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There was one point where I reached out to Michelle and all I wanted to do was just meet with her and just tell her how sorry I was. That was all I wanted to do. That was on my heart. So we met at a park, and we ended up at the park… I just kind of told her what I realized, and all the things I felt, for the first time, and I just spilled that out to her how sorry I was and asked for her forgiveness. God just started to woo us back together and put us back together at particular points. One thing I was not good at before was honoring my wife, and I was, a lot of times, really laid back in our life, where she did a lot of the planning.

She took care of a lot of issues. So one thing I really wanted to show her and God revealed to me to show her is that I am capable of this and I do care and I do honor her. So without her even knowing about it, I planned our whole engagement and wedding. She had no clue about it. It was real quick because it was an engagement and a wedding in one day.

Michelle: It was amazing. He brought us out into the light and really took what we had broken and pieced it back together. We still have struggles. Steve: He made it stronger than it was before and gave us a platform to speak hope into other couples. In , God stripped away everything in our marriage so he could become our everything.

We were divorced in due to adultery and various idolatry and selfishness and sin. God graciously restored our marriage. Last year, we got remarried. He continues to sanctify us day by day. So I want to tell you a bit about how we put things together. On Tuesday mornings, I have what we call a service-planning meeting.

So the worship pastors from all our campuses and our campus pastors, we sit down and I basically walk them through general premise of the sermons four weeks out, three weeks out, two weeks out, and one week out. Special components like a video are shown. So four weeks ago, we saw just their story in the middle. Some that were divorced close to 10 years before they got remarried, others that were like this one, just divorced for six months, seven months, eight months before they were remarried, but this is normative at the Village Church.

They found out on Tuesday afternoon that we would need them to do that. So we could have made this video as long as this service, with no music and no teaching. We love it. It makes us sing, makes us lift our hands, makes us feel like a whole person, challenges us in the deep, deep parts of our souls to rejoice in him, and yet this reveals our wickedness.

You take that idea and lay it upon other relationships, and it seems absurd. That it would be absurd for God to ask you to look at your spouse, to engage your spouse, to look at your church, to look at your home group like Christ looks at you, loves you. Are you going to be able to do that perfectly? So let me challenge you in a couple of ways. How well are you doing at covenant keeping?

Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains

But are you serious about your relationship with the Lord, or is it an outlier? Are you serious about your home group, or is that, again, just one thing among many? Now my married couples. Say it out loud to your spouse, and then come and let us pray for you. Well, I feel completely connected. So just say it, and come let us pray for you. You kind of keep circling around to the same arguments over and over and over again… I want to do two things. I want to invite you up, let us pray for you. Then the second thing I want to encourage you to do is I want to encourage you to head towards Recovery, to head toward the Steps studies and to plug in there so God can help at some real deep levels of your heart.

Things are already moving forward. No hope for you. No hope for your marriage. Not even interested in trying anymore, and God brought you in here today as kind of a rude intervention. Now let me tell you what will get in your way today. What will get in your way is pride. Can I point out the idiocy of it? Please quit pretending to be happy and actually pursue a shot at it.

See how dumb this game is we get into? Why would you do that? So click and head that way. Just so you know, I could be on this video. First few years of my marriage were just an absolute nightmare. Is this the next years of my life? So can you imagine all the things you might like about me, Lauren might hate about me?

Like my passion, my zeal, my quick mouth, my argumentation… How do you think that plays out at home? I just love how you always have an answer. I love being with her. I love going home. I hate heading to work. I hate getting on airplanes. I love flying home. It was not that way the first three years of our marriage.

God can work in the mess. A day at a time. A step at a time. Let him work. I did not like to live a mediocre life. My husband knows this.

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I was never in debt it makes be very uncomfortable. I paid my bills and my bills are paid on time. We were doing so well the first two yrs into our marriage. He stopped being responsible. He stopped and refused to help me with our rent. His portions of the bills payments was always late and partial. We did not celebrated our years 7 yrs anniversary together and now our 8 years anniversary is soon approaching.

pray away the other woman so she be removed from interfering with my husband"

We do not keep in contact. My husband is like a baby in a candy store and he wants everything he sees and want me to pay for it. My husband loved to shower me with gifts. He would rather buy me gifts before our bills are paid. He is no longer my husband we became roommates.

2. Mothering

His gifts replaced him. Everything stopped. Now I am uncertain. I think the only reason why i might have a little hope is because of God yes.. Not sure if i want him back. How can I live with my husband again and I do not trust him? I am living better without him. It has been almost a year since I found that my husband was cheating and he moved out to live with the other woman.

I thought that I was over it but lately I have found myself becoming despondent. I have prayed and asked God to help me in forgiving him and I think I have done so.

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However I seem to have given up I have even stopped praying for restoration. We have been communicating a whole lot better but I have not seen any signs from him towards restoration. It has been extremely difficult. I sometimes think that God does not us to be together anymore. Please pray for me that my faith will be restored and my relationship with Him will be strengthened and elevated.

