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And when I get to the current age of the current president in the year , I want to be able to look back on these years and say my generation delivered climate solutions, racial equality, and an end to endless war.

Democratic debate , Night 2: Live coverage of the presidential debate

This president has ripped it out. Wade…As president, I will take on the fights no one else will. During the discussion on addressing gun violence, Bernie Sanders was confronted with a comment he made in that the decisions are best made by states. In a question that often comes up on the campaign trail — but that many of the candidates seemed unprepared for — the moderators asked what is the first thing each would do in office if they are elected president. Here were the answers:.

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Bernie Sanders : Challenged the premise of the question, arguing there are too many issues to pick one. Moderators noted they were asking for the first item Sanders would tackle. Joe Biden : The former vice president said his first issue would be to defeat Donald Trump though many on social media pointed out that, if he was elected president he would have already defeated Trump by definition. Marianne Williamson : Said her first call would be to the prime minster of New Zealand to ensure the U. After Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders gave their answers to what they would do to address climate change, Eric Swalwell saw another opportunity to argue for a new generation of leaders.

Targeting the VP: Biden on the defensive as Democratic rivals take aim. Coming off a tough week of dealing with the shooting of a black man by a white police officer in his community, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was asked why his police force has become less diverse under his watch. His response to the shooting has been faulted by African Americans in South Bend, as well as the police department. But both John Hickenlooper and Eric Swalwell jumped in to criticize his leadership, with the latter telling Buttigieg he should fire the police chief.

In one of the defining moments of the debate, Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden over his remarks last week about working with segregationist senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge. Biden, appearing at a fund-raiser, was discussing the need for civility in Congress, and he mentioned the two Southerners as examples of senators he has worked with in the past. Biden watched stone faced as Harris attacked him. Andrew Yang said the tariffs that Trump has slapped on Chinese goods are punishing businesses and workers.

Pete Buttigieg said the U.

Let's Talk Politics?

Where is the president? Trump arrives at G20 complaining about allies Germany, India and his host, Japan. President Donald Trump mocked the Democrats before a G meeting with Angela Merkel, telling the German chancellor he would rather be "spending time with you than watching. Trump is traveling in Japan for the G, but is clearly keeping an eye on the Democratic debate.

The president is weighing in on politics despite a longstanding tradition that U. Citing last night's Democratic debate, Trump told Merkel that "it wasn't very exciting, I can tell you that.

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Most of the candidates put up a hand. I did it. Kamala Harris, one of the three women on stage, got a whoop from the audience when she made a casual reference to the next president being female if she is elected. President Donald Trump, in his first tweet during the second night of the presidential debate in Miami, blasted Democrats for saying their health care plans would offer coverage for immigrants in the country illegally. All the candidates raised their hands when asked if undocumented immigrants would be covered under their ideal health care plan. That included Joe Biden, even though Obamacare did not allow that.

Partly because Joe Biden is at the center of the stage, but partly also because the candidates tonight appear to be spending more time on the issue, the candidates have framed health care in extremely personal terms. Biden, of course, told the story of his son, Beau, the former Delaware Attorney General, who died of brain cancer in Michael Bennet noted that he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. In a repeat question from Wednesday night, moderators asked the 10 candidates for a show of hands about who would be willing to eliminate private insurance.

In the first round of the debates Wednesday, Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio were the only two candidates who said abolishing private insurance makes sense.

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The second debate was predicted to include more fireworks — because there is more at stake for the candidates leading in polls, like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — and, so far, it has. In several instances in the first minutes, the candidates have been forced to shout over each other. Such exchanges can often lead to a poignant moment for any one of the candidates.

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Entrepreneur Andrew Yang made an unexpected fashion choice for one of his most high-profile national appearances: No tie. Yang, the top button of his blue dress jauntily undone, is the only male candidate on stage sans necktie. Another fashion fact: Buttigieg is wearing a suit, something he rarely does on the campaign trail. No matter how the rest of the night goes, Pete Buttigieg already has made history.

The mayor of South Bend, Ind. Talking about the need for affordable college, Buttigieg also mentioned his husband, Chasten, who is a teacher. It was the first time that a presidential candidate has referenced a same-sex spouse during a debate. Former Vice President Joe Biden, asked how he would deal with income inequality, pledged to eliminate the GOP tax cuts approved in It took pressing by the moderator, but Sanders said on the third try that taxes on the middle class would go up to pay for his proposals of Medicare-for all and free college tuition.

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Those two represent the most progressive and more centrist wings of the party. What makes this book unique is that it makes it possible for any citizen to do something about both problems. The first chapter of the book reviews some of the evidence for the decline in civility but then quickly shifts gears to explain in depth why declining civility should concern us all.

A follow-up chapter counters a series of common excuses for sitting on the political sidelines. Part II presents a hands-on and time-tested approach for reversing the trend toward incivility-one citizen, or group of citizens, at a time.

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It presents an overview of the Interactivity Foundation discussion process, an explanation of why it is likely to promote civility, and evidence that it actually has. The book's last set of chapters amount to a "how-to" manual. They offer easy-to-follow instructions for organizing, conducting, and following up on discussions that can encourage civility.

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