,' canto o, stanza o.

Redi Francesco , ' AnnoJ,azi6ni al suo Di- tirdmbo' cons. Ant p. Saccketti Franco , ' NovelleJ novella o. I cap. Testo a pin- na, citato ml Vocabolario. Crist, instr. Pe- giorndta o. Sodve Francesco ' Novelle Morali. SanV Jlgostino, lib. Testo a penna, atdto nel Vocabolario. Pistol, p. Volgarizzamento della ' Storia di SemifonteJ pag. Compagnoni, pdrte o. I Tolomm ti Claudio , Ltttere. Varchi Benedetto , Traduzione della 4 Con- Boez. Traduzione de' libri de' l Benefaj di Stne- caj lib. Vedi Gio. XXX Vine.

Ant S. Martelli Vincenzo , 'Rime e Lettere,' pag. Citato Vite dff Sdnti Pa- Zibald. WORDS may be considered as articulate sounds, or as signs of our thoughts. The letters which repre- sent the sounds, as, a, e, i, fyc. The union of two vowels, pronounced by a single impulse of the voice, is called a diphthong; and that of three vowels pro- nounced in like manner, is called a triphthong.

These in Italian are nine ; viz. The NOUN is either substantive, or adjective. A proper noun is one, which is individually applicable to a person or thing ; as, Cesare, ' Caesar' ; Roma, t Rome'. A common noun is one, which may be applied to all persons or things of the same kind ; as, uomo, ' man' ; citta, ' city'. Some common nouns are also called collective, from their presenting to the mind the idea of a collection of persons or things ; as, gente, ' people' ; esercito, ' army'. The positive is the adjective itself, expressing the quality of an object, without any relation of comparison ; as ncco, ' rich' ; po'vero, ' poor'.

The Superlative is the adjective expressing the quality of the object in the highest degree of superiority, or the lowest degree of inferiority. There are two kinds of superlative, the relative, and the absolute. A great number of Italian nouns are susceptible of a change of termination, which, modifying the primitive idea expressed by them, augments or diminishes their signification ; as, uo'mo, 4 man' ; OMONE, i large man' : ruscello, ' brook' ; RUSCEL.

LETTO, 'small brook'. Cardinal numbers are those, which determine a collection of objects, with regard to their number or quantity; as, uno, 1 one' ; died, i ten'. Italian nouns are varied by gender and number. Gender is a division of nouns according to sex. Nouns denoting males are masculine; nouns denoting females are feminine. This division, which properly regards only nouns having sex, is in Italian extended also to all other nouns, though they have no sex ; so that every noun is either of the masculine or feminine gender.

But there are certain nouns which belong to both genders, and these are said to be of the common gender. JVumber is the designation of one or more objects. There are two numbers, viz. The singular designates one single person or thing ; the plural, more than one person or thing. The various relations of nouns, which in Latin are denoted by different terminations, or cases, are expressed in Italian by certain prepositions placed before them ; and for the nom- inative and accusative of the Latin, have been substituted the terms subjective, and objective ; and for the genitive, dative, and ablative, the terms relation of possession, of attribution, and of derivation.

A PRONOUN is a word used instead of a noun, already expressed, to prevent its frequent repetition ; and like the noun is either substantive or adjective. Substantive pronouns are either personal, conjunctive, relative, or interrogative ; and adjective pronouns are either possessive, demonstrative, or indefinite.

The personal pronouns are those, which mark the persons. The persons are three, viz. The first is the person speaking ; as, io, ' I' ; no'i, ' we' : the second is the person spoken to ; as, tu, ' thou' ; voi, ' you' : and the third is the person spoken of; as, egli, 'he' ; ella, ' she' ; eglino.

The conjunctive pronouns are those, which are always joined to a verb.