Hello i feel i have given up to pray for my restoration i been waiting for 17years now my husband is with OW and they now have two kids i had hope but after the birth of two kidz and all hope was lost. I got to a point where i deleted all contacts of his relatives i no longer communicATE with anyone of them and i have since stopped to seriously pray for this marriage, I am hurting cause i hoped my husband will come back but i lost hope when i think of him i feel so much hurt cause there is no sign no communication nothing is that is happening that i can say this marriage will be restored.

But how do I know thats not my heart speaking. This was so inspiring and much needed. My husband recently left me. I have no doubt in my faith in God, but my confusion with my current situation is eating away at my guilt. I hope that God restores my marriage, too, in His timing, and I pray that He gives me the patience. Thank you so much for your encouraging testimony. My husband left us just over 29 months ago! I have been trusting God for his return and restoration of our marriage…after over a year of no way to contact him…I found his new number and address on Facebook!

We have been messaging back and forth since this may …his conversations have gone back and forth like he was undecided about our marriage. I just received divorce papers July 3rd. And in shock and unbelief at this decision. Messaged him and made him a where that I had received the papers. This is not easy — none of it is. I would take this time to retain your own attorney, and to let communication go between the attorneys. God can still restore the marriage, but even if your husband continues to pursue divorce, God can restore your heart! Praying for you!

I am also waiting 3 years now. Learning to let go and let God. But the Spirit it teaching me and I just keep praying and get my hopes up! Gods timing it perfect and he is never late! Please keep Me in Prayer. My Husband and I are going through hard times. My Son passed away 1yr 2months ago. I put it all out there for God to take control. I just feel so anxious and scared. I am also struggling with my marriage. My husband has left but claims he wants to be home but has to fix himself before he can come home.

I sometimes lose faith because of his actions and I think it will never workout. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and for being willing to allow God to use you and your situation to encourage other women. I too am in a season of waiting. My marriage has been struggling a long time and it has been such a painful process to go through. But I know our God is a good God and His timing is perfect. I have to lean in to Him, rely on Him to carry me through each day.

Praise God that He is always faithful. I can encourage you to watch the movie war room, once a week.

A Wife Finally Finds Her Voice in Her Toxic Marriage - Iyanla: Fix My Life - Oprah Winfrey Network

Take authority over your home, your mind, your family and replace your negative thoughts with Gods Word. Seek God for comfort, be limited with what you discuss with friends and family. Remember God hates divorce, so He is for your marriage and He will restore the lost time and use your pain to help others in need of hope!

God goes to battle for us but He also wants us to do our part. Ephesians , Jeremiah , Joel , Matthew , Hebrews , Psalms , Mark These verses should get you started. I like to read different bible versions, gives me a different perspective. Ok well how do we wait when the husband is talking about getting you evicted? Tells you he hates you. And you spend every single moment alone? Even when he is home he avoids me by being at his parents or out in the shop. I am desperate for help. I beg and plead with God numerous times a day. Please tell me how to fully turn my life over to Christ!

Admit that what you need more than anything else in this world is to be well loved.

I love my wife very much, I always thought we had a strong marriage. We had our issues of course but all in all we were pretty strong and happy. Then one day she decided to leave me. I am devastated, lost my heart is broken, I am shattered and I have no idea what to do. I thought that would be us but I guess I was wrong. My wife says she wants to come home but then makes no effort to do that.

I am also waiting on God to restore my broken marriage. I believe God is good and that he loves us no matter what and most importantly He is faithful. Please please come along side of me and pray for me and my husband and our marriage to be restored. Pray for restoration, reconciliation, and healing. I need all the prayer I can get. First and for most thank you so much for your encouragement. This post is what I needed to have faith God is all knowing. Please come along side of me and pray for me and my husband and our marriage for healing, restoration, reconciliation, and redemption.

I too am waiting, praying and believing for my own marriage. My husband now drinks a lot and just told me he started seeing another new lady and wants to see where that goes. It was crushing, but throughout the day, I repeat, I want my husband back to Jesus.

I know he hears me. I do not want to surrender!!!! I do understand want so despartly to get out of this dark season of my life. I am standing for restoration n need to see the manifestation of the lord. He left me with bills that he benifited from rent car note car insurance. I walked away from the Lord and married a non believer even though I could feel God say no. I believe he has many narcissistic behaviors andalso a drinking problem. Due to the toxicity, I asked for a divorce in June.

But, then God began to expose my sin and fault in the marriage so I sought to reconcile. I asked my husband and his children for forgiveness for my part but my husband said no…he wants a divorce. I began the Armour of God Bible study, watched war room and made myself a war closet. Daily, I go in and fight for our marriage, our kids, and my husband. My depression is too much and I need support. I am praying for reconciliation because I know God is capable! But, it seems like the answers I am getting is not for reconciliation… Every scripture and visual I get is about forgetting the past and moving on.

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