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They are derived from the personal pronouns, and are divided into conjunctive, property speaking ; as, mi, ' me', or ' to me' ; ti, l thee', or ' to thee' ; si, ' one's self, or l to ones' self: MI duole, 'it grieves me' ; TI parla, ' he speaks to thee' ; si loda, 'he praises himself: and relative conjunctive pro- nouns ; as, ne, ' of it, of him, of her', or i of them' ; NE vorrei veder la fine, ' 1 should like to see the end of it'. The relative pronouns are those, which refer to a person or thing, that has been before spoken of; as, chi, ' who' or ' he that'; die, il qudle, 'who', or 'which that': CHI si umilia si esalta, 'who', or 'he that humbles himself exalts himself: V uo- mo, CHE or il QUALE scrive, 'the man, who or that writes'; il libro, CHE or il QUALE io leggo, ' the book, which or that I read'.

The person or thing, which relative pronouns refer to, is called the antecedent. The interrogative pronouns are those, which are used to interrogate, or ask a question; as, chi? The indefinite pronouns are those, which express a person or thing in a general and unlimited sense ; as, alcuno, ' some one' ; ogni, ' every' ; niente, ' nothing'. Italian pronouns, like the nouns, are varied by gender and number. There is but one verb, stricldy speaking ; essere, ' to be' ; because this alone expresses affirmation. Verbs are commonly divided into active, passive, neuter, pro- nominal, and unipersonaL Active verbs are those, that express an action, which falls or may immediately fall upon an object ; as.

The object upon which the action of the verb falls, is called the regimen or complement of this verb. Besides this first com- plement, which is called direct, many active verbs may have a second complement, which is called indirect ; as, scrivere. To pronominal, properly, belong reflective and reciprocal verbs. Reciprocal verbs are those, that express the action of several subjects, who act respectively the one upon the other ; as, aiutdr-si ; 'to assist each other'; NOI ci aiutidmo, 'we assist each other'.

Unipersonal, or, as they are usually called, impersonal verbs, are those, that are used only in the third person singular of each tense ; as, accadere, l to happen': accdde, ' it happens'; ac- cddde, ' it happened' ; accaderd, ' it will happen'. There are moreover two verbs, which generally assist to vary other verbs, and which, consequently, are called auxiliary verbs: these are, avere, 'to have'; and essere, 'to be': AVERE letto, f to have read' ; ESSERE paiiito, 'to be have departed'.

Italian verbs are varied by mood, tense, number, and person. Mood is a particular form of the verb, which shows the man- ner in which the action, or the state of being, is represented. There are five moods, viz. The infinitive, represents the action in an indefinite manner, and without distinction of person or number ; as, scrivere, ' to write'.

The indicative represents the action absolutely, and without dependence on any other word ; as, io scrivo, ' I write'. The conjunctive represents the action as depending upon another verb with which it is connected by a conjunction ; as, bisogna, che io SCRIVA, ' it is necessary, that I write'. The conditional a condition ; could'. The imperative represents the action in commanding, exhort- ing, or intreating ; as, sciivi, ' write thou' ; scrivete, i write ye' ; scrividmo, ' let us write'.

Tense is a distinction of time, which shows when the action is done. Time, strictly speaking, is either present, past, ex future. The present denotes the action doing by a subject at the very time in which we are speaking ; as, io, CANTO, ' I sing'. The preterite is divided into imperfect and perfect.

The imperfect expresses an action done in a time past, but present in respect to another action done in a time also past : as, io CANTAVA, qudndo voi entrdste, ' I was singing, when you came in'. Tenses are either simple or compound. Compound tenses are those, which are formed of the simple tenses of the auxiliary verb avere, ' to have', or essere, ' to be', and the participle of the verb varied ; as, ho parldto, i I have spoken' ; sono venuto, 1 1 am have come' ; avrb loddto, or sarb loddto, 'I will have praised,' or ' will be praised'.

Each tense contains two numbers ; the singular and plural. The assemblage of several verbs, forming all their moods, tenses, numbers, and persons, according to the same rule, is called a conjugation. Such verbs as conform to the rule of any conjugation, are called regular; and such as differ in any respect, are called irregular. Verbs which are not used in certain tenses, numbers, or per- sons, are called defective. Participles are divided into present and past. With the participle is usually classed the GERUND, which, like the participle, is an inflexion of the verb, but has nothing in common with the adjective.

Italian participles are varied by gender and number. Adverbs are divided into those of quality, order, time, place, quantity, comparison, fyc. Adverbs are either simple or compound. Prepositions have several denominations, viz. The word which follows the preposition is called its regimen or complement. Besides the general use of connecting words and sentences together, conjunctions sometimes express the particular point of view in which the mind considers the words and sentences so connected ; hence the division of conjunctions into explica- tive, adversative, alternative, conclusive, fyc.

They may be either expressed by the voice, or represented in writing by characters. Figure Namo Pron. And of such ones, there are many so ignorant, that do not know even the ah-bee-chce 1. He might thiirk so, if looking at you at the same time, he should think that you had learned your a-b-c. And caused so many convents to be built as there are letters in tho a-b-c.

Buffalmacco will be captain. X is sometimes translated into s or 55, and sometimes into cc ; as, Jlcciocchb io prima esmplo So that I might first set the dea a tutti vol. Un giovane lor nipote, che They sent a young man, avta nome Alessdndro, mandd- nephew of theirs, called Alex- rono. S6pra gli alii palagi, e so- It [the wind] leaves it [the pra V ecctlse torn la Idscia. Idghi Jhtr- I see far from the Avernian nt, Stigi.

J is sounded like ee in English ; or like i in the English word machine ; as, inwo, een'-no, hymn ; fate, lee'-tay, strife. O has two sounds, one open, the other close : O open is sounded like o in the English word cord; as, fcofta, lot'-tdh, blow ; rof-sah, rose. O dose is sounded like o in the English word bone ; as, folia, foU-lah, crowd; or a, o'-rah, hour. U is sounded like oo in the English word ooze ; as, uso, oo'-so, use ; tvtto, toot 1 -to, all. S in the beginning of words, or when preceded or followed by another consonant, or when dou- bled, is pronounced sharp, like s in the English words saint, pulse, discount, assembly; as, santo, sahn f -to, saiit ; film, jayV-sah, mulberry ; sea, ay'-skah, bait ; lesso, lays' -so,.

Between two vowels, and in the last syllabic of all substantive and adjective nouns that end in ise, uso, usa, it is pronounced flat, or soft like z ; or like s in the English word rose ; as, viso, vee'-zo, visage ; palese, pah-lay f -zay, manifest ; abuso, ah-boo'-zo, abuse ; confusa, con-foo 1 -zah, confounded. In the last syllable of all adjective nouns end- ing in , osa, it is pronounced sharp ; as, virtuoso, veer-too, o 1 '-so, virtuous ; maestosa,? Z cannot be submitted' to certain rules. It can only be said, that, in the beginning of words, or when single, it is pronounced flat, or soft like ds in the English word Winnsor ; as, zodiaco, dso-dee' ,ah-ko, zodiac ; zanzdra, dsahn-dsah' -rah, gnat.

In the last syllable of words ending in dnza. J is considered as a vowel in Italian. H has no sound. UH I do! And in each case it is a sign, a mark of distinction rather than a letter. Cc followed by the vowels e, i y is pronounced like tch in the English word WTCH ; as, accento, aht-chayn'-to, accent; accidio, aht-chee' -dee,o, slaughter. Followed by the vowels ia, ie, zo, w, it is pro- nounced like gui in the English word cuic? It has the same sound in the words, ahn 1 -glee, Englishmen ; ahn f -glee,ah, England. They are generally di- vided into two classes, the long and the short.

Triphthongs are generally classed with the short diphthongs, and are pronounced, dio gAio, gah',yo, gay; Ui miEi. Every vowel always preserves its proper sound, inde- pendently of the consonants which accompany it. E and O open, mean, 'honey', 'a peach', 'theme'; ' neck', ' the bar', ' void' : and pronounced with E and O close, signify, ' apples', 'fishing', 'fear'; 'with the', ' a hole', 'vow'. In all Italian words of more than one syllable, there is always one, upon which the voice, in pronouncing the word, is heard stronger than upon the others.

This, which is generally effected by raising the voice upon that syllable and letting it fall upon the rest, is com- monly called the tonic accent of the word. After the preposition per, for, by, or through', whether the nouns begins with z, s : or any other consonant, the article lo is more properly used; as, per LO anwre, for the love ; per LO braccio, by the arm. In the plural, however, if the noun begins with any consonant but z, or s followed by another consonant, we may use indifferently, either gli or li ; as, per GLI boschi, through the woods ; per LI regni, through the regions.

One brother abandoned the other, and the sister the broth- er, and oftentimes the wife her husband. And what is more, the fath- ers and the mothers shunned to visit and serve their chil- dren. The queen could not be sat- isfied with hearing of the no- bleness and the courtesies of the young king. The king was not long in get- ting up, whom the noise of the beasts and of those who loaded them had already awakened. They had accused the in- nocent man on a false suspi- cion.

And complains of love, that has so sharp spurs, and so hard a bit. Her eyes shone more than the star. In the time of fabled and false deities. I sing the pious arms. Del bel paese Id dovx J L si suona. Holding always the sick man by the arm. Then for her love condescend to our desires. Let us pass through thy se- ven regions. Thy soul is by vile fear as- sailed, which oft, So overcast a man, that he recoils From noble undertaking. The thoughts are arrows, and the countenance a sun, and the desire fire. Zephyr returns, bringing back flowers, and herbs, his sweet family.

From your eyes the mortal blow issued. Of that fair land where si is spoken. When the articles il, lo, la ; i or li, gli, le, are im- mediately preceded by the prepositions di, c of;? Union of the Prepositions DI.

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D6i, di, ddi, nei, coi, pei, sui, frdi or trdi, followed by a noun beginning with a consonant, drop the i, and take an apostrophe instead of it ; as, DE' prati, of the meadows ; A' cdnti, to singing ; DA' varenti, by the relations ; NE' Giardini, in the gardens ; co' Raggi, with the rays ; PE' Monti, through the moun- [tains ; su' itibri, upon the books ; TRA' wri, amongst the flow- [ers. Ok, sventurdta! As in the bright clear sky, the stars are the ornament of the heavens, and in the spring the flowers are of the meadows, and the verdant shrubs of the hills, so witty sayings are the or- naments of praiseworthy man- ners and fine conversations.

And having become more gay, they arose and gave them- selves once more to playing, singing, and dancing. Oh, unfortunate woman! When you enter into the gardens, extending your deli- cate hand, you cull the roses, and leave the thorns. Shady woods, where strikes the sun, which renders you with its rays so lofty and noble.

Behold the beast with sharpened tail; I saw Solon with the other six of whom Greece boasts. A del suo Fattore i red. And then I passed to the land of Abruzzi, where men and wo- men go in wooden shoes up over the mountains. I leave the gall, in quest of the sweet fruit, which has been promised to me by my faithful guide.

Thus would that thou, O heart, hadst still preserved some of the beautiful footsteps, here and there, amongst the flowers and the grass. It passed through my eyes to my mind. It was the day when the rays of the sun grew pale, through pity for his Maker. He arrived in the wood, shady on account of its leaves. With the splendor which brings her beauty. Do not wonder in error with the ignorant. The English indefinite article a, an, is expressed in Italian by the indefinite pronouns un, uno, una, accord- ing to the rules already given with regard to the articles il, lo, la, ' the' ; as, UN wercatdnte, a merchant ; UNO spirdglio, a breathing-hole ; UIT A Fiamma, a flame ; UNA zeba, a goat.

Uno, like lo, before a noun beginning with a vowel, drops the o, but takes no apostrophe instead of it ; una drops the a and takes an apostrophe ; as, UN uomo, a man ; UN' bmbra, a shade ; UN Arrwre, a love ; UN' bra, an hour. There was in Paris a great merchant. Arriguccio was a haughty and strong man. In which grotto came some light through a breathing-hole, opened in the mountain. One will, one love, has al- ways kept us bound an'd united, and the same day gave us to the world ; may it please you, then, since the same hour takes us from it, that one same flame should consume us.

I gave him some bread and some cheese. One of the domestics of Mes- ser Neri kindled the fire, and having put the frying-pan up- on a trevet, and having put some oil in it, he began to wait that the young women should throw into it some fish. He proposed that the honors [should be rendered!

The princes ijnpero,m. Non pcrdondndo, come in dltri csercitiym. It appeared to him that he heard era subitamente decapitdto. I insu? Having entered into the tower, she began to weep. For Entrdta torref. Per the pain he felt, he began to roar, so that he seem- doldr. Fleeing through the woods. Fuggendo per bdschi,m. He was Fu seen by veduto da to come venire a companion compdgnofm. Having found in the garden some capons, some wine, and Trovati 6rto,m. Nouns ending in o are of the masculine gender ; as, Ubro, book ; specchio, mirror ; oriuolo, watch ; scrittoio, scrutoire.

Some nouns of animate beings ending in o, in the feminine change o into a; as, Colombo, pigeon ; Colombo, hen-dove ; cavdllo, horse ; cavallA, mare ; gdtto, cat; gattA, she-cat. But, then, we meet in'Italian with many nouns, which, in composition, are made to end with a consonant ; and this on principles, which will be explained in Part IIP.

The nouns, diota, idiot; eremita, hermit; anacoreta, anchorite; pocrita, hypocrite; apostata, apostate; patriotta, patriot; deicida, deicide ; parriclda, parricide ; regicida, regicide ; raticida, fratricide ; omiclda, homicide ; matricida, matricide ; intagonista, antagonist; regalista, royalist; monopolista, monopo- [list; Deista, Deist ; ateista, atheist; Calvinista, Calvinist; Are of the common gender.

The book and he who wrote it were [to us] Galeotto. The inhabitants of this castle with arms in their hands reach- ed the shore. Such that at a distance sounded in the valleys like a sad echo. Perhaps I shall tell the truth and it will appear false, that 1 felt myself drawn away from my own body.

He was the greatest and the wisest lawyer, that had been seen until his time. My master in liberality does not yield to that monarch. And with such figuring of Pa- radise, The sacred strain must leap, like one that meets-A sud- den interruption to his road. Ebooks and Manuals

Ribald, hypocrite, mocker of God, who 'add five to that of others, and take out six. Now finish that long discourse that thou hadst begun about that man. Words, which the Holy Ghost put into the mouth of the ignorant man. And a she-wolf who seemed to be laden with wants of every When lo! For my wide theme so urges me on. That thou mayest be relieved from this fear. The beautiful planet that in- vites to love, made all the orient laugh. I bequeath, moreover, a cope of crimson silk stuff.

The drama is a poetical composition to be represented. Without which, I did not rest a moment. When shall come the Power adverse to them. Nouns ending in e are some of them masculine, and some feminine ; as. Those ending in ge, le s me, re, se, nte, are generally masculine ; as,? The nouns, I6gge, law, faldnge, phalanx ; laringe, larynx ", indolej disposition ; prole, offspring ; pelle, skin ; bile, bile; voile, valley; ipirbole.

The nouns, dice, elk ; pesce, fish ; mdntice, bellows ; eodice, code ; cdlice, chalice ; vortice, vortex ; pepe, pepper ; presepe, stable ; recipe, recipe ; vdte, bard; Idtte, milk; limite, limit; breve, a brief; conclave, conclave; architrave, architrave; erzne, hair ; cdrdine, hinge ; confine, confine ; disordine, disorder ; glutine, glue ; pettine, comb ; lastone, stick ; mattone, brick ; paragone, comparison; are masculine. The nouns,. Names of animate beings, ending in c, are generally of the common gender ; as, Uprv, hare; strpv, snake.

The noun dimdne, when it means i to-morrow', is masculine ; but when it signifies 'the beginning of the day', is feminine. Un rlv! Ed evvi, oltre a questo. Ennius sang of him a rude song. This was well f rtified by a ditch, and by a good hedge. I beheld a throng upon the shore of a great stream. Having locked the cell with the key, he went directly to the chamber of the Abbot.

And there, besides this, the air is a great deal more fresh. But when the air began to be good. And having entered into the clear fountain, she plunged herself into the water. They sat around the fountain. I do not beliewe a serpent, who has a heart so cruel. Knowing thee to be not a dove, but a venomous serpent, I intend to persecute thee with all my power. The fool always delays to do good, saying: 'To-morrow 1 will do good. Casa, lett. When I awoke before the morning, I heard my sons sob in their slumber.

He recollected that she ought to have a scar, like a cross, above the left ear. Its bed and sloping sides, and both the margins, were petri- fied. After that she came to the margin of the high bank, we escaped by swimming. Sending five hundred Ghi- belline foot-soldiers from the territory of Florence. Wretched more than any other, thou art made a servant.

Giacomino had in his bouse an elderly servant maid. A man who had come to a happy end. This was the end of the Em- peror Henry. His host desiring to be paid, he first gave him that one. Thus he fell in with our for-j lunate army. He collected a fine, large and powerful army. From Mr Annibal Ruccellai, you may hear the order which I have given to him. If we should consider with sound mind the order of things. Nouns ending in i are some of them masculine, and some feminine ; as, eclissi, m. Ma tdli cose hdnno piu DEL Ayyi,esondison6ste. It announced a great drought in the following summer,and af- terward at the opposition of that eclipse, a great abundance of water.

That, which our physicians call crisis. His famous peers surround him. The physician went to meet them, wishing God would give them a good day. A greater exorcist is not to be found in Tuscany, But such things more become a merry-andrew, and are in- decent. We will commence from the beginning of Genesis. That he should leave them one per centum of what they have, and that they should earn that one by the sweat of their brow, as is commanded in Gen- esis.

The dill is warm, and it is an herb whose seed is called by the same name. I have thought, that it is now proper to moderate, with some restraint, the warm im- pulses of his youth. The names of the days of the week, except Dome- nica, Sunday'; and those of the months, are masculine ; as, Mercoledl, Wednesday; Sabato, Saturday; Sprite, April; dgosto, August. Names of trees are masculine ; as, olmo, elm-tree; mirto, myrtle-tree ; no'ce, walnut-tree;, limone, lemon-tree. Queraa, oak-tree ; vite, vine ; ginestra, broom ; are feminine. Some masculine nouns, when used to denote a femi- nine object, take a different termination; as, amico, friend, m.

IL D6vE w ho gia pensdto. Son certa DEL si. Ebooks and Manuals

Maes- truzz. LA vfTE appo? When women arrive at forty years they lose the beauty of youth. The queen turning to Filo- mena, ordered her to continue. I have already thought of the where. I should be happy to know the when. Do not trouble yourself about the how, I will tell you the why. I am certain of the. Every one answered in the negative. Even Wednesday, and Fri- day, and Saturday. The Vine among us is very well known. Infra molte bidnche colombe aggiugne. I keep for thee mulberries, al monds, and plums. He am I, who fruit from evil garden brought ; And here my fig is with a date repaid.

And the author of this coun- sel was one who was named Polisso. Woman is the generic name of the female of the human species. I recollect to have made the lion eat of the flesh of the li- oness. Amongst many white doves a black crow adds more beauty than a white swan. Feminine nouns, ending in 0, e, form the plural by changing 0, e, into i; as, mdno, hand; mdm, hands; drtE, art; drti, arts; fontE, fountain ;. Ed io 9 l provdi sul primo uprir DE' Fi6ri. Some horses are destined for burden, others to the carriage.

The earth is divided into seven climates. I should have already with my own hands laid in the ground thes wearisome limbs. Let one of these nights close these two fountains of tears. And of that [wine] he should give half a tumbler to each man at the first course. And this is to be in extacy. The cranesJiave a king, and all serve him. Of which animals, the spe- cies are almost infinite. Tutti iREGidel mondo sono All the kings in the world mino a vostro sposo. Perche addiv6nne, che i su6i. Wherefore it happened, that gli dsini, le pecore, per li cdmpi the oxen, the asses, the goats,.

Having asked Madonna Gia- comina to lend him one of her rings, there took Catharine to wife. That long war, in which was made the rich booty of the rings. She caused to be brought the two boiled capons, and many fresh eggs. They let Calandrino go with the greatest laughter in the world. The spirit freed from the beautiful limbs. Tiberius celebrated so much the more his exploits in the se- nate. They lived like beasts on fruit and mast. E-INA, Fire is increased by wood, e qudnte piii ce ne metti mag- and the more you put on, the giore si fa.

Independently of the change of termination, there are in Italian many nouns, which in the plural undergo a certain change of orthography. The following nouns, cdrico, charge ; fondaco, warehouse ; pdrroco, parson ; stdmaco, stomach ; mdnico, handle ; traffico, trading ; in the plural make, cdricm, charges ; fdndacui, warehouses ; pdrrociii, parsons ; stomacni, stomachs ; mdnicui, handles ; tradings ; dbbligo, obligation ; ripiegOj expedient ; catdlogo, catalogue ; impiego, employment ; gastigo, punishment; intrigo, intrigue ; obbligui, obligations j ripidgm, expedients ; catdlogni, catalogues; impiegui, employments ; gastigRi t punishments ; intrigui, intrigues.

Several other nouns in co,go, are indifferently written with or without the h ; as, mendzco, beggar ; equivoco, equivoque ; didloGO, dialogue ; apologue ; [ For a list of Nouns ending in co, go, and making the plural in ci, t, or eftt, ghi, see APPEKVIX D. II dl che costei ndcque eran le stelle In Lu6aHi alii ed eietti. The sages went away, and returned to their dwellings. In dangerous diseases we are accustomed to have re- course to excellent physicians. Laying upon them great imposts of money. These having spread them- selves through the small house, and having laid down their lan- ces, it happened that one of them threw his lance into the hay.

Che giova dunque, per che tut- ta spdlme La mia barchetta, poicht infra gli sc6GLi E' ritenuta. Donne, n6i sidmo gidvani roRNAi. Dell' drte nostra buon maestri assdi. Jlppresso costdro le sirdcchie e le M6GLI loro, tutte di brimo vestite. Already on the summit of the highest mountains appeared the rays of the rising light. They prefer the merry odes and the lascivious elegies to all the other studious arts.

I used to be one of the eyes of your head, I seemed to hear, wherever I turned, the bellowings, the bowlings, and the cries of dif- ferent and very ferocious ani- mals. What does it avail to spread all the sails of my bark, if she is impeded among the rocks. Ladies, we are young bakers very well skilled in our art.

Who, being well skilled in liberal pursuits, greatly honored learned men. After them came their sisters and their wives, all dressed in mourning. Italian nouns are varied by means of certain preposi- tions placed before them ; viz. The nominative, or subjective, and the accusative, or objective, are distinguished by the place they occupy in the sentence. When common nouns are used in an indefinite sense, they are varied with the prepositions and the pronouns uno, una, ' a 'or an' ; alcani, alcune, ' some'.

Variation of a Proper Noun. Subjective N. Cisare, Caesar. Masculine Noun, beginning with a Consonant, varied with the article iL Singular. Masculine Noun, beginning with a Consonant, varied with the article lo. Masculine Noun, beginning with a Vowel. V amico, the friend ; gli ani i, the friends ; f Poss. I Der. V amico the friend ; gli amwij the friends. Feminine Noun, beginning with a Consonant. J Der. V dnina, the soul ; le dnime, the souls ; Poss.

V dnima, the soul ; le dnimc, the souls. Variation of Common Nouns used in an Indefinite Sense. Masculine Noun. Feminine Noun. The country of the studio bella letter a. The fable of the frogs. The virtues of the Jlmazone. The hatred of the enemies. The poets of the Romdno.

Ha comprdto cavdlLo principe per a small sum of money. The fortune is sometimes piccolo, somma da. He proposed the model of the future miglitir sdrte. The prince took the public frescamente spiaciute. The cries and the bowlings of the ravages spread the strido e urlo salvdgio spdrsero - terror among the Europeans.

Thousands of people, who terrore Europto. Gva promesso, fra acclamazione moltitudine. Thetis, wishing to render Achilles invulnerable, dipped him Tetide, bramdndo di rtndere Jlchille i-nvulnerdbile, immerse? They conducted him to the spot, and by threats and condussercfi Lol sito, e eon mindccia t promises they disposed him to ascend the walls. Weeping, she I fell Piangendo, J si Lascio cadert 2 and humbly asked his pardon perdondnzcfi auu. Calandrino waited all the following evening with his Calandrmo stette tidta contrivances to artificio per catch piglidre vegnente 2 bat.

Adjectives ending in e, are of the common gender ; as,J f modo cortisE, m,, courteous , m. Adjectives ending in a, form the plural by changing a into e ; as, preziosA,. Italian adjectives agree with their substantives in gen- der and number ; as, uomo dotto ed ammaestralo, a learned and well-instructed man ; bwhiA. Rice HI dttlc prede de' Fio- rcntini. V ill. Chc stinieresti pieno di tesoro, Sporte son piene di vesciche r.

Let the clemency, and sin- cere love, which the said king bore to our community, be manifest. This nature with its Maker thus conjoined, Created first was blameless, and good. O courteous Mantuan soul. In a doubtful condition so faithful counsel. He undertook to persuade Tiberius, that he should live in some delightful place, ont of Rome. Therefore, as far as I can conjecture, which is what pru- dentmen call to guess, you ap- pear to be greatly in love.

Wise Virgin, and one of the beautiful number of the blessec prudent virgins. Turning the. And she found in that chest many precious stones, some set, and some not set. Enriched with the booty of the Florentines. Many clergymen, even from distant parts, began to come to see the servant of God. By one same sin polluted in the world. Those chests of silver, which you would imagine to be filled, with treasures, are baskets fill- ed with empty bladders. So mighty sages tell, that the Phoenix dies, and springs forth- with renascent. A man learned in Holy Writ, and well instructed in the Christian faith.

This is my sister, born of good and virtuous people. How many brave men, how many fair women, how many pretty youths, the coming evening, supped in the other world with their departed friends! LLE scogli. Sometimes these comparatives are formed by the adverbs meglio. Sometimes come, l as ', and qudle, l as ', 'like. Often the adverbs cosl and tdnto are suppressed, and the comparative is formed by the use of their correlatives only ; as, T cosi] bianco COME we're, white as snow ; fattenderb [tanto] QUANT o I will wait for thee as long as thou wishest.

LE scdGM. I saw her again, more beau- tiful and legs proud. None ever lived more happy than I. And hoping to come to a bet-; ter harbor, he conducted me up- on more than a thousand rocks. Know that those chambers, are not less odoriferous, than are the boxes of drugs jn yourj shop. That, which was more valu- able than another ten thousand pistoles. I am indeed one of the worst- married women in the world. There was perceived. There is a young woma here below more beautiful than a lamia.

He fled from the altar worse more violently than a bull. Thou art wise, and under - standest better than I can speak. Turning to me with aspect as glad as fair. If I had so beautiful a dress as she. May God make him as strong in his loins as I am. As much as the Marquis was famous among the knights, the lady was beautiful among the other ladies.

I am as much more blind than thou as I am more enamoured. She r bore this vexation so much the more impatiently, the less she felt guilty. The Florentines were as pleased with the arrival of the knights, as if the Duke had come in person. Demetrius, our friend, used to say, that it happens with th words of foolish persons, as it does with the sounds which the wind makes. UANTE etla nclla memdria mi vitne. Dant, Par. And as the excessive cold last night injured me, thus the heat begins now to annoy me greatly.

In the morning we must go to church, and there say fifty Paternosters and as many Ave- Marias. He saw himself paid in such money as the provisions had been sold for.